Another Hollyweird project to boycott: Rob Reiner’s “LBJ” movie

rob reiner

Rob Reiner (aka Meathead) has directed a new movie coming out on November 3 entitled, LBJ. Reiner also has a major case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

About his upcoming movie, from Wikipedia:

“LBJ is an upcoming American political drama film directed by Rob Reiner and written by Joey Hartstone, whose script was on the 2014 Black List. The film stars Woody Harrelson as the titular President. The story centers around the political upheaval that Vice President Johnson faced when he was thrust into the presidency at the hands of an assassin’s bullet in November 1963. With political battles on both sides of the aisle, Johnson works to heal a nation and secure his presidency by passing Kennedy’s historic Civil Rights Act. His early years are also chronicled.”

Reiner has suffered from TDS for some time. A quick perusal of his Twitter timeline verifies this. Some of his recent tweets:

  • The national nightmare continues. Mentally ill sexually abusing racist takes healthcare away from millions. Democracy hangs by a thread.
  • Just because,with the help of Putin,the 2016 election was pushed through a worm hole,we must never accept a moronic mentally ill POTUS.
  • Trump finally able to tackle that big water hazard. Used a three iron. Our POTUS is a racist piece of garbage. Shame on him.
  • With a non-existent POTUS, thank God we have an engaged citizenry who are willing to stand up or kneel to protect our democracy.

Since Reiner has a movie coming out, he’s doing press to promote it. And what better way to entice moviegoers than by bashing the POTUS?

Reiner recently said, “I would never go to his (Trump’s) White House.”

More from Yahoo: Add Rob Reiner to the list of celebrities who wouldn’t accept an invitation to visit Donald Trump’s White House. Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment about his timely new political drama, LBJ, the outspoken filmmaker and political activist indicated that he’d steer clear of a one-on-one meeting with Trump, even if the invitation came with the opportunity to screen his portrait of America’s 36th president (played by Woody Harrelson) for the 45th inhabitant of the Oval Office. “I would never go to his White House,” Reiner says emphatically.

Not only do I not agree with him politically, but I find him to be a disagreeable person, and a person with no feelings or empathy for anybody but himself. Hopefully our country and democracy will survive this presidency, but this is one of the biggest challenges democracy has ever faced — to have someone as disreputable as Donald Trump in the White House.”

Reiner’s impression of Trump is based both on his actions while in office and also on a past encounter long before the New York businessman and gadfly assumed the presidency. “I met him one time before,” Reiner remembers. “I know a lot of actors, and they all have big egos. But never anything like I saw with Donald Trump!”

Funnily enough, Reiner’s leading man had a similar experience when he met the current president. During a recent appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher, Harrelson recalled a 2002 dinner meeting with Trump and Jesse Ventura that he described as “brutal.”

“I never met a more narcissistic man,” Harrelson said. “I had to walk out halfway through and smoke a joint just to steel myself for the rest of the [dinner].”

Of course, Reiner didn’t tap Harrelson for the role simply because they both happen to agree on Trump. “Woody comes from Texas and has a great sense of humor, as Johnson did. Johnson also had these tremendous insecurities and vulnerabilities. I knew Woody could combine all of those elements; he was my first choice for the part.”

Read the rest of Reiner’s rant here.

Another Hollyweird movie I won’t be seeing.


44 responses to “Another Hollyweird project to boycott: Rob Reiner’s “LBJ” movie

  1. Ah, Meathead rides again… but will he report this:

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    • Anonymous . . . If only our black citizens would become educated as to how LBJ really felt about them . . . perhaps they would cease thinking that the Demorats felt all warm and fuzzy about them.

      I have such seething dislike for LBJ, I personally think he was a POS. What a travesty that Kennedy was ever assassinated, and he became POTUS.

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      • In full agreement with you. Any bets on how honest or dishonest he will tell LBJs true hatred of blacks and how he fought against anything that would give them rights. Jackie always said she thought he had something to do with the assassination.
        Frankly, I wouldn’t want his fantasy to darken our White House,s doorway.
        He lies when he says Our President is racist. Proves he knows no history.
        Archie had him pegged correctly from the beginning. Meathead.

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      • LBJ is part of the pantheon of American god-men. The god of free stuff, I think. Sure, he didn’t care about people but he was quick to hand out the goodies and taught men government is like the Wizard of Oz.

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  2. Rob Reiner is rumored to be a gay pedophile. Stay tuned!

