Pizzagate: DC police is investigating Comet Ping Pong!

Comet Ping Pong is a popular “family style” and curiously politically-prominent pizza restaurant located less than 5 miles from the White House.

The pizzeria’s owner is James Alefantis, a former boyfriend of Clinton crony and Democratic Party operative David Brock of Media Matters. Though a mere pizza restaurateur, GQ magazine in 2012 had Alefantis as 49th among the 50 most powerful people in Washington, D.C. — along with such political luminaries as Hillary Clinton (no. 5), Gen. David Petraeus (no. 7), Rep. Paul Ryan (no. 21), Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta (no. 23), Jake Sullivan, Director of Policy Planning and member of the 7th Floor Group in the State Department (no. 33), and Sen. Marco Rubio (no. 43).

For a “mere” pizzeria owner, James Alefantis visited the Obama White House four times. One visit was an overnighter in which Alefantis’ group of four included a male porn star.

This is the image on Comet Ping Pong’s Facebook page

Comet Ping Pong is also the rotten heart of Pizzagate — the term given to speculations and assertions that there is a pedophile network of Democratic Party élites in D.C., who communicate with each other via email with pedophile code words such as “pizza” and other food items (“hotdogs”; “pasta”; “tempting” “cheeses”; “yummy” “sauces”). Those code words are found in a collection of emails sent by and to John Podesta, a longtime Democratic Party operative who was White House chief of staff in Bill Clinton’s administration, White House counselor in the Obama administration and, most recently, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

For a sample of the “pizza” emails, see  “Pizzagate: The Podesta ‘pizza’ emails”.

You would think that claims as incendiary as Pizzagate would warrant investigation by the D.C. police and the MSM’s supposed investigative journalists. Certainly, if the allegations were about Donald Trump or Republican élites, you can be sure WashingtonPost/NewYorkTimes/CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC would have reporters crawling over this story ad nauseum.

Even more curious is the fact that some big names in the Alternative Media treat Pizzagate like it’s a leprous contagion. An example is Wayne Madsen, who touts himself an “independent investigative journalist”. Madsen not only refuses to look into Pizzagate, he dismisses Pizzagate with ridicules and insults, calling it a “vacuous story” and “fake news” and those who blog and YouTube about it “crazy conspiracists” who do “a great disservice to those reporters” like the great Wayne Madsen “who have been investigating actual criminal conspiracies involving pedophiles.”

See “Failure of American Journalism: Pizzagate and the muzzling of Ben Swann“.

Now, it appears the authorities finally are taking Pizzagate seriously — the Metropolitan D.C. Police Department has assigned a detective, Jeremiah Johnson, to investigate Comet Ping Pong!

Child Porn on Comet Ping Pong Website

Sometime in November of last year, a blogger named Titus Frost and a hacker who goes by the alias “Big Fish” @trebillion, discovered that Comet Ping Pong’s official website ( has a protected section ( Big Fish hacked into the protected section and found it to contain child porn — which is a crime. Pedophiles call child porn “cheese pizza”.

Below is a screenshot of the protected section of Comet Ping Pong’s website, showing various files containing child porn which “members” can download to their own computers (click image to enlarge):

Evidence of the child porn was emailed as zip files to the Metro DC Police on December 5, 2016. A detective named Marcus Stevens emailed confirmation of receipt of the zip files. See the screenshots of the emails here.

Below is Titus Frost’s interview with hacker “Big Fish”:

Although the Metro DC Police had received evidence of Comet Ping Pong’s child porn in December 2016, nothing seemed to have been done about it.

On November 6, 2017, netizen Chris Cunningham sent an email to Chanel Dickerson, Commander of the Youth and Family Services Division, of the Metropolitan D.C. Police Department’s Investigative Services Bureau, inquiring why the police have not investigated Comet Ping Pong. Cunningham wrote:

“Dear Commander Dickerson:

If you have not been made aware of this video or the evidence against Comet Ping Pong, I encourage you to watch this video. The video reveals actionable evidence was given to police in November 2016. I am perplexed why it has taken a year to arrest anyone.

I have been told an investigation is taking place, and I have heard there is no investigation is [sic] taking place.

Can I please get clarification on that.”

