Bill Hicks doing his first broadcast as Alex Jones

Questions, questions…


31 responses to “Bill Hicks doing his first broadcast as Alex Jones

  1. His voice had a southern twang then, and also not hoarse and gravelly as it is today.

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  2. There Ears and voice don’t match ….

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  3. Not sure, maybe a doppelgänger?

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  4. Go to 3:55 for a compelling analysis of the almost identical dental structures of Bill Hicks and ‘Alex Jones’

    Such similar dental structures only occur with identical twins-or the same person.

    ‘Alex Jones’ displays the histrionic and exaggerated behaviours of a comedic caricature.

    And what are the odds that both Bill Hicks and ‘Alex Jones’ each have/had a close working relationship with the same producer Kevin Booth?

    ‘Alex Jones’ has admitted that many family members have ties to the CIA. Both his former and current wives are Israeli M0ss@d and his previous lawyer had close ties to the Bronfmans, one of the most powerful Zionist families in the world.

    This would explain why he has always deflected discussion away from Israel as the prime agent behind 911

    In fact, ‘Infowars’ was likely established as a Controlled Opposition cover operation in the years immediately preceding 911.

    The preponderance of evidence would compel any reasonable person to conclude ‘Alex Jones’ is Bill Hicks.

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    • Thanks for the vimeo find! I hope more people get suspicious of this whole infowars thing and go on their site and try to tell others about what is really happening. This also explains why some of the people that were associated with Jones aren’t anymore. Didn’t (the real) Alex Jones say early on that if he started to talk about something (I forget what), to assume that he has been mind controlled or replaced? I remember one of the people on infowars comment section mentioning this but I can’t remember verbatim what they said. So what happened to the real Alex Jones…..


    • Shill Hicks aka Alex Jones of Disinfowars current voice has been modified to sound gruff and un-bill-hicks-like, but it’s still Shill Hicks, you can tell by the speech patterns, cadence, choice of words.

      Thanks for exposing this shill.


    • they do have similar teeth structure including tooth gap, same mouth, facial structure…


  5. Nope close but no cigar on the teeth matching ,, There ears and voices don’t match , This is all just made up fairy tails ,,,


  6. I’m wondering why they would have ‘two’ alex jones, or two bill hicks. Not doubting at all, as I think we all got bamboozled by the trick that is infowars/prison planet. Explains why they’re always screaming about Nazis. After you start thinking about how did Jones (or Hicks) get all these things to happen (like getting a radio interview with some Rothschild) or getting “into” Bohemian grove, almost seems too ‘easy’ to have happen. People need to remember (via Gary Allen’s book “None Dare Call it Conspiracy) that the NWO doesn’t care if you know about it. They just don’t want you to DO anything about it. That’s probably the impetus behind their creating Infowars/Prison planet, et al, the “controlled opposition”. Juri Lina’s book “Architects of Deception” really rips the whole mask of the real enemy hidden behind everything- the Freemasons and their worship of satan.

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    • The original Bill Hicks transformed into ‘Alex Jones’ likely thru a CIA ‘sheepdipping’ process whereby his death was faked.


  7. I am not sure how old this video is – but younger alex jones (in this video) sure looks like Bill Hicks (IMO)

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  8. Bill Hicks had some views on things that are far from today’s Alex Jones. My theory is that Bill noticed that Rush Limbaugh was enjoying a great lifestyle, while Bill Hicks was in the lonely world of standup comedy, where you’re a stranger in another nowhere town every night, and at any moment an audience can turn on you. So he created a new persona called Alex Jones, and followed the Limbaugh lifestyle where he can work from a studio in his home town and go home after work everyday. And the change in worldview may be quite honest. I know that if you met me in 1971, you would have encountered a much worse man than you would have met in 1972. People change, especially when an encounter with God is involved. Or there’s the dark possibility that Hicks, unchanged and cynical, is just following the script for what Alex Jones would say and do, like any Hollywood actor.


    • Keep in mind his wife’s testimony in their recent divorce case where Alex Jones is stated to be an actor portraying a character. That character is Alex Jones. Also, I doubt it Bill/Alex has changed his views at all, and laughs at his followers every night before he goes to bed. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has schizoid embolisms (lol) from playing someone else for all these years.


