Baby-butcher supporter Kristen Bell shilling for Whole Foods

Hollyweird libtard Kristen Bell is a big supporter of baby butchers Planned Parenthood. She is also very vocal about her disdain for President Trump. Bell is also a rabid anti-gunner. A glimpse at some of Bell’s tweets:

  • “The @NRA needs mental health care.” (In response to the Sandy Hook shootings.)
  • “Official diagnosis: This country is gun sick.” (In response to the Dallas Police shootings.)
  • A tweet Bell retweeted after the Orlando shootings: “My thoughts and prayers are with the Senators that voted down gun control. My thoughts: do your job. My prayer: you’re voted out of office.”
  • Another retweet of Bell’s: “Ladies, this election cycle you either vote with your vagina or your asshole.#HillaryClinton#DonaldTrump

She’s being paid (big bucks I assume) as the spokeswomyn for several companies:

She’s now speaking on behalf of another company, Whole Foods. On November 4, Whole Foods announced the following on their Facebook page:

Introducing our Holiday Host: Kristen Bell! Go behind-the-scenes and follow us all season long to learn how this vegetarian tackles the turkey for her family, plant-based sides, and so much more

From Whole Foods’ web page: Kristen offers several ideas for you including, holiday main course tips, tips for holiday baking, holiday party tips and a “survival guide for the holidays.”

Here’s a pro-tip for surviving the holidays: Pray your mother doesn’t abort you at Planned Parenthood.

Keep this in mind when deciding where to shop for groceries.


6 responses to “Baby-butcher supporter Kristen Bell shilling for Whole Foods

  1. They are witches basically, and demand the right to kill their babies on demand. What sick people. “Vote with your vagina”, Oh, God have mercy on all of us. Boycott rent-A- car and Whole Foods. We must fight them whenever and however we can.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    One more of just too many examples of the poor judgement of celebs. Makes it hard to take pity on them for falling victim to the sexual predators of their business.

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  3. Sandy Hook is another blatant false flag where no children were killed.
    Abundant evidence of its falsity has been thoroughly documented.
    The smoking gun in my opinion was that the parents were not allowed
    to view in person the bodies of their children. I raised our two daughters
    after my wife died of leukemia. Prohibiting parents from such viewing
    is unthinkable. Obama and Holder should be imprisoned for
    terrorizing millions of Americans with this horrendous fabrication.

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  4. Shilling for Whole Foods, makes sense, Bezo, owns Amazon, Whole Foods, and WaPo, and hates Trump. And Amazon is now trying to get into our homes with their lame Key delivery system they are incorporating. You buy their $99 a year membership, add in the $250 system and wow, you too can have a delivery an enter your home while peddling security. What could possibly go wrong?
    $136 billion dollar a year Amazon is on corporate welfare while encouraging a bidding war with 238 cities to vie for the location a her new store while demanding a business friendly environment and tax structure plus free land and payment of their capital and operational costs, tax breaks, relocational break for executives and work force, reduced utility bills and construction fees while wanting first rate schools and an educated labor force.
    So, yeah, she fits right in with all the other greedy liberals.
    We cancelled out Amazon membership, it was forcing businesses to close anyway, and we will never enter a Whole Foods again.

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  5. Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck!
    Kristen “Bell” rings true: She is yet another useful idiot for the Runaway Leftist Crazy Train!

    Vladimir Lenin: The syphilitic demon whose legacy JUST. WON’T. GO. AWAY.

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  6. A bunch of horrid, murderous women, trying to put their cute little spin on baby massacre. Wherever possible, I will denounce whatever company or product that uses these faces. Amen.

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