Here’s the email response from Commander Dickerson:

“Mr. Cunningham:

I appreciate the email, Detective Jeremiah Johnson is the detective assigned to this case. I will ensure he gets the video link that you provided. Detective Johnson will need to contact you to obtain further information. Can you please provide your telephone number so he can contact you or do you prefer he contact you by email?


Chanel D. Dickerson
Commander, Youth and Family Services Division
Investigative Services Bureau
Metropolitan Police Department
5002 Hayes Street, NE
Washington, DC 20019
(202) 576-6765 (Office)
(202) 486-5769 (Cell)
Twitter @DCPoliceDept”

Below is a screenshot of Cunningham’s email exchange with Commander Dickerson, which Cunningham @Cunningham623 tweeted yesterday, Nov. 8, 2017:

I can confirm the following:

  1. Metro DC Police does have an individual named Chanel Dickerson, who is Commander of the Youth and Family Services Division. Her email is
  2. I called the Metro DC Police Dept. at (202) 727-9099, and confirmed that they do have a detective named Jeremiah Johnson.

Metro DC Police Chief is Peter Newsham. This is his email address:

Please call or email Police Chief Peter Newsham and Commander Chanel Dickerson to urge them to investigate Comet Ping Pong!

H/t Voat

See also:


31 responses to “Pizzagate: DC police is investigating Comet Ping Pong!

  1. Thank you for your research Dr. Eowyn!

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  2. Dr Eowyn . . . It truly is wonderful that you have stayed on this particular story, although we see very little forward movement. Now, we need to deluge the two officers at the PD and request that they investigate Comet Ping Pong. After all, it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

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  3. After this initially came out, someone posted Alefantis’ Instagram account. Highly disturbing. Naked men with slices of pizza over their genitals, what appeared to be a man and women engaged in anal sex, but worse. an inordinate amount of pictures of babies and small children with highly questionable comments from his followers. Anyone who thinks there is nothing there is just fooling themselves. There was also a bare concrete room that everyone seemed happy they could “hose down” after use. As far as I know, making pizza doesn’t involve slaughtering your own pigs.

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  4. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn for your work on this. When I first read about it I did not believe it. It was so implausible. But the interview with FBIAnon insisted that pizzagate would be the biggest bomb that could ever explode in the political realm and I have no reason to believe it. I can’t wait for the explosion.
    Thanks and God bless you, Dr. Eowyn.

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  5. I am so grateful for this follow up and that you have been on this like a pitbull on a bone. We need to keep poking the PD.
    As for the Pizza Restaurant website having a protected section pretty much tells us plenty. Any good IT person could find out who has been accessing that section. Whether they do or not or if this is all show to silence the people we shall see.
    Thank you for watching out for the children.

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  6. I started following this particular sequence “Pizzagate” at the outset of the Wikileaks release. I check it at least once per day for new developments. I have been reading about the same subject matter since the early ’60s. Perverts in high places.

    This sort of thing can drive one mad. They will NEVER do anything about this. If it gets bad enough, they’ll sacrifice a tool or two, that’s it. They are virtually ALL involved at some level in this.

    I see it like a secret society or exclusive club. Those who belong don’t feel like they’re getting their money’s worth or haven’t proven their twisted loyalty until they participate in the ultimate sins. Seen this way it isn’t too difficult to find the usual suspects.

    Look at how much effort went into suppressing this. Assange thought this would blow the doors off the whole operation. No, they simply acted like nothing happened and anyone who said otherwise was crazy. It is basically the same approach used on their hoaxes and false flags.

    You could catch Hillary Clinton skewering and eating a baby on live TV and nothing would happen. If what they do caused such an outcry that they would need to do something to tamp it down they stage a fake suicide or something. That’s how they keep fresh hands in the Pinocle games with Ken Lay and Babs Olsen.

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    • Lophatt, sadly I agree with you. Despite the doctors excellent follow up here, I am not holding my breath for the exact reasons you have stated. Participation in some level of perversity is the initiation for taking any office of cosequence, at least at the federal levels. The bankers must have only blakmailable judges and politicians to ensure their agenda moves ahead.
      Damn them all to hell for their crimes aganst the children.

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      • Thank you, I meant no aspersion to Dr. Eowyn or anyone else. I was merely expressing how I feel. That doesn’t mean that I LIKE what I see.

