Has Jacob Rothschild Been Assassinated?

There is something going on, and it’s not being reported

I couldn’t even find this on Drudge!

Has the Chief Puppeteer been killed today in a plane crash? It’s too soon to know if this is so, but it does catch the imagination.

Here’s another report. Still speculation:

A little more at this link:

And another link:

Still nothing on Drudge, FoxNews, Breitbart or WND. Reports are only coming from the UK at this moment.

Hours later, here is the first American news media even mentioning the story:

There are a lot of very big things happening right now, but a news blackout on them. People, search for the answer to “what the other hand is doing.”

Notice the relative silence in American media on the subject of the civil war in Saudi Arabia, the declaration of war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the rogue Saudi involvement in both the Las Vegas attack and an attempt to assassinate President Trump.

Something far bigger is going on than any current news on American media, and it is being actively blacked out from the American public. But I am not frightened. As Sun Tsu taught, to win a war it is important that your military becomes formless, inscrutable.

But we must not wait around ghoulishly hoping for the ruin of some real or perceived enemy:

“Do not rejoice when your enemy falls,
And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles;

Or the LORD will see it and be displeased,
And turn His anger away from him.” – Proverbs 24:17-18

“Do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” – Luke 10:20

49 responses to “Has Jacob Rothschild Been Assassinated?

  1. Too good to be true???

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  2. Let’s pray it’s true.

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  4. I hope he’s rotting in hell at this very moment. 🔥

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    • I’m sad that you hope that on anyone. It’s one thing to wish for the removal of evil from this world, and another thing entirely to wish evil upon another. With the judgment you mete, so shall you be judged. Are you ready to be judged as harshly as you judge? Think about it.

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  5. If Rothschild indeed was killed in the helicopter-plane collision, then what Q Anon said may really be true — that The Storm Is Here, and Trump really is fumigating America & the world. Next domino to fall will then be Hillary & Podesta.

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    • How about the fall of the federal reserve system too.

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    • The storm may well indeed be here, if Rothschild was killed—or this may be another false flag of sorts. Suppose Jacob Rothschild engineered the crash but was not on the helicopter, to escape? Whatever: We don’t know yet.
      I watched David Seaman’s You Tube video on it, and he said the intell was sketchy as he spoke, but he did flash a photo of what he believed was a portion of the wreckage.
      Also, he also reported that 1990’s fossil Roseann Barr tweeted about Q-Anon, and Twitter deleted her account! So this tells me that there is an effort underway to censor.
      Very curious, indeed.

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  6. He went into hiding, he was still looking for his Gray Poupon!

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  7. Anybody reporting a sulfurous plume and the beating of leather wings?

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  8. The storm is more Like a hurricane, taking It all as It goes.

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    What will soros do with out jacob…..??

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  10. what are the odds of a helicopter and plane crashing in mid-air over one of their estates?
    something evil is always going on with these satanists.

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    • I read an article in “The Daily Mail” about it. Apparently there’s a flying school near there and both a plan and a helicopter left from there and collided in midair. The point I didn’t understand was that there was about 3,000 feet of elevation between them.

      There was no logical explanation for that in the article I read. Maybe they have their own private army guarding their airspace, who knows.

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  11. Sort of new to this site, who / what is the storm?

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    • kjf:

      At the end of this post is a page of some of Q Anon’s posts to the 4chan /pol/ message board. Q Anonymous is the alias of someone in the Trump Administration who clearly knows a lot, and who has been leaving “bread crumbs” on 4chan alluding to a coming “storm”:

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      • As usual, at the risk of being misunderstood, I have a very hard time believing that there is some sort of “house cleaning” in progress within or without government.

        Most, if not all, of what we are made aware is total show. This cabal, whether in the person of the Rothschilds or their agents, runs the world globally. Once someone comes to understand that, they will realize that these public figures are merely employees.

        If someone gets indicted, it is because it is in the script. They absolutely do not care if they in-prison, kill, reward or promote. The Plan moves forward apace.

        As attractive as “hope” is, reality can be its own reward as well. I do not believe there is any magic opposition out there, advertised or otherwise. Individually they are all cowards. They have a very large contingent of enforcers to protect them.

        I do believe this could be defeated, but it won’t be. No one can defeat this using its own rules. They cannot remain in control if they are universally ignored. Sure, they can prod a gaggle of resistors along at bayonet point while a throng goes unopposed. They simply do not have the numbers.

        Of course they count on people self-controlling themselves out of existence. We have to learn how to become “cats”. They can’t herd cats.

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        • Lophatt, sir, I am in agreement with you on this.

          Having been a diligent student of The World Of God since ’94, and with guidance from The Holy Spirit, I am convinced that NOTHING can alter what God has proclaimed will happen, and what He will do about it. It’s all explained in The Holy Bible.

          And if I’m interpreting the prophecies correctly — which I feel confident about — then things are going to get MUCH WORSE before they get better. However, the “Good News” is that… the end is near. Our Savior draws near.

