Did Trump Rope-A-Dope Hillary?

According to this video, Donald Trump deliberately suckered Hillary and the Shadow Government into overstepping on the Russian collusion narrative.

Here comes Trump’s counter punch

I don’t know how reliable this report is, but it sounds right to my ears. Just think about the huge Saudi take-down, the exposing of the Hollywood sewer, the rumored warrants on Clinton and the Podestas, and the imprisonment of Anthony Weiner, coinciding with Trump’s Pacific tour, culminating with an actual meeting between Trump and Putin this week.

Wait for it…




26 responses to “Did Trump Rope-A-Dope Hillary?

  1. No doubt about it, in my mind. Everytime Trump tweets, the press digs up the dirt – proving Trump correct. I think he knows how to handle psychopaths, with golden gloves!! 🏆

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  2. Oh my gosh!! I love this! Hope it is true and Hillary, Bill, John, Tony, and yes, BARACK get what’s coming to them! God’s WRATH!!!

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  3. Indeed POTUS Donal J. Trump suckered Killary Rotten Clinton, and WE THE PEOPLE delivered the knockout punch to finish the fight, one…two….three, knockout!!!

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  4. I wonder what DAY the DOJ & Trump will choose to serve the indictments? We’re turning blue holding our breath! BRING IT ON! 🙂

    Along with the other things you mentioned all happening at once, don’t forget the Donna Brazile confessions/revelations. A GatewayPundit excerpt about her said, “The Gift That Keeps On Giving. She just won’t shut up!” (LOL)

    All these things, amazingly, keep occurring on the heel of the prior one, overlapping from one expose’ to another, bam bam bam!

    The weird thing about Brazile, though, is: She claims she was terrified after the Seth Rich murder, & kept her blinds closed so no shooters could zoom in on her spot in the room. So where did she get all this courage now to spill the beans re HRC, the DNC, etc., in her book & TV appearances? Makow had a tweet a few days back & he said something like, “This throwing HRC under the bus now has to have come from higher up.” I guess that’s part of the “distancing” the above video was talking about.

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    • I don’t trust Brazille anymore than I do Hillary. You can’t be trustworthy and hang with scum like this. I DO find it funny to watch her turn on the Queen Demon. How can anyone vote for these communist weasels?

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    • This will blow up just in time to destroy the left in time for the 2018 midterms.
      The right didn’t lose Virginia this time. They just didn’t take it back. And it’s no indicator of national mood. Don’t you believe the LSM’s bloviation.

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  5. I hate to be made a chump. Having said that, I will withhold any opinion on whether Trump is another “insider” or not. We should understand that what they did is not difficult to understand. I was reading about it long before the recent “revelations”.

    As to whether he “chumped” them or not, time will tell. The problem with this line of thought is that we already know what happened and we don’t need subterfuge to do it. There really is no excuse for not prosecuting the lot of them.

    Every time Sessions or one of the others basically refuses to do their job they should be fired. Why aren’t they? It is a crime to be an official and aware of a crime and do nothing.

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  6. I very much enjoyed this video,and it all makes sense to me now. I think if Sessions or one of the others isn’t fired,it’s because their part in this isn’t finished yet. NOT firing people who deserve to be escorted off the grounds is so VERY common in Fed. Gov.,who’d suspect anything?

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  7. YES! YES! YES!

    I listened to this entire video last night in my Uber, some 30 minutes after Sean posted it. IF Trump actually succeeds in this, THE CLINTONS WILL FALL!!!
    But what Sean of SGT Report does not explicitly state, but implies, is that, in all likelihood, OBAMA will also fall. I listened to the video twice. To my ear, he did not mention Obama the person per se, he only mentioned “the Obama Administration.” So I take this to mean that, quite possibly, Obama the man himself very well could fall, if for this much: Hillary, in all likelihood, will implicate him, if only for the reason she does not want to go down alone.

    IF Trump can pull this off, Sean states, it will be the Sting of the Century!!!
    GO TRUMP!!!

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  8. Alas, if only it were true. I’ve been baited with false promises of bombshell surprises before. When I see some indictments…………….

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  9. Well, I must say, we all know that there were hundreds of thousands of people who offered prayers to Our God, that we might be saved from the awful web of corruption that has been woven over our nation’s capital. The very fact that there are “17” sealed indictments, tells me we are soon to have a real whirlwind of a dustup. Let the arrogant, and those who have been haughty and been willing to grind the faces of the humble people of this nation into the ground . . . let them finally pay the price for their treachery. They have enjoyed their power, prestige, and stolen monies long enough. It’s high time they pay the piper. I continue to pray that God will Bless and Protect his righteous people in this nation.

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  10. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I love the song they are singing. Remember, Uranium One happened before Trump was on the horizon and that is the true crime here. If justice isn’t doled out here, it never will be. And the people will have to rear up.

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  11. I am praying Sessions has stepped back on purpose to give them enough rope to hang themselves.

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  12. DON MEREDITH – Turn out the lights… the party’s over –

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  13. I’ll still be surprised if the ‘Sealed Seventeen’ turn out to be anybody but fall guys. Short of a ‘tragic’ accident or sudden other loss of life I doubt we’ll ever here the end of the clinton, obama, bush, et,al. folks and their influence.


  14. It is God who raises up kings, and God who brings them down. There are many examples of this given in the Bible, and down through historical ages. There’s nothing our God can’t do. We keep praying and prayer changes things.

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