Maine Democrats laugh about white men committing suicide

Richard Fochtmann was a 2016 Democratic candidate for District 22 of the Maine State Senate. He ran unopposed in the state’s Democratic primary election on June 14, 2016.

This is the kind of man whom Maine Democrats chose to run for the State Senate.

At a Values and Vision Summit held by the Maine Democratic Party in April 2017, Fochtmann was talking about how more women should be involved in the Democratic Party in his state, when he interrupted himself and began sharing a thought he’d had about a statistic he had seen recently:

“Today, you know, I saw a thing, and it said a lot of men — white men — are committing suicide. I almost thought, ‘Yeah, great!’”

At this, Fochtmann’s audience of Democrats began laughing because, you know, increasing numbers of white men committing suicide is just such a funny thing.

Fochtmann then admitted that “Then I thought about it little more, and I thought maybe I shouldn’t say that out in public,” which of course he did.

Fochtmann is a Jewish surname. (Source)

The incident was captured on cellphone video and tweeted by conservative news website Maine First Media, then picked up by other conservative media outlets. To watch the video and hear pony-tailed Fochtmann and the attendant Democrats joke and laugh about white male suicides, go here.

But the Maine Democratic Party said nothing until a few days later, only to blame the “far right” for publishing the video recording of Fochtmann and spreading “disinformation”.

Bangor Daily News blogger Chris Dixon points out:

Richard Fochtmann ran for State Senate last year against Republican Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason. Maine Democrats chose him to be their candidate to try and unseat a prominent Republican State Senator. That’s a heavy endorsement of Fochtmann’s character.

What if the voters had selected Fochtmann? Maine Democrats would have had a sitting State Senator making jokes about white men committing suicide and celebrating the rise in incidents. […]

The crowd clearly was laughing at Fochtmann’s suicide joke. Maine Democratic Party chairman Phil Bartlett was in the crowd, as well. Did he laugh, too? […]

This isn’t a conspiracy to frame Democrats. The Maine Democratic Party trying to play victim after they used suicide as a punchline is morally wrong and absolutely heartless.

Suicide is a real issue and it is above partisan politics, contrary to what the Maine Democratic Party believes.

A report by the Centers For Disease Control showed a 24% increase in suicide deaths among all people, with suicides of non-Hispanic white males registering the second largest increase. (BizPacReview)

On November 8, 2016, Richard Fochtmann was handily defeated by Republican incumbent Garrett Mason, 67.02% to 32.98%, who retained his seat in the Maine State Senate. (Ballotpedia)

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29 responses to “Maine Democrats laugh about white men committing suicide

  1. An evil, disgusting man and the Democratic Party is no different.

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  2. That’s what whit men do when the pressure gets too great


  3. democrats are pushing euthanasia….suicide/euthanasia…same thing…
    and they don’t care about those who are killed in abortion…
    bunch of greedy, power-hungry, self-centered narcissists.
    clearly, liberals do not value life….

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  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information. Maine realized what the Democratic Party stands for which is Obama’s communism/muslim party.


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  5. A Democrat Party “Values and Vision Summit”??? Seriously? Oxymoronic.
    Here’s the punchline I enjoyed:
    “On November 8, 2016, Richard Fochtmann was handily defeated by Republican incumbent Garrett Mason, 67.02% to 32.98%, who retained his seat in the Maine State Senate.”

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  6. Fochtmann lost? Who is laughing now, or sighing with relief? Or both?

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  7. Why hasn’t this wise guy volunteered to show us other white males how to do it the right way, according to his lights? Some do, others teach….

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    • Channeling Jim Jones, it is his great responsibility to oversee the knocking back of the Kool Aid. (Don’t use sugar, it could be bad for one’s heath.) When that work is done, he can focus on himself. Or not. Probably not.


  8. What a cruel man. His momma must be so proud…

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  9. George Soros is white!

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  10. Thank goodness, the preponderance of the voters in the State of Maine had the common sense to vote for the “other candidate.” One look at this smuck, and listening to the words that come out of his mouth, ought to tell you he is not qualified to govern over anything!

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  11. It is my word against his!

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  12. They are all disgusting creatures and, until we can remove them all, just vote “NOTA” (none of the above). I mean really. We neither need nor do we have “heroes”. Wait……, here’s one now:

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  14. I seek all help and alliances with people of any cultural, religious, or political background that support our Constitutional values. Allen West, Allen Keyes, Charles Barclay, James Brown (football), Michael Savage, Admiral Rickover, and many others. Avoid friendly fire wherever possible.

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  15. Every now and then the real hatred of the Talmud for the goyim comes out. Point that out, and they brand you an anti-semite.
    Lesson learned: The Devil is an accuser—a FALSE accuser!

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