Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan said he’s seen a shapeshifter

Billy Corgan, 50, is a musician best known as the lead singer, primary songwriter, guitarist, and sole permanent member of the alternative rock band,  The Smashing Pumpkins.

Wikipedia‘s entry on Corgan makes no mention of him being a druggie or alcoholic. Raised a Catholic, Corgan developed for himself a blend of Catholicism and Buddhism, and prays each morning and night “to be able to see through Christ’s eyes and feel with his heart.”

Wiki on Corgan’s political views:

Corgan said after the United States presidential election, 2008, “I’m very proud of my country right now for doing the right thing.” He has since said that he has been disappointed with Obama’s presidency, and lacks faith in both major political parties…. In 2016, he characterized progressive political campaigners as “social justice warriors”, compared them to Maoists, cult members and the Ku Klux Klan, and called them a threat to freedom of speech….

Corgan has in recent years increasingly espoused conspiracy theories, voiced his admiration for radio host Alex Jones and frequently appeared as a guest on the latter’s radio show, where he has endorsed conspiracy theories such as the chemtrail conspiracy theory and the connection between vaccines and autism, and decried the “emasculation” of men in contemporary society.

On October 16, 2017, Bill Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, was interviewed on the Howard Stern radio show.

Corgan said he’d seen a person transform into a nonhuman entity.

Below is the recording of the interview (source: Soundcloud), followed by my transcription of what Corgan said.


“I was with somebody once, I saw a transformation that I can’t explain. The person transformed into something other than human. Yes, I saw it.”

“I was not drunk. I was totally sober.”

“And the person suddenly, not in a hallucination, they said to you, ‘Look, something’s gonna happen. I’m gonna morph into something else.’ And you’re like, ‘This is ridiculous . . . I don’t wanna see this.’ Imagine you’re doing something, and suddenly you turn around and there’s somebody else standing there. A different human, sorta. It’s hard to explain without going into detail. I’d rather not go into detail.”

Corgan said he asked the other person what they just did, and “they acknowledged it,” but they wouldn’t explain if they were from another planet. Stern asked if the person was “a famous person,” Corgan answered with a short “No” (or is it “yah”?), and that the experience is “up there as one of the most intense things I’ve ever been through.”

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33 responses to “Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan said he’s seen a shapeshifter

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    If he knew any thing about the ‘right thing’, he would have known obamma was not eligible for the office of president.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards,….referred to obama as president.

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  2. diana once said that the royals were reptiles. maybe she meant literally.

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  3. A couple of responses from the article.

    1) If you embrace Christianity, you don’t even need to mix it with anything else. The World religion will be a mixture of Christianity and something that glitters but isn’t gold.

    2) I think it’s implied that not only is he afraid of this experience but the one who ‘shapeshifted.’ Why would he who wants to be an instrument of God be around dark forces to begin with? Usually, agents of God know quickly their own and dark forces and are repelled by said forces.

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    • Corgan never said he was “afraid”. Stern asked him if he was and Billy replied “no.”
      Also, Billy didn’t willingly know he was around a shapeshifter until it transformed itself in front of him. Please get the facts straight from now on. Listening is imperative.


  4. Name names, Corgan! Urgh!

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  6. In the words of the late great Rick James, cocaine is a helluva drug.

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  8. He sounds pretty “sane” on other things. I’ve never understood David Eicke’s stuff completely either. I have read it, I’m not sure I believe it.

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  10. That’s just creepy…

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  11. He saw a Devil who appeared as “something else”…You may entertain angels unaware (Fallen included)…

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  12. Two tour in Vietnam 1969/70, I have seen a lot of strange things in the Jungle that just plain creepy like a shape shifter creature in the highland 12 of us on patrol seen it, and the LT. just said you did not see that, it was just the fog and shadows ,we seen he was creep out too, but he know you can not show fear in front of your men as officer, my buddies know what we seen

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  13. I saw my first shape shifter at age 13, that’s when a neighbor changed from Larry to Laura. The sight of hairy breasts still haunts me. So does the disgusting proposition of, “hey boys want some skull. ” Neither myself nor my best friend allowed this pervert to touch us.

    What we did do however was to tell my older brother and he and a friend made sure the attempted child rapist never again harassed another kid in my neighborhood. No police were needed as a simple but brutal beating ended in the desired result, it quickly moving away never to be seen again.

    And people still wonder why I have the attitude I do concerning trans freaks and queers. Btw, this occurred in 1980…

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  14. Yet another article claiming “I saw …. “. And yet, not one shred of info that could identify the perp.



  15. Thanks, Mr. Corgan, for sharing. Over the years I’ve heard shapeshifter stories from reputable and honest-sounding people. They obviously were not lying, and were also not under the influence of alcohol-drugs. I’ve never seen anything like that…yet. It would definitely creep me out.

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    • Maybe “Steve” (above) is on to something. There is a whole “creation myth” that surrounds the usual explanation for “reptilians”. That said, I believe there are a host of things that exist that we do not normally see with our senses.

      I suppose the crux of the argument is whether someone believes that all that exists must be seen and/or heard.

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  16. Years ago I had a friend who was Native American who swore that shape-shifters were real. I don’t know personally as I have never seen any.

    When working for Swan Island Dairy, there was a guy who had previously been a pharmaceutical rep . . . he railed about the chemtrails, and showed them to me (then I became a believer in chemtrails. He also went on and on about the reptile people, and I must say some of the pictures where people have eyes that have a slit, rather than a round pupil, really does make me feel there may well be something to that. Also, I find it rather strange when people flick their tongues, that just doesn’t seem normal to humans.

