Antifa threatens to behead whites and small biz owners on November 4

Antifa, the Progressive communist group identified by the Obama administration in April 2016 as “domestic terrorists,” has declared tomorrow, November 4, to be a day of “revolution” in the United States.

They even took out a full-page ad in the New York Times to that effect.

According to InfoWars, the ad was written by Refuse Fascism, a communist group funded by George Soros which took responsibility for shutting down a conservative event hosting journalist Milo Yiannopoulos at U.C. Berkeley last February.

On October 30, 2017, an individual identified by Gateway Pundit as a leader of Antifa, Tom Bloke @21logician, tweeted a menacing threat, that on November 4, millions of Antifa “supersoldiers” will decapitate white parents and small business owners:

Bloke took down that tweet, but not before other Progressives responded to the threat with enthusiasm. As an example:

It turns out Tom Bloke’s tweet is actually a retweet of an earlier tweet by Krang Nelson @KrangTNelson:

Nelson claims his tweet was a satire. His tweet was reported to Twitter, which led to his Twitter account being temporarily suspended, then reactivated just after 9 p.m. on October 30.

Tom Bloke @21logician told Chris Caesar of Mic that he has no affiliations with Antifa. (Bloke’s Twitter page says he’s in New Zealand.) He said he published the tweet to protest Twitter’s (temporary) suspension of Krang, and that “Tom Bloke” isn’t even his real name. Bloke said in a direct message to Mic:

“It’s baffling to me that such an obvious joke — stolen from another guy, as a joke — turns into an article where I’m suddenly cited as an antifa leader. “he right-wing fake-news machine is on another level of stupid that is hard for me to understand. I don’t even like antifa that much.”

As for Antifa’s revolution tomorrow, Mic claims it, too, is not true, and blames the hysteria on InfoWars:

“the Nov. 4 conspiracy theory is — you guessed it — a baseless lie. There is no evidence for an attack. There is no evidence of planned violence. A cofounder of the group organizing the event said it is a peaceful call for nonviolent protest. […]

The Nov. 4 conspiracy centers on alleged antifa documents that call for violence aimed at fomenting a ‘civil war’ between Trump supporters and antifa on Nov. 4. Much of this wild speculation seems derived from a deeply dubious and widely shared report on right-wing conspiracy hub InfoWars by YouTuber and blogger Paul Joseph Watson.

The InfoWars post links to a statement on the website of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, which indeed calls for demonstrations against Trump in numerous U.S. cities on Nov. 4. At no point, though, does it call for ‘violence’ or ‘riots,’ let alone a ‘civil war,’ as Watson reported.

Watson seems to parse the statement’s fleeting reference to a book published in 2005 by Communist Party Chairman Bob Avakian — The Coming Civil War and Repolarization for Revolution in the Present Era — as a sign that thousands of people are actually planning to start a civil war.

From there, things really flew off the rails. On Sept. 29, InfoWars’ Alex Jones told his viewers that ‘we have a flood of antifa saying that they’re preparing with weapons, knives and guns to kill conservatives, patriots and white people en masse.’

Posts like this one started to go viral, with far-right activists claiming law enforcement sources told them things like ‘Black Lives Matter’ received ‘almost 25 million [dollars] for weapons and other tools to supply groups that plan to attack ‘white people,’ that Trump had deputized ‘over 4 million military people’ to prepare for a coming civil war with antifa and that ‘800,000’ antifa soldiers would likely team up with gang members from MS-13 for the fight.

There is no evidence for any of these claims.

If by “Antifa supersoldiers” is meant this (see below), I agree with Mic.

I predict tomorrow, November 4, will come and go with no revolution or civil war. And if there is, Antifa will quickly be vanquished by real Americans.


30 responses to “Antifa threatens to behead whites and small biz owners on November 4

  1. Have it your way, WHILE WE ARE GOING TO HAVE IT YOUR WAY -Tailor made to your liking!!!

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  2. Who’s the fat ugly, repulsive broad with her ass out front? I’ll bet her box is where her ass used to be and now she craps and farts out of it which gives meaning to her shirt slogan “The struggle is real”, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Diversity is our strength.

