Jewish kids being indoctrinated, ‘I’m not white, I’m Jewish’

“White” is the colloquial term for “Caucasian” — an anthropological term of race classification denoting phenotypically similar people from the geographical regions of Europe, the Caucasus, Asia Minor, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia, Central Asia and South Asia. While Caucasians have similar skeletal anatomy, especially cranial morphology, they vary in skin color from white to dark brown. (Wikipedia)

Note: Phenotype refers to the physical attributes and appearance of an individual — such as cranial shape and the color of skin, hair and eyes — which are the results of the interaction of the individual’s genotype (DNA) and the environment.

Those geographical regions include both Israel-Palestine, as well as the Caucasus where Khazars had converted to Judaism in the 8th century and became the ancestors of Ashkenazi Jews who migrated north to Russia and south to Europe. Today, 90% of the 13+ million Jews in the world are Ashkenazis. See:

So it is curious, to say the least, that many Jews today insist they are not “white,” i.e., Caucasian, but that they constitute a different and separate Jewish “race”.

As an example, in an op/ed for The Times of Israel, Hila Hershkoviz bristles at the characterization of Jews as whites:

“I would like to say loud and clear: Ashkenazi Jews are not white. Every time I read about a Jew somewhere identifying as a white person, I cringe….

[W]hite is not skin color, it is first and foremost an issue history and identity. The ‘white people world’ is represented by its European (often colonial) history, it’s culture, heroes, it’s [sic] Kings, ethos, faith etc. – and Ashkenazi Jews are not part of that world. Their heroes are the Maccabees and not the Vikings or Joan of Arc, their Kings are David King of Israel and Hezekiah King of Judah (both archeologically confirmed historical figures) and not Kings Edward and George….

You are Jews not because of your ‘religion’ (are you even religious?), but because you were born into a tribe/people called the Nation of Israel. You are not ‘white people’ with a ‘Jewish religion’, you are Jews – members of a people who origniated [sic] in Judea, whether you adhere to the laws of the tribe or not….

Ashkenazi Jews are not genetically white either…. Ashkenazi Jews, whether the world likes it or not (and apparently it does not), are direct descendants of the Tribes of Israel, as we know from history, culture, science and a little something I like to call reality.”

Here are some examples of Caucasian Jews who not only don’t identify themselves as “white,” but regard “white” Gentiles as their mortal enemy:

So how do Jewish kids learn they are a separate non-“white” race?

The video below shows one learning indoctrination venue — a Jewish community center where kids and young teens gather around a “Pied Piper” rapping, “I’m not white, I’m Jewish”.

I will leave you to ponder on the implications . . . .


43 responses to “Jewish kids being indoctrinated, ‘I’m not white, I’m Jewish’

  1. Jews will opt to choose who they want to be if it serves their purpose….

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  2. I am an “West seventher;” f*** DNA, and the traditional definitions of anything. In fact, f*** tradition all together! All traditions. I am not gonna fit into any of that Caucasian, Black, Amerindian, Latino stuff! None of that nonsense. I am a “West seventher because I was born West, at seven in the a.m. and that’s that! More retarded PC idiocy!

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  3. You can identify as a neptunian, but as long as you are a US citizen you’re an American. Not something else with a hyphen in it.
    If you don’t want assimilate. If you don’t want to learn English. If you want to deny American History then GET OUT. LEAVE. Go to where you came from or where you’d rather be. We don’t need you dragging this country down. And make it quick. We’ve got capitalisim to do. And that requires winners. Not losers.

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  4. This is to serve the purpose of Zionism. Since they “originated” in the area of modern-day Israel and the occupied territories, that is where they must live. Also, only they have this privilege. Let’s say all the Lutherans wanted to go back to Germany, would Merkel let them in without a fight? Would anyone see them as German exiles who must return to their homeland? Also, this Jews as a separate race idea is very racist. What about the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia, who trace their origins to the Queen of Sheba? What about the people of South Africa who claim to be exiled Hebrews but whose skin is extremely dark but who have DNA that shows Near Eastern ancestry? There is no way they would be welcomed with open arms in modern-day Israel and told that they are welcome to marry the Ashenazim’s daughters.

