Michigan mom jailed for refusing vaccines cultured from aborted babies’ cells for her son

Chris Woodward reports for OneNewsNow, October 26, 2017, that Rebecca Bredow, of Detroit, Michigan, was jailed for seven days for contempt of court after refusing to vaccinate her son with vaccines cultured with aborted babies’ tissue.

The judge told Bredow in a hearing recorded by WXYZ-TV Detroit (see video below): “You’ve repeatedly stated over the past several days publicly that you will not follow this court order.” The judge explained that while she understands Bredow loves her son, Bredow is not the child’s only parent, and that the child’s father, Bredow’s ex-husband, who wants their son vaccinated, also has a say in the decision.

Bredow has since been released, but the situation continues to have people and pro-life groups discussing the issue, including Right to Life of Michigan, which supports Bredow’s right of conscience in not wanting to immunize her son with vaccines that were cultured using aborted fetal tissue.

Right to Life of Michigan Legislative Director Ed Rivet pointed out in a press release that the vaccines are cultured using cells from healthy babies who were electively aborted – not from miscarried babies:

“There is absolutely no question that a significant number of common vaccines are directly cultured using cells from aborted unborn children. That is how the vaccines are produced. We have long supported the right of parents to refrain from using them – or to request alternative versions cultured in untainted cell lines.

The unfortunate part is that all of these vaccines can be produced without the use of aborted fetal cells. The pharmaceutical industry can eliminate this entire controversy by using other cell lines to produce vaccines.

Right to Life of Michigan will continue to expose the truth about these vaccines, continue to support parents who refrain from using them and continue to urge the creation of ethically produced vaccines.”

All of the common childhood immunizations have versions cultured using aborted fetal cells – including MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) and DTPP (Diptheria, Tentanus, Pertussis, Polio). Only a few versions are not grown using fetal cells. No abortion-free alternatives exist for Chickenpox, Hepatitis A, and MMR.

Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC) also supports parental rights when it comes to vaccines. MVC’s Connie Johnson said:

“As a Christian myself, I am adamantly opposed to abortion. It’s not the actual tissue that’s found in the vaccinations, but there are DNA fragments that cause a lot of problems when they’re inserted into another person. The DNA of a foreign person – going into your DNA – the body tries to absorb that DNA. It does cause some problems.”

As for Bredow, she recently told ABC News that she would “do it all over again” – if necessary: “I was trying to protect my kids. I was trying to stand up for what I believed in, and it was worth it for me to try and take the risk, because I was trying to stop the vaccinations from happening.”

The truly perverse aspect of all this is that aborted fetal issue is totally unnecessary for vaccine production or any medical research because the vaccines can be produced using animal cells. As an example, Novartis produced a flu vaccine that does not use aborted fetal cell lines.

Debi Vinnedge, the director of the pro-life group Children of God for Life, wrote in 2015:

 : “The fact of the matter is that aborted fetal tissue is absolutely unnecessary for vaccine production or any medical research. There are numerous FDA approved moral cell lines and if human cells are desired, they can be obtained from a plethora of non-objectionable sources including umbilical cord, cord blood and other adult stem cells,” :Last year, a Congressional investigative panel found that fetal tissue often was used to develop vaccines for “economic, not scientific reasons.”

“Almost 75 specific vaccine formulations have been approved by the FDA for use in the United States and not a single one has been produced using freshly isolated human fetal tissue. Eleven of these vaccines rely on fetal cell lines for historic reasons, yet all of them could be produced using animal cells.”

H/t LifeNews and Big Lug

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36 responses to “Michigan mom jailed for refusing vaccines cultured from aborted babies’ cells for her son

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  3. The state is only part of the problem here. The bigger problem is that the child does indeed have two parents, and the father is using the state to punish his ex-wife.

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    • And the moral is to choose very carefully and wisely whom one marries and especially with whom one has children!

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      • Agreed, Dr. Eowyn. The hard part is knowing what all ought to be discussed with a prospective spouse, and then knowing whether or not they are lying when discussing.

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        • That’s why one needs to know a prospective spouse for a long time before marrying. Having said that, there are people whom I’ve known for years who still managed to surprise me with (negative) traits I hadn’t known.

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          • Dr Eowyn . . . you have hit on an idea that is so important. The most important choice any of us will ever make is who we marry. I certainly agree that when thinking on a prospective spouse, you need to think long and hard. It is sorrowful that her ex-husband is putting HIS WILL BEFORE THE WELL BEING OF HIS CHILD. This is no doubt one way he can get something over on his spouse. What a travesty.

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    • it’s a shame he is willing to hurt his own child just to punish his ex-wife…definitely not a candidate for father of the year

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    • she has it right. And poor nutrition and vaccinations are largely at fault for our weakened immune systems,which allow even colds to be become deadly to us.This has become a “What came first-the chicken or the egg?” situation. Are our immune systems weakened because of vaccinations,or are the vaccinations “necessary” because of our weakened immune systems?