        We are not at fault for this. That is why they are in the positions that they are. That is the big attraction to those so inclined.

        I DO believe that they are all basically cowards. If they really thought the villagers were coming for them with pitchforks and torches they’d flee. Most don’t understand any of this because they don’t want to. They hope that “someone” will fix it.

        It will be “fixed” when the only reaction they get from the eaters is a mad dash through the streets.


  7. Dr. Eowyn, thank you for this well written article. I’ll be sharing it widely.

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  8. I think the attached has a bearing on the likelihood of success:

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    • It’s NOT like this “Police Chief” doesn’t answer to anybody. That evidence could also be used to hang HIM if taken to his higher-ups. I’m sure you figure “The corruption goes clear to the top,so it’ll get buried somewhere along the way.”,but even in a corrupt organization,not everyone is corrupt-some are hanging on for a retirement,some because they fear getting “disappeared”,some just feel they don’t want to put it all on the line and learn they’re on their own. But SOMEBODY will eventually have enough of it and crack. Even those at the top can be brought down. Don’t give up.

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    • Looks like this video was taken down. I’ve got a copy of it if needed.

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  9. That cartoon image of the guy and the pizza turns my stomach.
    Had I not been lucky enough to stumble upon this website and learn the sickening underbelly that uses Pizza and Hotdog as slang, I would have probably just rolled my eyes and thought it was an annoying hipster thing, like bacon everything, now being transferred to pizza.
    Now with the proof of the “protected” section of the website- this is dark, dark stuff here.

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  10. There are many very fine comments above, so I won’t repeat mine and take up space. BUT: this whole nightmare stinks to Heaven same as the old Chicago Stockyards did [Yes, I grew up in that era and know the odour all too well. If one lived a mile or more away it was tolerable, but not on a hot day….] and yet we see NO significant moves on investigating seriously. Maybe we will, but don’t hold your breath more than 30 seconds, okay?

    As Dr Tom OBrien told me, the corruption is so deep, so widely spread, and so PROFITABLE that there can’t be an end to it, as idiots new to the evil freak show come along and are paid off, or ‘brought in’, or both. Where is our Sodom & Gomorrah when we need them?

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  11. That video “YOU’RE ABOUT TO WITNESS WHAT WAS AN IMPOSSIBILITY A YEAR AGO….” seems to cover this subject in some detail,and it sounds to me like it’ll be part of the “big takedown” too. Can’t wait to see it,just stocked up on popcorn…..

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    • Trust me, it isn’t because I wouldn’t like to see it happen. I just know it won’t. Why? Because those in “positions of authority” are in on it. They are beholden to the system that makes this possible.

      In fact, my theory is that they do this sort of thing just to dash the hopes of people like us. It’s the old “abandon hope all ye who enter here”. It is done to demoralize.

      The only reason I keep bringing it up is to keep people from being demoralized by the obvious nature of it and to point out the futility of expecting appropriate behavior from fellow travelers.

      As an easy example, why isn’t Hillary in jail? Think about it. Is it “lack of evidence”? I don’t think so. In order to prosecute you have to find a prosecutor willing to do so. Who would that be?

      So I know that I sound pessimistic. I am. I would love to say “hey, they’re gonna get them all” and mean it. I can’t because I know it won’t happen. If things get bad enough they’ll take down one or two like Hastert. The thousands of active participants and supporters are safe for now.

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      • My Uncle used to tell me,”If you BELIEVE you can accomplish something-you’re RIGHT. If you DON’t BELIEVE you can accomplish that same thing,you’re ALSO RIGHT.”
        Granted,I’m not in the thick of this fight,but I BELIEVE in the GOOD People of America,and I BELIEVE that as long as THEY BELIEVE,they can do it. And,as progress is made,more support will come forth for them.


  12. For those who don’t know what Pizzagate is about or where it started go here.

    warning, not work safe but it WILL open your eyes and you will not look at the world the same (that’s how it affected me).

    For me the fact that the DC Police or FBI are not pursuing Alefantis based on his instagram acct or what is known (and I mean provable) about the PEGASUS MUSEUM implicates some members of those orgainzations.

    If you want a case study in operations (although much more sophisticated nowadays) read the excellent documentation here on the Franklin ‘Scandal’ (what a petty word for such a heinous crime).

