Video shows ISIS beheading is staged

We’re familiar with those gruesome videos from ISIS/Islamic State, showing an ISIS jihadist clad in black decapitating a victim.

There have been whispers that the videos were staged, i.e., fake.

Below is a video obtained by the hacktivist group CyberBerkut, which shows a clearly staged, i.e., fake, ISIS beheading, including the ISIS jihadist and his victim joking around.

CyberBerkut, founded around 2014, is a Ukrainian nationalist and pro-Russian group of anonymous hacktivists who, as described by Wikipedia, became known for a series of denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on the pro-West (NATO and the U.S.) Ukrainian government, and on western and Ukrainian corporate websites.

Its name, CyberBerkut or Berkut online, is a reference to Berkut — a special police within Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. After the 2014 Ukrainian revolution — in which the Obama State Department was covertly involved — the new pro-West Ukrainian government dissolved Berkut, blaming the special police for most of the nearly 100 civilian deaths. Berkut’s unit in Crimea, which broke away from Ukraine, defected to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and kept its old name.

Indeed, CyberBerkut’s emblem is almost identical to that of Berkut:

CyberBerkut’s activities include:

  • Attacks on NATO websites.
  • Attacks on U.S. private military companies.
  • Publication of correspondence with the United States Embassy in Ukraine and United States foundations (e.g., Clinton Foundation).

In July 2017, CyberBerkut published a batch of emails between Ukraine and Hillary Clinton/Clinton Foundation. One email in particular, dated January 8, 2017, i.e., after Hillary Clinton had lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, shows the Democrats plotting to manufacture the phony story that Russia had hacked the election. CyberBerkut says they were given the email by a whistleblower.

See “CyberBerkut publishes email of Democrat plot to blame Russia for hacking 2016 election“.


18 responses to “Video shows ISIS beheading is staged

  1. The beheadings were FAKED?? What a relief! So we can TRUST ISIS now?

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  2. The lies keep rolling in.

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  3. Ah, I get it now…Hildebeast and Obama, are ISIS! The JV team, right Obozo. Let’s kill as many innocent people as we can, and blame the boogie man. I know the US trained Muslim forces years ago, for another FAKE WAR and in 2015, there were approximately 5,000 Muslims serving in the U.S. Military. Coup d’etat anyone, from the Muslim Overlord and his cronies when he gives the signal? HA.. I truly hope the “head of the beast” is cut, and they all ROT in H#$…for ETERNITY!

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    • You are part of the problem, if only you were so sure about a solution to the problem, yes the US trained Muslim soldiers, they called themselves the Iraqi Army, you might of heard who they are in the news possibly?


  4. I’ve been under the impression that ALL the beheading videos have been fake. That’s not to say that ISIS are good guys, or that they haven’t killed anyone. But I’ve seen all the videos (I think) and they’re pretty poorly done. I was amazed that anyone thought they were real: it’s hard enough to get a head off with a hatchet or machete, let alone a kitchen knife.

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    • I hear you. I try to stay away from using words such as “all”. When we do that all they have to do is give us a real one and contend that it makes us wrong about all the others.

      I actually think they do bad fakes as a sort of “test” to see if they’ll fly. I absolutely know that they have no regard for life, human or otherwise. Growing up we lived in a world where we just got manipulated around the edges. Today we are in full-immersion mind control.

      When you strip away the rhetoric what’s left is the notion that anyone who doubts the Ministry of Propaganda is a “dangerous extremist”. We’re like ingrown toenails on “The Borg”.

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      • You’re right. A whole lot of people have jumped onto the “all” wagon (every shooter event is “fake” or “no one died”, for example), and I’m not one of them, but man, the beheading videos I saw were BAD.

        Few people question much. Good Lord, the fact that we’re not all waving torches and pitchforks at the chemtrail-filled skies is enough to prove that most of us are fully mind-controlled.

        The end is nigh, one way or another. I thank heaven for small blessings: I have a bit of company I can speak with freely while it happens. 😊

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        • Recynd, I know you aren’t one of the “all” people. I just mention it because some are easily caught in this trap. By letting others limit their choices for them. A standard ploy Is to demand that someone join a camp. As you said, “they’re ALL fake or they’re ALL real”. Well, newsflash, nobody needs to do that and shouldn’t.

          Look at the corollary to that in the SHES production. They are always trying to find something, ANYTHING that they think we got wrong. The operative theory here is, if they find it, EVERYTHING else we pointed out is “wrong” as well. Is it?

          We are a dying breed. Before we know it we’ll be gone. Our kids for the most part and their kids will not be taught the skills to think logically. They will be, as they are now, taught to conform. They are not to question authority. They will be “Pod People”.

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          • I know you didn’t mean me, though I did say “all”. 😉. But there’s hope, I’m positive.

            My son (now 20!), an avid investor in “emerging markets” (pot), and I were trying to figure out how BitCoin works. We think we understand the basics, but once we dug down…damn. To make a long, meandering convo shorter, we decided that it’s either •a way to totally communize money and exchange (with or without mass starvation; •a pyramid scheme; •the biggest “pump-em-and-dump-em scheme ever; or •a good old fashioned Ponzi scheme. We both agree that Intel had to have had its greasy fingers from the start, and it’s probably the beta version of the energy monetary system I think they want. In any case, it’s too much like alchemy for my taste. It CAN’T be right.

            Forgive my strange, rambly, OT yammering. It’s late and I’m about to visit the Land of Nod soon!

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    • How many heads have you cut off?


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    For your information.


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  6. To be sick enough to fake a beheading is just as twisted as actually doing it. Just not so harmful. Again the inbreds prove they aren’t compatible with society.


  7. That is so old, it says how they rehearsed beheadings several times before actually doing them, I know a little about ISIS but not much


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