Doctor says womb transplants could allow men to have babies


Where ya been doc? Men can already have babies.

From The Sun: Womb transplants could allow men to have babies “tomorrow”, an expert claims. They would not be able to deliver the baby naturally, but could give birth by cesarean.

Richard Paulson, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, said eight children had already been born to women after transplants.

And he told a meeting in San Antonio, Texas: “There’s plenty of room to put a uterus in there. Men and women have the same blood vessels.”

He said the next step would to be trials involving transgender women to help them become natural mothers.

Such ops are not allowed in the UK. However, medical ethics lawyer Dr. Amel Alghrani joined calls this year for the NHS to consider them.

Critics said transgender women may want to think of safer options first — such as using a surrogate. Julian Savulescu, professor of practical ethics at Oxford University, said the safety of the baby should be the priority.

He added: “It it is hard to justify from the perspective of using NHS health resources, or from the child’s own perspective.”

Docs hope to perform the first UK womb transplant in 2018. In 2014 a Swede gave birth after receiving a uterus from a living donor.


40 responses to “Doctor says womb transplants could allow men to have babies

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Dang!!…Aren’t there enough real women out there already??….What the heck is the point??

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  2. I guess the pink P&&&y hat just isn’t enough.

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  3. You know what else it would require? A LOT of hormones. And probably castration (at least chemical) to knock out the male hormones. And a lot of psycho-therapy to change the way the man thinks, talks, and acts… it’s probably one of the most un-natural experiments in human physiology I can imagine. And it’s an affront to God and His plans.

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  4. Paging Dr. Frankenstein . . . .

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  5. This is just more “Frankenstein” science.
    Why in God’s good name would/should this be allowed for any reason?
    Calling Dr. Mengele

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  6. Isn’t that what we all want? Men to have babies? I don’t know, what if a “man” wants to have a giraffe. Should “he” be “deprived”?

    Providing encouragement to the deviant and delusional seems a specialty.

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  7. We already have problems with normal births, why look for trouble? Next, watch out for men breastfeeding, don’t look shocked, that would be Macroaggression.

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  8. “microaggressive.”

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  9. They would REQUIRE anti-rejection DRUGS! Has there been ANY tests on the safety of THAT on those babies?

    So disgusting!

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  11. Hadenoughalready

    Yeah, sure. I wanna witness the first guy, GUY, a MAN, give birth, through his PENIS, a full-term baby.
    THAT I want to see (earplugs will be required).
    “He” will NEVER be the same. THAT is guaranteed!

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  12. Sometimes I wonder why do people put up with stuff like this…??
    What’s next a prostate, shaft and balls for Lesbians

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    • Well I suppose it isn’t much of a reach from this to deciding that one can do better than God when it comes to wants and needs. They won’t humbly accept their God-given natures. They think they are “deprived”.

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  13. Imagine the FINANCIAL COST of this debacle. How many will be willing to pay THAT MUCH for this entire process and the follow-up maintenance? I think we can be pretty certain the NORMAL Americans will refuse to be bullied into paying for it.

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  14. For what purpose? This is just downright stupid. God didn’t make us to be used as someone’s science project to go against Mother Nature. The poor babies.

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  15. Some things never change. I don’t see much difference in the argument:

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  16. I will be candid. I know the ladies out there don’t need any flattery from me. I wish I were a woman: Despite all women go through, it seems to me they have an easier time of it than the men. After all, you women can lean on us. Who do we get to lean on? God, Of Course—but that is a spiritual thing, which is necessary, Of Course, and it doesn’t pay the rent.
    Let me also add that if I could go through what you women go through, I am certain I would DROP DEAD.

    So here’s another zinger from the Fake News Dept.: Uterus transplants into men. WHO’S KIDDING WHO HERE? It’s BULLCRAP. Eh, Meh. Maybe it’s someone’s failed attempt at some warped humor. (Leave that to MAD Magazine, Folks!)

