Rumor that Tony Podesta was indicted

There is a rumor circulating in the Alternative Media that Tony Podesta has been indicted, but that the indictment is sealed.

An indictment is a formal accusation that a person has committed a crime, typically made by a grand jury. A sealed indictment is an indictment that stays non-public until it is unsealed when the named person is arrested. (USLegal)

Normally, I don’t post rumors, but this rumor is too important to ignore. So I’ll just present the rumor, and leave it to you to decide on its credibility.

To begin, Tony Podesta is the brother of powerful Clinton operative John Podesta, who was chair of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign. A powerful Democratic lobbyist in his own right, Tony Podesta was ranked 23rd most powerful person in Washington, D.C. by GQ magazine in 2012.

Both Tony and John Podesta were invited by satanic artist Marina Abramovic to a “spirit cooking” dinner, in which human menstrual blood, breast milk, urine and sperm are ingested.

Tony Podesta is also known for his gruesome art collection, including a sculpture, The Arch of Hysteria, which mimics the posture that cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had positioned one of his victims.

The rumors and speculation began when NBC News reported on Oct. 23, 2017 that Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group are now the subjects of a federal criminal investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on whether the Group violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

On 31, 2017, Emily Zanotti of Daily Wire reported that:

Eagle-eyed court watchers on Twitter noticed, late Monday, that there are four sealed cases listed on the U.S. District Court’s docket in Washington, D.C., located on the docket between George Papadopoulos’s sealed plea bargain (#182) and Paul Manafort’s sealed indictment (#201).

Legal experts immediately concluded that the four sealed cases could mean Special Counsel Robert Mueller isn’t done issuing secret subpoenas and grand jury indictments.

After yesterday’s wave of charges, snagging Manafort and his business partner, Rick Gates, and revealing that former Trump foreign policy aide Papadopoulos struck a deal with Federal prosecutors, D.C. watchdogs — particularly on the Left — assumed we were only beginning to see what Mueller had in store. […]

There is one indication that Mueller has at least one more indictment up his sleeve. The Manafort indictment is marked as INDICTMENT (B), which presumes there’s an “INDICTMENT (A)” lurking somewhere, maybe in “sealed document #200.” The subject of that indictment is anyone’s guess; it could be Flynn, or it could be Tony Podesta who hinted in his resignation letter yesterday that he was under scrutiny.

Indeed, NBC News confirmed on November 1, 2017, that the Podesta Group is the unnamed “Company B” listed in Mueller’s Manafort and Gates indictments:

The lobbying firms the Podesta Group and Mercury Public Affairs are the unnamed companies in the grand jury indictment of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, according to three sources with knowledge of the investigation.

The indictment, unsealed Monday, refers to “Company A” and “Company B” as the firms Manafort and Gates solicited in 2012 to lobby on behalf of the Ukranian government. Company A is Mercury Public Affairs and Company B is the Podesta Group, the sources said. […]

According to the indictment, the lobbying firms were paid $2 million from offshore accounts controlled by Manafort.

On November 3, 2017, James Brower, who describes himself as a former “State Assistant for Trump” in Massachusetts tweeted:

Brower followed that with another tweet, on November 4 at 11:08 AM:

“There are a total of 7 sealed indictments, one was Manafort, second is Podesta…”

Brower’s latest tweet on Nov. 7:

Also on November 3, an anonymous tipster posted this on the 4chan message board:

Followed by this the next day, Nov. 4, on 4chan:

Which then led to this claim on Voat on Nov. 4:

Trump and the military have been planning the second American Revolution. But instead of the British, this time they’ll be fighting the CIA, FBI, NSA, Deep State and all their puppets, actors and hired goons to take back control of the country. Trump has gone to Asia for the next 12 days and is being protected by the Air Force and Navy in classified locations while the military takes over in America. North Korea is just a false flag, they’re controlled by the CIA. MSM is controlled by the CIA. Deep state is controlled by the CIA. KKK and terrorist organizations in this country are aided by the FBI+CIA. Every branch of the government, every organization, is helplessly corrupt and compromised except for one; the military. The constitution gave full control of the military to the president for a reason – to deal with any branches of government that become too powerful. ANTIFA is a false flag, the military has already infiltrated them to gather intel, they won’t be a threat. Soros, Obama, Clintons, Podestas, etc. will be BTFO.

Proof: Q Anon predicted POTUS’ twitter would go down temporarily and that they’d get it back up. Q Anon mentioned more info would come out shortly (Final JFK file drop released today). Also predicted information of Podesta’s indictment would be today, actionable tomorrow. Huma is indicted Monday. There are more predictions Q Anon got right, not just those.

The biggest nugget of proof will be if Trump tweets out this exact message: “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…….” If he tweets out this exact message, that’ll be the green light for Operation Alice and Wonderland.

