Regarding November 4th 2017 Revolution

It’s no secret today’s Communists are planning to raise hell on the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

Here are some of the shrill headlines from a Google search for November 4, 2017:

  • Beginning November 4: This Nightmare Must End!
  • Patriots beware! ANTIFA plans armed uprising on November 4!
  • Where Are the November 4, 2017 Protests? List of Every Location
  • ANTIFA Website Planning Nationwide Anarchy On November 4th
  • Patriots beware! ANTIFA plans armed uprising on November 4!
  • Antifa Planning Communist Revolution for America on November 4
  • Antifa Plan Civil War To Overthrow the Government On Nov 4
  • CIVIL WAR IS COMING – Patriots beware November 4!
  • Inside the Left’s Plans to Occupy Trump – POLITICO Magazine

So how are we to respond to this threatened civil war? 

I am now speaking my personal opinion. Antifa will certainly fail to start a revolution because it is not the monolithic organization it pretends to be. It is just a continuation of the old “Occupy” movement, made up of lazy, uncommitted trust-fund hippies. The moment it’s not fun, they will take the nearest exit. They would not dream of missing out on a skiing vacation, a campus party or Spring Break.

Nope, there is no chance of Antifa successfully starting a revolution. However, I would tell everyone to be aware that among the Antifa protestors are individuals who are complete sociopaths, capable of doing horrible things to an easy victim, so don’t be one.

So November 4th will come, amount to nothing, and cease to be worth reporting.

Malefactors like George Soros will continue to fund willing idiots and mercenaries. The evil desire to cause harm will continue even after Soros is in Hell. Why? Because it is coming from that ancient principality that rebelled against its Creator.

PS: Check out this ad:


See also “Antifa threatens to behead whites and small biz owners on November 4“.

40 responses to “Regarding November 4th 2017 Revolution

  1. HEY-We could ALL get hired by Soros for the specified rates of $24.00-$45.00/hour,and do NOTHING,or work AGAINST Antifa. The only thing better than beating the BAD guys is using their OWN money to do it.

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  3. Great idea, except I do not plan to be any where near any of these riots/protests. In fact, I will be preparing food for a bereavement dinner that day. It would be interesting if they would happen to show up in this area. Not sure how the local Sheriff would handle them, but I have no doubt that he would.

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  4. WHEN I CLICK ON THIS: PS: Check out this ad:
    Antifa (Hiring) – $24-45/Hr – Apply in seconds‎‎
    Antifa Positions Available. Hiring Now. Apply Today — THIS IS WHAT I GET:

    Sales Representative Rural Markets – Armstrong, MO
    Apply Now
    Take your career and your annual income to new heights with Platinum Supplemental Insurance. Platinum is a marketer of cost-effective, benefit-richsu…
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    Independent Sales Representative – Armstrong, MO
    Apply Now
    Take your career and your annual income to new heights with Platinum Supplemental Insurance. Platinum is a marketer of cost-effective, benefit-richsu…
       Posted 12 hrs ago

    And a whole list of other jobs for several small towns.


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  5. Hadenoughalready

    Let them bring it on. Whatever they start, WE, law-abiding Patriots, will finish.

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  6. I doubt this will amount to nothing more than fodder for the LSM 24 hour news cycle. And a few dead antifa. I’m concerned for the uninformed innocents. The only people antifa is brave enough to attack. Hope they’re wearing their P***Y hats.

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  7. Prepare to see more of this:

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  8. I find it interesting that the same people who strongly advocate for the disarming of American citizens through gun control laws, are also struggling to exercise their right to violently protest what they see as a fascist / tyrannical government.

    I honestly expect that this will turn out to be no more than a tempest in a teapot.

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  9. TD . . . . I think that you have stated something that is of such significance . . . . “The evil desire to cause harm will continue even after Soros is in Hell. Why? Because it is coming from that ancient principality that rebelled against its Creator. When we look around and see such a proliferation of evil, and evil acts . . . you may be assured that those perpetrating these acts are absolutely acting in accord with the whispers of the father of lies, who will never give up his attempt at overthrowing God the Eternal Father and his plan for his children.

