Cats greet their owners after long absence

Cats are not extraverts like dogs.

Despite their reputation, cat owners will tell you that their cats are neither aloof nor unloving. They’re just different — they’re not dogs.

Watch how these cats greet their humans after a long absence.

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10 responses to “Cats greet their owners after long absence

  1. Just what I needed, talkative kitties. So happy!

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  2. Cat says meoww glad to see ya now go get my food

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  3. They sure don’t need to talk to express their love to Us. Meowwwww

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  4. I am accessing the internet via my laptop, lounging on my bed . . . Baby (my kitty) is laying near me; when she heard these other kitties meow–her eyes got as big as saucers. Then when it was over, she fell asleep.

    I very much enjoyed this clips. Thank you.

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  6. LOVE IT! We once went away for only 4 days….and though we had a caretaker come into the home to feed/care for the cats (and chickens) for the two days that we were not in the house (we were there the day of leaving and the returning day)….when we got home one of the cats would not stop “talking” to us…and eventually led us to a closet to show us how she “nested” there while we were gone. Once we got “the message,” she stopped “talking” to us. This was not a very demonstrative/loving cat…and so, it was a little sad that she was telling us that she had been fearful of us being gone and had “hunkered down.” I really think she thought we were not coming back! Once she told us her “story,” she was fine….like….maybe she was telling us to never go away again! In her lifetime…we never did both leave at the same time again…..

    And, just a “by the way,” I report with some sadness, but with great gratitude for my blessings, that my oldest cat, who was 23-1/2 years old, died over the Labor Day weekend. He was so frail at the end, but still ate several times a day, loved to be with us, and could still walk gingerly, still jump up on things as high as the couch….still adored us as much as we adored him. There’s so much to his story, b/c he was a stray kitten who arrived to us in an odd way—brought to us by our “mother-wanna-be dog”—-but that’s for another day

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