The black remaking of Hollywood movies

Unless you’ve been under living under a rock, you know that the Left have declared war on white people, especially white men. See:

Hollywood is part of that war.

Popular movies are being remade with blacks in iconic white roles, including a black man as Sir Lancelot — a path already trodden by the BBC, when it saw fit to cast a black Nigerian actress as English queen Margaret in the 3-part Hollow Crown TV series.

Source: Voat

So who’s behind Hollywood’s war on white people? Here’s a hint:


37 responses to “The black remaking of Hollywood movies

  1. Hollywood is full of racists all the cowboy movies exclude blacks when they know dam well that 1 out of 10 cowboys were black…anyway I personal feel that blacks should make their own original movies like they have been doing since Hollywood movies were founded…..


  2. Good show, I would have never noticed this. Denzel Washington is a great actor don’t care what color he is.

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    For your information.

    So who’s behind Hollywood’s war on white people? Here’s a hint:

    Jewish LA Times columnist proudly admits Jews run Hollywood
    Jewish kids being indoctrinated, ‘I’m not white, I’m Jewish’
    The white élites who fund Black Lives Matter

    Sounds like the Jews are trying to stir the pot.


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  4. Hahahaha……..Hahahaha.

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  5. Could the same culprits have been stirring the pot in the late 60s? Though I am convinced that Charlie Manson was, and still is, likely acting out a role, who was pulling the strings? His war dreams between whites and blacks is still being played. 😎

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  6. Perhaps younger people will attend these movies. Although, I agree Denzel Washington is a draw, no matter what color he is. Most of us who have seen an original of something, just don’t want to see a rehash, unless we are seeing it for free on TV.

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    • Thank you again, Auntie, for expressing my thoughts so very well! Mind you, I haven’t used my 54″ HDTV as a TV for at least 5 or 6 years, only as a monitor to watch a movie, which I haven’t done in 4 yrs, maybe more. A few times a year we go to the cinema on Senior Day or half-price Tuesdays, maybe 3 times a yr, usually at my housemate’s insistence. We went last Tuesday to a re-run of a child’s fantasy anime by a famous Japanese director, but I can’t recall his name; Disney bought him out after this one was made. So it goes.

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  7. Great work again, Dr E!

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  8. Steel Magnolias was redone in black and black….although just on TV. Never saw it rebooted so no idea if it was done well or not.

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  9. They probably used subtitles in ebonics so the hood rats could make sense of the dialogue .

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  10. Note your post, “Jewish kids being indoctrinated, ‘I’m not white, I’m Jewish’.” This way jewish leftists can more easily condemn white people without condemning themselves.

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  11. Whats the point of remaking these movies with Black stars? I for one have been sick of seeing Denzel Washingtons face in every other movie; it’s like he’s the Black Messiah or something Someone behind the scenes with very powerful strings is attempting to start a race war. Hollyweird; BLACK OR WHITE ,can play like Michael Jackson and BEAT IT!!

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  12. It would seem Holy Wood would like to skew the numbers.

    I heard a black youtuber a couple of years ago (I don’t recall the name of the channel) who categorically stated that if “they,” and from the context, he meant the powers that [shouldn’t] be, had ‘given’ the presidency to a black man (Obama), it meant the country was ‘over’ and, to paraphrase him, the TPTB were moving on to different pastures. I thought that was an important insight. At the time, I was also reminded of South Africa.

    Now we see, simply by the sheer volume of shows and commercials which feature black faces, that the ‘enter-tain-ment’ (literally means your mind is put under an animal skin or the wool is pulled over your eyes) industry is pushing the idea that blacks are superior to other races, and are greater in number than they are in reality. Consider the impact that 40 years of large numbers of abortions among blacks has done to the demographic numbers. The abortion mills were often placed in black neighborhoods and/or economically black (and white) poor neighborhoods. Remember too, “justice” Ruth Bader Ginsburg admitted that the 1980 Supreme Court decision in Harris v. McRae helped to reduce the numbers of the types of people of whom “they” didn’t want to have too many. Ginsburg later tried to ‘clarify’ that statement, but I don’t think her attempt to backpedal was successful. [See link.]

    Using the same insight from the black youtuber about Obama and the presidency, what does this latest surge in movies and commercials featuring black actors tell us?

    In the end, I think we need to help push Holy Wood off the cliff and down into the abyss in order to remove its toxic mental effects from our lives.

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  13. You all realize what this is-this re-making all the Classics with all Black actors,don’t you? They’re showing their RAAAAAAAAAAAAcism.