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  10. It’s hard to get all worked up over an army whose ideology is so strong that they must be paid to fight. So too it’s a bit difficult to concern oneself with a “revolution” that warns of its own coming. Imagine a real revolution that must be scheduled on a weekend just so that its “revolutionaries” can participate! LOL! Someone wake me when it’s over.

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    • “…a ‘revolution’ that warns of its own coming.”

      Hilarious & very true.

      The only thing I’ll look out for is whether the DOD knocks out the power for awhile. Otherwise, I’m with you, Wake me when it’s over. 🙂


  11. They have no idea what they’re in for if they really intend on starting a civil war. The vast majority of the 80 million gun owning Americans support the US Constitution and I dare say the bible. We have 300 million guns and a few billion rounds of ammo, the math says soros loses.

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  12. It is abundantly clear that neither the “Gubmint” nor the MSM work for our society. They are all bought-and-paid-for agents of the New World Odor. It’s preeminent agent being “Little Georje Swartz aka George Soros.

    What is strange about this is, that in most cases of seditious behavior, there would be an arrest or two. Apparently the NWO has all of these countries, including ours, completely sewn up. He is using his Rothschild “money” to instigate another “color revolution” that will be claimed to have originated from “the people”.

    Those stupid and/or ignorant to assist in this need removal as well. Hungary is on the right track. They and Russia have arrest warrants out for him.

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  13. I don’t know why we keep forgetting this —

    The Obama administration‘s FBI and DHS had declared Antifa “domestic terrorists” in April 2016. Given that, police should simply arrest any Antifa who foment “revolution” on November 4.

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  14. I predict that ANTIFA very well could cause a tremendous amount of trouble, whether they are hired crisis actors or not. Certainly BLM people wouldn’t stay away from any of these protests? Certainly police officers and firefighters wouldn’t be attacked? DON’T BET ON THAT.
    Communism is the demon-crazed parasite that refuses to die. And that is because “good men” refuse to wipe it out once and for all. It is also because “good men” are ready, willing and able to be cucked at every single opportunity that comes along. This is because they are really not that “good,” in that they would rather live their “comfortable, burgeoise lives” and let someone else do the dirty work.

    Communism is that demon-crazed parasite that will not go away for another reason, also: It is the mad dog of the central bankers and the Federal Reserve.

    So whether November 4th sees violence or not, remember that the moral dry rot and corruption throughout the entire world is so far gone, something far, far worse is coming, and it won’t announce itself beforehand. That something is called the APOCALYPSE, followed by the Anti-Christ of Revelation (whom I believe is alive on this Earth RIGHT NOW).


  15. An Antifa job on your resume? That’ll look as good as a gender studies degree…

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  16. A lot is happening Nov. 4-6 2017 DOD beware: “The Defense Department is planning to conduct a training exercise based on an electromagnetic pulse created by a solar flare that knocks out the national power grid and all forms of communication in the U.S.
    According to the American Radio Relay League, the military is planning a “communications interoperability” training exercise Nov. 4-6, involving both amateur “ham” radio operators and the Military Auxiliary Radio System:

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  17. Yogiguy, you are right about that ARRL being involved in a test of the capabilities of emergency communications. I am a ham radio operator, for over 45 years, and while I hate to be called a conspiracy nut, it does seem a little coincidental that they picked the date of Nov. 4 to do this test. I had read on one of my feeds that they anticipated some kind of solar flare, and were going to use that as an excuse for their exercise.
    As far as the Antifa street nonsense, I think it is mostly for the media show that will follow. Somewhere, a gunfight will break out, and it will be caught on camera. And you can bet that the MSM will put that on the news front and center, and make the Antifa look like choir boys and girls, and the people fighting them look like the KKK and extras from Deliverance rolled into one. Just like the government likes to do false flag events to force a narrative, I think that is what Antifa is attempting to do here.

