BlackLivesMatter poll on President Trump: 62% approve v. 28% disapprove

Black Lives Matter on Twitter @usblm has a poll on President Trump, and as of 5:20 pm EST, it’s 49% approve vs. 45% disapprove. LOL

Go vote!

Click here.

UPDATE (Nov. 16):

Last night, at around 9:30 pm EST, the poll results were 62% approve vs. 28% disapprove. By 11:40 pm EST, the poll was taken down. If you go to poll’s URL (, you get this message:

Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!

Black Lives Matter deleted it because the poll results weren’t what they wanted. So like the Left. To quote my erstwhile faux-socialist friend Stephanie’s immortal words, spoken so many years ago when I brought up uncomfortable facts in an argument:

“Don’t confuse me with facts! I’ve made up my mind!”


16 responses to “BlackLivesMatter poll on President Trump: 62% approve v. 28% disapprove

  1. This is a hoot. telling my friends to vote. Bet BLM will take it down

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  2. Six percent don’t know what “disapprove” means.

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  3. 62% now…screen -shotted it!

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  4. The demoncraps are probably pissing in their panties with this result .
    The ultimate fear of the demoncraps , the blacks leaving their plantation , and start thinking for themselves .

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  5. My husband likes the music of The Canadian Tenors, and was listening to one of the now former members, Remigio Pereira, tell about what happened to him when he had the audacity to say that “all lives matter”. It was at the All Star Game in Canada, and the group was singing the national anthem. He received such vicious backlash that he had to leave the group. He said he started receiving death threats and his family was harassed and called filthy names. He still performs, but is now a solo act. He hasn’t backed down one bit, and we were very surprised to hear him speak up about all the crap that is going on. He’s even a crazy” conspiracy theorist ” like us! 😎

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      Diana Davison You Tube. Spend a few hours watching this woman fighting for the blighted lives of men, who have been abused by Feminists.
      Purchase the book:
      THE MANIPULATED MAN by Esther Vilnar
      Gender Studies.
      US $15:95
      Google: ‘Gett’: The Horrors of Jewish Divorce


  6. Looks like there are a lot of undercover Trump supporters…..


    • Yo George,
      95% of Blacks in America voted for Faggot Obama – TWICE – and now find themselves worse off.
      The day Blacks start listening to Black Professor, Thomas Sowell and stop listening to FBI Informer, Al Sharpton, they will begin to “evolve” from their “victim mentality” and begin to think of playing THEIR part of making America a better country. All other races are playing THEIR part!
      The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America
      Michael A. Hoffman II


      • Blacks have paid their part and are continuing to play their part. They even gad to go to court to get the right to be in places that should have been opened to them…
        You must realize that once slavery was over that blacks were oppressed and segregated out of many economic opportunities. But despite that they built and had success only for those success to be destroyed by white mobs and the lynchings of many black business men cause their white rivals lost the negotiation.
        So one cannot compare the freed white slaves to freed black slaves I would say that the Irish come close but at the end of the day the generations after their immigrant forefathers did not face the degree of discrimination that blacks faced. Like red lined and segregated out of economics, There would be no one like Al Sharpton if there wasn’t negative institutional racism……


  7. Who cares about polls? Black lives matter aka Black Panthers 1966, ANTIFA, LGBT and the rest….who gives a shit? too bad, they have to take it just like I did with Mustafa Obama and his tribe WITHOUT VASELINE, now I am swimming in the laurels and laughing my ass off!

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