Antifa’s November 4th revolution was a big Antifail

What if they gave a revolution and no one came?

That’s what happened yesterday, November 4, to the Antifa Revolution that was supposed to be the first shot in a new civil war.

Protests were held in about 20 cities across America, most with a smattering of “revolutionaries,” like the one in Cincinnati in which only 30 people showed up.

One of the November 4th organizers was a group called Refuse Fascism, as in “refuse” the verb.

It turns out Refuse Fascism should really be “refuse” the noun, as in refuse or garbage.

This pic perfectly captured the November 4th Antifail:

See also “Antifa threatens to behead whites and small biz owners on November 4”.


19 responses to “Antifa’s November 4th revolution was a big Antifail

  1. Captain Obvious

    I did not know that trash was a nazi! Gotta steer clear of those trash cans and maybe those recycle cans too, they could be fascists!

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  2. I only had to go out once yesterday, to Staples for some packing tape. And while I was out, I stopped in for a Blizzard at a Dairy Queen on West McCarran (one of major thoroughfares in this filthy city where I live) . I deliberately wore my “PROUD MEMBER OF THE BASKET OF DEPLORABLES” T-shirt, inviting any Antifa members I might have run across to join me in a… uh… uhm… a “discussion”. (It being the date Antifa said they’d start a new Civil War in the USA, and I didn’t want to appear as if I had no dog in the fight.)

    If any clandestine Antifa members happened to see my shirt while I was out, they kept quiet about it. Which is typical for them. They only start sh*t when they have superior numbers. They don’t possess any one-on-one confidence, which is just as well… for them.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

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  3. Looks like a lot of coffee cups. Guess it was cold out there. And lonely.
    What saith the drive by media?
    No BREAKING NEWS banners or activation of the emergency broadcast system………………………crickets………….

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  4. Red China let the protests at Tiannamen Square go on for Days&Days while the authorities took detailed notes & pictures of all the Primary Instigators.. Shall I tell You what happened Next..?? I hear that the only survivor of that Event was that very Brave young man that Stood before the Red ArmyTank for the whole World to see.. = “Know-KNOW your Enemy, – and you will have them at your Feet..” Ignor-IGNOR your Enemy, – and You will certainly have them at Your Throat…!! = can you think of an enemy that fits into that premiss..??


  5. Halloween is over. People are tired of the masked adults “trick or treating” in the streets, behaving badly. Snore. I don’t think we need an army of “anti-antifa.” I think we need an army of DE-MASKERS. Let’s get their faces on camera!

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  6. I saw video of the 20-30 little jerks in Austin, TX. Info Wars was filming and there were at least 50 patriots there. It was a complete nothing burger. I agree, Dr. Eowyn, patriots should stay away from the Antifa demonstrations. We don’t need to give them an audience. If patriots and news outlets had not shown up, the demonstration wouldn’t have lasted 30 minutes.

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  7. Former CIA operative Robert David Steele has opined (or thought out loud) in a recent interview on You Tube (I cannot remember the host) that, given an $18 billion Soros grant or infusion of money into leftist causes in October if George Soros is actually DEAD. Of Course this would be most welcome news, but Steele’s point was that the mega-infusion of cash seemed suspicious in its timing.
    At any rate, it seems that this particular ANTIFA shindig fizzled. Fo’shizzle! The Left is verklempt! I’ll take any relief from these goons I can get; But we can’t rest on our laurels here: The Empire WILL Strike Back!

    A populist uprising has been in the works for a while now, and it’s not limited to the American middle class. In Spain and other parts of Europe, the people are getting restless. So it seems to me that we are living in curious times. The old Chinese saying goes, “May you live in interesting times.” We are. Problem is, we need MORE sources of informed intell. We need more people to integrate this information. And we need to watch what happens to the internet, especially social media, because there is a massive censorship movement underway.

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  8. Love the photo !!
    Is that their “Iwo Jima” moment?

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  9. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


  10. If I don’t stop laughing I’ll pee my pants!!!!!


  11. WOW! Did Soros’ checks bounce, this is hilariously pitiful!!


  12. Looks like Soros didn’t get much for his money this time. Loving it,


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