You don’t think demons are real?

Here’s a real live one:

I came across the above video on the 8chan message board, which did not give a source for the video, where it was taken, or who/what the prancing thing is.

My apologies if you get nightmares from the video.


23 responses to “You don’t think demons are real?

  1. It looks like Nosferatu.

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  2. STICKING NEEDLES IN MY EYES…oy was that a guy a woman, or a eunuch demon?

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  3. Wow! That really was creepy.

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  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. Good candidate for a make-over – nice ears – lobes could post a lot of ear rings. And that figure 8. Guess they are getting ready for Halloween.

    Wouldn’t you like to wake up to that every morning?


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  5. that dude looks ridiculous!
    he needs to take off the makeup and the women’s undergarments and shimmy his tranny butt home…

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  6. Majoring in Gender Studies at Mt. Holyoke.

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  7. I cannot handle another nightmare so I’ll pass, you see right now we are having a constant nightmare in the Nation, Muller, Killary Rotten Clinton, Weinstein, pollution, collusion, and so on, now, can anybody in FOTM believe that the person to be “arrested” on Monday doesn’t really know? Hahahaha, Do you trust Muller? (More hahaha). All these happenings are to deflect our attention from the real thing. I still feel that NOTHING and NOTHING will happen in the end. And Killary guarding her money in Canada and enjoying la dolce vita!

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  8. Back to the abyss!

    St. Mike-be gone!

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  9. I’ve seen stuff almost this bad in Seattle. With ears like that it should be able to fly home for winter.

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  10. Maybe this thing can go to BrieDizzle’s house and the sickening cowardly pig can try to mate with it.

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  11. Speechless. But if that thing tried to get near me, I’d try to kill it, using holy water.

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  12. Well, I certainly can’t unsee that. Of course demons are real, the Democratic Party are walking talking examples.

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  13. I can’t even tell if that is male or female. As to demons existing, I can relate this story. A Baptist church, of the GARBC, sent some teens to I think it was Haiti, to do some mission work. During the day, they did the usual, hand out Bibles, talk to kids, play with young kids and try to teach them about the love of Jesus. At night, some of them would walk around the area together of course. They were walking in a neighborhood one evening, just at dusk, and they could hear the most hideous screams and howls coming from the huts just off the dirt roads, like you might hear on the old tv films of the 60’s. But these were much more terrifying, and real, it sounded to these kids, aged 17 or so, like these young native people were possessed. Just blood curdling noises, awful cursing directed at them, calling them out by name, when they didn’t know their names, etc. These kids were freaked out, and scared out of their wits.

    Needless to say, they became real believers in demons during those two weeks, I think they were there. I was not going to that church at that point, but I got this information second hand. I had been a deacon there a number of years back. And I always knew that there were demonic powers on the earth, but I never realized that they were so powerful, and would make themselves known. Now, I see it nearly every day, just by looking at those in positions of power, and how they practice to deceive. There is not much attempt to hide their treachery now. The world follows them with joy. Please lose yourselves in prayer, for our nation, and any single piece of it that you can think of. It is that important.

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