Woman, 48, caught giving a man, 28, oral sex on US flight after meeting him on the plane

Judge Judy shakes head rolls eyes

I guess reading a good book on a plane flight just doesn’t cut it for some people.

From Daily Mail: A pair of Delta passengers are facing criminal charges after allegedly being caught having oral sex mid-flight.

The female passenger, 48, was allegedly caught performing the sex act on a man 20 years her junior as they remained in their seats on the flight from Los Angeles to Detroit on Sunday.

Airport police say both were connecting in Detroit to other flights and the pair only met on board the aircraft.

After landing in Detroit, they were met by airport police and given citations. Neither has been named but the pair are both now facing charges from the FBI.  Because the alleged encounter happened in the air, it falls into the jurisdiction of federal investigators.

The FBI did not respond to questions on the incident on Tuesday morning.

Airport police in Detroit said the woman was on her way to Nashville and the man was flying on to Miami. It is not known if they missed their flights as a result of their brush with the law.

Delta has not revealed whether the pair had been drinking during the flight. The airline declined to comment on the investigation on Tuesday morning.


20 responses to “Woman, 48, caught giving a man, 28, oral sex on US flight after meeting him on the plane

  1. Yea but you can read anytime you want.


  2. … and why is this even news? Why is it being reported at all?


  3. Don’t people worry about STDs anymore??

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  4. Just when I thought “What’s wrong with people?” I read these most recent comments by readers of the Daily Mail article:

    A man in India wrote: “2 consenting adults. What’s the problem?”
    A man in the UK: “Some people have all the luck!”
    A man in Australia: “Adds a new dimension to in-flight entertainment.”
    A reader in Germany: “Only the yanks, in all real cultures they would have been told to not do it anymore and perhaps given an official warning. Yank, sexually repressed warmongers with a culture based on crap Hollywood movies.”
    A reader in the UK: “Some people get all the luck. I normally get a fat sweaty bloke next to me”
    A reader in Ireland who, I’m certain, doesn’t believe in God: “Leave them alone for godsake”

    I give up. This world has gone to Hell.

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  5. Depraved and disgusting!!! These are people with no morals or decency. This goes for those who applaud this garbage as well.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Perhaps they were just expressing their idea of ‘high-jacking’.

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  7. Love this comment from a Breitbart reader: “Since when did Madonna fly Delta?”


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  8. So many women have lost all self respect and dignity . Thanks, Feminism.

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  9. Boy, too bad they didn’t hit turbulence, newspapers would report it as a double whammy as one choking death and the other bled to death” hahaha

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  10. It is astonishing that people would act in this manner to begin with . . . but to do it in a public place is beyond comprehension. Oh! To return to the morals of the 1950’s. I am at least glad that the FBI took the wind out of their sails. Can you just imagine if a young child had happened upon this odious couple?

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  11. Twenty-Five years ago I was on a short hop late evening flight from LA to Las Vegas. It was a small plane with a center aisle and 3 seats on each side and the plane was full. Unfortunately, I shared seats with a young South American couple wearing expensive clothing and leather carry-ons. I had the aisle seat and during the flight they were all over each other with a coat covering most of their bodies. Everyone in the seats around me knew they were “pleasuring each other” with their hands, but the stewardess didn’t say anything or offer to move me to another seat because there were no empty seats. It was dark in the plane and I tried to read my book with the little light overhead, but I was so mad and couldn’t concentrate. When we landed and were able to move to get off of the plane, I said to them “And you couldn’t have waited to get to your hotel room?” How rude!! They pretended to have surprised looks and I quickly moved through the tube connector to get away from them.

    You’re right, Auntie, I so miss the innocence of the 50’s.

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  12. Auntie-that was my first thought. What a thing to do where there might be children present! I can’t believe the General Public is okay with this!

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  13. Back in the day, we would turn a water hose on animals.

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  14. Dr. Eowyn:
    “I give up. This world has gone to Hell”.

    Did you not know that Hell is run by Jews?
    You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
    The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.”

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  15. Air travel itself has all the earmarks of a CATTLE call….too bad the beasts of boarding can’t control their animal mating calls for a few hours of shoulder-to-shoulder, hip-to-hip transport with OTHERS of their genus and species…..dkolb, above said “back in the day we’d turn a water hose on animals.” Heck….way too mild for these “people,” where’s the ELECTRIC CATTLE PROD when you need it?

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  16. Please tell me there were lots of alcohol and drugs involved to make a woman disgrace herself in such a way. Has she not heard of mouth and throat cancer or STDs?

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  17. I get this much: Al Goldstein once said, “We Jews are into pornography because we believe that Jesus Christ sucks.”

    In other words, there is a free and fair market exchange. All Right, I get that much (I AM NOT saying I approve of that). Aye, Here’s the Rub: Attached to Goldstein’s words is a “convenient” (Kantian) imperative: All Right, Mr. Wisenheimer, as you believe “Jesus Christ sucks,” what do you intend to do about it? Why, publish pornography of course.
    The reasoning is circular, but the outcome, as noted above, is the same: Christ Himself said, “Ye are of thy father, the Devil!” He HAD TO HAVE BEEN correct: If one thinks that Christ is just some other man on a soapbox, well, then, So What?

    The same situation applies here. Only the two lust-bunnies don’t acknowledge it. (Or weren’t aware of it at all—and that does not surprise me, as people nowadays are that FREAKING STUPID!!!)

    This is not to lecture anyone about oral intercourse: This is about public fornication. I get Hugh Hefner’s point: His gamble was “There is no God.” If his unbelief was right, he won: His soul is abolished, and he knows or remembers NOTHING. I get it: He made a gamble. After all, “If God does not exist, then everything is permitted,” as Dostoyevsky said.
    But what if there is a God?
    Then there remains the common courtesy we owe to our fellow men.
    Then there remains the self-respect even criminals at least used to pretend to have—or at least wish to emulate. (I said, “used to.”)

    Well, there you have it. The Mile High Club, in action. And God Sees the Truth but Waits: After all, aren’t most people these days sodomites?
    I see the couple’s point: In a free and fair market exchange, anything goes—especially since “most people do it anyway.”

    Jesus Christ remains in the Right. And He remains within His Rights: He Alone is sovereign.
    And yet the Devil keeps pushing that envelope….

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  18. A couple caught in a sex act on a Detroit-bound passenger jet last month not only tried to hide their activity with a blanket, but pulled it off while a man was sleeping in the same row next to them, according to a police report obtained by the Detroit Free Press. […]

    Airplane sex case: Woman drunk; lewd act occurred as man slept next to them


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