Hillary Clinton’s body language indicates she’s feeling the heat

On October 15, 2017, feigning that she had broken her toe running down the stairs in heels and falling backward, Hillary Clinton called off her book tour in the UK.

She did that because she was tipped off that news would break the next day of Uranium OneRussia’s $multi-million donation bribe in 2010, while Hillary was secretary of state, to her Clinton Foundation in return for the Obama administration’s approval of a deal that gave Russia control over 20% of America’s uranium mining.

A week later, on October 24, the Washington Post (!) reported that in 2016, Hillary’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hired the Washington firm Fusion GPS to continue its “research” on Donald Trump — research that had been initiated and paid for by a Republican rumored to be RINO John McCain. Fusion GPS in turn hired former British MI6 spook Christopher Steele to invent out of whole cloth the “Russian dossier” on Trump, including the incredible account of Trump — notoriously health conscious (he doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol) and germ-phobic — hiring Russian hookers to pee (“golden showers”) on a hotel bed.

The Clinton campaign and the DNC continued to fund Fusion GPS’s “research” until just days before Election Day.

Now, the House Intelligence Committee has opened investigations into both the Uranium One deal, as well as Fusion GPS. White House Chief of Staff — the very based General John Kelly — is also calling on the Justice Department to investigate the Democrats.

All of which would explain why Hillary Clinton, the always-composed pathological liar, is squirming.

Aside from those heavy-duty stress-induced bags under her eyes, the above video points to two significant body-language gestures of Hillary which both have to do with her neck:

  1. Pulling into herself by shortening her neck, chin down.
  2. Touching the back of her neck with her hand.

An article on body language has this to say —

(1) On Hillary Clinton pulling into herself:

The neck [is] a classic position where a predator attacks, either going for the jugular artery at the side or crushing or ripping out the windpipe. When people feel threatened they will thus naturally act to protect the neck, pulling the chin down to protect the throat and possibly also raising the shoulders to protect the sides of the neck.

(2) On Hillary touching the back of her neck:

When a person is uncomfortable with what they are saying or where they are saying it, then their neck muscles may tense, affecting their voice through constriction of the windpipe or tensing of the vocal chords. This can cause discomfort in the neck and the hand thus acts to sooth this irritation.

When a person is uncomfortable they may sweat. If they are wearing a tight collar this will start to rub and irritate them. As a result they may pull at their collar . . . .

Another reason for touching the neck is when the person fears attack, as it reflects the desire to cover their windpipe.

There are also major muscles at the side and back of the neck and rubbing or squeezing these indicates tension, which may well be anxiety.

Suddenly grabbing the back of the neck can be a displacement activity for anger, as if the person raises their hand to strike then has to do something to restrain it. A neck-grab can also be a sign of shock or surprise as if the person is pulling their head back and grabbing it to suppress the reaction.


35 responses to “Hillary Clinton’s body language indicates she’s feeling the heat

  1. Aw, too bad, so sad. Not.

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  2. Heh heh heh heh….Watching Cankles squirm is good entertainment!

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  3. would like to see her squirm in prison

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  4. Not interested in seeing her squirm- I am interested in seeing her hang- for treason. And really , another House investigation committee? How bout Sessions get off his duff and appoint a special prosecutor for the whole filthy lot of them including Mueller who was head of the FBI at the time. Just why in hell hasn’t that rear end wipe been called off the investigation when he was involved with covering for the witch? I am so sick of this I could puke. I thought we had a real attorney general when Sessions came on deck. I see I was sadly mistaken.

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    • Lana . . . . you have hit this question correctly! Mueller’s hands are filthy from being involved in all the goings on of the Demorats. It is high time that an independent council who is a person of integrity be called to handle this great debacle. I agree with your feelings regarding Jeff Sessions. He needs to take the bull by its horns and delve into this filthy mess, as the Attorney General of the United States. I don’t know if he is spending all his time quaking in his boots or what, but it is high time to get it in gear!

