President Trump gets more approval from enlisted military than officers

President Donald Trump enjoys far stronger support among members of the military than the American public at large, according to the latest scientific Military Times poll. But while Trump is especially popular among enlisted troops, officers, women and minorities have a much lower opinion of him.

The Military Times conducted its poll of more than 1,100 active-duty troops in September. Here are the findings:

(1) Trump is more popular among the military than Americans in general:

  • About 44% of the military have a favorable view of Trump, while 40% have an unfavorable opinion of him.
  • In contrast, opinion polls of the general public (if those polls can be believed) show Trump’s popularity at less than 40% and an unfavorable rating as high as 56%.

(2) Troops’ views on Trump have changed very little since he was elected last year:

Navy Special Warfare Unit flies Trump flag after inauguration

  • A similar Military Times poll conducted in late 2016, just before Trump took office, found about 46% of troops had a favorable view of Trump, while 37% had an unfavorable opinion of the incoming president.
  • Both the 2016 and 2017 polls had a margin of error around 3%, making the shift in popularity figures slight, if at all.

(3) A deep divide between the enlisted’s vs. officers’ opinions of their commander in chief:

  • Almost half (48%) of enlisted troops approve of Trump; but only 1 in 3 officers (30%) say the same.
  • More than 53% of officers said they had an unfavorable view of the president.
  • A retired Air Force colonel, who asked for anonymity, called the officer-enlisted split shocking: “I never thought that you would have a disparity in the numbers like that.” He suspects that Trump’s unpredictability is both the source of enlisted troops’ attraction to him and officers’ reservations: “When you have a hierarchy like we have within the military, part of it is that there is respect for the chain of command. What Trump may offer is, it doesn’t matter. He’s just going to say whatever he wants to say, regardless of what the expected norms are for that position.”
  • Joseph Lobban, an intelligence soldier who retired last year as a sergeant first class, said the divide isn’t surprising: “Enlisted people like a man who says what he means and would like to see the job done, no frills, no questions asked. From the way President Trump has presented himself, he has been that kind of person.” For Lobban, Trump is an individual who speaks plainly and directly, “That’s why I think enlisted people respect the man, because the man is set on his position and enforces it.”
  • In contrast, a Navy lieutenant who asked to remain anonymous called Trump’s blunt talk distracting and the Trump White House “extremely reactionary, verging on whimsical, when it comes to matters of international politics. They are also creating unnecessary division domestically and revisiting political battles that have already been settled and accepted, such as reinstating the transgender military ban. It causes so much upheaval, stress and wasted resources, and has a real impact on morale at the deckplate level.”

(4) On Trump’s handling of military policies:

  • 55% of all troops rated favorably Trump’s handling of military policies.
  • 26% rated unfavorably.

(5) Gender and racial gap:

  • 47% of military men vs. 32% of military women view Trump favorably.
  • 51% of non-white vs. 37% of white servicemembers view Trump unfavorably.

(6) How individual military services rate Trump:

  • Marines (58.9%) view Trump most favorably.
  • Trump is least popular among the Navy (49.3% unfavorable) and the Air Force (45.2%).
  • Retired Marine Maj. Ross Schellhaas, an Iraq and Afghanistan vet, said he thinks Trump’s style may better match with stereotypes of young Marine Corps members than the other services: “I think those young people come from the more conservative regions of our nation and tend to vote that way.” said Schellhaas, an Iraq and Afghanistan vet.

(7) Popularity of Trump’s cabinet:

  • Secretary of Defense James Mattis, retired Marine Corps general, is Trump’s most well-regarded appointee, is especially beloved in the Marine Corps, specifically, and the military at large. More than 84% of troops said they had a favorable view of Mattis, a rare point of agreement among the diverse military communities.
  • Trump’s chief of staff, retired Marine Gen. John Kelly, is less well-known among poll respondents but still had a nearly 59% favorable vs. 7% unfavorable rating from troops.

This is the military legacy of 8 years of Obama as Commander-in-Chief:


20 responses to “President Trump gets more approval from enlisted military than officers

  1. Excerpt from above: “A retired Air Force colonel, who asked for anonymity, called the officer-enlisted split shocking: “I never thought that you would have a disparity in the numbers like that.” He suspects that Trump’s unpredictability is both the source of enlisted troops’ attraction to him and officers’ reservations: “When you have a hierarchy like we have within the military, part of it is that there is respect for the chain of command. What Trump may offer is, it doesn’t matter. He’s just going to say whatever he wants to say, regardless of what the expected norms are for that position.”

    Well, I dare say, the “expected norms for that position” have had a great impact in getting us into the very dangerous place we are right now, “Mr. retired Air Force colonel”. However, a good number of people who conformed to the ‘expected norms’ do come to mind: Theodore Roosenvelt, Franklin Delano Roosenvelt, Gen. McArthur, Truman, Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, Ford, GHWBush, GWBush, Clinton. Yes, we can point to a long list of people who stuck to the ‘expected norms’. The question is to WHOSE norms were they adhering?

