Chelsea Clinton’s upside-down cross necklace

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” –Isaiah 5:20

Satan is said to mock God by inverting everything: Up is down, top is bottom, good is evil, and evil is good.

And so his followers do the same: Satanists invert the cross and celebrate the Black Mass, which is an inversion of the Catholic Church’s traditional Latin Mass.

Wandering around on the Internet, I came across alarming claims that Chelsea Clinton, the spawn of Bill and Hillary, had been seen wearing a satanic upside-down cross.

As examples:

Here’s a pic of Chelsea and Bill in the (New York) Daily News, May 3, 2010:

Another pic of Chelsea wearing what indeed appears to be an inverted cross, published on the Liberally Lean blog, May 1, 2006:

Here’s another pic of Chelsea taken on the same day, with then-fiancé (now husband) Mark Mezvinsky, on The Seeker blog, March 8, 2016. Mark’s father, former U.S. Congressman Edward Mezvinsky, is an ex-con who served 5 years in federal prison for 31 charges of felony fraud.

So I cropped and enlarged one of the pics to get a better look of the cross:

What appears to be an inverted cross is actually the optical effect of the bail that attaches Chelsea’s cross to the chain. The bail, being silver like the cross, optically elongates the vertical bar of the cross, thereby making the cross appear to be upside down.

Below are two bails similar to Chelsea’s:

That being said, as a Christian, the cross is a sacred symbol to me. The cross jewelry I own is the traditional form, wherein the vertical bar is longer than the horizontal bar. I wouldn’t wear a boxy cross like Chelsea’s, with vertical and horizontal bars the same length. And I certainly wouldn’t wear any cross that gives the appearance of being upside down, bail or no bail.

What do you think?

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61 responses to “Chelsea Clinton’s upside-down cross necklace

  1. Really? Seriously?
    Don’t we have bigger battles to fight than whether Chelsea should wear a “boxy” cross or not? There are bigger issues to die on the battlefield for, so I’m not going to let this trivia trigger me.

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    • Claims that the daughter of a former president wear a satanic symbol are not trivia. I also do not appreciate your false either/or: Either FOTM “fight bigger battles” or post what you consider to be “trivia”. Doing the latter doesn’t preclude the former. You don’t get to dictate what this blog posts.

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      • “What appears to be an inverted cross is actually the optical effect of the bail that attaches Chelsea’s cross to the chain. The bail, being silver like the cross, optically elongates the vertical bar of the cross, thereby making the cross appear to be upside down.”
        I don’t buy the excuse. Sounds like just another useless idiot covering the Clinton Clan’s collective ass to me.

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  2. Well, that was a lot of nothing…


  3. Typical of virulent hatred for Christianity shown by many Cultural Marxists.
    Most are products of our white-demonizing, tax-payer-supported propaganda centers aka public colleges and universities.

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  4. ……….and to that she says: “ I was born in the image of my mommy and my daddy “. and to think the legacy continues, she has two kids!

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    • Even giving her the benefit of doubt, she’s following her crime family’s tradition of marrying tainted money: “T’aint mine and t’aint yours!” Although she may not have yet committed the overt crimes her fictive father & likely real mum have, she was raised in a family with moral values no higher than a cockroach, then marries into another cockroach criminal family, and surely expects the parties to go on and on and on. Has she ‘converted’ so her children can be Jews? Much easier to get into the family businesses, dontcha know?

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      • Instead of “Betty Davis Eyes” she got “Webster Hubble lips”. Let’s face it, this “family” was the phoniest thing in public life until the advent of Obongo. They only look somewhat “normal” in light of the whole Barry Soetoro, beach hustler extraordinaire fiasco.

        Next thing you know she’ll be studying Cabala with Madonna.

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        • Thank you for your sharply worded critique of Herself. You wrote everything that I feel is true about these creeps. The very worst of it is that she’s surely a self-deluded believer in all the cant & BS, so she’ll carry on as ever and be shocked –SHOCKED!– when she discovers the extreme degradation she inherited and continues as a breeding site for its extension. Barf & pukkah.

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          • “Mama, why do I have lips like Uncle Webb?” “Well darling, one night at the firm, when I was trying to make partner……….”.

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            • I think all regular FOTM readers ‘got it’ a very long time ago; now we’re waiting for the 90% to catch up. As that will be quite some time arriving, I suggest the best way to pass the time until then is to –read and then re-read– Dr Richard Weaver’s 1948 classic, ‘Ideas Have Consequences’. Perhaps one day the Clintons will awake and discover these laid at their doorstep instead of the morning paper….

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            • L: Chelsea Clinton before plastic surgery
              R: Webster Hubbell

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  5. Odd that you posted this article only a couple of hours after I was thinking heavily about the cross this morning, after going years without giving it a thought.

    Yes, the cross was a religious symbol long before Christ died on one, but no other symbol means Christianity like the cross does. I think of Nabeel Qureshi, a Muslim who converted to Christianity after a long period of hearing the Gospel. The Lord gave him a vision of many crosses appearing at once, and he knew that it was a message from God. He came to Christ not long after.

    Let us rejoice at the foot of the cross; we can be free, glory to God!

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  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:


    What else would you expect with a mother/father who set such examples? Such as who will we ‘SCREW” today. If she doesn’t follow the lead – she will be left out in the cold.


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  7. Could it be that the cross is a plus sign instead? The plus sign with a circle on top of it is the female/Venus symbol (alchemy and astrology). The chain would make the circle with the plus sign under it.

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  9. I read the inverted cross is the cross of St. Peter, and was worn at the time when the catholics traditionally spoke latin. Supposedly it means “that any man that was killed by the romans were not good enough to die as jesus did, and were actually hung upside down on the cross to die”. I guess it is seen as anti-catholic by todays standards, tho’ I am not catholic.