    • Like this guy? The greatest ACTOR, ever on this planet? I swear, they are the same guy. There are better videos out there, then this one; however, if you look at Obozo’s teeth in earlier pictures….its obvious he had dental work done. Also, that big scar on the back of Obozo’s head, the one they needed to make to “implant the brain”? (sarcasm)..but I will go to my grave believing they are one in the same, unless someone has irrefutable proof, they aren’t.


  9. Alex was looking and sounding good back 23 years ago. He would have been only 20 years old in 1994 as he was born Feb 11, 1974.

    Alex Jones is a great patriot. Long live InfoWars.

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  10. I’ve been listening to Alex Jones every day since 2009, and he has done a few segments on the resemblance between him and Hicks. Alex Jones is not Bill Hicks!
    Thanks to Alex Jones, I have been getting the equivalent of a Ph. D. in political science; his show introduced me to Lyndon Larouche, Webster Tarpley, Jerome Corsi and hundreds of others and their websites. Thanks to Alex Jones, I was woken up to the evils of the Bush Crime Family, global government and the New World Order and the falsity of climate change and the reality of chemtrails and the various forms of what he calls the “soft kill” genocide, e.g., vaccines, fluoridated water, etc. (what I call “extinction protocols.”)
    Alex Jones has also played a large role in reminding the public of Bill Clinton’s record of rape; He has had some of Clinton’s victims on. He has also exposed how Clinton wife Hillary has defended rapists as a lawyer, and how she has intimidated and suppressed her husband’s victims.
    Alex Jones also had then-candidate Donald Trump on for a 33-minute interview which oriented me to Trump the man and candidate and he has scrutinized the Trump campaign, and he scrutinizes the Trump record.
    I have found Alex Jones to be the # 1 man in the alternate media who has played a major role in waking me up. He and his crew really are “the tip of the spear.” He is not perfect, but he is honest, despite any ties to the CIA or government intelligence agencies, all alleged at this point. I have urged hundreds of my passengers to listen to him for free on You Tube, as not many New Yorkers have ever heard of him.
    And this brings me to the point of the current campaign of harassment of Google and You Tube, which have demonetized not only Jones’s channel, but the channels of dozens of conservative and alt-right commentators, among them AMTV, David Seaman, SGT Report and Diamond & Silk. Jones and his crew are expanding their operations and hiring new people; His audience has grown to the point where it is eclipsing the MSM’s numbers, and his star is rising. He is a great patriot who is preparing us for the tough times ahead, and he has broken a large number of stories to the public. He has gotten to the point where the other mainstream media outlets have begun to fear his influence, given their mockery and calls for censorship.

    (On a personal note, I picked up Jones as a passenger in my cab about nine months after 9/11. I picked him up at the Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Airport and drove him to a midtown hotel. Our conversation did not go well, given my benefit of the doubt to George W. Bush at the time, But I found him to be well-spoken and intelligent. Later that night, he was arrested for staging a rally on Avenue of the Americas, shouting, “9/11 was an inside job!”)

    Long Live Alex Jones!

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    • Hi Steven, I like Alex, too. But if I thought Alex’s expressed values were nothing but an act, with his real values being the ones expressed by Bill Hicks at his raunchiest, I would not like him at all. Although I could be very wrong, my opinion is that the two are the same man, but that at some point along the way he experienced some sort of conversion or change of heart. The same happened to me in 1972. This may have happened before Bill’s fake death, and led to the creation of the new persona and new career. I also judge him favorably by the people he chooses to represent himself, good people. And I certainly don’t hold it against him that he uses an assumed name. After all, Trail Dust is an assumed name, too. 😀

