Gabby Giffords’ gun control group sues the Trump Admin


“Assault rifles” for me but not for thee.

If a gun grabber showed at least some interest in enforcing current gun laws, I might reevaluate their agenda. But they aren’t so I won’t.

From HuffPo: The gun control group led by former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) is suing the Trump administration for failing to turn over documents that could show the National Rifle Association’s influence over President Donald Trump’s gun policies.

The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence filed a lawsuit against the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on Tuesday in the the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

The gun safety group is accusing ATF of refusing to respond to multiple Freedom of Information Act requests for documents relating to communications between administration officials and the NRA.

Specifically, Giffords’ group filed FOIA requests seeking any records relating to Trump administration policies on concealed carry reciprocity, gun silencers, bump stocks and assault weapon exports; evidence that Donald Trump Jr. improperly lobbied on behalf of gun manufacturing companies; communications between gun lobbying groups and senior administration officials following last month’s mass shooting in Las Vegas; and attempts by the NRA to review bump stock regulations in coordination with ATF.

HuffPost reached out to ATF for comment late Thursday afternoon. The person who answered the phone said nobody was available via email or phone to give a comment until Friday morning.

Trump’s firearms agenda is certainly proceeding along lines favored by the gun lobby.

In February, a leaked ATF document revealed a top official at the bureau urging a series of proposals that the NRA has long advocated. Last spring, the NRA sunk $1 million into helping Trump get Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch confirmed.

Last week, NBC obtained White House talking points being distributed to Trump allies on how to talk about the Las Vegas massacre. They sound a lot like the NRA’s talking points after mass shootings.

“The Trump administration appears willing to let the National Rifle Association dictate its federal gun safety policy, which includes remaining silent on how to stem our nation’s gun violence epidemic,” said Robyn Thomas, executive director of the Giffords Law Center. “Protecting the safety of Americans should be the top priority of any president. Unfortunately, gun lobby profits seem to be more important to President Trump.”

There have been 307 mass shootings in 2017, according to a New York Times tracker. Neither Congress nor Trump has taken any real action in response.


45 responses to “Gabby Giffords’ gun control group sues the Trump Admin

  1. The same Gabby Giffords that went out with her husband and bought rifles after she was shot?
    How has Trump changes any gun laws, is he the only one not allowed to listen to lobbyist, after all the dems promised us no lobbyist is DC and they ended up having more than ever before and many got extremely rich.
    They want to stop shootings, take the guns away from the Dems, afterall they are the ones committing these mass shootings.
    You have to love the double standard the liberals set.

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  2. When was the last time I heard of a hon run amok and start a shooting spree? When does a murdering psycho legally buy a gun? A vast majority of crimes are from illegally purchased weapons. She is a idiot moron!!!!

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  3. There are more drivers and Home Depot trucks than guns. I say, ban trucks and drivers!

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  4. What if there was a Federal Law that made the act of submitting legislation to subvert the Bill of Rights (gun control,separate “free speech” zones,etc.) a prosecutable criminal offense? Are any of these gun grabbers willing to do Prison time for violating the tenets of our Constitution?

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    • AMEN! Add to that being liable and having to pay back any and all expenses made with tax dollars for any and all frivolous claims and any and all attempts to pervert our constitutional rights. Most of these morons are pretty well off are they not? Hit them where it hurts!

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    • There are already bribery laws and we need to enforce them. Instead of demanding NRA contribution records, how about AIPAC and the alphabet soup of other Jew organizations that are buying these slimy politicians?

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  5. 307 mass shooting? You only get this number if you include the democrat Mecca of Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and East Saint Louis. Take away gang and drug crimes and all you have left are mentally ill homicides.

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  6. some wack-jobs call her “hero”, I call her “liar”…
    I wonder if she is on soros’ payroll like the rest of the hard-up nut jobs who believe ‘any means necessary’ to accomplish their goal of turning #2A usa into gun control usa?
    if Americans ever gave up rights to arm ourselves, we would cease having rights and would be under overt control of the govt, banks, and corporations.
    these people should be in prison for sedition (among other things) for all of the lies and deceitful antics they have pulled against the American people and the constitution and handsomely profited from it all.

