Sandra Bullock to star as Wendy Davis in “Let Her Speak”

sandra bullock

Way to tarnish your career by playing the loser Abortion Barbie. I predict another Hollyweird dud.

From Dallas News: Sandra Bullock is poised to take on the role of Wendy Davis in a new movie called Let Her Speak about the filibuster that catapulted the former Texas senator into the national spotlight.

Bullock, who previously lived in Austin, is attached to the script as long as the project lands a director she likes, Deadline Hollywood reported.

The movie would cover the day of the filibuster as well as Davis’ journey from a teen mother living in a trailer park to a Harvard-trained lawyer who later won a seat on the Fort Worth City Council.

On June 25, 2013, Davis stood on the state Senate floor in pink Mizuno sneakers for more than 12 straight hours to block a vote on what would have been one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. She went without breaks and water during the filibuster.

When Republicans used strict interpretations of the Senate rules to try to end the filibuster and call a vote before the first special session of the 83rd Legislature ended at midnight, abortion rights activists who had packed the gallery erupted into chants of “let her speak.”

The vote was cast in favor of the bill largely along party lines, but came too late and the session was called to a close without Senate Bill 5’s passage. 

After the filibuster, then-Gov. Rick Perry called legislators back for another special session, and the bill that banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy was passed.

The bill also mandated that abortions be performed at hospital-like surgical centers and that doctors who perform abortions must have admitting privileges at hospitals, requirements that caused more than half of the state’s abortion clinics to close.

After a lengthy legal debate, the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2016 struck down the regulations on abortion doctors and clinics in a 5-3 decision. The ruling determined that the restrictions posed an unconstitutional burden on women seeking to end a pregnancy.

Davis waived a bid for re-election to run for governor in 2014. She was dealt a strong defeat by Greg Abbott, who beat her with more than 20 percentage points. 

Another Hollyweird project I won’t be seeing.


22 responses to “Sandra Bullock to star as Wendy Davis in “Let Her Speak”

  1. Shame on Sandra Bullock for making a heroine of an abortion advocate for killing innocent and defenseless babies, which Hollyweirdos like her would never do to animals. Will no longer watch anything she’s in.

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  2. Agreed. Will not get our attendance. I just love the exemptions abortion clinics get from following standard medical clinical guidelines for their Planned Parenthood clinics. The reasoning is that abortions are not out patient surgery. BUT, if a physician wants to establish an outpatient dermatology clinic, they have to follow the standard medical clinic rules and regulations. So removing moles, callous, and other skin adnormalities from a person is surgery but invading a women’s uterus to kill a baby is not. Only in this evil wicked world in which we live today is this accepted.

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  3. Say………didn’t she adopt two children? Louis and Laila. I applaud her for adopting the children, now 1- she is fifty-one years old to conceive a healthy offspring, 2- she CAN afford more kids. Nothing wrong adopting black children, I think these celebrities adopt children especially for SENSATIONALISM. At least Miss Bullock adopted AMERICAN BORN CHILDREN, how lucky, they can have a good upbringing, plenty of money and all it can buy. Had it been for ABORTION, these two little children would not have been so lucky as to have been Miss Bullock’s children.

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  4. Pretty strange choice for her, considering if her children’s biological mother had gone to Planned Parenthood the babies would have been killed. Statistically speaking anyways.

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  5. This proves to be such a disappointment to me. I enjoyed her movies, but this is right up there with liberals that star in a gun ridden movie,then scream gun control.

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  6. those advocating for population controls never step forward to go first.

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  7. purely evil….must be hard up to want to make a few bucks and star in a movie about a female who murdered children and call it “freedom” or “choice”…would much rather watch the movie about the other serial murderer kermit gosnell…at least they keep it real…
    I can’t wait for the movie to be released:

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  8. Abortion is that “procedure” the proponents of which never want to see regulated. They also want the right to abort UP TO THE POINT OF BIRTH guaranteed.
    God Almighty WILL NOT be mocked. Already, abortion has made an impact: It has actually changed the demographics of every nation it has been made legal in. And guess what? The caucasians are disappearing, and the Muslims have the demographics on their side!

    When speaking about abortion, I always refer to contraception before the word abortion, because the two, OF NECESSITY, go hand-in-hand: What is abortion but “emergency contraception” once the “regular” contraception fails?
    I also consider The Pill to be what it actually is: An ABORTIFACIENT: The Pill DOES NOT prevent conception; It prevents the egg—fertilized or not—from implanting itself into the uterine wall.
    According to Catholic theology—and science itself—the soul is present in the fertilized egg from the moment of its conception—and NOT the moment of fertilization. Therefor, we must, in all honesty, include deaths from The Pill included in the abortion total.
    Let that sink in.

    The Dignity of Mankind deserves and demands a healthy respect for the sanctity of human life. Even the Jewish atheist (and great journalist) Nat Hentoff identified and respected that.
    I believe that the souls of the aborted—denied of the Beatific Vision forever—shall be God’s Silent Witnesses on Judgment Day. God Almighty shall not be mocked.

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  9. Seeking to “end a pregnancy” or murder a child? As I say every time an item like this comes up, why do we care what some Hollywood bimbo “thinks” anyway? She has to be a real rocket scientist. I believe it was her that was running around with that Jesse James if my memory serves me. There was a real intellectual giant.

    On the other hand, may her attraction is like Muslims to ponies. Who knows? What I CAN say is that whenever I’m wrestling with a moral question, I don’t turn on the TV.

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  10. All these Hollywood types are all the same.
    All their movies are a Trojan horse even the “good” ones.
    They have been softening us up for pro abort movies for a while.

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    • That’s very true. After all they’re all whores. They are totally self-centered and gladly prostitute themselves to the Jews for whatever social engineering scheme they’re pushing.

      Then (oddly I think), people hang on their every word like it means something. Why?

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  11. I have to wonder how the script will portray Wendy, “Abortion Barbie” Davis? Will they go with the fawning Vogue story she helped peddle?

    Or will they actually show that Wendy lied about her struggles in life, lied about how poor she was, lied about how she got into Harvard and paid for it, and well … lied about pretty much everything?

    Yeah No. Forget that. We are talking about Hollywood. Reality and Truth isn’t their gig. On the other hand, bending the truth and reality to fit their narrative (read the Left’s narrative) IS their gig these days. […]

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  12. Career suicide! Hope they don’t leave out the gold digging parts! She basically abandoned her daughters to chase her career…we all know how that turned out. Then when she got her career she left the man who paid for it all!

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  13. Sad, ’cause I really used to like her. 😦

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