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  3. It’ll be a dud. The Antifa don’t have the cajones to actually behead people. They only riot and throw rocks at windows.

    And they especially won’t try this crap in any Second Amendment-friendly (i.e., us redneck) towns.

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  4. The picture of the “super soldier” pictured above is probably photo shopped yo be more awe inspiring and attractive than what the commie-snowflake-transgendered-queers can actually field. But people who get triggered by Halloween costumes probably have difficulty peeling bananas so I am so afriad of anything they might have in store for us.

    I am expecting a massive depends failure in Seattle, Chicago and Boston, with a yoga demonstration thrown in at Seattle.

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  5. I like that. “A massive depends failure”, lol.

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  6. Come and get me, commies.

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  7. I notice they use the name “RefuseFascism”. Why not just use the simpler, “TrashFascism”? Because that’s who they are and represent, right?
    1. something that is discarded as worthless or useless; rubbish; trash; garbage. adjective. 2. rejected as worthless; discarded: refuse matter


  8. They are in for one heck of a surprise.

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  9. Richard Raymond

    Like this lady, I would not underestimate this warning and it’s possibilities;


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    For your information.


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  11. concealed carry has its benefits

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  12. It could be a real problem if the BLM’s, Panthers, and the sand fleas join in….


  13. The NY Slime will run a full page “antifa(g)” advertisement, but All The News the J-ews See Fit to Print won’t run a pro-life ad to try to curb or end the slaughter & bloody sacrifice to Baal known as [‘pro-choice’] abortion.

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  14. Why is the New York Times helping a known communist group — one with both a long history of violence as well as recent involvement in riots, sedition, and other criminal acts — promote havoc and the overthrow of a validly elected president of the United States?

    It’s no secret that the New York Times has been pro-communist for over a century. From covering up Stalin’s genocide of millions of Ukrainians to helping make Fidel Castro the dictator of Cuba, to glorifying Mao Zedong, to romanticizing communist Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers — and much, much more, the Times has been foremost among media organizations promoting communism worldwide. In fact, this year, in celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Times has run an appalling series of articles under the heading “Red Century” that wistfully pine for the romantic era of the gulag and the Lubyanka.

    This is not the first time that the Times has aided the RCP/Refuse Fascism communists by running an ad for their subversive operations. As we reported in January, the Times ran a similar full-page ad for RCP/Refuse Fascism to gin up support for the mayhem that was unleashed on President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

    Read more –

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    • Some years ago, I heard a wise person state that any newspaper in any part of the world which had the word “Times” in the name of the paper is all about the “sign of the times” and is therefore a propaganda arm of those in power. Now, we can rest assured that they’re all propaganda bullhorns since media is owned by only a few trans-global corporations. The same holds true, of course, for their online presence, not just their hard copy print. However, there are nuggets of truth thrown in with the buckets of lies/misdirection. The problem is in the sifting. I good indicator of intent is “not as I say, but as I do.”


  15. If these stinking commie pukes are stoopid enough to try this, I hope they have a good supply of body bags.

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  16. Remember all those “special powers”, etc., and suspension of basic rights that went with the “Patriot Act”? Remember the stated reason for it? Remember the restrictions on donating and/or providing support for “terrorist organizations”?

    Fast forward to today. Now we have a manufactured polemicist group that has been declared a terrorist organization, funded by the darling of the Left, Little Georgie Soros. Watch them strut and keen, why has nothing been done? Oh, I get it. They work for the New World Odor too.

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  17. I’m not afraid of these clowns, however, how does the New York Times get away with running this ad? Isn’t sedition still against the law? How does Twitter get away with allowing these hooligans to openly threaten other people, yet they permanently ban people for criticizing certain protected groups? I doubt much will come of this tomorrow, but Antifa have most certainly caused serious injury to people. If anyone is injured, they need to sue the New York Times and Twitter for a gazillion dollars for being an accessory to this violence.

