Pedogate: Actor Kevin Spacey ‘likes young children’

Sunlight is a powerful disinfectant.

At long last, corrupt Hollywood and the attendant “entertainment” industries such as fashion and pop music, are being fumigated.

The Hollywood Sexgate truth-telling is now spilling from women accusing former mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment/assault/rape, to accusations of pedophilia and pederasty — the stuff not just of rumors, but of an explosive 2015 documentary, An Open Secret, which briefly caused a stir and then was heard/seen no more in no small part due to the refusal of companies to distribute the film.

Now, with the recent accusation by actor Anthony Rapp that Academy Award recipient Kevin Spacey, 58, had tried to “seduce” him (“to get with me sexually”) when he was only 14 years old and Spacey was a 26-year-old adult, the evil crimes of Hollywood pedophilia-pederasty are finally being exposed. (See DCG’s “Sexgate: Closeted homosexual Kevin Spacey apologizes for trying to seduce 14-year-old boy“)

What is disheartening is that, in the wake of Rapp’s accusation, media attention has been focused on Spacey’s admission that he is a homosexual — long known in Hollywood and by the MSM — but not on Spacey’s sexual predation of Rapp, a minor.

This post means to correct the MSM’s attempt at misdirection, as other accusers are coming forth, claiming that Kevin Spacey is not just a pederast — an adult who sexually preys on teenage boys — but a pedophile.

(1) What National Enquirer says:

To begin, according to an account in the National Enquirer:

  • Former Boston newswoman Heather Unruh wrote on social media that Spacey had sexually assaulted an unnamed “loved one”.
  • UK resident Nadine West also went on social media saying that Spacey had groped her “young male friend” when they were working at London’s Old Vic theater. This was the time when Spacey, who was acting and directing at the Old Vic, when he claimed he had been mugged at 4 am in a public London park known for covert “gay” sex.
  • Others say Spacey participated in X-Men director Bryan Singer’s notorious pool parties, known for young and underage males.

(2) Actor Corey Cox:

On the evening of October 30, 2017, Cory Cox, a young actor who had appeared as an extra on Spacey’s Netflix series House of Cards, posted on the Facebook group Ancapistan that he’s had sex with Spacey, and that Spacey’s sexual preferences include young children. Cox’s post is now deleted, but not before screenshots were taken of his post. (Source: Everipedia)

(3) Associates with convicted pedophile:

Birds of a feather flock together. In addition to being a habitué of director Bryan Singer’s pool parties, Daily Mail says Spacey also hobnobs with convicted pedophile millionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein of “pedophile island” fame:

“Spacey has, throughout his career rubbed shoulders with the liberal elite. He is a close friend of Bill Clinton. Another acquaintance is Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted US paedophile financier, a one-time friend of the Duke of York. But in his private life Spacey has maintained a resolute silence.”

(4) Photographic Evidence:

Below is sordid photographic evidence of Spacey grabbing the reddened butt of a young male (source: Instinct Magazine):

On October 30, after Anthony Rapp’s disclosure that Kevin Spacey had tried to “get with me sexually,” Netflix effectively fired Spacey with the announcement that House of Cards‘ sixth season, scheduled to debut in 2018, would be the final season of the series. The very next day, Netflix announced production would be suspended indefinitely. (Wikipedia)

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34 responses to “Pedogate: Actor Kevin Spacey ‘likes young children’

  1. Keyser Söze didn’t get away with it this time…

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  2. Ew! Male butts are so gross that I don’t even understand how women sometimes like them. For a dude to like them is pure sickness.

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  3. Shame on the media for covering up for Spacey.

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  4. Glad to see all these coming to lightI but there is complicity among the violators and the violated, money has been paid and accepted for silence and fame, blah blah blah, and it will go on and on, I don’t see anybody arrested! Money, the root of all evil.

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  5. “sordid photographic evidence of Spacey grabbing the reddened butt of a young male”
    notice the location of the male’s “reddened” butt…poor kid.

