Disney Channel tween character will be first to come out as homosexual

This is the number one show in its time slot, amongst 6 to 14 year olds.

From NY Post: In a first for Disney Channel, a key character on its popular tween series Andi Mack will realize he’s gay and come out to his friends.

The story arc will mark the channel’s first depiction of a coming-out journey. The character – 13-year-old Cyrus Goodman, played by 15-year-old Joshua Rush – will begin his self-discovery in this Friday’s second season one-hour premiere episode.

“Andi Mack is a story about ‘tweens’ figuring out who they are,” said Disney Channel in a statement. “(Creator) Terri Minsky, the cast and everyone involved in the show takes great care in ensuring that it’s appropriate for all audiences and sends a powerful message about inclusion and respect for humanity.”

The Walt Disney Co. released a general statement on stories and characters, which reads, in part, “Disney remains committed to continuing to create characters that are accessible and relatable to all children.”

The coming-of-age series, starring Peyton Elizabeth Lee as the 13-year-old title character, premiered in March, becoming the top series of the year among girls (median age is 10) and #1 in its time period among all children ages six-14. It holds the top series spot on Disney Channel VOD, Disney Channel’s DisneyNOW app and on Disney Channel UK.

The series, launching on Disney Channels around the world through mid-2018, was created by executive producer Minsky (Lizzie McGuire), and follows Andi as she comes to terms with news that Bex, the girl she thought was her older sister, is actually her mother.

With a realism not always evident on tween-focused programs, Andi Mack follows Andi, her family, and her two best friends – Cyrus Goodman and Buffy Driscoll (Sofia Wylie) – as they navigate their lives.

The new season finds Andi hoping that her parents Bex (Lilan Bowden) and Bowie (Trent Garrett) will marry, while she also attempts to hash out her feelings for longtime crush Jonah Beck (Asher Angel).

But it’s another storyline that’s breaking Disney Channel ground: Cyrus begins to realize that he too has feelings for Jonah, a development that begins what a source describes as a journey to self-acceptance.

In the season premiere, Cyrus confides his feelings to a supportive Buffy, a scene intended to provide positive role models for children – and adults – watching. Subsequent episodes will follow Cyrus’ ongoing story, which will include wrestling with how to tell his new girlfriend Iris.

We hear Minsky and Disney Channel, to ensure the story arc is age-appropriate and respectful, consulted with child development experts and was screened to organizations including GLAAD, PFLAG, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, and Common Sense Media.

The groups are effusive in their approval of the storyline:

“With more and more young people coming out as LGBTQ, Andi Mack is reflecting the lives and lived experiences of so many LGBTQ youth around the country,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD. “Television reflects the real life world and today that includes LGBTQ youth who deserve to see their lives depicted on their favorite shows. Disney has been a leader in LGBTQ inclusion and there are so many young people who will be excited to see Cyrus’ story unfold.”

Jaime M. Grant, Executive Director, PFLAG National, said, “Sharing one’s innermost self can be challenging, and to do so as an adolescent can be particularly so, especially when in the midst of figuring it out for yourself. Coming out requires honest self-reflection, no small amount of bravery, and a safe place with at least one trusted person – a friend, a parent, a teacher – who can hold your confidence…and your heart. Andi Mack’s creative team captures this moment of revelation with such thought, care, and authenticity; it will be a memory moment for some, and a teachable moment for many.

Said Ginny Ehrlich, CEO, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy: “Starting conversations about trust, love, relationships and family dynamics is easier when a favorite TV show like Andi Mack explores them with humor and heart, and helps viewers figure out how they might handle similar situations. Andi Mack gives young people and their parents, mentors and champions a meaningful way to talk about these topics and the power to decide their futures.”

The second season of Andi Mack premieres Friday, October 27 at 8 pm ET/PT on Disney Channel. Minsky exec-produces along with Michelle Manning. Phil Baker is the co-executive producer, and Horizon Productions is the production company.


14 responses to “Disney Channel tween character will be first to come out as homosexual

  1. This makes me very sad for all the kids who will be misled by Disney.

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    • TD . . . I am in 100% agreement with you. When I was young (a bazillion years ago) in the mid-1950’s . . . I remember Disney presenting the most fabulous movies: The Swamp Fox, Sons of Liberty, Old Yeller,(I cannot remember all the film’s titles, but Disney was the gold standard for good entertainment for young people) We saw films that were thrilling, and uplifting . . . now young people are inundated with films depicting every deviancy that could possibly plague anyone in our society. For some young people, at such a confusing time in their lives, they may be confused as to what path they need to follow . . . my fear is that these kinds of films will entice young people to go down a road, that given another year or so, they would naturally shy away from. There is profound evil in much of the entertainment being shown to today’s youth.

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  2. Does this mean in the spirit of realism that season two will focus on this kid becoming addicted to drugs and season three, a walk down depression road, ending in a two hour season finale assisted suicide?

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    Most mothers want a girl! So from the time they realize they are pregnant they bombard the child in their womb with “girl talk”! This goes on for 9 months and when the child is born a boy, the mother “resents” his presence. The child is sensitive to the “rejection” and as it grows it will pick up feminine traits that the mother likes. The boy stops doing “boy things” and acts more like a girl. If there is no father in the home, then its a fait accompli.
    The massive increase in homosexuality is down to women who want a girl and conceive a boy. No one is addressing this problem!
    And then these feminine boys are “fair game” to all the perverts in their neighborhood and schools.


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  5. JCscuba . . . No way in this world would I pay that kind of money to attend Disney World, or Disneyland. That is just too much, and I would not wish to help them gain any degree of profitability.

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  6. “Andi Mack is a story about ‘tweens’ figuring out who they are,”

    more like disney encouraging satanism (“magic”), homosexuality, transgenderism, diseases, addictions, suicide, and satanism upon kids using media and PC…

    disney ‘loves’ kids so much, it is encouraging their ‘happiness’ through sex, disease, death, and the rejection of Christ.
    anyone who thinks disney is for children either has their head in the sand or is a satanist.
    all executives at disney and their supporters (including PC “parents”…which is an oxymoron) should be thrown in prison for child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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  7. Did Weinstein interviewed this kid? You don’t pretend to be what you are not, if he is coming out is because he has always been a QUEER!

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  8. Most mothers want a girl!

    THE MANIPULATED MAN by Esther Vilnar
    Gender Studies.

    US $15:95


    A mother comes into the home and sees her daughter sitting on her husband’s knee. The father is rocking the girl on his knee and the young girl has a big smile on her face. The mother tells her, “Get off your father’s knee”!
    The father replies, “Leave her alone; she’s doing nothing wrong”!
    But the mother knows why the little girl has a smile like a Cheshire cat. The father’s knee acts like a vibrator and the little girl is getting sexually stimulated no end from her father’s knee. But the dumb father is ignorant of the fact; whereas the mother KNOWS what is happening.

    And Doc says: Give us the evidence.


  9. Walt Disney must be spinning in his grave

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  10. By continuing bringing this to the front, kids start thinking this is the cool thing to be. That it is the current rage. They are too young to have a clue yet. They haven’t even come into their true hormones yet.
    I do worry about all the hormones in our food, milk and water these days feminizing the males. Little boys with man boobs should be treated seriously.

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