SJW career interrupted: MLB’s kneeler, Bruce Maxwell, arrested on gun charge

bruce maxwell

Kneeling, lying and assaulting. Way to ruin your career, genius.

From Fox News: Bruce Maxwell, the only Major League Baseball player to kneel during the national anthem this season, has been arrested on a gun charge. (Bruce is an African-American who was born in Germany while his father was stationed there in the Army.)

The Oakland Athletics catcher allegedly pointed a gun at a female food delivery person in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Scottsdale police said officers went to Maxwell’s home Saturday night after getting a call about a person with a gun. Maxwell was booked on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct.

Police said Maxwell was held in custody pending an initial appearance. TMZ Sports first reported the arrest.

Maxwell, 26, hit .237 with three home runs and 22 RBIs in 76 games this season. He was projected to be Oakland’s starting catcher next year.

Last week, Maxwell claimed during a visit to his hometown of Huntsville, Ala., that he was refused service at a restaurant because of his protest. But a waiter told Fox News that Maxwell was “outright lying,” about what happened.

“I didn’t even know who Bruce Maxwell was,” waiter Matt Henry said.


14 responses to “SJW career interrupted: MLB’s kneeler, Bruce Maxwell, arrested on gun charge

  1. If it looks like a thug, and acts like a thug, it’s probably a thug. This fame (I’m assuming), along with the big-bucks and pandering is giving these pro-players a false & inflated sense of their place in society. What a foolish man, another one whose career might possibly be ruined by hubris.

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  2. This is what made Mr. Maxwell — ““I didn’t even know who Bruce Maxwell was,” waiter Matt Henry said.” — mad and why he decided to get even with the business where he was dining. I really hate to break this to all these sports hero’s but there are a whole bunch of us who not do not know who you are nor do we care. Your importance is way overblown. The National Felony League, oops I mean the NFL, is slowly finding that out.

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  3. First I’ve heard of the twit. Hope it’s the last I hear.

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  4. Mr Maxwell has learned two new facts. Children should never be allowed to play with firearms, and in the real world of work and worry, people don’t give a flying shit about “professional” athletes political opinions. As the revenues continue to drop over their bullshit kneeling, they are going to find out how truly unnecessary they are. Bread and circuses for the masses as the empire fades away.

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  5. personal accountability, thy name is not SJW

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  6. Quick! Some white SJW has to come to this guys aid because the cops, Dey bees raycist!

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  7. People like THIS guy SHOULDN’T have guns. BUT-according to the Constitution,they have a RIGHT to own and carry,UNTIL they break the law with it. That’s where they give up that right. I know,it sucks that we can’t take a gun away from an idiot until he uses it illegally,but until THAT point,he’s still as legal as I am or you are. At least his fingerprints will be on file now,in case he does something else equally stupid.

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  8. Just my humble observations and opinion—but….there’s PLENTY of young, aspiring, talented sportsmen out there in the USA…b/c THAT IS WHAT WE HONOR HERE…(quoting Plato) and we show it by PAYING for it. So, therefore, kids from POP WARNER and Little League and so on have been honing their skills for already 2 decades before even BEGINNING to think about leaving college or a community college, etc to try for a professional career. SO….TEAM OWNERS AND MANAGERS… have the WORLD at your feet….you DO NOT have to accept the literal CRAP that’s been going on in these professional teams for the last decades…the things that are eating away your botton line and “respect” for your game….the wife-beating, the drugs, the bs like the likes of this post…the embarassing political involvement when NONE NEED BE SHOWN at a SPORTS EVENT…..the disprespect to our country/our flag/our anthem/the Founding Fathers who PROVIDED for our country to evolve in the ways of equality—EVEN IF THEY WERE BOUND BY THEIR OWN COUNTRYMEN AT THE TIME to NOT be able to provide…they provided for it in the future… KNOWING/HOPING that what they could NOT do by their own (state) laws and situations/moires of the times….they would provide a path for in the future—after their deaths….I firmly believe that they saw beyond their deaths…or they would have never written the documents that they did that guide/govern us today over and over again…….I’m a little like Trump…I say….DARE….DARE to FIRE THEM ALL….like Reagan fired the air traffic controllers…….YOU have an even EASIER field to choose from….the next generation of sports-heroes will step up as soon as you hire them….way easier than trying to train 2-decade’s worth of air-traffic controllers at the drop of a hat. Personally….I never knew ANYONE growing up who was practicing to be an air-traffic controller….but almost EVERYONE I knew played/trained in some sport or another starting before EVEN elementary school…..

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