    But here is the real Heart of the Matter: Except for perhaps corneas, ALL transplanted organs MUST come from a LIVING DONOR: ANY organ from a corpse—even if its from someone who died two seconds ago—WILL NOT WORK.
    About six months ago, I picked up a doctor from a hospital in the Bronx. That very day, they had a motorcyclist come in who was declared “brain dead.” This doctor’s job was to remove the organs from the registered organ donor. He was DEVASTATED by it, and he blamed Medicine and Big Pharma. I asked him if the body had a heartbeat, and he said Yes, and he acknowledged that without that heartbeat, the organ “harvesting” could not have been done. I asked him about the criterion for “brain death.” He said he knew about it, but he knew he was killing a man.\
    THIS, and it’s all legally approved.

    So here we are, all Alice’s in Wonderland, where up is down and left is right and wrong is right, also. Sick is healthy and nihilism is “creative destruction.”
    The doctor told me he could hardly wait to get back to Las Cruces, New Mexico.
    I told him I could hardly wait for everyone to come back to reality.

    Long Story Short: DON’T BE AN ORGAN DONOR.

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    • Steve, I take your last sentence very seriously. For years, I signed up as a donor. Then I started hearing the stories and the possibility the donor declared dead, might have recovered. And some of the suspicious harvests.
      I value every minute of life, having seen death close up and I don’t want to shorten my stay by someone’s greed.

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    • Yep! And if you dig into what constitutes “brain dead” you would run screaming from the horror of it! No pain meds and more!

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    • Most people have no idea what organ donation really entails and sadly most still would not see it for what it really is or just not care. Surely it is modern ritual sacrifice, taking the organs and life of a person for the prosperity of another is surely what this is. Same as abortion, as if taking life isn’t bad enough, this is sacrifice and it is evil.

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      • There is a young man in Utah who has near perfect vision now after losing his eyesight in a work accident,because my younger Sister signed as an organ donor. At the time she passed,the surgeons discovered a cancerous growth in her,so the eyes were all that could be used. This concept of killing,or “allowing to die” in order to harvest organs is NOT the norm,but I’m sure,has happened. In this case,I was the one who had them shut off her life support,so I know the correct steps and sequences were taken.
        BTW-I have two friends who are alive today because of transplanted organs (a Lung and a Kidney) so it’s hard for me to speak ill of organ donors,and I have “Organ Donor” noted on my drivers license.

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        • I would agree with the good intention, and you mention kidneys. Most people can donate a kidney and still live a normal life. So the kidney seems to be the more-or-less safe organ to donate. Science has also discovered that one can donate a part of his liver, and that many of these operations succeed. Medicine has also made great progress with lung transplants.
          So I don’t speak ill of the Donor. But from what I have read and heard from that doctor I drove home, brain death is not to be trusted as the criterion of real death: That occurs when the soul leaves the body. That doctor I drove home admitted he actually had to KILL a man, whether that man was “brain dead” or not.

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        • I’m sorry, I wasn’t speaking ill of the organ donor. I think there is a very dark side to it though, as the cab passenger attested to.

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    • Once I realized how organs were harvested I was repulsed. I have a friend who is an OR nurse and she also told me that litters and liters of blood are pumped through the body to keep it fresh during the harvesting, which can take 4-6 hours total. Disgusting.

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  17. I should imagine that the Heavens are weeping over this lame idea. It is just beyond me. Who among us 20 years ago would have thought that crazy people would propose this kind of mad science?

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  18. “eight children had already been born to women after transplants.”
    -that’s because those women were guinea pigs for the trannies

    “There’s plenty of room to put a uterus in there. Men and women have the same blood vessels.”
    -we’re human, no woman has a prostate and no man has a uterus, but we all have blood vessels, skeletal system, skin, eyeballs…a brain, etc.
    They actually want an organ from the opposite sex to be surgically transplanted inside their bodies..and then implant an embryo to the uterus?
    I wonder where they will get the uterus from?…euthanasia of senior citizen women comes to mind…if they are organ donors they would be kept on ventilators.
    I remember the post on sex change and the video that showed the “surgery”. I remember seeing the “doctor” (more like a ‘mutilator’) push the eunuch’s inverted penis inside the male to create a “vagina”, but he had to push it off to the left. So, the tranny’s “vagina” is shifted to the left…how in the world does a uterus fit up there if there isn’t even enough room for a “vagina”?
    Keep in mind, most of ’em keep their prostates.