  4. Good for this mom for standing up!

    I wonder why Autism Speaks is so adamant that vaccines have no role in that disease. So curious…

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  5. What a dreadful situation, made worse by the clowns in black robes. This is not a situation judges should be involved in. As a mother, I would never knowingly allow an infant to be vaccinated with any substance that contains foreign DNA. These pharmaceutical companies are evil whores. This disgusting practice of using aborted babies’ cells in ANY product should be BANNED.

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  6. Here is a list of vaccines that use aborted fetal cells for their production:
    More info available at https://cogforlife.org/vaccine-overview/

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  8. Because the father is evidently using the state to exercise his parental rights to choose to have the child vaccinated with these vaccines that the mother does not approve of. The state would be expected to take the side of the “pro-vax” parent.

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  9. It’s not just aborted fetal cells in most vaccines. Research the other toxins put in many vaccines……mercury, for just one, which is proven to cause Autism from studies carried out in other countries. It’s all part of the big plan by the globalists to reduce populations, not just here in the US, but all over the globe. We have to pray Trump can eventually deal with the vaccine issues along with the poisoning of our water and food supplies.

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    • there is nothing that is put in vaccines that should be in the human body…and yet, there are people who march to the big pharma propagandist beat and recite the mantra that ‘vaccines are good for you’…they might as well be saying ‘heil hitler’.


  10. JCscuba . . . I am so very sorry that this travesty was heaped upon the heads of your innocent grandchildren. I have a niece whose firstborn passed away just four days following his first inoculation. The fact that our government backs up Big Pharma in forcing our citizens to have their children shot with these poisons is the greatest evil imaginable. I cannot really imagine having grandchildren that have been rendered disabled to such a degree . . . the grief and sorrow must be unimaginable. There is a family at church who has a son who is autistic, he sits on the first row, next to the wall, with his body twisted so it is oriented towards the wall . . . that poor young man is in a whole world of his own. I really do not believe that all this forced vaccination is really for the greater good . . . it is to fill the coffers of Big Pharma.

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  11. They are using the polio virus to cure brain gioblastomas. Injecting the virus minus the paralytic piece, into the gioblastoma cancer cell, causes the bodies own T cells to attack the cancer and in early trials, people were cured of this deadly brain cancer. Researchers thought More is Better so they injected more polio virus into cancer cells. This caused such a strong immune reaction from the body to the cancer cells, that subsequently killed a number of trial participants. Basically their own immune system killed them from being set on over drive. So, now the research has been put on hold, as we cant KILL cancer patients. Hmmm-so the polio virus causes the immune reaction of T cells and in turn kills the cancer and subsequently the polio virus, itself, I would say people would have been just fine without a polio vaccine. Those with a weakened immune system would have been compromised, but not those with a healthy immune system. Jonas Salk was not a god as people make him out to be. He was a criminal in my book and part of the big pharma criminal cartel, of I think Rockefeller. Also it has been admitted by the gov. that a number of those polio vaccines given to folks like me in late 50’s early 60’s contained a specific cancer virus. That info. can be found in blackvault.com or any FOIA website. Without the polio vaccine, people would have been just fine. That SCARE set the stage for the criminal vaccine industry that is killing/maiming/harming our youth of today.

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  12. And I too, am sorry to hear about your grandbabies, its devastating! May God bless you all.

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  13. The injections of today are not what they were decades ago. They have taken on a sinister agenda. Good for this mother. Repeatedly a perfectly normal and healthy child became austistic after injections. And the number they are giving at one time overwhelms those little bodies.
    The same for the pap virus injections for girls as young as 9 years old. Criminal, at best.
    Many girls have become violently ill, had seizures, paralysis, and even death and yet, the drug companies still deny it was the drugs. Of course it was, but this has to do with the money. The percentage of profit being made is criminal in itself. And yes, even the family doctor, who we all trust has put their greed and billfold ahead of doing the right thing. The injection markup is tremendous as well as kickbacks and rewards for buying the drugs.
    For example, when I worked for a whole sale drug company, a bottle of antibiotic went for $3-4, depending on whether it was if 50 or a 100 cc bottle and normal dose was 1cc and went for anywhere from $5 to $25 each, you can see the profit being made. Same for injections like the flu, some doctors are billing our insurance companies outrageous fees. Some as high as $175 per. Sadly, big pharma owns this country and the doctors are close. They also have,their lobbyist.

