Syrian refugee arrested for raping a pony in Germany

Founded in 1898, Berliner Morgenpost is a German newspaper, based and mainly read in Berlin, where it is the second most read daily newspaper.

Sebastian Geisler reports for the Berliner Morgenpost (Google Translate version here) that at 3 p.m. on Friday, November 3, 2017, a “young man” raped a pony in the children’s zoo (Kinderbauernhof) section of Berlin’s Görlitzer Park.

Görlitzer Park, Berlin, Germany

The bestiality was witnessed by a babysitter, who took a photo of the man during his act and immediately reported it to park management.

Amanda F. described the incident to the Berliner Morgenpost: “My babysitter was traveling with our son in Görlitzer Park and they had to watch the man rape the pony.” The babysitter no longer wants to comment on the incident because what she saw was too traumatic.

Realizing that he had been observed, the “young man” let go of the pony and disappeared into the park. But park staff, using the photo taken by the babysitter, searched for and found the man, and held him until police arrived.

The police identified the bestialist as a 23-year-old native Syrian, and charged him with violation of the Animal Welfare Act and “causing a public nuisance through sexual acts”.

According to Article 183a of Germany’s Criminal Code, “causing a public nuisance” is punishable by imprisonment of up to one year or a fine. Violation of the Animal Welfare Act is punishable by imprisonment of up to three years or a fine if the animal has suffered significant pain.

A park employee said the children’s zoo — with two ponies, two donkeys, half a dozen sheep and goats and about ten chickens, ducks and rabbits each — is especially popular with young families. He said:  “Here, positive things happen throughout the year. It is a pity that we are now associated with such an incident.”

H/t 10News who identifies the bestialist as a “Syrian refugee”. See also:


34 responses to “Syrian refugee arrested for raping a pony in Germany

  1. There are no words. This stuff is so totally off the charts that most of us cannot comprehend such evil. May the Lord have mercy.

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  2. These beasts are so inbred, they don’t even know how to self gratify themselves. But to think that having sex with animals is perfectly acceptable proves they are not capable of assimilating within a normal society and behave in a lawful way. They just can’t do it. They must be, for the survival of mankind, be sent back to their home countries. Preferably after they have either had a vasectomy or completely castrated.

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  3. He lucky that he is in Germany cause if he did that in ISIS territory he would have been executed in public….


  4. The ragheads/sandfleas brains are incapable to distinguish a female human being from an animal because in their world all the virgins are in heaven, and they themselves ARE ANIMALS -extermination of that plague would be the ultimate benefit to the modern world.

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  6. If I had been the witness that Syrian pig would be DEAD
    I would kill him with my bare hands

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  7. Does this leave any doubt that an evil conspiracy has taken over?

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  8. …And he did that


  9. in front of a bunch of KIDS for God’s sake!!!!

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  10. (I’m getting to where I REALLY DISLIKE this keyboard.)


  11. “There’ll never be another ewe” (sigh). Why is anyone surprised? This is where what they started ends up. Nobody’s cat will be safe soon.

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  12. Muslims mosques need to be burned to the ground along with their filthy selves inside…..take the LGBTQ ass holes with you.


  13. It’s not a “phobia” if there’s evidence…

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  14. Public sexual abuse/sex act with a young animal (animal abuse) , in front of children in a public zoo (corruption of/abuse of minors)…..and pretty much I think the BOOK could be thrown at this pervert….not just “animal cruelty” and all that, but public nuisance, and trespassing and any number of transgressions….

    Once people arrive in your land illegally, or at least with nefarious “qualifications,” they ALREADY believe that NO LAWS apply to them b/c NONE DID from the get-go. After that, they KNOW that they can take what they want from you and yours & the public at large, when they want it, and in what form or quantity….all the while sucking the life out of your governmental services through “entitlement” programs…..I bet this guy was jobless, on some sort of public dole, and came as some sort of “refugee” with no “vetting.” For sure, he had free time enough that he could jump a fence, publicly screw a baby pony at the zoo, with children looking on—so it must have been in the middle of a “working day” (in which he was obviously NOT EMPLOYED/WORKING). This one has to be put away for many years out of public sight/experience…..or at least out of harm’s way of his “wang.”

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  15. We can presume the islamic pervert doesn’t have the money to pay the fines. I would like to see him get the maximum prison sentences. In reality, he should be deported back to Syria asap.