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    • Patrick Cornell

      Israel uses a blood test to determine who will be allowed to immigrate there and become citizens henceforth they are a race and as such have a unique identity. I applaud those Jewish folk who insist on their own identity.


      • Do you also applaud those Jewish folk when they attack President Trump’s MAGA as “white nationalism”?

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      • These same Jewish folk who you applaud are the same “folk” that are insisting that Whiteness is a construct and should be abolished. Get a clue. While these people demand racial purity and an ethno state for them selves they keep telling people of European lineage that we have no right to our own culture or heritage and that we must become ” multicultural”, meaning that we have no right to exist anymore as a separate peoples because Whites and only Whites are racist. Where have you been?

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      • “I applaud those Jewish folk who insist on their own identity.”

        from where?
        how do they “prove” their lineage is from the tribe of Judah or descendants from any of the tribes of Israel? because they say so?
        I’ve read scientists have detected genetic variations in some “jews” which they state makes them “jewish”, but what are they basing it on?
        who’s around from back then that they know is a direct descendant from the Tribe? no one….

        today’s “jews” ride on the tailcoat of the tribe of Judah and have convinced christians to support them, really idolize them…and racist jews receive money, protection, land, and commit whatever crimes they want while forcing others into acts that will destroy their heritage and lives, while claiming they need their own “identity”…hypocrites.
        all they say to put questioning christians back in place is ‘we’re god’s chosen people’ and ‘god gave us this land’.

        In reality God took the land away from the Jews:
        “Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.” Matthew 21:43

        Christians are God’s chosen people:
        “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” 1Peter 2:9
        “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Colossians 3:12
        It was jewished-owned banks and the UK (balfour declaration) that gave israel to the jews.
        So, what “identity” should they have?

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        • MomOfIV . . . Excellent comments. I believe that there is also another scripture (sorry I cannot cite the reference) . . . the First shall be LAST, and the LAST shall be FIRST. The Jews rejected Christ as their Savior and Redeemer, so they(Jews were the FIRST to have the gospel presented to them) were replaced in preference by the Gentiles (LAST to hear the Gospel). Going forward . . .the LAST (the Gentiles who embraced Christ as their Savior and Redeemer) shall be First . . . whereas the Jews (who were given the gospel first, but rejected it) shall be LAST.

          As you have stated, Christians are hated by Jews. On some level I feel this is because Christians (Gentiles) were put before the Jews because of their choice to reject Christ.

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      • Yes they have to be khazar European to occupy Palestine and use the Torah as a Kabbalistic Luciferian hostage.



  5. Patrick Cornell

    I would tend to agree that the term “White” denotes people with a European identity and heritage. The Hebrew language is read from right to left indicating a non European origin. The term “Caucasian” can be applied to many including Middle Easterner, Turks and Persians. Europeans need a separate identity and it is fitting that they have one. Jewish people have their own unique identity as do Europeans! The term “White” should be reserved for those of indigenous European heritage. Whites need their own identity, especially now in the era of mass immigration. I respect Jewish people maintaining their own separate identity!


  6. Our post on Matt Bar, the musician featured in your post, and the jewish supremacism he sells.

    Talmudic Jewish Supremacism

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  7. I think the issue will be decided by marauding colored folks when they catch them on the streets after the Fed collapses the economy and renegs on “entitlements”.

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  8. This is as old as Jews. They like to think of themselves as being in diaspora. It is a punishment from God. They are exiled, even if they choose to live somewhere. They are “strangers” even if they’ve lived there for many generations. Their “hosts” are “oppressors” even if they treat them well.

    Our use of the term “race” has changed over time. Even in the early 20th century “race” was generally thought to describe “association”. Now it is thought to describe “genetics”.

    In the “genetic” model Jews, Sephardic or “Eastern” are “white” (generally). This idea of setting one’s self apart by “birth’ is disturbing. As to the indoctrination element, that certainly is not new. Beliefs such as these say more about them than they do us.

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  9. If you wish to be viewed a special entity that has nothing in common with my culture I will honor your wish. I would also point out that entities that are different will also be treated as such. Islam is distinct. If the jews wished to be viewed in the same light I will treat them as I would the Muslims.