I purchased a 5-day membership of SearchQuarry and searched for an arrest record for “Anthony Podesta” in the District of Columbia. The search results says there’s no arrest record of Anthony Podesta in DC as of 11/4/2017.

Please pray for our country.

Pray for America.

Pray for the good guys.

Pray for Light.



The “Q Anonymous” who’s been posting on 4chan clearly knows what he’s talking about. Below are his 4chan posts, from October 31 to this morning, Nov. 5 (h/t FOTM‘s MCA):

You can also see below as a separate page. Click here.


54 responses to “Rumor that Tony Podesta was indicted

  1. GREAT reporting Dr. E. Thank you. This may interest your readers:
    Anonymous data dump at 4chan from November 2nd:

    AND from November 4th:
    “The following Alt Media headline has not been confirmed:
    “Possible mass arrests in 36 hours’”

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    • stlonginus . . . Wow! Those are very interesting questions. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Stlonginus, have you been following SOTN for a long time? They appear to have a lot of good information, and I trust your judgment.


      • No Mary, I only occasionally visit SOTN. They seem reliable, but I can’t say for sure. I take everything on the internet with a grain (or a tablespoon) of salt. Please don’t trust my judgment! 🙂 Whatever I post here, I post because I think it’s the truth or as close to the truth as I know it. Regarding different sources, I just listened to these 2 videos and I think both have info that everyone may be able to use. At the beginning of the first video “firmware” is discussed which people who use Aqqle M.A.C computers and “Eye”phones may find useful. But a number of topics are touched upon. The second video is an interview conducted by the International Bar Association (which coincidentally was established the same year as the C.I.A.) and Assange is asked a number of (naturally) leading questions about his sources, including the 2016 U.S.A. campaign, and his answers are great. At minute 35:00, Assange also talks about the ‘judicial’ systems around the world and their, shall we say, shortcomings. The interviewer is unable to respond and stammers about the “legality principle” being weakened in the process. This line of questions was about the case in Sweden against Assange. And by “legality process” I think the interviewer was attempting to state that legality trumps law. (Of course, Assange never mention freemasonry, which is probably the reason he’s still alive.) In the Q&A he’s asked about Pres. Trump’s tweets.

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  2. When one Criminal is politely asked to report on another Criminal, = well, You finish this sentence..!! There are too many Rats infesting the House for a decent human to be there.. I heard a past Gov. of Wisconsin tell me that it takes about two weeks away from home for a “brand new”-“fresh & clean” representative to become “criminally infected.” = going on to add that it is very difficult for them to resist the soft & quiet 10:30pm “knock” on their Motel Bedroom door = when two-weeks away from the “Comforts of Home.”

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    • EddieBG . . . . I have little doubt that for some of those who get sent to our nation’s capital, that this scenario is correct. As such, it is a very sad commentary on our society, yet we certainly see it play out when we see how our representatives live their lives.

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    • Yes, and that’s just another reason that being a congressman or senator, a public servant, was never meant to be a full time job. No representative should live off the salary of being a representative. There are simply too many ways to be corrupted.

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  3. I guess this is possible. Demorats sure have been shaking and protesting quite a bit the last couple days, especially after Donna’s book and the information in it.

    I will l patiently wait to see who is arrested next.

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  4. My opinion: Its Flynn and Son. Flynns son kept tweeting about Pizzagate. Mueller is in his role to destroy incriminating evidence of corrupt/pedophile Obama administration under guise of Russia collusion. We already know thru Wikileaks, the CIA has software to make any hack “look like Russians, or anybody else”. Mantafort was a dem/Obama/FBI operative, like George O. and maybe Carter Paige, to get Trump campaign to “bite” anything Russian related. Mantafort worked with Podesta for 20 years and Trump? A month or so? Mantafort under FBI surveillance when he joined Trump. No coincidence Mueller indictments come as Uranium 1 hits MSM. Podesta is protected by Obama/FBI/Mueller, etc. Hope I am wrong

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    • Noticebly absent has been the indictment of the queen of the damned.

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    • Mueller was FBI director on September 11, 2001.

      This is a good article by Justin Raimondo at Anti War, linking the Saudi monarchy to 9/11 by way of “at least 2 of the hijackers” and how Mueller obstructed the investigation of those 2 Saudis after 9/11 and during his tenure as FBI director.

      However, since the Saudis and Israel have been shown, on numerous occasions, to be working with one another during the latest iteration of Al-Quaeda (namely ISIS), in the mid-East, Raimondo’s article is only reporting on the lawsuit brought by some of the 9-11 family members against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It does not mention the dancing Israelis, or the Israeli group that went by the name The B-Thing, and/or the Gelatin group which had access to the WTC in the months leading up to 9/11 or the myriad Israeli owned companies that were involved in security at the WTC and the airports, etc.

