Movie review: “Let There Be Light”

As you know, I’m not a big fan of Hollyweird. We RARELY go to the movies because of 1) Hollyweird’s political stance and sanctimonious lectures, and 2) the movies are really terrible. In the last six years, I’ve only seen four movies: American Sniper, Lone Survivor, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (Although I couldn’t make it through that movie – I ended up waiting in the lobby for my boyfriend to finish watching it), and Heaven is for Real.

Saturday night we decided to go see and support Kevin Sorbo (director and star) and Sean Hannity’s (executive producer) Christian movie, Let There Be Light.

The movie stars Kevin and his wife Sam. Kevin and his family are Christians and according to Wikipedia, he believes his religious views have caused Hollywood to limit his career. He has said, “There’s a negativity towards Christians in Hollywood. And a negativity towards people who believe in God.”

About the movie, from Rotten Tomatoes:

“For all his far-reaching fame, Sol Harkins, the world’s most famous atheist, is a lonely soul and a lousy part-time dad. After a near death experience challenges his simplest assumptions about this world, Sol finds his purpose and reimagines his life, in a film that will make you laugh and cry and want to stand up and cheer.

The movie has a 4.5/5 rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

On October 25, Kevin Sorbo spoke with Fox News about why he made the movie:

“The world has gotten darker,” says actor/director Kevin Sorbo, explaining why he’s teamed up with Sean Hannity to bring “Let There Be Light,” a film full of hope, faith and love, to theaters this week.

“The world has gotten more evil,” said the 57-year-old actor, who co-wrote the film with his wife, Sam. “And this movie is about bringing lightness to the darkness, because dark hates the light.

“People are looking for hope. They are looking for a glimmer of something positive in their lives, because so much negativity happens. Evil, a lot of times, is so hard explain it, why people do the stuff that they do that hurts so many people’s lives.

“And we have fallen apart,” said Sorbo, who starred in the TV series “Hercules” and “Andromeda.” “This country is founded on Judeo-Christian values, and now we are a secular nation and you can see the anger and the hate.”

The movie follows the life journey of its lead character, Dr. Sol Harkens, as he converts to Christianity.

Sorbo said the film follows an atheist who changes his views following a series of traumatic events, including the death of his 8-year-old son and a failed marriage.  

“In his private life, he is a pretty miserable guy, and an event (a car accident) happens to him, and he can’t really explain his worldview anymore. And he is torn and lost and the only other person that understands him is his ex-wife. It’s that journey and story of hope, faith and, ultimately, I think it’s a love story and the celebration of the importance of being a father to kids.

Hannity, the movie’s executive producer, described the film as “a real-life emotional roller coaster ride.”

“This is a story about how one man struggles to find his true identity, his faith and how his decisions in life directly impact [things] all around him. It’s a movie that will touch people in every way possible: mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The movie plot moves incredibly way too fast but that is to be expected given that the movie is only 1 hour and 41 minutes long. That time limit doesn’t allow for enhanced character development (except for Sol) so you take the other characters for what you see. Sol’s agent it a jerk from the get go and remains so after Sol’s life-changing event. Sol’s PR agent is tough at first yet I was happy to see that she was moved by Sol’s transformation.

Sam, Kevin’s real-life wife, does a great job in the movie. I had never seen her before and she came across as a natural. Her character is extremely forgiving of her ex-husband, maybe more so than I believe most women would be in real life.

From what I understand, a lot of Sam’s movies have a Christian theme. In real life, she studied Biomedical Engineering at Duke University, but decided to pursue modeling and acting afterwards. Sam married Kevin in 1998 and they have three children together, whom they homeschooled. Sam wrote They’re Your Kids, a book that chronicles her family’s experience with homeschooling. She publicly advocates homeschooling.

If you are a believer you will enjoy this movie and its overall theme. The fast-pace of the movie makes you question how this can all happen so fast. You just have to go with the flow and know that it’s designed as a short movie, not a TV series that can take more time to delve into the consequences of Sol’s actions and how he fully processed the almost near-death experience he had.

The one point of the movie that relates to his near-death experience might differently affect some people, especially if you have lost children (which I have not). I could see where one might find his encounter uplifting or disheartening, depending upon your stage of grief.

Considering that Let There Be Light had no major press, it came in at number 11 for the weekend, making almost $2 million, according to Box Office Mojo. (Compare that to Suburbicon, which had major libtard stars and heavy promotion: Suburbicon came in at number 9 with $2.8 million in ticket sales.)

My boyfriend gave the movie a rating of 8 out of 10. I give it a 7. And even though I anticipated the ending, I still cried.