    Also, the last I heard, the President is at the top of the military ‘chain of command’. So, this poll appears to indicate the non-minority enlisted men are in greater numbers adhering to and respectful of the hierarchical nature of the military, moreso than officers, women, and minorities. Of course, if the person at the top of the military chain of command is a war criminal, I’d think all of the military would have a duty to NOT adhere to the directives of such a person. But that’s a whole different conversation.

    IMO, officers are, by definition, more “educated” than the enlisted, which to my mind means they’ve been verbally beaten out of their common sense. Also, generally speaking, women are better suited and hard-wired for roles which support battle ready troops and make decisions based upon emotion rather than logic. And generally speaking, minorities can’t seem to get off the mental and economic plantation into which TPTB have corralled them, and their role, as the controllers see it, is to act as a battering ram for their agenda(s).

    People are different and the sexes are different. And no amount of PC rhetoric will change that. Now, if you ask me whether or not there is a concerted effort to change us genetically, in order to achieve what is not otherwise achievable……

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  2. Obama’s leaders are nothing like the military leaders of the past. This is easily seen in McMaster. I am not strong on Mattis because of his lack of understanding of the Islamic enemy. Like McMaster, he doesn’t like the term, “radical Islamic terrorist.”

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    • McMaster is not to be trusted. He’s a globalist and reports to Soros. I “think” I heard he also reports to Petraeus. I’m not sure if Mattis is a globalist, but if he doesn’t like the term, “radical islamic terrorist”, then it makes him suspect. When obummer fired and forced into retirement large numbers of high ranking military, we lost a LOT of patriots and that’s dangerous.

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      • I feel Mcmaster is moslom. I feel many field grade US army officers are closet mosloms too. Expect them to not support the US or Trump, but rather globalism and islam in particular. Good thing the USA has a navy, a navy with subs loaded with nukes.


  3. I’d like to see a poll that asks, “Are you happier now with Trump in the White House, or would you rather Hillary be there instead?”

    Kinda the same way I think polls of GWBush’s popularity would have been different had they compared whether folks liked him in office, or would rather Gore led us through the first 8 (or 4) years of the War on Terror…

    And for that matter, I’ve NEVER personally been “polled” on such matters, nor has anyone I know. I think they take these polls in bars & pubs, mostly on campuses of the major universities. What results would they expect?

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    • How about “would you like an extra $1,000 every month or having a garden spade impaled in your forehead?” For now (and probably forever), I’m voting NOTA (none of the above).


  4. First. Poles don’t mean squat. Second ‘educated’ doesn’t mean smart or crafty, or creative. It means you got passing scores from a whole lot of people that are ill equipped to be teaching anybody, anything.
    Third. A lot (not all) of these so called military men (and women) have been towing the liberal line for the last 8 years. And a lot of soldiers that couldn’t stand what was happening to their military, quit the service. That vacuum was filled with lesbians, male homosexuals, transgenders, and otherwise unemployable people. Oh, and a few unsuspecting good people.
    Smart or wise people don’t need a college education/indoctrination in order to be successful in life. And success doesn’t necessarily mean rich in money.
    I’m not rich in money. But I am rich in family & friends. My life is full of satisfying endeavors. I give when I can without expecting anything in return. I am thankful for the blessings I receive. And at times, am glad I don’t get what I might deserve.

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  5. The simple difference between Officers and Enlisted men on Trump. Officers believe they should give the orders, Enlisted are taught to take them.
    Think any of these guys would voice their opinion to former Marine Corps. General James Mattis?

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  6. Hadenoughalready

    Officers are corrupted by politics, while enlisted men see the distinction of logic from political correctness. The latter is more righteous.

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  7. “…has a real impact on morale at the deckplate level.”

    Yeah, it sure does. Consider the outcome of traitor Bergdahl’s sentence. Hard for some officers to keep up their morale when “leaders” set that kind of tone for traitors.

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  8. I was finding this poll hard to believe, but then I realize what this military was stocked with for eight years. Like greenworxx said above, Obama forced so many almost 20 years into forced retirement right before they collect, I find it hard to believe that anyone would not support Trump. The troops have been demoralized and stomped into working with little and shoddy equipment. Twenty percent of our military has been destroyed inside and out. They have been piecing together old equipment with older equipment in grave yards.
    Our fighter jets used to leave everyday 7 days a weeks in the early hours and return 10-12 hours later. By the end of Obama’s reign it was a rare sound to hearing training. It will take years to build it back.
    Trump is now giving 1000 Air Force pilots a chance to return and perhaps they can gain back what they had previously lost.
    We live and breathe the military everyday and the changes are devastating, but many that have only been in 10 years or less, know no difference.
    A neglected and shoddy ran military is all they know, they have nothing to compare it to.
    MCMaster was mentioned to not be trusted, completely true. He is an Obama lapdog and possible convert. He hates what a lot of us believe in.