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    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20

    According to author Judy Weinberg, the Talmud, Midrash and Zohar present Adam as an hermaphrodite or bisexual:

    “The Zohar (the central work of Jewish mysticism) develops a theory that Adam originally comprised both male and female elements. This is based on Talmudic and midrashic statements that “Adam, who was the first man, had two full faces” (Brachot 61a, Erubin 18b). Rabbi Samuel ben Nachman said: “When the Holy One, blessed be He, created the first man, he created him as a hermaphrodite.”

    Rabbi Levi said the same thing:

    “When man was created, he was created with two body fronts, and He sawed him in two, so that two bodies resulted, one for the male and one for the female (Lev. Rab. 14:1).” 37.

    Weinberg shows how Adam’s “bisexuality” links to Lilith.

    “The Zohar picks up on this theme of Adam’s bisexuality but now draws the connection with Lilith:

    “The female was attached to the side of the male until God cast him into a deep slumber… God then sawed her off from him and adorned her like a bride and brought her to him, as it is written, “And He took one of his sides and closed up the place with flesh. ” I have found it stated in an old book that the word “one” here means “one woman” to wit the original Lilith, who was with him and conceived from him. Up to that time, however, she was not a help to him, as it is written, “but for Adam there was not found a helpmeet for him.” (134b).”

    “Other references in the Zohar describe Lilith as a competitor to “the female affixed to his side.”(see III 19a, II 276b, I 19b). ” 38.

    Genesis contains no such occult teaching. However, Planned Parenthood, in Public Health, mental health institutions, the educational system and many liberal churches are purveying New Age teachings of bisexuality and androgyny. Getting in touch with one’s feminine or masculine side is an esoteric cliché found in modern psychology.

    Controversies over the superiority of Lilith vs. the other demons seem to consume the intellectual and spiritual capacities of these Jewish scholars.

    “….Kabbalistic tradition has numerous portrayals of Lilith as a demon, often linking her to other such female spirits as Naamah, Machlah and Agrat. In fact, Lilith is often confused with them. Yaalkut Re’uveni claims, for instance, that both Lilith and Naamah had intercourse with Adam and brought forth “plagues to the world.” However, elsewhere the Zohar identifies Naamah as “the mother of demons” while Lilith, it seems, only functions as their governess:

    “Naamah “goes forth and makes sport with men and conceives from them through their lustful dreams.”…[The offspring] all go to the ancient Lilith who brings them up. She goes out into the world and seeks her little ones and when she sees little children she cleaves to them in order to kill them and insinuate herself into their spirits (Zohar III, 76b).” 39.

    The tradition of Lilith as a slayer of children is seen in the midrash in Numbers Rabbah: “…like Lilith, who, when she can find no strange children, slays her own” (16:25). This Lilith seems to resemble the Babylonian demon Labartu or Lamashtu, for the child-slayer image has no foundation in the Talmud and certainly no connection with the first Eve. Since scholars differ widely as to the dating of Numbers Rabbah, it is difficult to determine whether the author of the Alphabet based his portrayal of Lilith as the evil spirit who harms babies on this source, or whether both drew from a common antecedent. In any case, the unity of the motifs of promiscuity and child-slaying does not occur until the time of the Zohar (see Zohar 119b)…” 40.
    Creation, as we understand it in the Bible, takes a definite perverted twist in the Talmud, Mishna, Midrash and Zohar, by introducing Lilith, demons, bisexuality and other esoteric concepts. Through study of Biblical truth, we know that Lucifer and demons exist. There is no question on that. However, no where in Scripture are found the ideas, myths, perversion of Scripture or blatant witchcraft which are presented in the very writings of the “sages” .


    • I think I’d be inclined to say that the creation myth did not arrive, fully-formed from the Hebrews. Many older and other societies’ stories are included. Further, many of these tales are intended as metaphors. They are regarded for what they teach, not the details of the stories themselves.

      It is always an error to read Scripture, Hebrew or Christian, literally. Indeed, even at the time of writing these conventions were understood by the listener. Many phrases have multiple meanings and are used precisely for their connotations that are often lost to modern readers.

      In many cases these portrayals of “demons’ or “warring angels” are the Hebrew’s answer to Greek dualism. In the same way that we struggle today trying to understand why there is evil in the world, they too struggled. The first part of that understanding is the expression of its existence. Next there is the attempt to explain the “whys” of it.

      Finally, I am not a big fan of quoting rabbis. Judaism is a legalistic, political belief system. It is not Christian. Trying to compare Christian revelation with Jewish pilpullism is a mistake.

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  20. A lot of people are animals, but all Muslims are animals. There is no decency in their beliefs.


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