NFL ‘take-a-knee’ fallout: stadiums empty; ESPN lays off more employees

Breitbart‘s Dylan Gwinn reports, Oct. 29, 2017, that “the NFL’s early games featured plenty of empty seats”.

And although fans have clearly decided they have better things to do on a Sunday afternoon than watch bad football and activist players “take a knee,” there’s still no indication the NFL is listening.

Meanwhile, decline in viewership has led ESPN to lay off more employees by year’s end.

Robert Jonathan reports for Inquistr, Oct. 26, 2017, that ESPN, the self-named Worldwide Leader in Sports that’s drowning in red ink and dragging down parent company Disney, reportedly is planning to lay off more employees before year’s end. Even ESPN’s flagship SportsCenter broadcast could be included in the downsizing.

ESPN’s previous layoffs included:

According to insiders, the upcoming layoffs in late November or early December will affect the entire organizational chart, with 40-60 positions potentially being impacted. The layoffs could hit both on-air TV/radio talent and behind-the-scenes production staffers.

ESPN has lost millions of subscribers (and thus, an enormous amount of revenue from cable and satellite providers) through cord-cutting, and overall viewership is also down significantly. The sports network also overpaid for telecast rights fees to pro and college leagues, which is crushing the bottom line. Altogether, ESPN is struggling from the triple-whammy of:

  • A shrinking subscriber base.
  • Expensive billion-dollar TV rights for the NFL, NBA and other sports. The network pays $1.9 billion annually for Monday Night Football and another $1.4 billion for the NBA.
  • Bloated talent costs

ESPN has also alienated many politically conservative viewers through its emphasis on social justice issues rather just delivering games and game highlights. Examples include:


35 responses to “NFL ‘take-a-knee’ fallout: stadiums empty; ESPN lays off more employees

  1. You know what, serves them well, unless you’re taking a knee to the Lord God Almighty, don’t expect grassroots American patriots to keep supporting you. Buh-bye stupid NFL haters of America.

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    I was gonna give a damn but couldn’t find one. Sorry!

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  3. NFL = Not For Long
    Take a Knee should equal Take a Hike

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  4. I have watched about 30 minutes of NFL football since the kneeling controversy – most of it the Falcons.

    I noticed the networks are no-longer showing live shots of the seating areas during games.

    I wonder why that is.

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  5. If NFL and NBA owners don’t require their “employees” to stand for the national anthem and express their views and support for social issues on their own time, then firing broadcast employees, cutting player salaries, and reducing ticket prices will not be enough to save them and could spell the end of these professional sports in the tradition we have known them.

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    • greenworxx . . .as you have said . . . “firing broadcast employees, cutting player salaries, and reducing ticket prices will not be enough to save them and could spell the end of these professional sports . . .” I grieve for those who will loose their jobs, on the sidelines, due to the sheet stupidity of these belligerent thugs disrespecting our nation’s flag . . . but if American patriot’s do not stand up and be counted in so far as helping to shut down the NFL. It just cannot be that sane people allow agent’s of change to blackmail American’s who enjoy football. If we capitulate to these thugs, then what is next?

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  6. I have no empathy, they could have stopped it on week one.

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  7. Ditto to all current comments. Has any one define just exactly what “social justice issues” means?

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  8. Hip hip hooray, k’chin k’chin there goes the money machine… bye, shhh somebody up there is watching…….

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  9. The arrogant morons have reaped the whirlwind by their actions. They should be forced to forfeit their excessive salaries to compensate for the lost revenue.

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    • John . . . that is an excellent idea. I do hope that the time soon comes when this whirlwind of thugery bites them in the butt, right now it is other people who have not been complicit in the take a knee behavior who are paying the price. I furthermore hope that Kap, does not get picked up by any team. He does not deserve to play, since he opted out of his contract, let him so get a job digging ditches to support himself.

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      • All Colin Kaepernick has to do is go to west Africa and sign up with a football team in the African Football League (AFL). Then he can play for a team owned by Africans, coached by Africans and financed by Africans. Then he won’t be so oppressed by the horrible, white owner-dominated NFL Plantation System of Black Exploitation.

        These football players soon will be liberated from the NFL Plantation System because the Yankees and Confederates of the United States are no longer watching and supporting the NFL Plantation System.

        Free at last! Free at last! Free at last!

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    • I believe their (mis)behavior could convincingly be portrayed as a violation of their Contracts,making a voiding of their Contracts a valid option.

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  10. Like Hollywood, the NFL is self-destructing on preposterous principles that are really progressive talking points. Conservative fans want sports, not sappy sidebar stories of heroic efforts to overcome something or other, or visits by opinionated presidents and celebrities to give their take on race, gender, of sexuality pertaining to sports. Fans just want the games to escape the political correctness mania for a few hours. The NFL is pooping in its own nest and the media is happy to oblige.

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    • drofmanythings . . . Amen to that! I certainly do agree with . . . “The NFL is pooping in its own nest and the media is happy to oblige.” May they all meet in the unemployment line!

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      • Now,correct me if I’m wrong,but weren’t all these “Talking Points” they’re “taking a knee” for settled and under control YEARS ago? I can see that the Obamination was trying to bring the unrest back,but I wasn’t seeing it being as huge a problem as they think it is/want it to be.


  11. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The knee-takers are killing the Golden Goose and don’t have enough sense to understand that their pay doesn’t come from the owners but the fans. That is what you call “cutting your nose off to spite your face.”


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  12. ESPN had this coming big time.

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  13. I remember when “taking a knee” referred to a kick to the groin. Maybe it still does?

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  14. Too bad, so sad 😄

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  15. Because Leftist BS is really what a paying audience wants…

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  16. Captain Obvoius

    Social justice = whites enslaved

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  17. NFL =
    N – No
    F – Fans
    L – Left
    “LOL… The NFL Will Never Recover From This To What It Once Was!”
    “Lost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$”

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  18. can’t wait to see the stands when next season rolls around and people can really decide if they want to spend their hard-earned money on a bunch of brain damaged, overpaid, social justice warrior league multi-millionaires.
    I do wonder how many quarterbacks are going to retire as well?
    especially considering part of the crybaby nfl players’ bully pulpit protest is to be passive-aggressive by not defending the white quarterbacks properly when they are on the field…pathetic losers.

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    • Do ya wonder how many of ’em will still be multi millionaires by next season? I bet most of ’em go through their money like water,because they know there’ll be more of it next season. What’ll they do when they’re told, “Doesn’t look like we’ll be needing you this season-we’re cutting back to just 4 games this season. The money’s just not there……

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      • yep, soon they’ll be players in the game called “bankruptcy”…
        which is probably why they are pushing for kaepernick to get work…he’s heading in that direction…the obvious book deal won’t save him.

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