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  17. They’re not from another planet. They’re from another dimension. Demonic entities.

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  18. For the benefit of other commenters here, a caution, this type of phenomena (which I am quite sure is spiritual/devilish in origin, as sorcery also involves “glamors” among other things, lest we forget the old legends of werewolves, etc.) is often exploited by the puppets of evil to push the “nephilim” & “serpent seed” false doctrines, icke and rense among others also push this, and given that this often is tied into the ‘ancient alien” theory, and is also used in such “deep state”/satanic cults as “identity” (which falsely calls itself Christian.) I am certain this is an intended conclusion meant to steer people away from the truth, and get them into falsehoods to their detriment, or in other words, a psychological operation and propaganda effort that primes peopel for adapting gnosticism, perhaps as occultist jerk alice bailey called it “the externalization of the hierarchy”, but perhaps “indoctrination of hte public” would be a better term.

    I don’t doubt that Corgan saw what he claimed, but I know his experience will be utilized for this propaganda line to get people into the vile “book of enoch”, zecharia sitchin’s fakery, and from there into the further mess of gnosticism & occultism in general (A tip: if anyone goes saying “reptillian”, “nephilim” or “aliens” in regard to such things you’ll know they’ve been exposed to the neo-gnostic gnonsense at the very least, and likely need correction… these false doctrines have been made disgustingly pervasive through the “prophecy”, “patriot”, “ufo/aliens”, and new age movements, thanks to occultic & intelligence agency corrupters who either started or perpetuated said movements). I would hope that he can also grow out of the buddhism malarkey, because part of the new age and occultic movements are indeed based on buddhism & hinduism (see buddhism & hinduism’s influence on “theosophy”), Christianity needs no additions, supplements, or any “filler”, as it is already the best there is, and these would only serve to corrupt the individual adopting them.

    If I were to venture a guess myself of what Corgan saw, I’d say it was probably a demoniac of some fashion, probably with what is called a “glamor”/”glamour”, I am doubtful that the person’s actual physical body changed, but their appearance is probably what was masked… that is only a guess.

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    • It’s interesting how you use the term “exposed” vice “is aware of”. People who do this generally believe they are superior to those they would “protect” from such “ideas”. It is arrogant at best.

      I certainly understand what you are referring to. I also am familiar with gnosticism and the necessity to conform source materials to Christian theology. It is also true that Christian theology does not claim to exclude the existence of many things that are not necessary for the catechesis of the Faithful.

      I am not a fan of withholding information from anyone out of fear that they may arrive at the “wrong” conclusions about it. It is better to explain what is wrong with their conclusions than to decide that they are incapable of rational discernment.

      I don’t claim to have all the answers for these things. I don’t think anyone else does either. The Church has studied much of this for a very long time. A careful reading of their discussions would indicate that they do not dismiss many phenomena as non-existent simply because they do not have a theological answer for it. I further think it is accurate to say that they have more discussion than absolute conclusions. I see nothing “wrong” with that either.

      We are not God. We have been given all we “need” for our salvation. Beyond that there is much to explore. Everything contributes to our knowledge of God’s greatness.


    • You mean the vile Book of Enoch that describes what happened to the angels who, against the will of YHWH, made for themselves bodies of flesh and took human wives? You mean that vile Book of Enoch that describes what punishments YHWH handed out to the fallen angels and their human-angel offspring? You mean the vile Book of Enoch that is referenced in your bible itself? That vile Book of Enoch? I believe every word of that vile Book of Enoch.

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  19. So, this happened to me. It was around 1971 or 1972. I was walking down Boylston Street in Boston around mid-afternoon. I was talking with my friend, when all of a sudden, the young man passing me on the left looked right at me and his face instantly changed to a reptilian form. I stopped and turned around and gaped. My friend went on walking, not knowing what I’d seen. I was completely sober. I saw what I saw. There was no doubt about it. Here, so many years later, I still think of this encounter all the time.

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    • That’s very interesting. Have you seen anything like this since? I think it is valuable to share things like this with each other even if we do not know what they mean. I have several theories about incidents such as you describe but no guarantees that I’m right.

      We say that we believe in angels. I do. I know that they are depicted a certain way in art. It is obvious that we do not “see” them “in the flesh” as depicted (at least not often). I have no doubt that they exist.

      The Church has a rich deposit of knowledge on “demonology”. That rather confirms for me that they believe in the existence of demons. Certainly, Scripture is rife with them. Again, generally speaking, we don’t see them often.

      If I were to see one I wouldn’t jump to conclusions as to its meaning or “who” or what it was. If the Holy Spirit made me aware of that information I would go with that. If not, I would pray. Sometimes it is better to simply “know” than to understand.

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  20. IMO, Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins, as well as The Nirvana members and Courtney Love, are all MK Ultra kids. Search Billy and his lyrics, as well as Nirvana, and all are about MK Ultra abuse and programming.
    I am on the fence about Reptilian, I believe it’s a demonic thing.
    I think Cobain and Love are a gender inversion MKU couple.
    All tragic.


    • Hmm, interesting. I never thought about that, but a couple of biographies I’ve read on Love say she was given LSD at the age of 2 or 3, so that kinda fits. (her father followed around the Grateful Dead, apparently).


  21. No, I never saw anything like that again, lophatt. That is to say, not in person, but I did see renderings, many years later, of shapeshifters, and the alien shape was exactly what I saw. It did not have an Angelic feel, tho. It was evil, or maybe my biases made me think so.

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