De Blasio “doesn’t recall” $100,000 donation in alleged pay-to-play scheme


How convenient…

From NY Post: Mayor de Blasio claimed Sunday that he can’t remember calling donor-turned-felon Jona Rechnitz to beg him for a $100,000 donation — contradicting sworn testimony the deep-pocketed pal gave in court last week.

“I don’t recall if I talked to him directly about that,” de Blasio said during an unrelated press event Sunday.

Asked how he could forget making a personal appeal for such a large sum of money, de Blasio said he has his hands out so often that he can’t remember each time he asks for cash.

“I for years was raising money for different causes — the mayor’s fund, when we were trying to get the DNC to come to New York City — the convention, the effort to win back the state senate, all sorts of different things,” he said. “I don’t remember when i asked someone specifically, what I asked them — just way too much has happened.”

Rechnitz is a witness in the bribery trial of former New York City Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association President Norman Seabrook, who Rechnitz allegedly convinced to invest $20 million in union pension money in an associate’s failing hedge fund.

Hizzoner’s denial comes after Rechnitz testified that de Blasio pursued him relentlessly for cash to help flip upstate Senate seats for Democrats in 2013.

De Blasio underlings first hit him up for cash, but Rechnitz balked at dishing out the dough because he felt the city wasn’t responding fast enough to his requests for personal favors — that is, until de Blasio called him personally, he said.

“Once the mayor called me, I felt it was a personal favor to him,” Rechnitz said Friday of the donation.

The mayor’s “I know nothing” comments also come the day after he copped to not remembering an e-mail from Rechnitz about de Blasio’s troubles with Seabrook.

Seabrook was feuding with de Blasio’s jail commish, Jospeh Ponte, at the time, and Rechnitz has said he offered to broker peace between the men to help his buddy the mayor. Rechnitz said he intervened and then wrote an e-mail to Hizzoner that said, “Norman under control.’’

De Blasio said Saturday that he had no recollection of the e-mail.

The e-mail was also left out of the trove that City Hall released earlier this year between the mayor and Rechnitz.


7 responses to “De Blasio “doesn’t recall” $100,000 donation in alleged pay-to-play scheme

  1. He doesn’t recall anything at all? O.M.G. Must be senility creeping up on the crooked bastard -New Yorkers beware! You elect him again and you may be losing your pants in no time!!! and he won’t recall?

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  2. Funny thing about his failed memory-he’s able to remember,in great detail,calls,meetings,transactions and deals from years ago,but something THIS significant slips his mind? Could it be that he’d remember it more easily if it worked in his FAVOR to do so?

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  3. (My internet went out and one of my roommates in the house I live in just had his own super-speed FIOS installed. So I am working off of his network. It is good to be back).

    I predict the Old Horse’s Ass, Kaiser Wilhelm, will skate. Maybe Deblasio cannot remember; That is irrelevant. The Question is, What will the D.A. do? Nothing, unless the Governor insists upon it, obviously.
    It’s funny: Almost every passenger I drive laments and regrets having voted for Deblasio. Everyone hates him. But I predict he will be re-elected. The atmosphere of DESPAIR in New York City is as about as thick as the London fog on a typical day over there. I just Thank God that the City has not descended into the Sewer of the 70’s it was for 20 years….

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  4. He doesn’t recall? He must suffer from the same debilitating disease that Hillary had when questioned about Benghazi.

    His bank should place a freeze on his account until his memory is greatly improved. That should help him remember…the lying, thieving, sack of trash!

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