NFL reportedly invites Kaepernick to meet with Roger Goodell

Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick doesn’t currently work for the NFL. Goodell is a pansy and the worst all-time leader of the NFL.

From MSN: According to this report from ESPN’s Jim Trotter, NFL executive VP of football operations Troy Vincent texted free agent Colin Kaepernick and invited him to meet one-on-one with commissioner Roger Goodell.

Per the report, Vincent’s text to Kaepernick also included an update on the ongoing discussions between NFL players and owners regarding social issues.

As of now, the league has not heard back from Kaepernick about meeting with the commissioner. ESPN’s Adam Schefter said last week that Goodell, Vincent and Arthur McAfee, the NFL’s senior vice president of player engagement, will be asked to surrender their cell phone records and emails as they pertain to Kaepernick’s collusion case filed against the league. They are set to be deposed as well.

Along with the NFL personnel having to turn over their records, other specific NFL team owners will also be asked to do the same.

Kaepernick alleges that the NFL has colluded against him in preventing him from signing with a team.

Kaepernick has been a free agent since opting out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers in March. He made headlines countrywide after protesting the national anthem last season.

It should be interesting to see if Kaepernick takes up the commissioner on his invitation or just defers to the legal system to handle his grievance.


19 responses to “NFL reportedly invites Kaepernick to meet with Roger Goodell

  1. Yes, as if… just another whining special snowflake:

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  2. There they go, catering to him. “You’re fired” should do it. They should use the opportunity to present him with a lawsuit. They didn’t hire this idiot for his “brilliance” in politics. They hired him to fetch.

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  3. Shame on ALL OF THEM for kneeling before this misfit of a motherless boy! Hope he can get all of you for what you are, M.Fs!! HOPE YOU GET WHAT YOU GOT COMING!

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    • Amen to that! It is the height of arrogance to disrespect the rank and file citizens of this country, we believe in freedom and we cherish our flag and national anthem. If you feel different than we do, that’s just fine–but stay the hell out of our way! The only way that those who work for the NFL will get a clue, is if the boycott truly makes the income go away. As an American, please put your priorities straight . . . think flag and country, over a ballgame.

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    • Perfect!

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  4. Oh noooo, not downgraded to water boy! We are not going to hear the end of racism, might as well keep him out of the field and have him clean the urinals and toilets, out of sight, out of mind!

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    • Alma . . . that’s not such a bad idea . . . at least he could not complain that he doesn’t have a job in the NFL. Although, it would not be the specific job he wanted.

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  5. I have yet to figure out how he gets a helmet on over that gigantic afro. 😎

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  6. In looking at that particular afro . . . it looks rather ridiculous. They look much better when there is an even amount of hair on all sides of the head, but having hair pouch out on both sides like that, makes me wonder if he got dropped on the very top of his head.

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  7. I am so over this, we have important things to face right now. We are fighting for our freedom, our National Anthem, our history, and so many important things. This is nothing but a little jerk having a tantrum.
    The NFL has allowed this to escalate, they could have stopped this on week one, and it has taken enjoyment from so many people. It has dishonored our country, and disrespected those that fought for this country.
    We stopped it immediately by turning anything to do with the NFL and their commercials.
    Right now I would not shed one tear if Kap, Goodell and the NFL all fell off a cliff. Move over and let a worthy sport take over.
    I am someone that still gets choked up when I hear our Anthem, how dare he stain it.

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  8. No, afraid not! Seems the wannabe muznut and his so-called attorney demanded a “mediator” be present… the nfl said nope-that ain’t happening and so it escalates on… gotta love it!

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  9. Kaepernick is the ‘Golden Calf’ of the NFL.


  10. “NFL Source: Kaepernick Turned Down At Least 1 Contract To Play Up The Race Card”
    poor wittle kaeppy! did his stunt backfire?
    open mouth, insert ‘foot’ball

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  11. Someone help me see this the way Kaepernick thinks: He “opted out” of his contract so as to become a “free agent.” Now, he’s out of a job. I don’t see how THAT particular situation is the fault of the NFL. Essentially, he quit and now can’t find another job.

    Let’s bring it down to my lowly lifestyle: So, I hire a housekeeper or secretary, or decorator, or contractor, landscaper/gardener etc etc to work for me b/c of their particular skills that make my life better/easier, make me happy, keep my life functioning. I appreciate them, I need them so that my work is better. I can’t do what they do so well. I’m happy to pay them a big wad for that one thing that they do best, and they sign a contract with me for a year. At some point, they either break the contract or “opt out” with me in hopes of making a bigger wad. All my neighbors and friends refuse to hire them b/c they don’t want the bother of the same sort of thing happening to them…and, besides, year after year, untold waves of NEW housekeepers, contractors, secretaries, decorators, and landscapers etc etc, arrive on the scene to compete for the same job…they might even be better than the guy who left me in the lerch……and for the same cash—maybe even LESS from me…..

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