Must see: Pulled over for speeding, NY Democrat goes into epic meltdown

Jennifer Schwartz Berky, 53, is a Democrat legislator of Ulster County in mid-Hudson Valley, New York.

Last May, Berky was pulled over for a minor speeding infraction — going 43-mph in a 30-mph zone. Her response was to go into an epic, 26-minute, histrionic meltdown, including:

  • Pretending to hyperventilate.
  • Saying she’s having a panic attack and that she has PTSD: “I’m having a panic attack! [uncontrolled breathing] … I’m gonna take it to the court, because [uncontrolled breathing and screaming] … I have PTSD!”
  • Claiming she’s broke: “Please don’t give me a ticket, I’m broke. I’m completely broke. And if you tell people, it’s going to hurt me.” “Please don’t give me a ticket, I can’t afford it.”
  • Accusing the officer of unfairly targeting her: “Why would you pull me over instead of someone else? … I’m broke! I’m totally broke! I’m totally broke! This is very upsetting to me.” “I’m going to tell [the court] you singled me out!” “I don’t feel safe anymore. I don’t feel safe anymore.”
  • Denial: “I always do everything right and I follow the law and I was at the same pace as every other car!” “I couldn’t go slower; they honk! They honk at you!”
  • Using her governmental position to get out of the ticket: “You’re not gonna let me go even though I’m a county legislator?” “I am late for a job meeting … and this is my career!”
  • Screeching and making fake crying sounds.

When the admirably calm and composed police officer said he would cut her a break and write her up for the much lighter infraction of seatbelt violation, Berky got angrier and threatened: “I’m protesting this in court! First of all, it’s not the right charge!”

His generous offer spurned, the officer cited Berky for the initial speed violation.

Her 26-minute meltdown was captured on the patrol car’s dash cam video that only recently was released to the public.

After the video was released, Berky issued this apology on Facebook:

“The video released earlier this week of my town of Ulster traffic stop captured a tough moment for me. Like so many working families, I too face tough times and stressful situations. As a professional, a public servant and a mother, I know my interaction with Police Officer Gary Short was unacceptable. I want to apologize to Officer Short and thank him for his patience and professionalism with me during a very difficult time. I hope to use it to grow and learn how to better represent the diverse working families who reside in the great city of Kingston.”

Amanda Prestigiacomo of The Daily Wire observes:

“Yes, this clearly unstable human being is responsible for making laws, which is super comforting…. The legislator is up for reelection on November 7. Berky has degrees in art history and urban planning from Columbia University.”

According to the Daily Freeman, on November 7 Berky lost her reelection bid when she was defeated by Republican Brian Woltman 1,030-811.

We can only imagine her hyperventilating histrionics at news of her defeat.


27 responses to “Must see: Pulled over for speeding, NY Democrat goes into epic meltdown

  1. what a nutcase!…unfortunately, out of many who are paid to make laws,
    I believe her mental instability represents the norm.
    we should have higher requirements and accountability for people who hold public office.

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  2. She should have been given an additional citation for public indecency. Get a load of the outfit she’s wearing and her hair! 😵

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  3. Oh my gosh, and she still got over 800 votes. And she would be driving a Prius.

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  4. Here’s a recent story of a nutcase here in Dallas, who was an Assistant District Attorney, and rightfully got her butt fired for her behavior.

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  5. Good grief, an urban planner, straight out of Agenda 21! And art? She’s like the goofy fashion editor from Vogue, Lynn Yeager…they both dress like clowns.

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  6. Yes, to all of the above, in summary a D E M O C R A T !!!! Wako wako wako!

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  7. She’s broke? Then sell that new looking car and get a 16-year-old reliable beater car like I drive…

    This womyn needs to up her meds.

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  8. It seems she handles stress quite well.

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  9. Absolutely shameless! And I thought art school was an insane asylum. This woman is awful! What does this say about the character of those who voted for her?

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  10. I went to high school in a very Jewish community. This woman is your typical “jewish mother”, based on my experience. Oh voy…

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  11. This kind of insane response has been typical of all-ALL Democrats since Nov.9, 2016. Time we accept this insanity as their “normal” democrat conduct.. – – but wait..!! = not all Democrats should be painted as insane, = I came across two democrats early last year that did make some sense,- but with further questioning they admitted that they were in a 12 Step Recovery Program to escape from the Insanity of Liberalism..!!

