Tax dollars at work: Seattle to defend loud mouth socialist Sawant in defamation lawsuit

sawant always screaming

Socialist Sawant…always screaming about something.

Did you really believe that a socialist would cough up her own money?

From Seattle City Council President Bruce Harrell decided the city will defend Councilmember Kshama Sawant in a defamation lawsuit brought against her by two city officers.

The Seattle Times reported Thursday that in a letter Bruce Harrell explains his reasoning that Sawant “was speaking about issues important to her constituents.”

By city charter, Harrell had to decide if Sawant made the alleged statement “within the course and scope of employment.”

In the lawsuit, officers Scott Miller and Michael Spaulding claim they were defamed when Sawant falsely declared they had committed a “brutal murder” in last year’s fatal shooting of Che Taylor (read about that here).

The city also is representing Sawant in a separate defamation lawsuit brought by a property-owner who took issue with Sawant referring to him as a “notorious slumlord.”

Assistant City Attorney Joe Groshong has said he wouldn’t be surprised if total litigation costs exceeded $300,000 in both lawsuits.


6 responses to “Tax dollars at work: Seattle to defend loud mouth socialist Sawant in defamation lawsuit

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Appears to be a prime example of an ‘interloper’; she just does not belong in the equation.

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  2. It will only be when this cretin has to pay her own legal bills that she will learn to shut her mouth, and cease from slandering others. Obviously she feels that her position on the city council gives her the right to run her mouth. After reviewing the facts of the fatal shooting, there was an independent witness that verified that the two officers shot in response to the perp having pulled a gun on them. What would give this b _ _ _ _ the right to publically slander and defame them. Oh! How I wish I could sit on that jury . . . I can already tell she is as guilty as sin!

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    • Auntie, ditto ditto ditto. Is she a legal resident or just an interloper? She seems to be a bully and thus people back away from her and she gets by with this crap and becomes even more empowered. They have to stand up and push back or she will become even more obnoxious, if possible.
      Frankly, she seems like a foreigner to me and behaves like one and I am tired of reading about her. Time to silence her behavior.

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      • Glenn47 . . . I think you have hit on something that is extremely noteworthy, “She seems to be a bully and thus people back away from her . . . ” I believe that she is an immigrant. If you look at the way we see many Muslim and Hispanic immigrants, they also take on this stance of belligerency and attack against us, the native US population. Look at the instances where Muslims have taken over towns, and they act horribly against those who were born and raised in those towns. If you remember the pictures of the Hispanic high school students from California . . . males grabbing their crotches, disrespecting our flag, showing placards that demand that we provide free housing, education and medical care for them, and many of these same people flipping us off. Is this not the very same attitude that this woman displays? As far as I am concerned it certainly is. I hope that the city of Seattle ends up paying out such sizeable sums that they will be forced to come to grips with the fact that they have a loose cannon on their city counsel, and that they decide how to relieve her of her position before she costs them any more money.

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        • Auntie, I do remember all that and you are 100% correct. It is time to shut the welfare faucet off. And people, like her, that refuse to assimilate need to return to their homelands where people accept bullying.

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