Man robbing hot dog stand shoots himself in the penis

hahahahahaha meme

Poetic justice.

From NY Daily News: He did not relish this experience. A 19-year-old who allegedly held up a hot dog stand on Chicago’s South Side ended up firing a round into his own South Side.

Terrion Pouncy’s alleged early Halloween morning heist of the Original Maxwell Street Polish went off without a hitch, that is, until his pistol went off when he tried to tuck it into his pants, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Disguising his appearance with a hooded sweatshirt and scarf, Pouncy entered the 24-hour establishment around 6 a.m. and aimed his .38-caliber pistol at the stand’s two employees, demanding money from the cash register.

After they complied and Pouncy allegedly reached into one of the worker’s pockets, taking out his wallet and cellphone, he ran off and attempted to stow away his weapon at the same time.

Not one for multitasking, Pouncy shot himself in the penis. Also in the leg.

He was found slumped over and bleeding on the front steps of a nearby home after he called 911 to say he’d been shot.

Pouncy remains in the hospital as of Thursday and being held without bail. He faces two counts of armed robbery with a firearm.


27 responses to “Man robbing hot dog stand shoots himself in the penis

  1. Hopefully he won’t be able to contribute to the gene pool after this. Some days are just to good

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  2. So He Shot Himself in the Head – did he..??!! = and the leg too..!!

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  3. I love instant justice!! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving idiot moron. I will bet the gun wasn’t legal.

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  4. And so, yes Virginia,..there IS a God.

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  5. Ouch…….Quick way to go from man to woman, lost his wiener now he has a donut -that is a chocolate donut, with the hole in the middle.

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  6. Dude, you deserve this:

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  7. I thought for sure his name would be Richard Hurtz !!!!!!!!!,,,,hehehe

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  8. Although this idiot doesn’t qualify for a Darwin Award, he does qualify for a Mega Moron Award! Hopefully, his injury prevents him from contributing to the gene pool.

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  9. Priceless!!!

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  10. Seems like poetic justice. Hope he uses his other brain next time.

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  11. Sigmund Freud, Call your office! (You can’t make this stuff up!)

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  12. Well, maybe he won’t have any kids on ADC…heehee

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  13. “Terrion Pouncy” huh? Well, what else could a lad with a moniker like that do in life but become a hotdog stand thief or MC Drag Queen contests?

    Was this robbery with a “long arm” or a “short arm”? “Is that a gun in your pocket”, or……, never mind!

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  14. LH – my first thought on this subject was that with a name like that no good would come from it. it’s not juist the name but the attitude of the DNA contibutors when they name these ….things…. in the first place.

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  15. Hmmm,…

    This matter gives me an idea for a song,..

    It could be entitled,..”Terrion’s Teenie Weenie Weeny “,…

    It could be set to the tune of,..”Polka Dot Bikini”,….

    Maybe Beyoncey & her guys could do it as a single,

    Ya think,.?..

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  16. Darwin Award. Much? OMG…too poetic justice…….

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