          I am aware of other Bible students who, all completely independently, have come to the same conclusion I have. Namely, that Christ will return in 2029. I’ll hedge my bet by adding, “Give or take a couple years.”

          But regardless of the date, it’s clear to me that Bible prophecies will fail if Christ Yeshua does not return at around that year. And it is literally impossible that God’s prophecies can fail.

          These Wizards Behind The Curtain and their elite agents have been, and are, setting the stage for the emergence of the anti-Christ. Most of them are doing this consciously (the luciferians, the satanists); some are playing their parts unconsciously, simply by pursuing the money and power that is doled out to them as they do the bidding of satan’s willing minions.

          But the bottom line is that the fulfillment of the NWO, the anti-Christ’s reign and his “beastly mark” is just around the corner. How could there be a serious and successful “house-cleaning” when the end is so near and the worst parts of the End-Time prophecies have yet to manifest in “this world”?

          So, yes, Brother, I agree with your assessment. It would be joyfully nice if hidden agents of God were behind the scenes and about to drain the evil swamp. But that’s just not the way God has told us that this thing will conclude.

          ~ D-FensDogG
          STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’


      • In addition to that, I saw that Sean Hannity did another “TICK TOCK” tweet late Friday, but he’s done that before & I never hear about any “big bangs” thereafter. Supposedly an “avalanche” is coming…


  12. There is a bazillion of these Rothschilds now – one down, 999,999,999 qatrillion to go. They always have someone on backup, like Soros does with his 2 satanic spawns. I didn’t know tho’, that the CROWN and Europe did not like Joe Kennedy and certainly didn’t want him in politics. Supposedly they killed his eldest son, and tried to take out John (Jack) with the U-boat incident. Hmmmm….I hope whatever Rothschild it is…he rots in HE*& with the rest of them!

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    • Very true, a big “family tree” so no great loss.

      Per Wiki, that old coot Rothschild (now age 81) is only worth $5 billion “net.” Who could “control the world” on such a small pittance? 😉 (He must have tons of $$ scattered/hidden across the globe.)

      “Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, OM, GBE, FBA, is a British investment banker and a member of the prominent Rothschild banking family. He is also Honorary President of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.
      Born: April 29, 1936 (age 81), United Kingdom;
      Net worth: US$5 billion (2015).”


  13. Well I want to say that even if the head lizard is dead there are plenty more where he came from including his own sons who I am sure he has trained well. Hell is too good for him. So if he is indeed dead, good riddance but it is far from over.

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  14. I have watched a couple of David Seaman You Tube videos. He did report on this and qualified that Rothschild’s death had not been confirmed at that point, and he also reported that Twitter DELETED Roseann Barr’s account for tweeting about Q-Anon.
    So we don’t know it all yet. But I propose a couple of possible scenarios:
    1) The crash occurred and Rothschild is dead: No problem for the tribe—in all likelihood he left pre-written instructions as to how the clan shall carry on—a DEAD MAN’S SWITCH.
    2) The crash occurred, all right, and Rothschild, not on the plane, engineered it, in order to fake his own death, replete (or not) with doppleganger—a FALSE FLAG EVENT.

    We also know that, as we have never been told the truth about anything, that they’re not going to start telling us the truth now.

    We also know there is a storm a-comin’. Was President Trump alluding to the current economic situation overall with his recent comment about “the calm before the storm?” He may not have known this event was coming, but he must have known something about the Rothschilds and their monkeyshines. If this is the case—and this seems far-fetched right now—what role, if any, does North Korea serve in it? (I pose the question for this reason: Joel Skousen and Lyndon Larouche have stated their theories that DPRK is to serve as a “trigger” for a future conflagration).

    Another factor to consider, given that the Rothschild fiat money ponzi scheme depends upon endless war and “Ordo Ab Chao” in order to maintain their dominance, is the Question of digital or block-chain currency: Bitcoin and other digital currencies pose a possible long-term threat to that dominance—not right now, but down the line.
    But we also have to remember and keep in mind that the New Testament mentions “The Mark of the Beast” and a “mark” or “chip” in the hand or the forehead as necessary for anyone to “buy or sell.” So whatever happens to the Rothschild clan, or whatever can happen, steps have already been taken to insure this will progress, on schedule. The technology and the police state are here to enforce that.

    Is this for real, or is it a tempest in a teacup? Time will tell. But despite my ULTRANOID RAMBLINGS, the March toward Armageddon will continue until morale improves!

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    • P.S.:
      There is also something else to consider: The disappearance of Flight MS-370 some three years back: The Rothschilds had bought the patent to some intellectual property, so I have read, and the four persons who sold the Rothschild’s the property were on that plane. Any connections at all? Time will tell.

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    • If Roseanne’s twitter account was deleted, it was reinstated at some point as it is “alive & well” now:


      “…this seems far-fetched right now—what role, if any, does North Korea serve in it? (I pose the question for this reason: Joel Skousen and Lyndon Larouche have stated their theories that DPRK is to serve as a ‘trigger’ for a future conflagration).”

      “A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man’s very survival.”
      –Peter Lemesurier, “The Armageddon Script”, p. 223 (a supposed “New Age Insider” book dated 1981; later 1993 copy at Amazon).