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  3. LBJ might have been involved in JFK’s assassination, according to a former LBJ mistress, see link below:
    If that’s true, Reiner’s film is nothing more than a whitewash and revisionist view of history. Another reason to avoid it.

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  4. Dreams from the LORD 2011-2015
    11 August 2015

    Last night I had a very long dream, but most of the details are gone from me now. The part of the dream that I remember was at the very end. I was with President Lyndon Johnson (1963-1969) and he was acting very strange. We walked into this room where he knelt down and put a loaded revolver to his head. I closed my eyes and put my hands over my ears and said, “Don’t do it!” I opened my eyes and saw the dead body of President Johnson—it looked like he had put a bullet through his head; his face was covered with blood.

    Maybe this dream means that President Johnson’s brand of liberalism will die out in the future.

    Psalm 34: 21: “Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate.”

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Should not be surprising that johnson would be a hero of the left. And could it really be coincidence woody and reiner are so closely associated, considering harrelson’s father has been connected to the J.F.K. conspiracy.

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  6. Do we need to say anymore. He’s a meathead and they belong in the grinder.

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  7. Yeah, let’s make a hero out of a President who was a corrupt, crude, disgusting racist. Keep perpetuating the democrat lie.

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  8. “The story centers around the political upheaval that Vice President Johnson faced when he was thrust into the presidency at the hands of an assassin’s bullet”
    HAHA! yeah, poor lbj!…he and JFK were like oil and water…
    JFK was the only reason lbj became VPOTUS and ultimately POTUS…
    JFK wouldn’t push israel’s agenda, he was assassinated and israel-phile
    lbj became POTUS and pushed everything pro-israel…
    it’s more than a coincidence that JFK was murdered in lbj’s home state.

    even before VPOTUS days, when lbj was congressman, he smuggled jews into the usa under “operation texas”
    “Congressman Lyndon B. Johnson pulled the right political strings from behind the scenes to circumvent the existing discriminatory U.S. immigration laws and saved hundreds of Polish and German Jews on the eve of the Holocaust.”
    he used his position as state director with the National Youth Association (NYA) work camps to house, train, and feed the illegal aliens all at taxpayers’ expense.
    on March 1938 he helped Erich Leinsdorf re-enter the usa and become a naturalized us citizen
    on July 1938 he helped rescue jews from poland and germany
    on September 26, 1938 he helped rescue jews from poland

    Krystal Nacht, which is considered to be the start of the holocaust began on November 9, 1938 (25 years later, JFK was assassinated and a mere
    2 hours after the murder, lbj was sworn in as POTUS)
    how did lbj know what was going to happen to the jews so he could rescue them in Krystal Nacht before it actually happened?
    And if he was so concerned about jews’ safety, why only “rescue” a select number?

    we all know about USS Liberty and how he sided with israel over America…

    vietnam (like many wars) was used as a distraction to push communist (judaic) social change on traditional American values while the country mourned over the drafting and deaths of young American sons, brothers, and fathers who, otherwise, would’ve been home fighting against that subversive cancer called ‘communism’ instead of fighting the communists in vietnam.

    lbj (crypto-jew) was a hero to jews…not so much to america…I wonder if any of that will be discussed in reiner’s movie?

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    • From

      In 1938, Lyndon B. Johnson, then a Congressman and later the 36th President of the United States of America, worked covertly to establish a refuge in Texas for European Jews fleeing Nazi Germany. Johnson helped hundreds of European Jews enter Texas through Cuba, Mexico and South America. In part, Johnson was influenced in his attitude towards the Jews by the religious beliefs that his family, especially his grandfather (Samuel Ealy Johnson Sr.), who was a member of the Christadelphian church, shared with him. Christadelphians believe that the Jews are God’s chosen people, and LBJ’s grandfather once said to him, “Take care of the Jews, God’s chosen people. Consider them your friends and help them any way you can.”

      What blasphemy. So Jesus Christ came and died for nothing.

      Neither Lyndon Johnson nor his grandfather must have read Luke 22’s account of what Jesus did and said at the Last Supper: “This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” And he did the same with the cup after supper saying, “This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my Blood”; or of St. Paul’s letter to the Hebrews 8:13: “In speaking of a new covenant, He makes the first one obsolete. And what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away.”