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  6. Why is all of this stuff coming out at the same time? Is it like dominoes that have been set up, and all it takes is a slight push and they all start falling? Whatever it is, keep it coming! Corey Feldman needs to strike right now while the iron is hot. 😎

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    • Maryaha, it’s shake, rattle and roll!

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    • Maryaha . . . You have posed an extremely interesting question. This morning I was reading in Isaiah . . “And I will punish the world for evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay down the haughtiness of the terrible.” Isiah was allowed to see all the wickedness in the last days, and he wrote about the ramifications of it. When we look at all the sexual perversion, Hollywood types intimidating young women, and in some instances young boys and men into becoming their sexual toys, then if we look at the likes of the Clinton’s and the vast number of murders that can be placed at their doors, the evil that Obummer and his ilk have perpetrated . . . . we can clearly see the “arrogancy of the proud to cease.” If you will recall Killary appearing before Congress and declaring . . . “What difference does it make” when questioned about the death of four Americans in Benghazi . . . now with Uranium-gate, etc we certainly can see clearly . . what Isaiah meant by “lay down the haughtiness of the terrible.” Things are unfolding as Our God would have all these wicked goings on made public by the scrutiny of having the light of day shine on them. I feel sure that in the weeks to come, there are still many more of the “arrogant” and the “haughty” that we will be hearing about.

      I can only say. it is gratifying for much of this evil to be laid bare, for all the world to see!

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    • Why at the same time? Hmmm…how much have you heard about Vegas since Weinstein?

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  7. Disgusting. Hang him up.

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    Screenwriter and director, Billy Wilder, has had an enormous impact on the public, as substantiated by his numerous Oscars and other film awards. Responsible for famous films like Hold Back the Dawn, Five Graves to Cairo, Double Indemnity, The Lost Weekend, Sunset Boulevard, Stalag 17, Sabrina and The Apartment, Wilder’s cinema successes were granted him as he was just another pawn who was utilized with evil acumen to help abolish society’s established code of ethics. His own authorized biographer who worked closely with him, Maurice Zolotow, wrote:

    “Of course, I did not know what I was getting into when I had started this. It became, as all such journeys have become, a journey to find out the secret springs of this most devious and perverse of Hollywood’s personalities.”

    Wilder loved to transport the viewer into the depravity of his own heart and did this by tricking the censors who sought to enforce the old Hollywood Production Code of Hollywood’s “Golden Age.” Wilder recalls, “We had to operate cunningly to outwit the censors and this made us write more subtly.” What subtleties did he scatter throughout his films? Perversion. In his movie, The Major and the Minor, Wilder admits that the motif was child sexuality, stating:

    “Ray Milland falls in love with Ginger as a twelve year old child. We had here the first American movie about pedophilia. The Major is sexually aroused by her. He can’t help himself. I was worried that audiences would be shocked by this story, but it seems that they were not.”

    This goes to show that if a story is entertaining and “cute,” it can bypass the normal reaction to such filth and translate into apathetic disregard on the slippery slope of corruption. Where did this movie minister of perversion receive his material? Wilder was given his creative material by another supernatural force. In addition to stating that he is “demonically possessed and slightly crazed,” Zolotow reports of Wilder:
    “He could not stop his creative machinery from functioning. He was enslaved by his art…One sometimes felt as if one were moved by powerful invisible forces. I forgot to tell you that Wilder never starts a new screenplay without typing two words on the first page: Cum Deo (‘With God’). He has a pantheistic feeling about the universe.”

    Demon possession leads many from the truths of God to the pantheistic lies of the New Age movement because Satan uses those who will serve him most faithfully in preparing humanity to embrace him as the god of this world. Wilder’s responses upon completion of his show make it readily apparent which god he aligned himself with. Scientologist screenwriter of the Sound of Music, Ernest Lehman, recalls:

    “He looked at the heavens and screeched F— you!” It was…a victory cry, as if he were calling out to God and saying,

    ‘I completed this picture despite everything you did to make me surrender.'”