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    • Waco Bob . . . Points well taken. To go along with that if Jews are so very separate, how about we cease sending the monies that all us White folks have been taxed. Let them fund Israel on their own. After all if Jews really hate white people, then they should be more than willing to reject our money.

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  10. Judaism – Now it’s a Front (18morris108)

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  11. That’s like saying I’m not white I’m Italian. Which brings me to my next point, and you are gonna love this, I am Italian and when I was a kid we were not considered white, we were in fact considered people of color because we could tan in the summertime to a dark lovely tan.
    Further my Italian mother often tells me how those old white ladies have terrible health unlike old Italian ladies who have vigorous health according to my mom. “But mom,” I say, Are we not white?” Her response is always, “You know what I mean.” So should Italians get minority status as nonwhites and therefore receive special monies and privileges for their olive colored skin?
    I live in a world gone mad, that much is certain. Do I therefore play the game and turn it to my advantage? Maybe we all should. There are very few people with yellow eyes, my husband is one of them, therefore he is a minority in a predominately brown eyed world. I could go on, but you get the picture.

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  12. Kevin J Lankford

    Who can even claim to know which are the true Hebrews now? Can any really trace their lineage that far back, and just how much Jewish heritage and blood counts? Just like the ashkenazi, I think all any can really claim is that they are descended from Jewish blood.

    Just how do they rectify such claims with the return of the Hebrews from the Babylonian captivity? The account in the book of Ezra makes it seem clear that only those of pure blood were allowed to return and participate in the rebuilding of Israel. All foreign wives and mixed children had to be put away.

    My Bible say that now we are all saved in the same way, by our belief in Jesus and his resurrection, whether Jew or Gentile, until his second coming.

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  13. Muslims say the same thing, too. Either way (or Christians, or Ba’al worshipers, or athiests, for that matter) folk of the Levant are Caucasians.

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  14. These two verses come to mind; but then again, the Jews have rejected the New Testament.

    Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do. 1 Timothy 1:4

    But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain. Titus 3:9

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    • Maryahaa . . . thank you are adding those two excellent scriptures to make the point. It is more important to us to worry about following Christ than anything else. Thankfully, there have been some erodes among Jews to convert to Christianity. This was foretold, so it should not come as any shock to us.

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  15. Hershkoviz is faithfully parroting what her tribe has taught their offspring for two millenia. And as one of the Goyim, I am no longer impressed—or intimidated—by their Boy That Cried Wolf routine.
    Yes, they seek to dominate and run the show. Their routine is one of Nietzschean nihilism, of the Will to Power, and they know it. Yeah, well, we goyim are wise to their ways now. Yes, just like that little mustached man in the 1930’s, they, too, believe they are the Master Race.

    I have met many wonderful Jewish people here in New York City, and many of them do not subscribe to the nihilism of their program. But they are trapped on their plantation, just the same. They have gone from being supercilious to being—supercilious!—in two millenia.

    God Sees the Truth but Waits….

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    • ” We Goyim are wise to their ways…”
      Sadly Steven all too few Goyim are wise to this or they would have been stopped by now. They continue to build their holocaust memorials around the world ( some 140 now and counting). You and I and a few thousand others may not be intimidated, but alas try saying any of this publicly and see what kind of response you get from most. Try speaking the truth in Germany and some other parts of Europe and see where it lands you.( jail) I know God sees the Truth, but by the time enough of the Goyim do I am afraid it is going to be too late for our culture ( what’s left of it) , and our race. I know there are very nice Jewish people because I have had relationships with some- they can be warm, funny and intelligent. But alas those relationships haven’t lasted because they just can’t get beyond their Jewishness, i.e., their brainwashing, (I guess that is what you are calling supercilious!) Ultimately, for me at least they eventually showed me that deep down they thought they were superior and entitled and I had to call it quits.

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      • Well yes, most of us are not wise to them. They have a Yiddish expression that means “the cattle are stupid”. Guess who “the cattle” are.

        They use every trick in the book to suck the Goyim in. The feign at sharing something in common when they regard themselves as utterly superior. Their comedians enjoy getting the “cattle” to laugh at their insults.

