France considering 13 as the legal minimum age of consent


From Daily Mail: France is to set a minimum legal age for sexual consent for the first time – just weeks after two courts cleared grown men of rape after they had sex with 11-year-olds.

Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet told French radio that the age of 13 was a ‘limit that is worth considering’ for the upcoming legislation. But she noted that judges should also have the ability to assess whether someone was old enough to give consent in individual situations.

It comes after French courts refused on two occasions recently to prosecute grown men for rape after they had sex with 11-year-olds because authorities couldn’t prove coercion.

It is already illegal in France to have sex with under 15s, but rape charges can only be brought if prosecutors can prove the act was non-consensual.

Amid public horror, the government is now drafting a bill to say sex with children under a certain age is by definition coercive. Feminist groups plan a protest Tuesday to argue the age should be set at 15.

The age is just one piece of an upcoming bill on sexual violence and harassment. The bill has gained importance amid worldwide concern unleashed by the allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

‘The question of the age below which the minor’s consent is presumed not to exist is crucial, because there are obviously extremely shocking and unacceptable situations,’ Belloubet said.

One of her colleagues in the French government has said that a minimum age for sexual consent has not been set for the bill. Marlene Schiappa, a junior minister for gender equality, said Sunday that the cutoff could be between the ages of 13 and 15.

‘Below a certain age, it is considered that there can be no debate on the sexual consent of a child, and that any child below a certain age would automatically be considered to be raped or sexually assaulted,’ Schiappa said on BFM TV.

Two recent court cases have heightened the debate over who is old enough to consent to sex under French law.

A jury last week acquitted a 30-year-old man who was accused of raping an 11-year-old girl in 2009, French media reported. The jury in the Paris suburb region of Seine-et-Marne found that while there had been a sexual relationship between the girl and the man, it did not constitute rape according to the legal definition of the crime in France. The girl’s parents reportedly found out about what had happened when their daughter became pregnant.

French media also have reported that the prosecutor’s office in the city of Pontoise near Paris decided in September that a 28-year-old man suspected of having sex with an 11-year-old girl should be tried for sexual abuse instead of rape because of how French law defines rape.

French law defines rape as any act of sexual penetration committed on others ‘by violence, coercion, threat or surprise.’ The definition does not distinguish between adults and minors for either the victims or perpetrators, although the potential criminal penalty is higher when victims are under 15.

A minimum age of sexual consent does not currently exist in French law. The law only says that an adult who performs a sexual act with a person under the age of 15 ‘without violence, coercion, threat or surprise’ can be prosecuted for ‘sexual abuse,’ not rape.

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24 responses to “France considering 13 as the legal minimum age of consent

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  2. Considering the mental state of 25-year-olds (adults now considered children), perhaps 25 should become the minimum legal age of consent. The perverts and pedophiles will do anything to get off the hook for their behavior, won’t they?.

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  3. I wonder how much of this is due to the Muslim invasion?

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    • Excuse me-Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet has some Muslim Poop on her nose….
      For the record,I think the age of consent should be AT LEAST the same as the age where one can take a full time job,rent an apartment,buy and drive a car and go to war for their Country,as all those things typically will be interlinked in their lives during the same few years.

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    • That was my first thought, they are going after the Muslim vote. Who in their right minds would think it is healthy and safe for little girls that age to have sex and produce babies?

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    • Dr. Eowyn,

      Given that the age of consent to sex in yemen is 9 (based on the coercion and subsequent statutory rape of aisha by the false prophet mohammed, who “acquired” her at 6 years of age, “consumating” that relationship with her when she was only 9. Bear in mind that islam allows for multiple wives as well.) for females anyway, with the provision they have to be “married”, it might be due to the “islamic” incursion… but I suspect it is also desired by the international satanists, who likely control that nation.

      There are other countries with a disgustingly low age of consent, like mexico at 14, and japan at 13… and for those commenters here that don’t know, japan has some serious ingrained (and culturally perpetuated) problems, to the point where their “race” is being considered in danger of becoming extinct. More than that though, it also does produce a good bit of child porn, thanks in part to their bizarre porn laws, and also to the low age of consent (vending machines can be found that sell school girl’s used panties, for example.) this combined with the huge amount of porn in their culture, but also the japanese cultural problem of loathing emotions (brought about in part by the buddhist incursion, I would suspect… buddhism ravaged the east, exterminating native religions and belief systems wherever they came into contact with them, and expanding militarily, but you don’t hear that in history.) which results in a lack of even basic relationships, has resulted in their country becoming one of the most rotten in the world, hidden behind a tourist-friendly veneer, of course. (You don’t hear about the “love hotels” where even married men can legally go and have sex with whatever woman he manages to find… that is to say, permitted adultery.)