    Getting back to the ham radio thing, we are an independent group, unregulated by the government for the most part, and I think that the feds would like to take over some of that oversight. Broadcast frequency is valuable, and it is only because the hams provide a very useful service that we are allowed to keep our bandwidth. If the feds could somehow get control of us, they could dictate us down to less and less band space, and sell more of it to developers like cell phone companies, and computer companies, etc. and make billions. They have done it at least once before, around 20 years or so ago, that I remember. We lost some space, but gained some other space that no one wanted. Remember that with the government you never get something for nothing. And they are always looking for ways to screw you. Always.

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  18. pigpen51: Great follow up and thanks for giving a personal perspective on the ARRL. It does seem that anything that is not governmentally regulated is an issue for them and it’s gonna cost you either way. As for AntiFa, you might right on that as well. I suspect that there is some sort of push for a civil war to create more chaos and brother against brother (race/race) to cull the population, split any possible unified force against their total despotic control and give good reason to use the local police that have been trained and loaded with military weapons and mentality. Lots to look out for and since this is ultimately a spiritual battleground, best to maintain one’s integrity and stay with the truth. thanks again for your insight!


  19. Why hasn’t Soros be arrested since he is the largest instigator in riots. It wouldn’t be that hard to trace the money back to him. Cut off the money and there you go.


  20. Der Vinder Viper is three days away…


  21. Pardon me while I GO TO WORK on Nov 4, and earn my living that pays for my sorry-ass existence/bills/mortgage/state-local-federal taxes…..for the 52% of Californians who do NOT work, who receive entitlements,who are illegal or on a penal release system, or the like….I’m TOO DAMNED BUSY TO CARE about the “problems” that my “benefactors” are protesting…… CALL the Whaaaaam-bulance to come get them/carry them away. Please.

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    • PS— Dear ANTIFA—-Newsflash! Veteran’s Day is November 11—one week after the “alledged Revolution/Temper Tantrum.” Be apprised…there are 40 million American Veterans still alive ……trained in weapons systems who will defend this country. See you on the “battlefield” you black-masked cowards. Sempre Fidelis.


  22. I agree with you 100%: “…there is no chance of Antifa successfully starting a revolution … I would tell everyone to be aware that among the Antifa protestors are individuals who are complete sociopaths, capable of doing horrible things to an easy victim, so don’t be one.”

    I had debated whether to mention 11/4 to family, but I did not want to “put fear into” anybody for no reason. None of them keep up with these “online things.” Being aware & alert, however, is good advice anytime, anywhere, any day.

    FWIW, earlier today I saw this dumb article at The Guardian making it sound like it is the Alt-Right creating the “fear mongering” re 11/4:

    11/1/17: “Why the far right believes a US civil war will start on Saturday – Since late September, ‘alt-right’ members have advanced the idea that anti-fascist groups will begin a violent insurrection on 4 November. But no antifa groups are planning to protest – so what gives?”:

    They say it is some puny little off-shoot group that is holding the protests & that the bona fide “Antifa” has nothing to do with it.


    • The Guardian might just be one of the twenty publications that Alex Jones is referring to in this video:

      It’s mind-blowing that all of these publications — including Salon, TIME and Newsweek — are apparently claiming that Jones fabricated this whole Nov 4th thing (including his having faked the full-page ad that was taken out in the New York Times which announces the Nov 4th protests). Like Jones says, the same ad appeared in the NYT’s online edition and as you might expect, the ad is also seen on the website’s front page. In fact, a message on the website specifically welcomes NYT readers to the site. 😉 This is absolutely crazy.

      My gut is telling me that the Nov 4th thing is a diversion of some sort. Again, who actually announces a revolution?

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  23. We shouldn’t forget that there is an organization started by Obongo, Podesta, David Brock, et al, and funded by Soros to do these things. They have actually released their general plot.

    If we still had a government this would be broken up as a seditious outfit. Because they work for the NWO, it is allowed to continue. I haven’t yet made up my mind as to whether or not Trump is a knowing part of this, but, either way, I think they will at least attempt to remove him. It will be used as a precedent in any future attempt to derail their agenda.

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  24. I am expecting the usual group of highly distracting news stories this week. And the thing to ask when everyone is up in arms about the outrage du jour will be…

    “What is the other hand doing?”

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