Overall it was an inspiring movie, one that I would recommend. If you are watching your budget wait until it comes out on DVD – it’s not a “must-see” at the theater.


18 responses to “Movie review: “Let There Be Light”

  1. Given that “Let There Be Light” is a Christian-themed movie, that Rotten Tomatoes gave it an impressive 4.5/5 rating is significant. Too bad the movie isn’t widely distributed, but word-of-mouth will give the movie “legs”.

    Since I live in the Belly of the Liberal Beast, the nearest movie theater showing “Let There Be Light” is 40+ miles away, so I will wait to watch it when it comes out on DVD.

    To find out where the movie is shown where you live:

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  2. Thank you DCG for the movie review. As we are budget conscious movie goers, I will look for this movie later. It sounds good, and I am very glad to see such movies coming on the scene.

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  3. Kevin Sorbo also narrated the documentary movie “ShadowRing”, which features James Perloff, G. Edward Griffin, Patrick Wood, and several other noted “truthers”.

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  4. I cried when I saw this earlier this year and I cried again just now. Thank you.

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  5. I saw Kevin Sorbo plugging his movie on some talk show or website, and was impressed with both the movie and him. I will wait for the redbox to come out, since I simply hate to spend money on the movie theaters, it is just too much to give money to the establishment that directly, and in those obscene amounts. At least by renting, I don’t give as much, and can pop my own popcorn. And there are many Christian actors, you just have to find them, they fly below the radar, for obvious reasons.

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  6. DCG:
    I’ve got you beat. Living in Los Angeles since 1973, I only watched Star Wars in this town. While on mountain climbing vacations in the Sierras and Colorado I also watched Pale Rider and Jurassic Park. Three movies in 44 years.

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  7. Thank you for the review DCG. I kind of had a feeling that the movie would be as you described. While I don’t care for Sorbo that much as and actor- he seems kind of light weight to me- more like a daytime soap actor, I still enjoyed the last movie I saw him in where he played a nasty atheistic college professor- can’t remember the name of the flick, but l think I will wait for the DVD too.

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    If this is true, the Pope has gone crazy, I keep reading contratictory statements attributed to him, this is frightenining…


  9. Thanks for calling this movie to my attention, DCG. I’m definitely a fan of movies and watch at least one per week (especially older ones — classics “In Glorious Black & White”). But that’s at home. On average, I probably go to a movie theatre once every five years; however, I think the last movie I saw in a theatre was ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

    For the most part, Hollyweird is out of ideas, so I watch very few “modern” movies. Although every once in awhile they come out with something that a friend recommends to me and which really impresses me. (I really dug ‘The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button’; loved ‘Hacksaw Ridge’; and absolutely flipped over ‘The Big Short’!)

    As a (failed) actor and screenwriter, I’m pretty tough on movies. But I’m also a real Believer in Christ Yeshua and, sadly, Christian-themed movies usually seem pretty second-rate to me. Generally, I think Christian music is better’n Christian movies.

    However, about a year ago, I was given a free movie ticket, which I haven’t bothered to use. I see that ‘LET THERE BE LIGHT’ is actually playing not far from where I work, and in the movie theatre chain for which I have a free ticket. Maybe I’ll go see it this weekend. After all, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was 9 years ago and I’m past due.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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  10. I saw the movie last night. I really wanted to like it, but the more I thought about it, it reminded me of a Hollywood movie trying to do a “values” movie and thinking it was a Christian movie. It hit all the cliche spots when we need Him, but you know what was missing? Jesus. “Let me become less and Him become more.” It was about Sorbo’s character’s struggle. Even the wife’s cancer while well portrayed) was secondary, it seemed. With the exception of the baptism, my Lord and Savior had a place in Sorbo’s story, by not a leading role.


  11. What an emotional translation of hope. A truly wonderful and uplifting experience like none we have ever seen.

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  12. After two weeks at the box office, Let There Be Light has made $4,023,000 and Suburbicon $5,056,000. LTBL beat Suburbicon this week, #10 vs. #13 at the box office. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

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  13. After three weeks at the box office, Let There Be Light has now made more money than Suburbicon. LTBL total is $6+M (#11 at box office) and Suburbicon has made $5.7M (#35 at box office). Hahahahahahahahaha!


  14. In case you missed it…

    Sorbo, a well-known figure at Comicon for his role in Hercules, is now going to suffer exclusion based on nothing more than a common belief among leftists that people who believe in less government and lower taxes, and who are pro-life and pro-God, are a dangerous scourge and must be discriminated against as a matter of principle. […]

    Source –

    Kevin Sorbo Banned from East Coast Comicon Because He’s ‘Pals with Sean Hannity’

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