Prior to fundraiser, artist Sabo peppers Reese Witherspoon’s neighborhood with door hangers mocking Gavin Newsom

gavin newsom sabo art

Sabo, the artist who did the work, does great stuff. Visit his site here.

From Hollywood Reporter: Reese Witherspoon apparently raised the ire of a conservative street artist who objects to a political fundraiser planned at her home Friday night for California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom, and her entire neighborhood was plastered with street art. 

An artist, known as Sabo, created door hangers mocking Newsom for his perceived sexual foibles and hung them on 300 houses in a Westside neighborhood. The “do not disturb” door hangers were created to look like something guests would find in a typical hotel room, though they read: “Do Not Disturb. Gavin’s Boning Your Wife. Gavin for Governor.”

The sexual reference is related to news stories from 2007 saying that Newsom had an affair with the wife of the man who had been running his campaign for reelection as mayor of San Francisco. At the time, Newsom was divorcing then-wife Kimberly Guilfoyle, a conservative who is now co-host on The Five, a Fox News Channel show. Newsom has since married Jennifer Siebel Newsom, an actress who has produced feminist-themed documentaries.

The flip side of the 300 door hangers consists of a mock-up of the invitations to the fundraiser, where “suggested contributions” range from $1,000-$29,200 per guest. Underneath is the Airbnb logo, since employees of the online renter of houses have given a large sum of money to his campaign. Sabo’s method of operation is to create political artwork that usually appears as fake ads around Los Angeles then he sells his creations at his website.

Newsom, a Democrat, is California’s lieutenant governor and was mayor of San Francisco from 2004-2010. He was an early advocate for the legalization of marijuana and same-sex marriage and is a frequent critic of President Donald Trump. The politician also hosted The Gavin Newsom Show on Al Gore’s now-defunct Current TV.

Witherspoon, who won a best actress Oscar for playing June Carter Cash in 2005’s Walk the Line, disclosed last week that she was sexually assaulted by a director when she was 16.

There’s a long list of Hollywood insiders who are co-hosting Friday night’s event at Witherspoon’s home, including Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos and his wife, Nicole Avant, the former U.S. ambassador to the Bahamas; TV producer Steven Bochco and his wife, Dayna; Phoenix Pictures CEO Mike Medavoy and his wife, Irena; TV producer Ryan Murphy and his husband, David Miller; and ICM founding partner Chris Silbermann and his TV producer wife, Julia Franz.


16 responses to “Prior to fundraiser, artist Sabo peppers Reese Witherspoon’s neighborhood with door hangers mocking Gavin Newsom

  1. I have to admit: I bought the “First Female Potus 45” with the bikini bottoms (couldn’t bare to see her totally nude), the “Bernie Sanders Diapers Full of Free ^&%^ Tour” (the picture one) and “The Donald Trump – Oval Office OM”. Sabo sent me free of charge the “F&*^ ZUCK” poster. The posters are rather large (especially the way I framed them). But Sabo does sign these posters. I figured they were going to be collectables, once the Hildebeast goes to jail. IMO, they are “Priceless”! If anybody decides to order anything off his site – you will not be disappointed! (Hit the STORE (link) in the top right hand corner)

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    • Loved the ones of Bernie and Hillary. Sent pics to a liberal ex-friend (in case she wanted to add them to her art collection). 😂

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    • Lol, I thought Hollyweird was great patrons of the arts. Funny how they have selective love for those that think outside the norm.
      That is one of the reasons Hollyweird is so PO’d at Trump. He told them the people would not be their fall back financing for failures. In other words they wanted to be reimbursed for their losses. Hillary was going to give them that.
      Frankly, I would give the artist a good grade for thinking outside the box.
      These are the same people that think it is okay to hang pictures of child porn in their homes.

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    • The article says people even had their eyeballs tattooed. To answer your question, nothing but demonic possession can explain what this man has done to himself:
      demon posssessed tattooed man


    • Demons (they are everywhere) even those not as quite as obvious as these posted. Hildebeast is definitely one of them. I wish I could take off my sunglasses (ref. They Lived). I can unsee what I have been shown this past 8 years going on 9 years. (which is a good thing, I guess).


  2. ugh!…gruesome newsome as gov!
    the way calif elections go, no one needs to vote…the state will decide for us.

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  3. Good for Sabo . . . Heaven knows the Libtards dump enough crap on conservatives heads! It’s always good to give and good as you get.

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  4. Reese Loserspoone

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  5. It is time for all of us to just boycott Hollywood. It is over for them. The truth is out now and they can’t go back.

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  6. That is hilarious.

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  7. You could be referencing the Celebrity Jihad website. It has all the “celebrity leaked nudes”. Yeah…leaked, my A&^. I had to look when Tiger and Lindsey Vonn nudes were leaked. Ugh….Never gonna eat Arbys again, after seeing Vonn nude. I was astounded as to the celebrities on here I thought may be on the more wholesome side. There is no such thing. They are all skanks who sold their souls to the devil.


  8. It is obvious the devil has more than his foot in the door. I remember a time when people had pride in how they dressed and their looks were important. That they wanted to look pleasing. Now it is all about being nonconformist and being as disturbing as possible. Maybe they want insurance from ever having to get a job. Which means they should never get a dime of public money.

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