    These morons are going to find out the hard way that regular, law abiding American citizens aren’t going to tolerate much more of these antics. Guys like my 6’4″ husband and son are about ready to kick the snot out of them! 😸

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    • I said virtually the same thing earlier. Laws only work when they’re applied. I know I sound like a broken record but, I’m tired of seeing the obvious. They don’t work for us. They work for their masters at the New World Odor. We just pay them.

      This country has never been more messed up and that’s because none of the so-called “government” works for us. They should all retrain as rope stretchers.

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  18. I’m their worst nightmare, a white, God loving, concealed weapon carrying, owner of a Farmers Market Christian small business with God signs everywhere.
    Come get some……

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  19. FYI, here’s a speech that was delivered by Andy Zee of Refuse Fascism on Aug 5th that can be found on the archived version of (I haven’t looked to see if this is still currently available on their site or if something more recent has been published in the interim):

    Though according to this speech, they’re not overtly calling for violence, it’s clear from the wording that they’re NOT just going to be peacefully protesting. There are statements made througout the speech that suggest otherwise. They are as follows (note that I’ve bracketed the text that should be emphasized using “[” and “]”):

    “Again, there is a break with what have been the norms we confront, and to deal with this there must be a break with the [“normal” ways] people seek change from government. The normal forms of petition and [protest] DO NOT APPLY with Trump—even as they have been difficult enough under the normal functioning of this system.”

    “What the Trump/Pence Regime has done and is about should shock the conscience, but for all the reasons of “normalization” that I have been talking about, part of what we must do is [act in ways] that put the “shock the conscience” quality of this fascism in front of people where it can’t be ignored.”

    “First, we must understand that the [kind of struggle] that we are calling for on November 4th is absolutely essential. Waiting till next year could well be too late. There is freedom in really understanding this. To just keep on keeping on with what we and other forces have been doing will very likely lead to real catastrophe.”

    “There is another important dimension to comprehend about why only the people through mass struggle in [the ways that Refuse Fascism is calling for] could lead to removing the whole regime and a positive outcome.”

    “Before moving to our immediate plans, I want to underscore again that a key obstacle that we must overcome is people today having little experience with truly mass struggle that steps outside the bounds of the normal political processes, [including protest as usual]. Our actions and our organizing between now and then must make this different way of doing things come alive for masses of people.”

    Again, what I’m reading into this is more than just peaceful protesting but on the other hand, I’m pretty sure that they won’t be beheading anyone. My guess is that they’re going to attempt to greatly disrupt normal everyday life for a lot of people by blocking roads, etc. in an attempt to force others to feel their pain. Keep in mind that they’re planning for this to go on for a while — it’s not just this weekend.

    On a related note, according to two of Roger Stone’s sources, Jeb Bush is saying that Trump will be out of office by December. I think the belief at Infowars is that there may be an invocation of the 25th amendment, section 4 but if that’s the case, there would almost have to be an announcement made this coming Monday because it takes a minimum of about a month for that process to play out assuming no hitches.

    Git yer popcorn ready…

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  20. At this point in the series of events, President Trump must meet with former CIA operative Robert David Steele, and he MUST FIRE Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who seems to break out in hives and has to recuse himself from every little “dust-up” that comes along. This tells me that SESSIONS IS UNDER BLACKMAIL; I cannot understand why Mr. Bartles & Jaymes is so against that killer weed, marijuana, but, By Golly, JUST WON’T go after the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, or even a homeless vagrant!

    As for ANTIFA, what can I say? President Trump has the ability and authority to declare George Soros an enemy combatant of the United States, seize his assets, freeze the assets of ANTIFA, and declare their officers enemy combatants of the United States. But No.

    What is up with this Administration, anyway???

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  21. I guess it fizzled out – once they realized getting shot DRT* doesn’t make for a very good protest.

    *Dead Right There.

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  23. antifa


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