      Should france continue with this vile scheme, it would be no stretch to see them as becoming as bad as japan, mexico, or worse. After all, france has been compromised for a very long time (remember the freemasonic jacobin vileness?) that it took this long for them to get this bad, at least openly, I am perhas a bit surprised. Also as an aside wasn’t the filth roman polanski hiding out in france somewhere recently? Perhaps he is encouraging some of their policy decisions?

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  4. 13 legal minimum age of consent in France? Oh, c’mon now, France has been known for pornography for a long time, and children have been experimenting with sex from an early age. That they want to make it legal at age 13 is because it will no longer b a sex crime.

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  5. Didn’t Borat make a joke about this?

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  6. Well, believe it or not there are states, like Hawaii with an AOC of 14. Louisiana used to have a law that said something like 65 lbs. Eighteen seems the most popular. Where I live its 15.

    It’s all relative. Some girls are very mature at 14. Some are very immature at 50.

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  7. You mean France never had an age of consent until now???

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  8. The law is the last refuge of people without morals.

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  9. Dr.E is correct, – – France will eventually lower the age of child rape down to the age of nine so as to make Mahomet’s (Mohammad) crime of raping a 9 yr old child seem rightous..

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    • The age of consent in Judaism was 10 or puberty, whichever came later. The AoC in Delaware, USA was 7. One Mexican state sets AoC at puberty. Some USA states set AoC at 12 but until 16 only for sex with a partner less than 2 years older. Many USA states set AoC at 10 up into the mid-20th century.
      So don’t come on as if a lower age of consent is any new thing. By modern definitions most of us are descended from rapists and fornicators, even excluding wartime rapes. Many people living now were legally having sex, married and unmarried, at ages now being labeled “child molesting.”


  10. I also believe it is because of Muslim influence.

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  11. In Europe…once again, “There goes the neighborhood!” When will they invent a new-age “chastity belt”…..NOT just to protect innocent/immature /frontal-lobe unready CHILDREN (which scientifically, mostly goes up to the age of 18 for girls and 20’s for boys…..) but to help parents who are trying to raise them through a raging culture of male sexual “entitlement?”

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  12. France is pedophile heaven.

    Ernest Hemingway called all the writers and journalists that descended on Spain during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) “les whores des guerre” (English translation: “the whores of war”).

    I know very little French, but I would say France is “le whore de Europe” (pissed off American translation: “FRANCE IS A FLOGGING WHORE!”).

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    • And Tim….just to piss them off even more……The French language( of which they are so protective and proud) is a lisping, spit-sputtering, slurring nuissance to anyone who is on the receiving end. I was once “sputtered” by a spit droplet in my eye by one of these Francofiles in an international ice rink….and within 24 hours had a raging eye infection—far from home in a foreign place….much riggamarole to get it resolved while I needed to be supporting my KID who was there on an important competition for which I’d invested ( yearly) to the tune of $50,000 a year…my entire salary at that point. I’ll NEVER forget it and the genesis of it all. (My kid turned out OK & is highly employed in his field…so there is a happy ending…..but just sayin’ that details COUNT and are never forgotten when they cause enormous consequences for innocent others…..).

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  13. This is bad of course, and we should probably expect to see france end up like japan (whose age of consent is also 13)… also I’d like to add a tip to something I ran across thanks to help:

    Apparently “#Elsagate” is a thing being presently investigated by various regular folks as well, much to the silence of the media et al. Needless to say some people have suggested the videos are used as a child grooming/trading hub, based on “decoding” some of the bizarre comments. As an aside it is bizarre when “youtuber” can have a video copyright struck the day it’s released due to it having a brand name or charcter birefly appearing, and yet these videos persist on youtube for months or more… which of course sounds like alphabet/google corp tacitly admitting approval of the content.

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  14. In addition, and I know this article is now old, but I thought this pertinent, I was doing a bit of research recently and found out something interesting about the history of france, that being that in 1791, france became the first nation to decriminalize homosexuality, possibly due to the efforts of one homosexualist “jean jacques regis de cambaceres” (who was one of the authors of the napoleonic code as well, or so I read.)

    That france continues to push for vileness shouldn’t be a surprise I suppose, such a shame.

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