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      • I have also read that LBJ was a Crypto-Jew or a Marrano. I believe Lady Bird Johnson was Jewish on her mother’s side. Whatever the truth may be, if Johnson did save anyone from Hitler’s Reich, then good for him. Be that as it may, Johnson was an amoral criminal psychopath, and he had his own personal hit-man, Malcolm “Mack” Wallace, whom some believe fired the fatal shots upon President Kennedy that fateful day in Dallas.
        I have also read that Eisenhower was a Crypto Jew or a Marrano, and Dr. Henry Makow has traced Donald Trump’s Jewish lineage on his father’s side, if I recall the article (within the past year) correctly.
        I have also read that the Rockefeller Family are Crypto’s or Marranoes.
        My point is that these people I have mentioned, minus Trump, have been most very handy in infiltrating and subverting the established Order.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . Thank you for giving us even more background on JLB. While his grandfather may have felt that Jews were The Lord’s Own Chosen People, they lost their position as “first in line” because they betrayed God’s own son, and were instrumental in bringing about His Crucifixion. Absolutely, there was “the new covenant in my Blood” . . . this new covenant was affixed upon those of us “Gentiles” who believe in Our Lord and Savior, and are called Christians being named so for our belief in Him. Marvelous how you have cited the very scriptures that precisely lay out the fact that the first covenant with the Jews, Christ coming to earth from that lineage, became an obsolete covenant due to the unfaithfulness of the Jews in that time. We know that The Lord has promised that in end of times, the Jews would be restored to their promised land, they would be gathered in . . . but the original covenant was not restored to them, due to the fact that they did not acknowledge Their Savior when he walked among them.

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      • Amen, Dr. Eowyn!

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    • MomOfIV. . . . Wow! That was quite a narrative. I did not know much of what you cited. Thank you for the history lesson. God Bless.

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    • You stole my laugh, Mom. That “….thrust into office…” had me rolling on the floor. LBJ was about as “innocent” as Satan. This is a guy who murdered his own sister.

      He was the ultimate insider political deal maker. He was known to call up his colleagues at 2:00 a.m. and say things like “No Tell Motel, August 2nd. Remember to vote for my bill”.

      He was the “Boss Hogg” character you’d associate with a 32nd degree Freemason. In a world of creepy politicians he stood out.

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  9. Well, that’s our Meathead, supersensitive nerves and all. And kudos to Woody Harrelson for out-sensitizing him!
    Yes, it appears that Donald Trump has an ego the size of one of his office towers. Be that as it may, Johnson—who had an interesting and checkered history—remains an interesting character who has not received the film treatment his character deserves, other than “The Right Stuff,” to the best of my memory. For it remains on the record that Johnson’s record in villainy is the stuff of Shakespeare. An amoral criminal psychopath who had a gigantic ego himself, LBJ rose from the obscurity of a school teacher to Big Time radio station owner who established himself rather quickly.
    I have heard veteran political consultant Roger Stone discuss his book on Johnson’s complicity in Kennedy’s murder; It was compelling, and, I believe, absolute truth on the matter. So it’s not that I won’t boycott Reiner’s new movie; I just don’t have the time to set aside for it. Nor do I diminish Harrelson’s talent. But the truth remains their jealousy for being small-time characters, compared to the man they eagerly criticize, just go to prove Cassisus’s point: “The fault, Dear Brutus, is not in the stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
    Trump 2, Reiner & Harrelson 0.

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  10. I wonder if they show the part where LBJ pulls string to get a military decoration in WW2 although he never was close to the frontlines nor faced the enemy. He was and is the definition of scum and a forerunner of J. Kerry.

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    • Waco Bob . . . Very interesting, did not know that fact. In addition to being a forerunner of J. Kerry . . . . my mind is drawn to all the horrific facts surrounding our very own traitorous John McCain! (May his soul rot in Hell when he knocks on the door.)

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    • There’s one wonderful thing about LBJ. That’s that there really isn’t anything he HASN’T done to enhance his power. There are far too many stories of things he is known to have done in his life that are utterly disgusting.

      He was SO sleazy he made the Kennedy’s feel saintly. He had no sense of propriety either. I remember him showing off ins gall bladder scar to any news guy with a camera.

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      • Didn’t LBJ also have his aides in the bathroom while he sat on the toilet doing No. 2?

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        • I’m not familiar with THAT one. I DO know that he had the SeaBees re-plumb is ranch house to provide super powerful showers (he was nuts for this). When they did the “ribbon cutting”, he shouted down at the group and cussed out the commanding officer. He demanded that he get his a&* up there, now. When he got upstairs LBJ had him stand in the shower in his dress uniform and turned the water on. He laughed his head off over it.