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      • Yeah Auntie, I too keep wondering if Sessions is afraid of crossing the Clinton machine and having an untimely appointment with his maker, or if he is just another freemasonic swamp creature lazily humming while he does backstrokes through the muddy waters.

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        • Lana . . . You may well have hit on why Sessions has a hesitancy in jumping into the fray. . . what with the body count from the Clinton machine ever mounting. He may well be afraid of an untimely death. If that is so, he needs to resign now, so that we could get someone in there who will do the job of Attorney General to its full extend!


      • I keep hoping Rudy is in a back room prepping for the take over? I saw where corrupt Lindsay said there will be problems if Trump fires Mueller. Why would he want to protect that jerk?
        It would seem Sessions jumped the gun on recusing himself since Mueller is not doing what he was assigned to do, he has crossed the line.

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        • Yes I know it would be a disaster if Trump fired Mueller, but legally can’t Sessions fire him for conflict of interest since he has so obviously ran interference for the Witch? Rudy has a good reputation as far as cracking down on crime when he was mayor, but alas he is still another freemasonic swamp denizen too- he was in on the cover up of 911.


        • Glenn47 . . . I must admit, I would be jumping for joy to think of having Rudy take over the position of Attorney General. I think that in his own way, Ruby is rather fearless. Look at his record in cleaning up New York City. I would love to see him in, and Sessions out. We desperately need someone who can do that job . . . be fearless, and forge ahead!


  5. Love, love, love it!!! Dr. Eowyn, I read all the articles posted and this one is one I have enjoyed reading over. Body language and eye movements reveal so much, she may not want to appear troubled, her sneer, her fixed eyes (anger and hate) for not being able to control her situation, her curled fingers as if ready to strike. She will not be so easy to convict, it is going to take a long time, eventually she will meet her fate face-to-face.

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  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The Congress and the Senate intelligence committees have to do their job – look at how easy it was for Mueller to indict Manafort; but yet, he seems reluctant to indict Hillary and Obama for treason. It has been proven that the Dem’s and Hillary and Obama are guilty of collusion with Russia during the 2016 election. It is time.



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    • kommonsentsjane . . . Mueller is a stooge. I don’t believe that he will ever make the move of actually indicting Killary, Bill, Obummer, and Podesta (and all the others intimately involved in this mess) because he is complicit in these same schemes. This troubles me no end! I am praying for a miracle, that justice may be done.

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  7. I was waiting for Hillary to say, “I am not a crook!” and then break out in a cold sweat and say, “It sure is hot in here!” Then she would pull out three steel ball bearings and continually play with them in her hand as she continued to lie and sweat and think of all the people murdered on her path of power.

    The Caine Mutiny

    Hillary Clinton and Jezebel

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    • Tim . . . you have stated something that has been a quandary over any number of decades now . . . . . “she continued to lie and sweat nd think of all the people murdered on her path of power.” When we look at the list of people who have been murdered on the orders of the Clinton’s during the last three-four decades, it is so monumental, it scarcely seems believable. At least one, and possibly more of these murders have taken place within the last couple of years. I want this to come to an end! I want these people to be brought to justice. The very thought that we might have had this treasonous woman leading this country, takes my breath away. Thank God the Heavens’ were watching out for the common man in this nation.

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  8. Dr Eowyn . . . God Bless you for bringing us this killer article on the Killer, Killary. I hope that she squirms herself so horrendously that she has to up the amount of Depends she has to purchase to one case a week! This could not happen to a more deserving person.

    How very interesting, this is the first place I have seen this information . . . and that is that creepy old RINO bas*ard John McCain was the first one to pony up monies to start a dossier on Donald Trump. Wouldn’t you just go figure? He is just an evil old devil who need to give up the ghost, and present himself to the gates of Hell.

    My biggest fear is that Killary and Slick Willey, and Obummer will squirm out of having to face justice for the dossier on Trump, which they and the DNC took over payment of, and the selling off of 20% of the Uranium reserves of our nation. These people NEED TO STAND ACCOUNTABLE in this life, rather than the life to come.