    Dr. Lycurgus Starkey rightly announced on the NBC network: “His movies have overturned all the sexual mores, glorified promiscuity, glamorized prostitution and elevated adultery to a virtue.” Dr. Starkey was prophetically right in predicting the social effect and outcome of Wilder’s films that we currently face in our day. The atheist author of communism, Karl Marx, explains the reasons why this is so:

    “The ideas of the ruling class are, in every age, the ruling ideas: i.e., the class which is the dominant material force in society is at the same time its dominant intellectual force. The class which has the means of material production at its disposal has control at the same time over the means of mental production.”

    The gross immorality in Hollywood that makes its way on the screen and thus influences the masses reflects the lives of those who operate within it. An intimate friend of the late Steve McQueen related:

    “He’d kill for a part in a movie…he’d suck anyone’s [expletive]…he’d get f—– or f— anyone who’d get him a part in a show…then he’d wish-he’d pray- that person would have a heart attack or a stroke and die, and then there would be no way for anyone to know how McQueen had got the part.”

    This disgusting ambition is what keeps the infamous casting couch warm and desirous hopeful actors willing. Hollywood insider, Phyllis Diller, clarifies this fact:

    “The casting couch is the name of the game in Hollywood. I know there are stars, especially women, who have made a career from sexual favors.”

    Would you invite a person whom you knew to be ethically bankrupt and an absolute moral degenerate into your home to influentially instruct your wife, your husband, and your children or loved ones? These are the very ones that America invites into their home every night via the television to submissively share their lives with.

    Faye Dunaway said that the ghost of Joan Crawford is haunting her. Actress Jean Seberg believed that her “devils” kept her from ever being free. She stated:

    “The devils will stop that sort of stuff in a second. They ride right here. (Touching her collar bone with her fingers) Sitting here and here. There’s one on each side…these are both unfriendly influences. They tell me to run my car into other cars, or drive off a cliff.”

    A friend later reflected on her life and pin pointed the cause as the “acting classes at Columbia Studios…[which] had the power to influence Jean’s devils.” Like countless others in the Hollywood movie star system, this lead to psychiatric hospitals and suicide. Actor Sal Mineo was in regular contact with psychics and spoke of the “vibrations” of James Dean’s spirit that haunted him, stating, “I’ve got to get him off my back because I don’t want to join him down there.” Mineo was murdered under mysterious circumstances. Is fame worth the extorted fees that Satan demands of his servants of the silver screen?

    As Alan Alda declared:

    “There’s plenty of money to be had…But you also lose your soul.”

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    • Buddy Silver . . . Thank you for your excellent contribution to this discussion. It was most enlightening. I didn’t know that Sal Mineo was murdered, I think I always thought that he had committed suicide. I always very much liked Steve McQueen, but after reading about his methods of getting ahead in Hollywood . . . I am no longer a fan of his.


  9. AUGUST 11, 2017
    by Rabbi Pini Dunner

    It is always assumed that the most important text of Judaism is the Torah. But while it is true that the Torah is uniquely revered as the essence of our faith identity — and elevated above all other texts as the unadulterated word of God — the primary text of Judaism is undoubtedly the Talmud.

    The Talmud is a remarkable compilation of ancient traditions that accompanied the Sinaitic Torah, collectively known as Torah-she’baal-peh, or the “Oral Torah.”
    These traditions are made up of two distinct parts. The first consists of guidelines associated with laws mentioned in the Torah, whose practice is undefined by the text (such as the shape and color of phylacteries, or the fact that the Omer-offering countdown begins on the second day of Passover rather than the following Sunday).
    The second part consists of a series of interpretative rules that are used to extract information from the often impenetrable text of the Torah. The incredible consequence of this dual system is that it turned the Torah into a living, breathing document, with layer upon layer of depth and meaning.

    It would appear that immediately following the conquest of Canaan, and all the way through the destruction of the First Temple and into the Second Temple period, these traditions remained exclusively oral. Purists believed that the Oral Torah’s dynamism would be fatally compromised if any of it were written down.

    This purist approach proved to be a disaster, however — and throughout this period, Jews and Judaism were in constant danger of vanishing completely. The powerful tug of pagan worship, combined with limited Torah knowledge among the people, often resulted in the abandonment of normative Judaism. And when the pendulum eventually swung back in favor of Torah law — as it always did — the nation would be hampered by its inability to correctly interpret the Sinaitic Torah.

