More lib speak: Eton college head says their young men need to be more “gender intelligent”


That modern intelligence might be challenged in biology class.

From The Guardian: Pupils at Eton College need to be more “gender-intelligent” according to the headmaster, who indicated that any student at the all-male boarding school wishing to transition genders would be allowed to stay.

Simon Henderson, who took over the elite public school in 2015, told the Guardian that efforts to prepare its pupils for the modern world now included LGBT-awareness education and talks by the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, Laura Bates.

“I’m very keen that we are very aware that as an all-boys school there’s a responsibility for young men to be gender-intelligent,” he said.

Asked whether this extended to accepting transgender students at the £38,000-a-year school, Henderson said: “With any pastoral situation, we would support them in the best way we thought was appropriate for their particular circumstances.”

Eton College, which was founded by Henry VI in 1440, has educated the sons of the rich and powerful for more than five centuries, including 19 British prime ministers. Unlike many other schools, Eton has not yet been required to accommodate a transgender pupil,” Henderson said. “We have not been faced with that particular situation. Conceivably they would stay if it was felt to be the right thing for them.”

With growing transgender awareness among young people, schools across the country have been trying to adapt, among them Brighton College, an independent co-educational day and boarding school, which has scrapped distinctions between girls’ and boys’ uniforms. Single sex schools have also successfully dealt with young people transitioning.

Arguably, Eton – with its tailcoats, boarding houses and idiosyncratic traditions – may find it harder than others to adapt. In addition to the 1,300-strong all-male student body, just 20 of the 180 teaching staff are women and there are no plans to admit girls.

To that end, Henderson is trying to build more meaningful links with girls’ schools. He wants to increase the number of female teachers, as well as ethnic diversity, and he emphasises the broad diversity of visiting speakers, among them an Old Etonian whose subject was coming out as gay while a pupil at the college.

Read the whole story here.

In closing, Henderson argues that Eton may appear unaltered with its old-fashioned uniforms, quirky games and bizarre lexicon, but underneath the surface it is changing inexorably. Like any other school, Eton has to deal with the modern challenges of drugs, social media and mental health difficulties.

“I want us to be a modern, forward-thinking, relevant school,” he said. “Eton has always subtly reinvented itself. But you have moments in an institution – and this is one of those moments – when it has to take a step forward.”

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18 responses to “More lib speak: Eton college head says their young men need to be more “gender intelligent”

  1. There goes the historic Eton College, founded in 1440 by King Henry VI, where “efforts to prepare its pupils for the modern world now include” straight-out propaganda and brainwashing.

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  2. That is the most sophisticated way to teach boys to be to a refined QUEER.

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Is this a man in a girl’ls body?

    Why is this person wasting his time on something so personal – instead – use this time to bridge the divide. Oh, I forgot this person is preaching communism.

    By the way when is the government going to stop funding these communists?


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    • kommonsentsjane . . . I can only agree 100% with your response . . . “this person is preaching communism.”

      Perhaps it might be what a transgender person would choose . . . but what about all the other students. To have to accommodate one person who is confused, would take away from the educational opportunities of the rest of the students.

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  4. Wow, just look how West Point turned out when the cadets started running the institution. Sad sad sad.

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  5. Leave it to a college to complicate something so basic.

    A woman can not become a man, but clearly, a man can become less a man.

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  6. Does anyone believe that these things just “spring” into being by coincidence? Obviously, someone (and I think I know who) is pushing this, worldwide. These institutions are either bribed or blackmailed.

    Having said that, Eton, as well as others, have been buggering boys for centuries. I doubt that any of their graduates haven’t “experimented” with queerness. Think about that the next time you consider one of the political elite as a decision maker. Think about Cameron and his pig incident.

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  8. I had to look up “Cameron and the pig incident.” It is disgusting that people participate in acts such as that.

    I wholeheartedly agree that this push for gender bending, changing your assigned sex is definitely being pushed by those who wish to break what social mores we have always held to. This is part and parcel of breaking the social fabric of modern society, not only in the USA, but in Europe.

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  9. “I want us to be a modern, forward-thinking, relevant school,”
    Yeah… that’s much better than the old standard of “Morality of Character, Exceptional in Accomplishment, and Academically Distinguished”.
    Ah, the Fields of Eton…

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  10. An observatioin @gender identity “problems:” I’ve taught in my classroom 3 children of a family who are of an important/historic “Pennyslvania Dutch” surname. Coming fr same background & HISTORY, but living 30 yrs in CA away fr PA (not born here), betw the historic surname & the “looks,” I knew their history. Yet, as I questioned the girls (3 in a row in my classroom), they had no idea of their history. Furthermore…first girl was allowed/showed/ experienced a “gender crisis” & identified as “male” bef leaving my room as an 8th grader (13-14-yrs). Now, in next 2 yrs of having subsequent sisters of this confused child…..the next 2 sisters are exhibiting the SAME gender crisis. What are the odds that you give birth to 3 girls who think they are boys? Zilch? Pretty much I see an identity histeria going on here….a fad…..a searching for identity that is led by the elder sister who went off the rails….allowed by PC culture/concerned parents/influenced by PC…& now ….the younger sisters follow suite. SICKENS ME. I can see the life-destroying qualities of this convoluted mess—-& it is NOT from the view point of the girl who thinks she’s a boy……it’s from the viewpoint of the girl who FANCIES herself a boy….BIG DIFFERENCE….IMO…I AGREE with.a girl at this formative age who realizes that, in the public school system…& maybe even life abroad, in general, tips in favor of all those unruly, undisciplined, rude, misbehaving middle school boys, who get “all the breaks” while the “good girls” sit quietly/await the temporary “calm” & order that the teacher can attempt to bring back to the classroom….has figured out that….BOYS get all the “breaks” all the attention, all the leeway, all the “mercy”………So, why not BE a boy? It’s SO MUCH “EASIER” to “BE A BOY” in middle school than to “remain” girl. As a middle school teacher of children who are making that hormone-fueled transition from childhood to youn adulthood in our public schools in the USA….I AGREE!!!!!!

    20 years ago, I begged my principal to offer a choice of all female/all boy classes in the academics (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) in middle school. We were such a small population in our district as middle schools go…that it ws not possible teacher/pupil wise. But, he at least agreed. This transition from elementary school to high school is a mine-zone…and, as a teacher of this age group…I have to inform you that almost ALL of my time is spent on controlling/disciplining/handling/addressing/speaking with, on & on ad nauseum…the BOYS…while the girls sit patiently awaiting some sort of academic instruction……THIS is a STRONG cultural “enforcer.” WHY WOULDN’T a girl in this stage of her life —before/during hormonal development in their biologics…..want to be a BOY??????? The BOYS get all the attention…The BOYS get all the breaks….The BOYS get all the leeway/mercy….The Boys “bargain/argue” for their daily “consequences” on the classroom AND overall admin. levels……Girls see this, over and over again through years of public education……Girls understand that they are more “compliant” and “follow the rules” moreso than the boys in their midst….but they recieve NO VALUE for doing so…other than they are not punished for “following the rules.”

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  11. That isn’t preparing the students for a modern world, that is conditioning them to accept depravity. You have to wonder his motive.

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