Global Atheist Convention cancelled for lack of interest

A Global Atheist Convention was supposed to be held next February in Melbourne, Australia, but it’s been cancelled due to lack of interest.

In a commentary for The Sydney Morning Herald, November 8, 2017, Dr.  Michael Jensen, rector of St Mark’s Anglican Church in Darling Point, Australia, writes:

“Reason to Hope”, the third Global Atheist Convention scheduled for Melbourne in February 2018, has been cancelled because of “lack of interest” (according to my sources).

The conference was scheduled to be headlined by two famous atheists: novelist Salmon Rushdie, 70, and English evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, 76.

Richard Dawkins

Aside from his epistemological arrogance in claiming to know a negative — that God doesn’t exist — Dawkins is also known for saying there’s nothing wrong with pedophilia and that it’s our moral duty to kill the mentally retarded.

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13 responses to “Global Atheist Convention cancelled for lack of interest

  1. Too bad, so sad 😂

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  2. This is sublimely hysterical!

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  4. One little ray of sunshine in this bleak world.

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  5. ” (Anonymous)

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  6. Hey Owen? It’s called discernment. Do you know what the Bible says about that?

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  7. how many atheists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    none…for, as soon as they see The Light, they start running. 🙂

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