    “He said the next step would to be trials involving transgender women to help them become natural mothers.”
    -“natural mothers”? they’re confused eunuchs…they’d have to rely on a female egg to make a baby. I guess these males could use their sperm to fertilize the egg if they saved some before chopping off their ‘goods’…I doubt many think that far ahead.
    A “natural mother” does not give her DNA to her baby from the Y chromosome or (typically) use a donor egg. Or use her baby as a science experiment. A woman’s body is designed to carry a baby (babies)…a man’s body is not…regardless of his fake hormones or implants.
    “Why Do We Inherit Mitochondrial DNA Only From Our Mothers?”

    I believe normalizing transgenderism is part of the reason unnecessary C-sections have been pushed on women so much these past couple of decades…because tranny “women” can’t give birth…and to “normalize” trannies as women, women had to be “normalized” as trannies. This is where ‘equality’ seeps its ugly head into the picture to try and make us interchangeable. This is what they are promoting:
    -women take fake female hormones (‘birth control’)/trannies take fake female hormones (controlled emasculation)
    -women get breast implants/trannies get breast implants
    -women get plastic surgery on their faces to look ‘younger’/trannies get plastic surgery on their faces to look more ‘female’
    -women get butt and hip injections/trannies get butt and hip injections
    -women wear tons of makeup as is advertised on tv/trannies wear tons of makeup to hide their masculine features (trannies also give makeup tips to women)
    -women wear clothing by fashion designers/trannies are the fashion designers who wear women’s clothing
    there is an evil parallel that’s been intentionally created and wedged between woman and man, where woman is being told she isn’t good enough and man is being told he is only good enough if and woman and man compete against one another instead of loving and respecting one another as biological complements blessed by God, not competitors or coveters….

    satanism has deeply-rooted misogyny…because, it is on the woman that society is able to build the foundation of family and through the man that society is protected and provided. satan goes after woman and society falls apart…woman stops reproducing, man stops protecting and providing.
    there was a reason satan went after Eve and not Adam. satan knew convincing Eve to do evil would result in Adam’s undoing and would hurt God. And to this day, satan is still distorting and deceiving the minds of man and woman.
    also, isn’t it ironic that the same people who are applauding tranny “moms” encourage real women to abort?
    ….to these people, life means nothing coming from nature as God designed…what is abominated is praised.

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  19. Excellent Mom of IV

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  20. MomOfIV Amen and Amen.

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  21. (322) There’s one good thing we were shown in the Holy Wood movies; use a silver bullet. Placement is at your discretion.

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  22. One last point on this.
    Isn’t it odd that Lefties HATE GMO rice that can save third world children from going blind, but love sticking a woman part in a man?

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  23. This immediately reminds of one “doctor” johann conrad dippel (see here: ), who is considered by some one of the inspirations for mary shelly’s “doctor” frankenstein, save that he was horrifyingly real, and took to implanting monkey “glands” into men to “restore libido” among other things, colloquially known as “Dr. monkeyballs” for obvious reasons, he also messed with corpses.

    As cogitoergosumantra said, this isn’t viable for a male, the differences between a man & a woman aren’t solely the sexual organs, their very physiology is different, and the so-called “doctor” paulson should have enough medical knowledge to know this, that he is wantonly advertising such ignorance tells me that either he doesn’t deserve recognition as an actual medical doctor, and should have his license revoked, or that he is being paid by someone, should have his license revoked, and the one paying him exposed for all the public to scrutinize.

    How far off would it be if they started sticking such things in men, will they be trying to make girls and boys be able to “reproduce”? Sadly its already happening in large part to little girls (and boys likewise) due to chemical & hormonal poisoning of the water & food supplies, combined with teaching them how to get pregnant via sex ed classes etc. (ever notice that the goal of “teen pregnancy” programs seems to be to promote, not discourage?) Needless to say, this kind of thing needs to be stopped, this isn’t science, its insanity.


  24. Obviously, they didn’t check with the Prince. Prince William says that the world is already over populated so we don’t need men having babies too. This is wrong on SO MANY levels, but I am sure it will “catch on” here too!
    Bradley Manning can marry Bo Bergdahl and have a baby of their own……at taxpayer expense of course.

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