    During the rebellious reign of King Josiah (c.649-609 BCE), the High Priest Hilkiah discovered a Torah scroll while renovating the Temple, and brought it to the king’s attention. Josiah was confounded by what he read in the scroll, and sent it to Huldah the prophetess to inquire what it meant.

    The reason that Josiah consulted Huldah instead of Jeremiah, the senior prophet of his day, was probably because Huldah was the leading Oral Torah teacher of her time, as indicated by an ancient Aramaic translation of 2 Kings (22:14). This explains why the scroll’s discovery and Josiah’s interaction with Huldah resulted in an extraordinary religious renaissance. Nevertheless, the revival was depressingly short-lived, as only a handful of experts were familiar with oral tradition, and the nation once again drifted away from Torah observance.

    At some point in the Second Temple era, it must have dawned on the rabbis that the dual system would never truly work unless the oral traditions were properly recorded. As a result of this epiphany, the slow process of turning our rich oral backdrop into a structured body of knowledge began. This would become the Talmud.

    The final version of the Talmud did not appear until many centuries later, but when it did, it contained a faithful record of discussions and statements by rabbis whose principle aim over hundreds of years had evidently been to formulate a body of knowledge that would both deliver the detailed information lacking in the Sinaitic Torah, while also generating continued enthusiastic discussion and innovation.

    Even as this extraordinary project gathered pace, there were those who opposed it — either because they rejected the concept of an oral tradition altogether, or because they feared that formalizing such a vast body of law would restrict their ability to integrate into contemporary culture. These Jews became known as the Sadducees, and were comprised of a broad group, encompassing everyone from Torah-scripture literalists to Hellenized Jews. But while the Sadducees desperately tried to delegitimize Oral Torah as an aberration, they had nothing enduring to offer in exchange. Instead, they focused on the Temple as the only important symbol of Jewish identity.

    With the Temple’s destruction in 70 AD, the Sadducees became an anachronism, and disappeared more or less immediately. The same fate might have befallen the originators of the Talmud — the Pharisees, as they were known — had they not created their comprehensive record of the Oral Torah. Every Jew since that time owes their existence as a Jew not to the Sinaitic Torah — despite its superior sanctity and sacredness — but to the extraordinary body of knowledge that is the Talmud. This is why traditional Judaism focuses so heavily on the study of the Talmud, as opposed to simply reading the text of the Torah.

    The Torah itself is fully aware that it must be seen as being greater than the sum of its parts, as indicated by the statement (Deut. 11:19), “and you shall teach it to them” — namely, your children. The three-letter root for the Hebrew word “teach” — LMD. — is identical to the root of the Hebrew word for “study.” And the word Otam in the phrase, which refers to the children, appears without the letter “vav,” allowing it to be read Atem (“you”). The message this conveys is that we must never limit our own Torah-study to teaching our children. To ensure the survival of Judaism, we must be prepared to grow our personal Torah knowledge throughout our lives.

    If the Torah had been confined to the original written text, it would never have survived. But there is so much more to the Torah than meets the eye. To access the vast reservoirs of that knowledge, we must use the Oral Torah as our guide. That is why the Talmud is the most important text in Judaism.


  10. It appears that Spacey (and others) is morally corrupt to the bone and has been for years. And I repeat, not to defend Spacey, but I wonder at Rapp, with his accusal now, and why he did nothing at the time the abuse occurred.
    Be that as it may, Hollywood is a moral sewer, and President Trump’s actions in going after these criminal perverts is to be lauded, regardless of his own record of lechery, if any.

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  11. The Film Actors Guild (FAG) 😁

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  12. From Slate: How Calling Kevin Spacey a Pedophile Hurts the Gay Community

    “However, we can condemn the alleged events of Rapp’s story without falling into the trap of fueling moral panic around the specter of the pedophile. And in its pitchfork-and-torches response, that’s exactly what the gay community is doing. It used to be straights who “pedophiled” gays to deny them civil rights and social inclusion. Now we apparently pedophile our own for moral purification and self-satisfaction.