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  5. We will have to wait and see. But certainly this looks credible and plausible. My problem would be with Attorney General Sessions, who has to go, in my humble opinion: He’s recused himself twice now, so my problem would be with the FBI: Would they arrest Podesta without an A.G. order?
    We have to stay tuned. And even if this story bears fruit, it’s no guarantee that anything will stick. Nor will it mean that Brother John Podesta’s arrest—or Hillary Clinton’s arrest—will follow.

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  6. Guys, if you’re watching the unfolding church shooting near San Antonio, keep your false flag/hoax meter tuned in. There are already red flags going up. Just sayin’…

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  7. Update:

    The “Q Anonymous” who’s been posting on 4chan clearly knows what he’s talking about. Scroll up to the “Update” at end of my post for a page of his 4chan posts, from October 31 to this morning, Nov. 5.

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    • That Q anon is on the inside and in the know is easy to see. Hopefully, they are not silenced before they can get out as much real information to the people as they can. I am sure that the Govt. doesn’t like this information leaking out too soon, especially since it seems to be so credible.

      This stuff is a far cry from what Chelsea Manning did. Telling the American people the truth about some of these things is much different than stealing government defense secrets and giving them away, putting both sources and methods at risk. Edward Snowden is also in the league of stealing defense secrets, and giving them to news organizations. The fact that he exposed some things that were going on with the government that the American people had a right to know, does nothing to alter the fact that at least 1 and probably more of our undercover agents abroad were killed due to his actions.

      I have a hard time with whistleblowers. Because on the one hand, they could be said to be patriotic. Yet the also could be considered treasonous. I realize that the CIA and NSA, among others, conduct covert ops. That does not allow them to break our laws though, and so I want whistleblowers to expose them. Yet most of what these groups do must be done in secret, simply due to the nature of their agenda. So perhaps whistleblowers should have a safe place to go with their concerns, that will not only take them seriously, but also protect them. One would wish it could be something like the House intelligence committee, but we know that would never work, given the record of their leaks.


    • I find it very hard to believe Hillary Clinton and her cabal, such as the Podesta brothers, aren’t in the “Paradise Papers”.


      • I am sure she is. If the QUEEN Of England is, no doubt Hildebeast and Billdabeast are too. Probably through some shell LLC. Time will tell. They are Royalty, right? “Do as I say peons, not as I do”.

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  8. *HUGE, rivals Panama Papers..


  9. Dr. E. – I did see your post. Only difference is my query city+state+all – brought up #26, do
    I haven’t figured out how to post image here, so will send you a tweet.

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    • I answered your tweet. That was exactly the search I requested: “Anthony Podesta, 74, Washington, DC” — and the result was no arrest, as of 11/4/2017. I followed it with another tweet, explaining that the SearchQuarry result means little because it would be the FBI, not the DC police, arresting Podesta — and I doubt FBI arrests would show on SearchQuarry.


      • filia,

        I just ran another search on SearchQuarry. Found the right Anthony Podesta:
        Anthony T. Podesta, 74; 2651 WOODLEY RD NW WASHINGTON DC 20008; related to John Podesta:

        “All of our available online Nationwide sources are reporting that Anthony Podesta has no arrest record as of 11/05/2017.”


  10. O/T – is related to Vegas. Another guy posted the video on Patreon – frame by frame – cant find it. Take a look at this starting at about 2:20. People are looking up and its very obvious there is a dude on the roof.

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  11. Keep going, get John too…

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  12. Several of Top Saudi Officials Arrested Over Weekend Are Linked to Podesta Group

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  13. I’ve been looking to verify the indictments of Hillary and the Podesta brothers. It seems the public is being subjected to a media blackout on this subject. If the man heard terrifying a child in this video is actually John Podesta, then he must be brought to justice.

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  15. That didn’t take long…

    Podesta Group CEO quits to start her own firm

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  16. Podesta Group implodes, employees told not to expect a paycheck after next week…

    h/t Shirtless Pundit

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  17. I think its important to realize a few things. Everything we see or hear for our consumption is nothing more than a stage play. These “celebrities” are employees of a cabal that has nothing to do with serving us.

    Think about it. “Who” are these masked men and women who are going to execute these prosecutions? Who are these judges that are going to sit in these trials?

    How is it that we allegedly live in a democratic republic but have a mysterious cadre of “elites” who make all the decisions for us? Weren’t we taught that these “public servants” worked for us? Does anyone think they do?

    I realize the importance of hope and the joy to be derived from watching justice served hot. That said, it is better to remain within the confines of reality than to lose one’s self in fantasy.

    The very reason that we know these people’s names is because they are those who work for our “masters”. Try to remember that, if all their little worlds imploded together who would serve justice? Remember, they don’t work for us.

    These parasites are as contemptuous of us as we might be a tapeworm. They do not care what we think nor do they think we have the resources necessary to do anything about our thoughts. The only real question is, are they right?

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  18. Counting on the Lord to unmask the Podestas and Clintons and all the other poisonous people in positions of power.

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