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  7. Oh deah, she caint stay uway from the limelight, and políticks, and blabbermouth Schultz and Killary Rotten Clinton. GO HOME AND ENJOY ALL THE MONEY YOU ARE GETTING FROM TAXPAYERS, DONT FORGET, TAKE YOUR GUN AND AMMO ON YOUR WAY SHOPPING.

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  8. I am very sorry Giffords was shot, and I am very glad that she has recovered from a wound that is normally fatal 99.9999% of the time.

    That being said, this was the signal from Life for Giffords to retire. Instead, the political monster called Ideology took over, right on cue: They build a Navy ship and named it after her; The ship, Hardy Har Har, has no guns on it.
    Can we CUT THE CRAP, Please?

    A gun is nothing but a TOOL. The morality of the tool depends, directly, on the moral intent of the user. It is the same with any other tool: If I use a baseball bat to beat someone on the head with, people don’t blame the bat!
    But Ideology took control of this runaway train a long time ago.
    The NRA is far from perfect, and they pull their political B.S., too. But I see Giffords and her role in the Dramatis Personae: Another mindless cheerleader on the Crazy Train!
    And I stop and think: What is keeping Mrs. Giffords from being the next Hillary Clinton (or Madame Defarge, for that matter)? Circumstances and luck, that’s all: Mrs. Giffords is rooting for something she cannot attain to, or, she is just as stupid as Nancy Pelosi!

    Mrs. Giffords, please retire and ride off into the sunset. America is NEVER giving up its guns! DEAL WITH IT!!!

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    • is she gonna seek to ban motor vehicles next? how about medical doctors / professionals ( all of whom are agents fo the Pharma Cartel anyway)? both of these mentioned kill more people per year than shootings do. TOOL is exactly what anything is that can be controlled by a human – thus the human can put it to good or bad uses

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  9. Someone should tell Giffords that Stephen Willeford, the man who shot and chased the Texas church mass murderer — and so prevented him from killing more people — is an NRA instructor.

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  10. Maybe the bullet that is still in her head is making her crazy….

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  11. Comments here and there on videos about her say she actually had a brain tumor …and they used it as an opportunity to stage this event… there are some interesting things about the man who served as her lead surgeon—he was Bill Clinton’s private doc.

    If she was shot, then her recovery is an absolute miracle.
    I do not like the racial slurs the narrator makes, but this video is interesting.

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    • I have no concerns whatsoever saying “she wasn’t shot”. It’s been too long and there have been SO many others since, but it doesn’t take much of a study to see this. Just look at some of the “players” who had different roles in this. It was just like SHES and “Sloppy Sniper”.

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    • Interesting video. Thanks for posting. I never followed her. I wonder if she was as weird before the incident? What a whack job!

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  12. Goofy Gabby Giffords……just has to jump into the limelight so people don’t forget her! You first, Gab. Give us YOUR guns. You’ve got first up!

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  13. If for no other reason,I can’t make sense of the fact that everyone says the bullet went IN through the BACK and EXITED through the FRONT,but Loughner shot her in the FOREHEAD. My question is this;”Where did he get one of those Kennedy Assassination MAGIC BULLETS?

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    • Must have been a lot of empty space to ricochet. It doesn’t take much brain power to scrounge for Maoist gun-grabber money. Besides, if she’d been shot, she wouldn’t be out stumping for citizen helplessness.

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  14. I am a registered voting Democrat who is a life member of the NRA, who owns numerous guns and who also fears that if you give the gun haters an inch, they will want a mile. I love my guns, I am a law abiding citizen, I have a concealed carry permit. I abhor what has happened to the children of gun violence but there has got to be a better way than emotional fueled opposition to owning a gun of any type. There has to be a better way to satisfy people like myself because there are many of us.

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  15. Note that all these leftards didn’t sue Obama to discover how much Sore-Ass bankrolled him or how much influence Marxists like his mentor Bill Ayers, or Mark Ruud, or Bernardine Dohrrn had on his agenda, or call for an inquiry into his true birth info – except for the Clintons of course when Killary ran vs him in 07 – they soon got the message tho to shut up when their DNC chair guy in Little Rock was murdered in broad daylight in his office by a hitherto unknown – who had a clean record and wasn’t connected to the Clintons or the DNC but was likely an MK Ultra activated for that moment in time.

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