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      • Of course your nom de plume (or nom de guerre!) is not your real name, Trail. But something of your real identity comes through.
        Take a good look at the photograph of whom is alleged to be the assassinated President Kennedy. You Know, the one with his head at the right of the photo (indicating body following left), with the brains coming out. Grotesque and horrible, to be sure.
        I do not believe that Oswald fired the shots that killed our President: That was done by one Malcolm “Mack” Wallace from the 6th floor window (according to Roger Stone) and a slew of co-assassins on the Grassy Knoll, E. Howard Hunt and Roger Sturgis among them.
        But Oswald is credibly accused to have shot Dallas Police Officer Tippet after the President was killed. Officer Tippet was a DOPPLEGANGER of President Kennedy. So my question is, given all the mis en scene of the coverup, is this: Is the autopsy photo of “President Kennedy” really a photo of Officer Tippet?
        That may seem far-fetched. But here is my point: A number of great leaders and strategists and tacticians throughout history have relied on DOPPLEGANGERS. How to tell the difference between the Real McCoy and the Double can be an uncannily difficult task. I submit it is the same with Jones vs. Hicks. Do we have any DNA of Hicks? Not to my knowledge. But we do know that Alex Jones is of partial English, Irish (or Scots-Irish), German and Cherokee heritage or DNA. The facial features of Jones are similar, but NOT identical, to the late Hicks. The vocal patterns of both men at the same period are not identical.
        Ann Barnhardt has hired a facial recognition expert to determine the identities of the late Sr. Lucy, Fatima seer, and the elder “Sr. Lucia,” whom the Dimond Brothers maintain was an impersonator. So all that has to be done is to do the same computer facial recognition with Jones and Hicks.
        This is not a frivolous issue: In addition to freeing an innocent man or identifying a real killer, being able to pinpoint the real identity of a man can be of MOST CRITICAL importance: I believe that the Face on the Holy Shroud of Turin is, IN HISTORICAL FACT, the Holy Face of Jesus Christ, Yeshua Bar Yosef, the God-Man.
        As Lenny Bruce the Cynic once said, “Whom are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” They say that “seeing is believing.” I say HOGWASH, now and then: Our senses can easily deceive us!


    • Steven, I appreciate your comment here regarding Alex Jones. What I’m about to write, I have written before — even somewhere on this website, I believe — but I find the animosity directed toward Alex Jones to be especially peculiar.

      To be upfront, I will admit that I think it’s really possible that Alex and Bill Hicks are the same person. I only recently started looking into this, primarily because of FOTM, and although I do not yet hold any firm opinion on it, I would say I am a fairly good way down the road in believing that Alex is Bill. I’m roughly 75% there.

      And I also wish to add that I honestly have no dog in this fight. Although I have watched and own several Alex Jones documentaries, and have sporadically checked out InfoWars website videos, I did not come to my knowledge of the New World Order via Jones. I was “red-pilled” in 1994, and was awakened not by anything online, but by books and magazines. I did not even hear the name Alex Jones until years after I knew the geo-political truth and learned who “the ruler of this world” really is.

      Some of the major players in my political education were G. Edward Griffin, John Stormer, Tal Brooke, and The New American magazine, which I subscribed to for years. Therefore, I have nothing emotionally or psychologically invested in Alex Jones.

      But the plain truth is that, although he wasn’t an influence on my thinking, Alex Jones has “red-pilled” or “awakened” more people to more political truth than any other single person. Through his program and documentaries, he has reached more folks than anyone else. Also, he has an extremely reliable track record. I may disagree with him on some finer points at times, but he is nearly always on target with the Big Picture.

      Some months ago, even G. Edward Griffin at his own site, Need To Know (dot) News, stated that he has always found Alex Jones to be a reliable researcher. And as far as I am concerned, NO ONE is more reliable, level-headed, and informed than is G. Edward Griffin. (His two books, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ and ‘World Without Cancer’ are absolutely essential, must-read publications!) If Griffin supports Jones, that’s plenty good enough for me!

      A lot of supposedly “red-pilled” people accuse Jones of being “controlled opposition”. Well, if he is, then what we need is a whole lot more “controlled opposition”. Because he has done nothing but educate millions of people who, before he arrived on the scene (as Alex Jones, if in fact he’s secretly really Bill Hicks), believed hook, line and sinker in the validity of Two-Party political paradigm. He has helped untold numbers overcome that satanic delusion! (And THAT often makes me wonder about the agendas that some who accuse him of being controlled opposition might really hold. Could some, most, or all of them be CIA plants simply trying to steer people away from Jones by ignoring all the truth that comes from him while making accusations about his supposed “real” goal?)

      Back before Alex Jones became famous, people were constantly thinking I was crazy for telling them the same things Jones tells them today. Nowadays, thanks foremost to InfoWars, I find countless commenters on political websites of every type, telling others the “Tinfoil Truth” — the truth they got from Alex Jones. So many people who would have thought I was insane in ’94, now know the truth, thanks to Alex Jones. If he really is Bill Hicks and decided to change his name and do something different, that’s OK with me. In the long-run, it was a move in a decidedly positive direction.

      So, again, I appreciate your comment here in defense of Alex Jones. “I thank you for saying what needed to be said!”

      ~ D-FensDogG
      Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…


  11. Keep up the great work Bill Hicks and disinfowars!

    (The unthinking are falling for it and covering for you)


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