    Indeed, one working definition of pedophilia is “ongoing sexual attraction to prepubertal children … who are generally age 13 years or younger.” From the perspective of helping children and pedophilic men both, pedophilia is best understood as a mental and public health problem requiring treatment and supervision rather than as a crime. (As a technical matter, there is no “crime” of pedophilia, which is a structure of desire; there are crimes of child molestation, abuse, etc.)

    No, based on the evidence available at this point, Kevin Spacey is not a pedophile. But calling him one only helps to bolster the homophobic fantasy that gay men in general might be. This is why gay commentators’ defensiveness against the stain of pedophilia is, while understandable, deeply misguided.

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    • “Moral panic”?

      They have ZERO moral authority to lecture to anyone, about anything.

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      • Hi, this comment is a bit random and not totally related to this post, but I am watching the Open Secret documentary on youtube, and I have to point out that this creep, Michael Harrah, often does the creepy tongue flick that you have pointed out before. (Meryl Streep, etc.)
        Evil and demons truly exist, it is shocking but so obvious if you know what to look for.

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  13. Revolutions always eat their own. All these social justice warriors and liberal scumbags turning on each other warms my heart.

    Now tell me again as a conservative how I’m guilty of all the things you actually are!

    Fuckin pieces of shit.

    Please excuse my vulgarity.

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  14. I’ll say it again: Who is actually surprised to learn this — about Spacey?
    The icing on the cake is that gays feign umbrage at being lumped in with pedophiles… the way they did when priests were being labeled as both when it turned out all their juvenile victims were, gasp… boys! Maybe not all gays are pedophiles. But they are both sexual deviants, and one (deviancy) tends to lead to others.
    I’m actually kinda surprised the media is actually coming down hard on the accused, considering how they seem to have moved away from accepting any sort of morality anymore. Maybe there’s still hope for planet Earth. But give it another 5, maybe 10 years, and I can see the left saying it’s all just fear mongering, forced morality/religion, and a “privacy” thing. God save us.

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  15. So many good comments & the post is right on that the Sodomites are complaining that Spacey’s man-boy-“love” is giving THEM a bad name, lol. What hypocrites, all of them.

    We’ve all heard that this is the 666 hand sign (& in this instance, doubling as the all-seeing-eye), but I’m now wondering if it’s been a pedo-Sodomite hand-sign all along (if you get my drift):

    What a sleaze!

    Re: All this coming out now, perverts being exposed, etc., I have to wonder: We’ve heard for a long time that once the Homos are “accepted as normal,” that the next step in “their” debauchery game is to make PEDOPHILIA lawful, accepted, & “normal.” I wonder if Spacey will end up being their means to that end, their “pedo poster boy.”

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    • Has anyone here ever been tempted to make that pose while being photographed? Do your Facebook friends make that pose in theirs? Do your children or grandchildren?

      No, it’s ONLY the Hollywood cult members who do this. But remember, it doesn’t mean anything, you evil conspiracy theorists. PS you’re racist.

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  16. Next up as of earlier morning 11/1/17:

    “Dustin Hoffman accused of sexual harassment”:

    He’s 80 now, wow. But the accusation is from when he was younger (he made very raunchy remarks to a 17 year old several times). He’s already “apologized,” saying that does “not represent who I am.” Blah blah, they all repeat the same lines just like ACTORS, lol.

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  17. After He Flew With Bill Clinton on ‘Lolita Express’ Kevin Spacey Started Group to Groom Child Stars

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    • Nice try at pretending to be remorseful AFTER getting caught.

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      • Amen! There is nothing new that makes pederasty any better today than it was when “the Hollywood Hero” engaged in it then. I’m also reasonably sure that it never stopped. I can’t imagine that a man could develop desire for little boys and have that just “disappear” over time.

        I have always said that there is “something” about Spacy that creeps me right out. Would you let this guy sit with your kid?

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  18. Dr. Eowyn, you’re not wrong about Hollywood (where I worked for 10 years), but it is small by comparison with the Rothschilds/Bush perverts and political perverts.


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