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  14. Somehow they have in in their minds that,if a movie is made with primarily NON-BLACK actors,it HAS to be because we’re RACISTS. (COULDN’T be because you can count the REALLY talented Black actors on one hand and a couple of toes.) But,by reversing it,and using ALL (or mostly) Black actors,they can take a RIGHTEOUS stance,and TAKE their RIGHTFUL place in Hollyweird.
    I say FINE-let ’em throw their money away on that. This IS America,and as long as I have access to the ORIGINAL Classics,I don’t HAVE to watch their on-going temper tantrums.

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  15. And people wonder why for millennia Jews have been hated…

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  16. What, they can’t come up with their own black heroes? Oh, yeah, I am noticing the glaring agenda of discrediting and fading out the white race in movies and commercials. More and more both are showing the white race as being the doofus and the blacks as the hero and lead character. For 12.5% of the population, I sure am seeing a large percentage taking over the commercials.

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  17. The racism—or, rather, RACIALISM—is inherent in the public’s desire for magical thinking. I’m not supposed to say this in polite society, but Barack Obama was elected by guilt-ridden white liberals for this primary reason: They were looking for a Magic Negro.
    The same impulse maintains in these movie-makeovers today: The public—so the movie moguls believe—wants a Magic Negro. Even Walt Disney knew this: Jimminy Cricket was the archetype or prototype of the Magic Negro. Even Shakespeare alluded to this with his great play, Othello.

    The British in the 17th through early 20th Centuries were the pioneers of racism and racialistic thinking. (As a matter of fact, their public discourse gives “racism” the more accurate label of “racialism,” that worldview whereby they, the British, were masters over the dung heap they called humanity. (I mean to say those British eugenic intellectuals, in calling us “useless eaters,” thought of the rest of humanity as a dung heap).)
    So which is it? Shall the Elite rule over us like a dreaded monster of some cartoon dictator? Or shall they find a way to make us, in the words of Aldous Huxley, love our servitude? Certainly, the Magic Negro shall lead the way, or so they believe. (And it’s a shame, too: I think Denzel Washington is a good man, in addition to being a superlative actor).

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  18. Concerned Aussie Crusader

    Also Omega man. Now you know why I don’t go to the movies.

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  19. just another way to scam blacks out of their ‘disposable income’ so they’ll have something to talk about at their subsidized jobs where they do little if anything productive (more welfare/reperations).

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  20. So obvious what’s going on here to people who are “awake.” “The soul has no secret that the behavior does not reveal.” _ Lao Tzu
    As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart. _ Proverbs 27:19

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  21. I’ve been dis-heartened ever since “The Wiz” came out… as The Wizard of Oz (and in particular, Judy Garland) had always been one of my a favorites.
    At least “Black” movies are less pathetic compared to just a few years ago.

    Acting, plot, dialog, etc. have all improved from the embarrassing place they once were. Black T.V. ? Not so much. It makes me wonder if they’re meant to look like fools or if they think that’s the only way their intended audiences will watch them? I’d think it would be offensive. Then again, I find that true of most “sit-com” (and “reality”) television.

    And for that matter, I find dialog in movies getting coarser (to put it mildly) compared to just a few years ago. Watching the latest Aliens/Prometheus movie, I was astounded that the misfits they cast as scientists aboard the world’s most important spacecraft couldn’t dress or act properly, nor utter sentences without using the “F-word” in every line. Almost unwatchable compared to the first Prometheus (Aliens prelude). But apparently written to appeal to today’s youth. “Keepin’ it ‘real'”. Yeah, whatever. And don’t get me going on the gratuitous nudity and sex on T.V. and the big screen. “Stuff I don’t care to watch”… on prime-time t.v., no less.

    Anyway. I often now find myself watching the same old westerns my grandpa watched when I’d visit him. I’d always wondered why he watched them. Now I know. Ditto the Christian television shows. It’s the least offensive stuff on most of the time.

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  28. Black people should be making their own original movies, award shows equivalent to the Oscars etc. But the problem is, the Mental slavery factor, which, unfortunately %85 of our race is still stuck in.Most blacks are told that in order to be successful and make Money you have to incorporate White America, You cant make it with just black people as your audience, cast. etc. Its the old “The white mans Ice is colder than the Blacks mans Ice” Theory that keep blacks as a whole at ground Zero.Terrible


  29. Could you also show the box office amounts, preferably in a way that takes into account the difference in the value of the dollar between the two eras


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