    I know the Hildebeast is purpoted to be a methodist….Bill ?..and Chelsea is now A jew…so…she is probably doing it on purpose to get a rise out of conservatives..

    and it is my belief, Chelsea is probably a High Priestess in her mothers Coven!

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  10. The “travesty” is in have Chelsea Hubble wear anything representing Christianity. She’s married to a Jew, is rumored to be a “convert” and we all know what her mother’s about.

    She could wear a detailed depiction of The Last Supper engraved on a grain of rice for all I care and it wouldn’t make her one bit more “holy”. Given their history and current issues it is insulting.

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  11. I believe it’s an optical illusion. I hope so, anyway. We have too many satanists in or near power in this country.

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  12. This is no trivial or frivolous matter: Hillary Clinton is an outright Satanist, and Bill Clinton has freely admitted he likes voodoo. They honeymooned in Haiti and entertained a voodoo witch doctor while they were there.
    As for Chelsea, she cannot be blamed for having a predicate felon for a father-in-law, but she most definitely can be blamed for allowing at least one of her parents to use her as an accessory to their financial crimes with the Clinton Foundation.
    I have heard that she can be as foul-mouthed as her mother.

    All this being said, let us not forget that Pope John Paul II used a wooden and/or metal throne, while Pope, that had an inverted cross, as a cutout in its back. This happened when he hosted an all-faiths synod or conference he organized in, or named after, Asissi. It was plain to see and undeniable.

    Satan hates God and Mankind. His viciousness knows no bounds. And Yet, he prefers to fly “under the radar,” so to speak, in that he will not—unless Commanded by God—show his hand or presence in the world’s affairs. This upside-down Cross may be just that.
    As the mad and demon-possessed Charles Manson lingers in a prison hospital enduring his last days, let us remember that the Clintons have killed more people than he, and that, unlike Manson, they enjoyed the world’s adulation and respect while it glossed over the Clintons crimes!

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    • For what it’s worth, some martyrs were crucified upside down and certain Church iconography reflects that fact.

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      • But that is not why satanists wear the upside-down cross.

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        • I didn’t say it was. Steven remarked about the Pope’s throne. I remarked about what those “upside down” crosses represent. One is not related to the other.

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          • lophatt:

            My comment was more directed at Steven. I know you know about the upside down cross as a satanic symbol. 🙂

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            • The Satanists wish to drain Our Lord of His Glory so they can defecate upon it! They wish to express their UTTER SATANIC HATRED of Jesus. That is why they hang the Cross upside down.
              Pope John Paul II had, in historical fact, a throne with a cut-out in its back, of a Cross that was, plain to see, UPSIDE DOWN. As Pope, he had a responsibility to know the meaning of this. So I respectfully submit one of two possible outcomes: Either he really was an imbecile and did not know that (and I believe Wotilya was, in fact, a moral imbecile), or, he knew that the Illuminati had, in historical fact, infiltrated and took over the Roman Catholic Church and dictated the terms (which I believe that the historical facts dictate that that outcome took place). In either case, the result was the same: John Paul II, a very charismatic and charming and personable man (my late uncle met him on at least two occasions), defaulted in his Duty as Vicar of Christ: UNDER ZERO CIRCUMSTANCES may any Pope tolerate such an outrage!
              I always qualify my telling others that, as a Roman Catholic, I know I am a “poor excuse” for one. I always tell people that, because it is the truth: I know I am inadequate. But as inadequate as I am, I still hate the Devil’s guts, and I won’t tolerate ANY Satanic symbols or artifacts in my presence: I leave—or put those riders out of my cab—immediately.

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      • Yes: Peter demanded he be crucified upside down, because he freely admitted he was not worthy of, or equal to, Jesus, Our Lord and Master.
        And St. Lawrence, accepting his martyrdom of being roasted alive on a rotisserie, accepted his death with good cheer, reminding his demented tormentors they had missed his “raw” side!

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  13. As a woman who loves jewelry, I’m very fussy about what I wear and spend my money on, maybe it’s because I have more class and Chelsea has more money than class…. you can’t buy class….. of all the crosses she could have picked…makes me wonder if she didn’t pick it because it did look like an upside-down cross.

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  14. She is a typical clinton. She married soros kin. This shouldn’t surprise us.

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  15. Other instances – probably old news for those here but just thought I’d post.

    Jennifer Lawrence MOTHER interview – observation on jewelry at 19 minute mark.

    Katy Perry

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  16. What do you expect from the spawn of satan and his wife

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  17. I would like to take the opportunity to point out that an “equal-armed” cross is not used exclusively by Christians, and the symbol itself has a wide application, for example the “bdsm” cult uses it in a shield or a circle to designate what sort of practioner they are, the gnostics use it inside of a circle as a symbol of their filth, you put additional arms at right angles on those arms and you have a swastika, etc. and finally if I recall right, the “process” satanic cult had their own interpretation of it, ascribing God & Christ to two points, and satan and lucifer to two others, because the processians were neo-gnostic, and quite not sane. (The equal-armed cross is also called a greek cross, and an elemental cross, as well.) The question here is… what kind of cross is hers meant to be? Short of asking her directly, and her giving a truly honest answer, or symbols being found on it that gives a certain identification, it’s hard to say.

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  18. Symbols mean everything if you do not understand this, then satan has pulled the wool over your eyes already.

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  19. Dr. Eowyn, here’s some backup for your article.
    Chelsea Clinton to Church of Satan: Happy New Year
    Yup, you read that corectly.

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