Criminals don’t follow laws: NorCal shooter built his own illegal guns

kevin janson neal

Crazed man: Kevin Janson Neal

Liberal logic: Despite all the gun control laws in California, the illegalities of gun acquisition and questionable mental wellness of this shooter, it’s still the NRA’s fault.

From NY Post: The deranged Northern California gunman built two of the four weapons he used in his bloody rampage himself, authorities said.

Kevin Janson Neal — who killed five people Tuesday before being gunned down by police — fashioned a pair of AR-15 semi-automatic rifles from parts he purchased, the Record Searchlight reported.

These firearms were manufactured illegally, we believe, by him at his home,” Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said Wednesday. “So they [the guns] were obtained in an illegal manner, not through a legal process. They are not registered.”

Cops said the crazed gunman had also used two handguns that were registered to someone else.

A restraining order issued in February prohibited him for owning guns.

The order was put in place after he was charged with assaulting two women in January, the outlet reported. He was out on $160,000 bail when he carried out the shooting.

Investigators believe Neal, 43, started his rampage by killing his wife Monday, then donned a ballistic vest the following morning, grabbed his weapons and set off on a 45-minute killing spree.

He killed two neighbors, stole their truck and drove around, randomly picking off targets.

He also tried to get into the Rancho Tehama Elementary School but was unable to after a quick-thinking staff member ordered a lockdown.

Neal appeared to have wanted to exact revenge on his neighbors after a long-running dispute, authorities said.


14 responses to “Criminals don’t follow laws: NorCal shooter built his own illegal guns

  1. it’s to the point that unless it happens right in front of you, sad to say, it could all be fabricated. Need an event to justify your draconian, unconstitutional legislation? Just order it.

    Here’s an example of commercial technology that can be used to fabricate perps;

    Imagine what cia/nsa has.

    Need some towel wearing jihadist to terrorise your country? Create one and make him do yo0ur bidding via computer generated images!


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  2. It just seems to be too many of these shooting from left field. And I agree unless it happens right in front of you makes you question because you can’t trust the government to tell us the truth any more so like they say use any disaster to your advantage and that is what it seems to be happening all over and to what to force the taking up of all the weapons that in turn leads to make us slaves and the term “from my cold dead hand” I will protect my family.

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  3. Notice how INSANE all these mass shooters look. Crickey – if I saw half of them coming my way – looking like they do – I would run! They all look like a FREAK SHOW. Maybe a little overdone… generated is very believable hypothesis!

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  4. “From Left Field”-Ironic you use that phrase,considering the huge majority of these shooters are registered DEMOCRATS. Some didn’t identify with any political party,but not even ONE Conservative. HMMMMmmmmmm….

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  5. In the first place, gun confiscation has NOTHING to do with crime. They want parasite protection for the elite. Secondly, if these events were real (and in the main they’re not), does anybody think the cops could prevent them if people just didn’t have guns? That’s nonsense.

    Cops don’t often prevent anything, yet alone a “mass shooting”. The “crime” would be making everyone defenseless. Lastly, do these losers actually think that anybody that would randomly shoot people would balk at doing that if buying guns was illegal? Making bombs is illegal too but people still do it.

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    • That’s right,and these pinheads aren’t even thinking of the reality,that if they DID force gun control and confiscation,the number of BOMBS used to kill innocents would increase DRAMATICALLY.

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      Yea….But it sure gives cops a good excuse to more heavily arm them selves. A real confiscation force in waiting.

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      • Remember reading about how out-gunned,out-manned and out-trained we were when the Brits came to “set us Settlers straight” back in our beginning days? Logistically,we didn’t have even a remote chance of Victory. But WE had ONE thing the Brits never considered,and didn’t have on THEIR side-WE were fighting for our FREEDOM. Alas-if “they” (The oppressive Government) should decide to confiscate,THEY’LL face the same fate,for we’ll have the same incentive.

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  6. he looks a lot like the brother from the las vegas shooting

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  7. “черт побери”…..those pesky Russians – HACK EVERYTHING!!!! Just ask the Hildebeast!

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  8. I wonder what triggered his rampage? Perhaps the wife did something or was he a delusional nut

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