      I’ve posted that quote before & I only re-post it again since you said Larouche & Skousen imply similarly. Any “confrontations” &/or WW3, etc., imho, will all be “planned in advance” to move their agenda forward.


  15. Looks like there is a flight school nearby and the helicopter collided with a Cessna. The copter had a senior pilot, one student and his instructor on board; all died.

    Not to be cruel but the photos of the seemingly Indian or perhaps Paki student appear to show an extremely depressed and morose looking young man. Could he have seized control and tried to crash it? Everyone says the 60-some highly experienced pilot was sharp and an expert instructor in his own right.

    Not much info on the Cessna yet.

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    • I was stricken by the reported differences in elevation between the two. If they had that much separation how did either cause the crash? Of course it could just be the reporting as well.


    • The plane took off within five minutes of the helicopter. It stayed above and behind, both headed straight for the Rothschild estate. The plane gained altitude to 700-900 feet above and dive bombed helicopter in a suicide intentional act. There was a altitude graph of both now disappeared. Daughter was present at estate the same afternoon. LJR location not confirmed but believed to be in area.


  16. If this is true he is now with his ole pal FIDEL,CASTRO.


  17. As an aside, I heard on the internet Matt Drudge is good friends with Jared Kushner.

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  18. This is the only website I know that reports on credible “conspiracy theories” while remaining honest in so doing.

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  19. I really have not reached the “conspiracy” threshold with this one yet. There are some question, however. I would expect that, given that they fly tours from the air strip on a regular basis, wouldn’t you think the Rothschilds would have restrictions in place over their estate?

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  20. Michael J. Garrison

    That son-of-a-bee-hive!!! He owed me five bucks!!! I knew he’d die to keep from paying me back!!

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  21. Michael J. Garrison

    Folks, the storm IS, indeed, here. There was to be a Christmas Surprise, but it got pushed back due to public response after Vegas, which was a trial run. No man knows the day, but I am taking an educated guess that this Passover (True Passover of May 4th, not the one they say) will see the countdown begin to the final 5 month period that Father has shortened the Tribulation to.
    By the way, it IS biblical that in the end times WE get some of their cash BACK in OUR POCKETS. Mr. Rothschild’s demise may be that door opening even as I type. Folks, prep….spiritually…..prep. Draw closer unto Him, especially now!!
    We go into The Millenium around the end of September….then Judgement Day…..then…..THEN..ETERNITY.
    Did you know that Father SINGS TO HIS CHILDREN THAT OVER-COME after Judgement Day, when we are back where we belong…..in HIS PRESENCE.
    YHVH Shammah (Father IS there)
    If my predictions are wrong, then let it be on my head on Judgement Day.
    As a watchman…..I don’t just throw predictions around. That would make me a false prophet. Father Forbid. The sheep are mis-led enough…..so much so that the Truth is foreign to them.

    (Passover ALWAYS starts the 15th day AFTER THE SPRING EQUINOX, at least in Father’s Word it does)
    Before I go, the plane-helicopter crash was at noon, or near noon. That’s the time of sacrifice to Ra, Satan. Same time in the Texas church shooting, with the Ra pyramid over the congregation—–on the roof.


  22. Michael? You make too much sense. I believe you are correct; but be careful about dates. I was hoping for this year!

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  23. We live in a de facto communist police state ruled by a genocidal, parasitic elite who appear to be fighting amongst themselves. Follows the pattern seen in the Soviet Union. We peons are at their mercy. Only thing keeping
    the USS Titanic afloat is the petrodollar printed out of thin air. In the 1950s
    Americans pointed proudly their industrial dominance, which has been moved
    lock, stock, and barrel to China. We are a cardboard poster nation
    that will blow away in the wind shortly.


  24. Like I said before, I think Rothschild is still alive and this is a stunt so he can disappear with all his Evil $$$ Gold/Money! He probably is also asking around if anyone has seen his Gray Poupon! lol.


  25. Plus the fact that Rothschild might have made a deal with that little Beach Ball with feet @ NK, and bought him those Nuclear Sub’s he has always wanted, and seen playing with, (really dangerous) Fat Boy is just another Puppet with some else pulling the/his strings!


  26. Apparently, the estate is managed by The National Trust. Only a few Rothschilds live on the 6,000 acre estate, none in the main house. That’s a classic. The National Trust gets the cost of maintaining it, the Rothschilds get to use it at will.

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  27. I noticed the blackout too. Thank you for the great blog/vlog. It really struck when they said it was near High Wycombe, that is hre Crowley’s crowd the Hellfire caves/Church ishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQsNt2tXBe0


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  29. I do not delight in anyone’s death. We will all have to answer to God in the end.
    Jacob Rothschild will face a very heavy judgment at the time of his death which may or may not have already occurred. People like him will never let the world be what it could be, a beautiful, less stressful place for humanity. Definitely do not envy him. It is just all really sad, all the way around. Sad for him, his family and all of the people he has hurt so badly. Pitiful!

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