    I’m so glad to see so many people realizing that truth is not what they are told.

    Thank you Eowyn for all you do.

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  13. The next step is vigilante action but the potential for innocent people getting hurt is high. Not to mention that they anticipate it and even probably want it as a distraction.

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  14. BTW Thanks for the vid Lophatt – A different video on DC Chief Newsham with a few unique details about LGBT community connections –

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    • You’re very welcome. I’m glad you posted this as the one I posted seems to have gone missing. Just looking at “The Chief” in the hearing says it all. He is clearly over the top arrogant.

      I take no pleasure in saying what I do about this. It is simply a statement of truth.

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  15. About time. It’s been a year. Look up Alefantis instagram..see them pics? yeah.. me too.I saved some. He privatized his instagram but records are viewable online.

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    • I’ve seen them, along with his art circle friend’s web pages. You don’t need to be Hercule Peroit to see what this whole thing is about. They are proud as punch of their deviancy. They have made a deviant culture and want to impose it on everyone else.

      The spookiest part is that it is such a cesspool that it seems to fit right into the D.C. lifestyle.


  16. Pingback: Nya bevis i Pizzagate (pedofilhärvan i Washington) – Harpolekarens blogg

  17. I really hate to be the bearer of bad news but there seems to be a pretty solid case that this “back door” isn’t what “Titus Frost” has led us to believe. CPP’s website is a “Jimdo CMS” website ( and like most CMS software, jimdo provides a legitimate “back door” page that’s intended for site maintenance. For example, here are the same “protected” pages for some other “jimdo” websites:

    You can find more at:

    This is discussed at length in the following thread on Voat. Here, there’s some discussion of how this hoax (which to me looks to have been perpetrated by the “hacker” himself) may have been carried out. BTW, notice that the “hacker” is apparently German as “suchen” — which can be seen at the top of the screenshot — happens to be the German word for “search”.

    It’s also the subject of this video:

    Here, the guy demonstrates that the back door is really just a standard means of managing a “jimdo” website. I suspect that this is the subject of many other websites/videos as well.

    I sincerely hope that I’m reading all of this wrong somehow and that this is all about to blow wide open but I’m afraid that isn’t the case.

    One of the things that’s not brought out by the above analyses is the way in which such a back door would actually function in practice. As mentioned in the above video, you’ll notice that the page has a login that doesn’t require a username — instead, it only requires a password. That’s because it’s assumed that only the admin of the site will be accessing the page. So, how could this page be used to disseminate CP without revealing the entire site’s password to everyone that the CP is distributed to? Even if the page wasn’t a standard jimdo CMS administration page, you wouldn’t want a lot of people knowing the same password. This would be a security nightmare in of itself and were they somehow using a CMS admin page to disseminate CP, it would be an even more serious breach of the website’s security. Secondly, it doesn’t make sense that the .zip files are named (almost) randomly because no one downloading the files would have a clue what was in them. Third, it’s extremely rare to see a form containing columns like date that aren’t actually filled-in, which is the case here. This is yet another sign that the screenshot was somehow fabricated by someone. Some say that this fabrication was done by altering the CSS directly in the browser but I see no reason why it couldn’t also just be done by photo-shopping the screenshot image.

    In any event, this whole thing appears to be an attempt at discrediting pizzagate investigators through someone’s creation/promotion of a “straw man” and again, I suspect that the “hacker” himself is the culprit with “Titus Frost” being either innocent or involved himself. And I wouldn’t doubt for a second that Police Chief Newsham is involved, just given his background.

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  18. If you go to the “Pizzagate” site, especially the one on “Voat”, take some time and study the interactions and personages of those involved. It doesn’t take long to see that the “leadership” is up to their collective eyeballs in deviancy and Satanism.

    Now, some can scoff at this. I really don’t care. I’m simply stating it at its lowest common denominator. There are many minor tentacles of this but it is all attached to the same “beast”.

    I have said “half jokingly” that we need to build a fence around D.C. and declare it a federal prison. I really mean that. Once we secure D.C. there are multiple other sites.

    In any way we can we must find ways to stop them from continuing. Their agenda is evil madness.

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  19. They’re untouchable unfortunately


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