The audience laughed when he played ‘Chopsticks’, then something amazing happened

Sick of politics?

Here’s something uplifting — a reminder of why God hasn’t given up on humans, yet.

When the pianist sat down at the piano and began playing “Chopsticks,” the audience laughed.

But soon it became clear he is a genius and virtuoso.

So who is this remarkable young man?

This is what I was able to find:

His name is Andrew Johnson, the roommate of Kurt Hugo Schneider, 29, a musician, producer and songwriter, whose primary medium is YouTube music videos, from which Schneider is said to make a 6-figure+ income. Schneider’s Facebook page is here.

Here’s a closer-up video of Andy playing his Chopsticks Symphony:

H/t FOTM‘s EddieBG


12 responses to “The audience laughed when he played ‘Chopsticks’, then something amazing happened

  1. What an incredible talent. Such a pleasure to hear.

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  2. WOW!!!! I can honestly say I’ve NEVER heard Chopsticks done so BIG!! Kudos to this fine Musician!

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  3. Almost Everyone who has ever walked past a piano has stopped, looked around first, to see if anyone was looking or in ear-shot and then went after the Ivory Keys.. And what was their song of choice,?? “Chopsticks” of course.. If there were two friends available – it was two-handed Chopsticks..!!
    The very Talented Player here made the simple “Chopsticks” into the Classical Piano Chopsticks Concerto.. = = take ‘THAT’ – Mozart..!! You too Chopin..!!

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  4. Fabulous! What a talent. Thank you for the pleasure of hearing him.

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  5. This reminds me of Mozart’s Variations on a Theme of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” which starts out with the single-note melody and goes into some fabulous variations. Fun to play. Also, many of Bach’s and Schumann’s pieces were originally written for children to play!

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  6. Love it, God gives such great abilities…thank you for letting us hear one of them

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  7. That was really beautiful. There was Chopsticks, a little Chopin, Franz Liszt’s “Hungarian Rhapsody”, Jerry Lee Lewis, I don’t know what else.

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  8. 🙂 HUGE, HUGE smile—bigger than any imogee can express. AND—loved the concert footware.

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  9. Wow he played that Hungarian Rhapsody almost as good as Bugs Bunny played it with his feet! Excellent! What a joy to hear classical music remembered, learned, and played so well.

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  10. Bravo! Andrew and his piano are as one. The piano comes alive through him. No orchestra needed. Gifted, and hours…upon hours of practice. Brilliant performance.

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