Sexgate: Comedian/actor Louis C.K. admits “showing my d*ck” to accusers

louis ck

This guy has had nothing nice to say about President Trump, calling him every name in the libtard handbook. For example, witness what Louis said about Trump:

Guess who is the real “messed up guy” now?

From NY Post: Louis C.K. has released a statement admitting guilt and apologizing following accusations from multiple women of sexual misconduct — including claims he masturbated in front of them or while on the phone — that ran Thursday in the New York Times.

“These stories are true,” C.K. says in a statement sent by his rep Lewis Kay. “At the time, I said to myself that what I did was okay because I never showed a woman my d–k without asking first, which is also true. But what I learned later in life, too late, is that when you have power over another person, asking them to look at your d–k isn’t a question. It’s a predicament for them. The power I had over these women is that they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly.”

C.K. continues, “I have been remorseful of my actions. And I’ve tried to learn from them. And run from them. Now I’m aware of the extent of the impact of my actions. I learned yesterday the extent to which I left these women who admired me feeling badly about themselves and cautious around other men who would never have put them in that position. I also took advantage of the fact that I was widely admired in my and their community, which disabled them from sharing their story and brought hardship to them when they tried because people who look up to me didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t think that I was doing any of that because my position allowed me not to think about it. There is nothing about this that I forgive myself for. And I have to reconcile it with who I am. Which is nothing compared to the task I left them with.”

“I wish I had reacted to their admiration of me by being a good example to them as a man and given them some guidance as a comedian, including because I admired their work.”

He goes on, “The hardest regret to live with is what you’ve done to hurt someone else. And I can hardly wrap my head around the scope of hurt I brought on them. I’d be remiss to exclude the hurt that I’ve brought on people who I work with and have worked with who’s professional and personal lives have been impacted by all of this, including projects currently in production: the cast and crew of Better Things, Baskets, The Cops, One Mississippi, and I Love You Daddy. I deeply regret that this has brought negative attention to my manager Dave Becky who only tried to mediate a situation that I caused. I’ve brought anguish and hardship to the people at FX who have given me so much The Orchard who took a chance on my movie. and every other entity that has bet on me through the years.”

He concludes the statement, “I’ve brought pain to my family, my friends, my children and their mother. I have spent my long and lucky career talking and saying anything I want. I will now step back and take a long time to listen.”


17 responses to “Sexgate: Comedian/actor Louis C.K. admits “showing my d*ck” to accusers

  1. Louis C.K.’s birth name is Louis Székely. What a thoroughly revolting man.

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  2. Our popular culture is being questioned. Where will w go?

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  3. CK and anti-Trump celebrities sold their soul for fame and fortune by the illuminatis. They must follow the dictates of their owner satan or they will be brought down. Nothing they mention about the about the perverts that have made big news about other celebrities. What about the Clinton’s? There was obama on a plane showing off his erection to a group of women, need I go on? These are the liars who have armed body guards and will do ANYTHING for fame and fortune. They accuse Trump of their guilt.

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  4. Hygiene = cleanliness = sanitation = healthy living.


  5. He must be the Eddie Murphy character in Bowfinger. He’s “gotta show it to the Laker girls”, lol! KIT = “Keep It Together”!

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  6. I’ve never heard of him, and for that, I am grateful.

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  7. “Louis C.K.?”
    Don’t know who he is.

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  8. Did he say, “What’s the problem? It’s not a BIG THING.”

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  9. I never cared for Louis C.K. at all, but I will say one thing: He came out and admitted it and apologized for it. Which is a lot more than I can say about, Oh,
    Sigmund Freud,
    Alfred Kinsey,
    Hugh Hefner,
    Ted Kennedy,
    Bill or Hillary Clinton,
    Harvey Weinstein,
    Lyndon Baines Johnson
    and a whole host of others, sex offenders all.