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    • they get worse with every generation, but even decades ago, they were putting stuff in vaccines that harmed people…like the SV40 simian polio virus…probably responsible for most of the cancers we’ve seen in these past decades because of their propaganda polio program and tonsillectomies. And immortal HeLa cancer cells that are used to grow viruses to make vaccines…
      it is pure evil what the govt is allowing the pharmaceutical industry to do to us….and all with no liability for us to go after them when we recognize we, or our loved ones, have been damaged by their products.
      no other industry in this country forces the population to use their products, with no accountability for ingredients, no safety standards that are carefully watched, the govt does what they tell them to do, and zero liability for damaging people…


  14. This is an outrage in every way.

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  15. she had originally made an agreement with the child’s father to have her son vaccinated, she also lost primary custody of their son:
    the “judge” really seems to be siding with the “father”…makes me wonder if there’s more here than meets the eye in terms of the “judge” and “father”

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  16. I wonder how the son is doing?


  17. I am also so sorry about your grandbabies….have the parents tried heavy metal detox, activated charcoal, infrared sauna, coconut oil, probiotics, healthy fats and organic greens, high dose vitamin D3 with vitamin K2, glutathione, DMSA treatment, nagalase testing, and GAPS diet?
    big pharma should be paying for all of that and more….what a shame!


  18. “Autism Rates in California Schools Jumped As Much as 17% Among Kindergartners Since Mandatory Vaccine Bill Was Signed”

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  19. The other issue besides the morality of using aborted fetal cells is in fact what happens to the body of the recipient when foreign DNA of a human or animal is put into a body. This is not being discussed, but there is already evidence that this is harmful. It only is common sense to figure that it was never intended by God that we should have the DNA of another living creature injected into our body.


  20. So, I’m confused. This seems to me a refusal of conscience. It is allowed by law in the USA. So, why not in this case? Why is this woman hauled into court and sentenced for refusing to use a vaccine brewed up with the cells of aborted fetuses? Where I grew up, local Mennonites and Amish do not immunize their kids….not for this reason…but for alternate religious reasons…. Nevertheless…it is a refusal of conscience just the same. AND They are not jailed. They are not legally challenged. We did, at least once when I was growing up, have an outbreak of polio in the area amongst the un-vaccinated and the incompletely vaccinated….and our counties on either side of 2 state lines, set up “annonymous” vaccination points in case parents of these religious sects wanted to immunize their kids without recourse within their religious sects (like “shunning” and outright exommunication)….I, myself, yrs later, challenged a certain immunization of a child who was going off to college, and the college “required” a revaccination of this particular thing…but my child had a particular health issue that could have been a risk, if given this immunization at this age…..so….I battled the local guys & distant college officiates until I found a Dr. who said we could “titre” my child’s blood to even SEE if the child warranted this re-vaccination. It turned out that the titre PROOVED my child was immune already to the disease this immunization called for…and I did not re-immunize for it….at a risk that could have triggered a bad/terrible reaction for an already compromised health problem. The medical test and the law upheld me. So……MY question is—–was there alternate testing given before a verdict to jail this mom…about the immunity of the child to this particular immunized disease? Was the mother given the benefit of her religious beliefs, the same as the Mennonites & Amish of my own cultural/geographic background? Why was this mother not offered an alternative (maybe not the same as the anonymous” vaccination of my Mennonite/Amish area…but still AN ALTERNATIVE to jail???????) All in all—this “Metro Detroit Area” legal net and judge were just BUTT-WIPES compared to the areas of the country that have been for centuries, more sensative and tolerant of conscientious objectors of ANY religion or sect….and for darned SURE more dilligently investigate the entire breadth of SOMETIMES SIMPLE health perimeters per each individual before making a decision that means JAIL time for a parent.


    • The problem, CalGirl, is that her ex-husband, the father of the child, wants the vaccinations, and is willing to use the state to force his position.


  21. Thanks for the reminder about the father, So. But in any case, it is not the wishes of the mother or father–one side or the other SHOULD have equal consideration– that are paramount here…but the best interest of the child. It could be that a vaccination is in the best interest….but, I’m just asking what vaccination, and for what interest…and was the necessity investigated? AND….also, has an alternative been offered before Jail time to a mother who has custody…and who has a refusal of conscience….that would satisfy all participants? Is there a vaccine NOT manufactured using aborted fetal cells? I don’t know these things…& I’m betting there are so many questions about this particular situation that were NOT explored by any judge or defense attorney….and not considered. I vaccinated my kids. I understand the risks and I understand the moral objections from several angles. My own parents discussed with me when I was an adult how they wrestled with the vaccination dilemma (I had been “vaccinated” against whooping cough back when it was still “experimental” and, recieved the placebo instead of the actual vaccination. So….I got whooping cough—back then, a leading killer of children under age 3…..I survived…BUT…was part of the data that out-lawed using blind studies with live subjects, esp children—and then came the polio vaccine…at the time, cultured from live virus…..they had a HUGE decision to make over past BAD PRACTICES in the medical profession).

    But, I also understand this mother’s objections of conscience. I BASICALLY want to know if the law was applied equally to her as it has been in myriad past cases of refusal of conscience (?) BEFORE they threw her into jail?


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