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    • Glenn . . . God Bless you for bringing up the fact that Obummer culled our military. Leaving only the “yes” men, and getting rid of those officers who were morally superior. Of course, when you have the dregs in the leadership positions, and they know that their current position is because Obummer wanted to weaken our military, and we the American people are stuck with sub-standard officers because of this. I hope that there will be a turn around in getting rid of the sub-standard folks, and moving others up and into their positions. I really fear what our real war readiness is.

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      • And don’t forget how Clinton decimated our military, closing several bases, to “balance our budget”.

        Of course, he’d also gone to Moscow and bitched about America in Red Square back when he was a Rhodes Scholar… something I thought should have dis-qualified him from seeking the position of PotUS, but in which most (and all the MSM) seemed uninterested.

        And then of course, he gave $3 Billion (I’ve recently read it was $4 Billion) to North Korea to develop “peaceful” nuclear technology (for power, supposedly)… in addition to giving them information on building ICBMs. Talk about your chickens coming home to roost.

        And yet, what he did to our society culturally in comparison to Obama? It’s almost like Clinton was a neo-con by comparison! And Biden was a big part of it. Clinton was a neo-liberal (anti-God), Obama a liberal-progressive (add in anti-hetero and -white); I fear the next will be an all-out socialist or perhaps even anarchist. Hillary wasn’t far enough out there to get elected!

        At least she and Obama pretended to be liberal-progressive Democrats. Consider Sanders and those who support him; he only took on the mantle of “Democrat” for the duration of the campaign. He’s a full-blown socialist!


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  10. The shock wears off quickly, When an institution like West Point Military Academy can become compromised by both Socialist cadets and faculty members. When young men can wear facist t-shirts under their uniforms at graduation.
    No surprise, when you think of the endorsements and political influence it takes to get a young person enrolled. Many of our officers are pledged to the same people we want out of the swamp. For there to be an unusual number who don’t support trump is simple mathmatics.
    I have nothing but gratitude and love for my brothers and sisters who Serve us.
    Enlisted veterans know what Trump stand for.

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  11. This is a most important post, and for a couple of reasons.

    First, Donald Trump, despite whatever his faults may be (and I have driven at least two contractors who did business with him to their disadvantage, they insisted), he is a man who says what he means and means what he says. He is not the ordinary run-of-the-mill B.S. artist politician.
    Second, and just as important, people are, however slowly, waking up to the general truth that they, as members of the public, have been lied to by their government for decades, and they’re sick of it. The populist revolt that elected Donald Trump President was and remains real—and visceral.
    But just as important—and this condition pre-dates Trump by decades, also, is this: The military remains a sort of caste system: The officers who were graduated from our military academies—West Point and the like—get the preferential treatment, and the enlisted people get the lower or less favorable appointments. (The case of the late Lloyd Bucher of the USS Pueblo comes to mind). The pseudo-intellectualism of the military academy graduates (usually) remains with them for life. (As a former teacher, I have seen this in every profession. The sins attached to the superior attitude are pride and vanity).

    I have never served in the military. But I have a brother who did, for over 20 years. An enlisted man, he worked his way up to officer rank, and commanded a submarine tender with over 600 men when he retired. He told me of the snarky attitudes and B.S. he had to endure while working his way up the ranks. So I take it from him, as well as the other army men, navy men, etc., I have talked to, that our own military is a sort of caste system, reinforced by that “guilded” or “Ivy League” or “blueblood” attitude academy officers are prone to. The enlisted men are promptly reminded of the chain of command (and have their noses promptly rubbed in it by their higher-ups), and they are given the less desirable and dirty jobs to do.) Occasionally the public sees bits and pieces of this from those generals and admirals with desk jobs in the Pentagon. (Gen. Wesley Clarke, informing Congress of American plans to run over seven Middle Eastern countries comes to mind).

    Long Story Short: There is politics in every job imaginable: In politics itself, in the armed forces, in teaching—even in cab driving, here in New York City!
    Politicians = Blood-Sucking Insects!!! May Mr. Trump escape this appellation of horror!!!

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    • Hadenoughalready

      Well said, Steven! I, too, have seen this in the myriad of diverse jobs I’ve worked over 40 years. From the most menial to the managerial, they’re all the same.
      I’ve seen highly intelligent and most capable people, from off the street, being treated like crap by egotistical idiots placed into positions of authority simply because of their insider status or connections.

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  12. HUZZAH! for our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines!
    HUZZAH! for the stars and stripes!
    HUZZAH! for President Trump!
    HUZZAH! for YHWH and Yahshuah gracing this land!


  13. “They are also creating unnecessary division domestically and revisiting political battles that have already been settled and accepted, such as reinstating the transgender military ban.”

    Yeah, “settled” just like climate science is “settled”.


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