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  9. Keep Mueller on the case as long as possible, & give him lots of ROPE.. His eagerness to prosecute the wrong people will eventually expose himself as complicit with the obviously Guilty ones, and that’s what the ROPE is for..

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    • Eddie: This is brilliant. You should read THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu would greatly appreciate what you wrote.

      Also, in the Book of Esther, the Lord allowed Haman to overextend his hand. Haman built a gallows to hang Mordecai, and within 24 hours, Haman was hanging from his own gallows.

      Before the Lord destroys the wicked, He has to expose them to world first.

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      • I just saw this comment on a YouTube video by Martin Brodel. The commenter is Truth is Forever:

        “The brilliance of President Trump and Steve Bannon… set them up and watch them eat each other!!! SUN TZU”


  10. Eddie…I keep hoping for this….but….you have to think/remember that the people who would support Mueller/anyone else of his ilk —including ALL his nominated employees on the case—-are hard-core Dems/Hillary shills who get their news fr late night “comedy” talk shows…&….they actually BELIEVE that it is “news” being brought to them by “reliable sources.” I guess you have to say that they get all their news from FAKE NEWS. Can’t say it any better than our President Trump coined. And, I know so b/c, sadly, I raised 2 really smart kids who married 2 really smart women..& they ALL get their “news” this way….there isn’t a newspaper or magazine (neither left OR right) to be found in their homes…they watch nothing but “Modern Family” & late night ….& they have no friends or associates that believe any differently than they…..They were not raised this way…believe me…BUT…they DID move to Orange Co. CA. as young adults & they will never leave…….So, I guess I’m sayin’ that geography can be poisonous….or…..geography can mean “destiny.” And, so forth…..Whatever….esp. if you arrive at your “geography” at a young, impressionable age–it can override your foundation (do you think forever? That is my question as a parent).

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  11. If That F****r Wins We Will All Hang By Nooses!
    Published on Oct 22, 2016
    Crooked Hillary was in full blown panic mode after Matt Lauer tried his hand at actual journalism for a few moments. She really doesn’t want to pay for her crimes.

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  12. Regarding today’s indictments. Hiliary said something to the effect that we know all we need to know. code for stop investigating before you find out anything about me.

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  13. I keep holding out for the day she squirms around on a stage like a fishing worm cut in two.

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  14. The Clinton woman has no soul. Our problem is not only DOJ, Tillerson at State is holding everything that could harm Obama or Hillary. This corruption must be exposed, all of it. I am praying Trump’s cabinet do their darn jobs, praying these government bureaucrats comply with the law very soon. I fear people will not put up with this Banana Republic much longer.

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  15. Boy oh boy, HRC is looking/sounding/acting pretty bad in the video (& in the Matt Lauer one, she’s nearly spitting nails with her eyes, lol).

    Fascinating body language info. I tried to go watch a few others but they drag on a little too long, so I’m glad you typed out the specifics re the neck & shoulders, etc.

    There were a few hilarious comments at YT under the video you posted at the top, to add more humor to the drab-dressed-She-Devil subject:

    –“she touches her neck, cause she can feel the rope.”

    –“If the camera was lower, you would see her pants are on Fire. Liar, liar…”

    –“the bags under her eyes are rivaling George Soros! Apparently evil never sleeps!”

    –“to see her warding off the imagined feel of a guillotine is absolutely priceless!!”

    –“Wow! Her bags are packed and ready to go…”

    –“them cankles gonna break off once the neck snaps.”

    –“She’s still dressing in pot holders and oven mitts.”

    –“If she gets locked up, it will start the champagne shortage of ’17.”

    –“We got the rope, we got the tree, all we need is Hill-a-ry.”

    –“It’s her eyes, her body posture, and her gesticulations: she looks frightened, recoiled, apathetic, and resigned to fate. We call these things, “paralinguistic cues.” They reveal more than a polygraph test would.”

    –“You should take a look at the gig the BBC gave her on the Graham Norton show a week or so ago. Toe-curling stuff.”

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  16. New Evidence Shows McCain Helped Fund FBI Plot to Frame Trump; Backed Bogus Russian Trump Dossier


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