          I’ve also heard “flirtatious” recordings of his calls to Jackie Kennedy after the shooting. It is enough to turn your stomach.

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            “President Johnson did not mess around. He was constantly on the telephone, making dozens of calls every day, and was known for using more than one phone at a time. Apparently he wanted to get some serious talking done, because nowhere was off limits for conversation. Rather than put a conversation on hold, he would have reporters and aides follow him into the bathroom where the dialogue was supposed to continue. Needless to say this often inspired discomfort.

            Johnson is reported to have had conversations while exposing his genitals, urinating in the sink, and sitting on the toilet, but as far as the observers could tell, it never caused him any embarrassment. Some presume that his actions stemmed from a desire to show his power and to put others in an awkward position so that he could better control the conversation. Possibly he simply didn’t want to stop talking.

            But surely the President wouldn’t behave this way in front of women or influential people . . . right? Wrong. Presidential historian and former White House aide Doris Kearns Goodwin remembers not only regularly accompanying him to the restroom, but also his criticism of his National Security Advisor’s response when asked to accompany him in a similar manner. Apparently extremely uncomfortable with the situation, McGeorge Bundy stood in the farthest corner of the bathroom with his back toward Johnson. The president, dissatisfied with the speaking arrangements, said, ‘Come closer, come closer.’ Bundy complied, and Johnson later remarked, ‘I thought he was going to sit on my lap! Hasn’t that guy ever been in the Army?’

            From an excerpt of Robert Caro’s biography of LBJ:
            “He early became fabled for a Rabelaisian earthiness, urinating in the parking lot of the House Office Building as the urge took him; if a colleague came into a Capitol bathroom as he was finishing at the urinal there, he would sometimes swing around still holding his member, which he liked to call ‘Jumbo,’ hooting once, ‘Have you ever seen anything as big as this?,’ and shaking it in almost a brandishing manner as he began discoursing about some pending legislation. […]
            Even on the floors of the House and Senate, he would extravagantly rummage away at his groin, sometimes reaching his hand through a pocket and leaning with half-lifted leg for more thorough access.”

            “Johnson had ‘an unfillable hole in his ego,’ Moyers says. Feelings of emptiness spurred him to eat, drink, and smoke to excess. Sexual conquests also helped to fill the void. He was a competitive womanizer. When people mentioned Kennedy’s many affairs, Johnson would bang the table and declare that he had more women by accident than Kennedy ever had on purpose.”

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        • Yes, he did, and Johnson did it, according to Roger Stone, in order to intimidate his Secret Service protectors and underlings. Johnson, according to Stone, was a consummate sadist.

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  11. DCG . . . Once again, you have brought us an excellent article! Thank you.

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  12. Rob Whiner.

    (age 70 now & still a meathead.)

    Gaaaaa, I cannot stomach these people & their thinking.

    Willynilly men may mistake Trump’s abundance of confidence for narcissism. And it was a dinner with TWO very strong personalities, Ventura & Trump. I guess it was too much testosterone in one place for Woody to handle… he had to go get HIGH just to cope, lol.

    Harrelson, 56, doesn’t look anything like LBJ who has a wide, flat face. The movie poster at Wiki doesn’t appear they “made him up” very much to look like LBJ:

    Other unflattering tidbits from Wiki re Harrelson:

    He rejected the Christian faith of his youth & the Bible:
    He told Playboy in October 2009: “I was getting into theology and studying the roots of the Bible, but then I started to discover the man-made nature of it. I started seeing things that made me ask, ‘Is God really speaking through this instrument?’ My eyes opened to the reality of the Bible being just a document to control people. At the time I was a real mama’s boy and deeply mesmerized by the church.”

    His father was a hired killer, wow:
    His father, Charles Voyde Harrelson, was a convicted contract killer (hitman), who received a life sentence for the 1979 killing of Federal Judge John H. Wood Jr. in San Antonio, Texas. He died in the United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility on March 15, 2007.


  13. Had to LOL when you wrote ‘(aka Meathead)’ at the very beginning of the article, DCG! ☺️

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  14. In case you missed it…

    ‘Meathead is on the case’! Rob Reiner and pals team up to ‘investigate Russia’

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  15. Once a meathead always a meathead.
    Johnson single-handedly reversed the gains made by minorities and condemend them to many decades of, what by any other

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