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  12. I cannot vote for Berky as I live in Queens County in New York City. At any rate, this episode just goes to show the hard job that police officers and state troopers have, given the abuse from the public they have to deal with.
    And although I am quite capable of handling an automobile at any speed, doing 43 in a 30 mph zone CAN be a SERIOUS offense, if it is in a residential area or if the pavement is wet. So the ticket is NOT a “minor offense”: At 13 mph over the limit, is is, I believe, a 4-point offense, along with a fine of at least $230 (higher in NYC, Rochester & Buffalo).
    At any rate, I was pulled over on Second Avenue at 50th Street last night for—wait for it—a seat-belt offense. The NYPD lived up to their motto and were professional and polite. It is a 1-point offense. Oh well, I live and learn—although I do drive as if lives depend upon it which, as it turns out, is true!
    We MUST drive professionally and defensively, and Berky has proved she is willing to pose a danger to the public safety. AND ONE MORE THING: I had a supervisor when I taught who tried to have me killed: I am NOT intimidated by screaming, howling harridans like Berky! Suck it up, Honey.

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  13. Kevin J Lankford

    Dang!…For a moment there I thought that was that once famous gay exercise guru…..whats his name? Oh well may be he weren’t so famous……Seems I remember he ain’t doing so well any how.


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  15. Again….Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

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  16. He should have tased her, sprayed her with pepper spray, trussed her up in double restraints and sent her to the psych unit on a 72 hour observation hold. Then, charged for being hysterical in or about a Prius.

    It’s been my experience that most lunatics drive Prius’.

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  17. “It’s been my experience that most lunatics drive Prius’.”
    I must concur with you, though I would slightly rephrase that to, Prius drivers ARE lunatics and road hogs. My experience here in the Golden State where there are oodles of them…. they all think they are holier than though because they drive these things, and when they go slow and under the speed limit, you have to obey them by not trying to pass them or get around them or they get mad and try cut you off or honk at you like you are committing some crime. Then there are the lot of them that are just plane driving in zombie like fashion with no awareness of anything around them. One all all, good little Obamanoids.

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    • We get ’em here too, mostly lesbians. Always lefties. They think they’re saving the Earth. You could sell them camels with “economizer butt plugs” and they’d pay a premium just to show off for their friends.


  18. OMG, I went back and looked at the video after the fact. What a flaming phony with that fake hyperventilating that she miraculously turned off when she was berating that poor cop. Loser.

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  19. She’s not even good at acting. What a phony.

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  20. When I saw this video a few weeks ago, I thought what a fake. She tried to use her position to get out of paying for a ticket. She lied and said she was broke. When clearly she was buying top shelf designer clothes, sarc., and she could buy down on the car.
    The best news is, she lost the election because if this is how she handles emergencies,and pressure, she is not equipped to handle a government job no matter how small. The people won that day.

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  21. If you watched this video, then you’ve seen the reactions of most of my middle school students if I take their cellphones away b/c I caught them playing video games during a class instruction time….OR, sometimes it takes less than that—like, pointing out to one or more that, “You are out of your seat messing around with classmates and should return to your assigned seat, follow directions, and focus on your work.” Since this pathetic woman’s drama, argumentativeness, threats about her “position” in local gov’t, when caught not following the rules—-to the point that she would not EVEN accept a compromise ticket—-so closely mirrors the behavior of my 11-13-yr-olds….I’m wondering how old she is and if she could have been my student maybe 20 years ago? For sure, at some point she WAS someone’s middle school student and it appears that she’s still employing the same behavior tactics from that time when confronted with authority, rules, consequences……Don’t you hope that her voting public sees this before the next election?—–Oh, but I’ve forgotten myself….she’s in New York…considering that they re-elected DeBlasio, sent Hillary to the Senate, and elected a child predator in the “Weener,” just to name a few, probably no one will see anything wrong with this woman’s character or borderline personality.

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  22. She acted just like a grade school kid caught red-handed… That poor cop.

    The thing is, that kind of behavior is EXACTLY what gets folks elected by certain demographics — the atheist antifa left progressive anarchists who don’t want ANYBODY telling them what they can and can’t do. Watch for her to re-emerge elsewhere in some political power position where she’ll make an equally foul stench in governmental bureaucracy or legislation.

    FYI, were it not for spell check, I’d have had zero idea how to spell bureaucracy. Zero. God bless technology.


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