    And if it turns out to be true that the NYPD actually does have a sex tape of Hillary Clinton with a minor, as I have heard, I will rather enjoy watching the libtard left tripping all over themselves in defending her.

    “There is nothing concealed that shall not be made manifest.”

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  10. Not to be nasty here, but I never heard a circumcised man complain. I always thought this was done for hygienic reasons.

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    • The Jewish Babylonian Talmud unambiguously states that circumcision presents a medical risk!

      In the tractate Gittin, 57, Amud B, it is said:

      “‘It is for Your sake that we are killed all day long’ (Psalms 44), R’ Yehoshua the son of Levi says: this is circumcision which is done on the eighth day.”

      That is, Rabbi Yehoshua the son of Levi says that this verse in Psalms, which speaks of daily death, relates to the danger of circumcision. The great Talmudic commentators explain thus:

      Rashi says, “since they sometimes die,” that is, sometime people die because of circumcision. And Maharsha writes, “since the child is young and there is a risk of death,” that is, the risk of death is increased because it is performed on young infants.

      As an additional proof we will bring what is said in Tractate Pesachim 69:

      “all are sick because of circumcision,”

      That is, all who undergo circumcision are considered ill.

      And more: according to halachic law, an adult who was not circumcised when young for any reason must be circumcised. After he heals from the wound of circumcision he must bless “Hagomel” as thanks for being saved from danger. Only one who was at risk of death must bless “Hagomel.” That is, circumcision is halachically defined as a risk of death.

      From all said above it is clear that halachic Judaism is aware of the fact that circumcision is a commandment which bears a medical risk, even one of death. Despite this the halacha determines that one must perform circumcision since it is G-d’s commandment.

      It is interesting to see what, according to the rabbis, are some of the argument relating to circumcision.

      In the story of the rape of Dina, the daughter of Jacob (Genesis chapter 34), Chazal said that Dina, who had been taken by the uncircumcised Shechem, the son of Hamor, enjoyed having sexual relations with an uncircumcised man so much that her brothers Simeon and Levi had to take her away by force… Bereshit Rabbah (Vilna edition), parasha 80, note 11, “And they took Dina: Rabbu Udan said, ‘they dragged her away.’ Rabbi Huna said,

      ‘One who has had sexual relations with an uncircumcised man finds it difficult to stop’.”

      About this the greatest Jewish religious arbiter of all time, Maimonides, wrote in Moreh Nevuchim section three, chapter 49:
      “And this commandment [circumcision] was not given to complete something lacking in Creation, only to complete something missing in human behavior, and the physical damage to that organ is the aim…that desire beyond what is necessary should be removed, and since circumcision reduces the erectile ability of the organ and reduces the pleasure obtained from sexual relations, there is no doubt that when blood is spilled from that organ and its hood is removed will be weaker. Chazal clearly state that one who has sexual relations with an uncircumcised man finds it difficult to leave him; this seems to me to be the most compelling reason for circumcision.”

      According to the greatest of Jewish religious arbiters, one of the reasons for circumcision is the desire to reduce sexual ability and enjoyment for Jewish men, and to reduce Jewish women’s temptation to have sex with an uncircumcised man.


      • Buddy, circumcision was not part of the story. Your commentary is rubbish. I read Gen. 34, what you stated is hogwash. Shechem was madly in love with the girl and kept her hoping her family would agree to his marrying her. I have no idea where you come up with your ideas. Circumcision was of a Covenant to God in the old testament and is now elective. Dinah’s brothers rescued her and after convincing Shechem to have all the men in village circumcised waited 3 days after all the men were circumcised Jacob’s sons went and murdered all the men. Dinah is not mentioned as fighting to stay with Shechem for any reason. You have a fixation about the penis. Sheeeeeesh.


  11. Don’t know him from a hill of beans and for that I am thankful. No time wasted.

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  12. Media companies jump ship after C.K. admits to sexual misconduct…

    FX, Netflix, And HBO, Cut Ties With Louis C.K.

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