        The facts are that, religiously or culturally, we have nothing in common. Jesus provided them a choice. Until and unless they make it, they are represented by their father.


  16. Perhaps Herskovitz is really an albino Ethiopian Jew.


  17. Some Italians hold the same mindset, that we’re not white. Ffs my gramps was full blooded Italian and he had red hair and blue eyes.


    • SAME here, Josh….my latest-arriving immigrant, a Northern Italian grt-grandfather, was 26 yrs old, blonde, green-eyed, according to his 1905 records. (And so, yes….between him and our Irish/Nordic/German-Swiss…we’re all pretty much blonde or red-headed with blue eyes—some of us “tan” a light olive…but mostly we freckle). He married a granddaughter of 100% Irish immigrants (whom raised her when her parentss died young). He did not speak Italian at home once he had children, b/c he/his wife wanted their children to “be American.” It goes against the grain in today’s ed system in general….but it was the greatest GIFT they ever gave their children, which went on to give even more to their grandchildren/great-grandchildren…whom never thought of themselves as ANYTHING but American (UNLIKE my 2nd, 3rd generation/beyond “English as a SEcond Language” Hispanics….most of whom were born here..but still wave the Mexican flag while partaking freely of American public schooling, .and by the time they get to me in middle school…more than a decade of education in English in the USA….STILL do not speak English or at least do not speak it fluidly/fluently—–compare that to EVERY other immigrant group I teach …which this yr is various Asian, Pacific Islands, and Holland, for instance ….& those kids learned & used English WITHOUT ACCENT fluidly and fluently within 2 yrs of arrival…..AND.. fr my early life in PA, I know that the Pennsylvania “Dutch” kids, whose first language is NOT English…arrive at public school–if sent—without English—& NO media surrounding them like their “plugged-in” Hispanic cultures surrounding them… billboards in English, no radio, TV, English language newspapers or magazines…they don’t even worship in English! And those kids speak perfect English out of Kindergarten or at least by end of first grade……BECAUSE of expectations at HOME)…..My grandparent, a child of this immigrant, did well in school, many descendants went to college and some got advanced degrees and all had very successful careers…..way beyond their great-grandfather’s days of working on the county road crew and the brick factory…and then coming home at night to tend a garden & put food by to feed a large family. At the time, neither the Irish OR the Italians were very welcomed in open regards from our coummunities or our country as a whole. Mine did not stay in NYC or any other big city to suffer this attitude…they immigrated to a rural mountain community in PA….and grew huge vegetable gardens and kids. They worked hard right up until they died….sometimes 2 or 3 jobs at a time. But, all the same….when I was a little girl, when I asked about “great-pap’s” history…it was clear to me that it was not to be discussed openly…and that other people might think less of us if they were reminded of where he came from (I have to add a caveat….I am a baby-boomer…..and we must remember that, far after Irish and Italians, et al, were looked down-upon in the immigrations that occured in/around 1900, more or less……we subsequently fought WWII against Germany and Italy……..which is another reason why BOTH languages and certain candidness happened to disappear in my PA family…which…largely was Germanic or English Isles….with this late Italian thrown in. It was, at the time….nothing to crow about in public.—–History is NOTHING when taken out of context—which is why I don’t like so much to teach it anymore…b/c today’s kids can only judge history by the context of today….you can’t get them to understand that, if Washington or Jefferson, for example, had freed their slaves (which both provided for doing upon their deaths….) ALL those that they freed would have to —BY VA LAW….leave the state of VA. OMG…and then what? How would they make a living….esp the women and children???? Where would they go? Who would welcome them and guide them? It was another CENTURY past both these founders before the abolition movement provided people who could help………….yatta yatta…history so forth and so on… might as well bay at the moon.


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    Folks, this is what I mean. We, Republicans, keep supporting these people while the whole time they are praying for America’s downfall with their help under the banner of the Democrat muslim/socialist party. They voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election so don’t bank on any help from them.


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  20. Wow

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  21. I can understand what these Jews want. I can understand why the Germans made them wear a yellow star. Now tell me again why they complain about having to wear it?


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