Playboy Hugh Hefner’s miserable last years and squalid last days

Hugh Hefner died on Sept. 27, at age 91.

Days later, we learned that he had died from heart and respiratory failure stemming from his body succumbing to a massive E. Coli infection and septicemia (blood poisoning).

See “How fitting: Hugh Hefner died from fecal E. Coli infection

Now, we find that the lifelong “playboy” had spent his last years broke, watching the decline of his smutty business and mocked by former Playmate girlfriends, and his last days in urine-soaked squalor.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

According to an account in the National Enquirer, Hefner spent his last years:

(1) Overseeing the decline of his Playboy “empire”:

  • The magazine Playboy increasingly replaced by easily accessible and free online porn.
  • In 2016, Hefner tried but failed to sell the failing Playboy Enterprises for $500 million. That June, the Playboy Mansion in L.A. was sold for $100 million — half the asking price — with the condition that Hefner be allowed to stay there until his death.

(2) Alienated from his children:

  • In 2008, Hefner fired his daughter Christie, who had served him since 1975 and faithfully helmed Playboy Enterprises as CEO for 20 years. She rarely, if ever, spoke to her father again.
  • One son, Marston, had fled to Japan, after a domestic violence incident with a playmate.
  • That left remaining son, Cooper, to assume Hefner’s mantle.

(3) Betrayed by former lovers:

Now that he was old and powerless, Hefner’s former lover Kendra Wilkinson and “No. 1 girl friend” Holly Madison both turned on him:

  • In 2014, Kendra Wilkinson said she’d cheated on Hefner and described sex with the eternal playboy as brief: “At about the minute mark, I pulled away and it was done. It was like a job. Clock in, clock out. It’s not like I enjoyed having sex with him.”
  • For her part, in 2015, Holly Madison described pot-smoking, quaalude-popping Hefner’s mandatory, bedtime orgies as “No kissing, nothing. It was so brief that I can’t even recall what it felt like beyond having a heavy body on top of mine.”

A Hollywood insider described how Hefner spent his final months:

“[He lived] in shocking, urine-soaked squalor. He had to be lifted in and out of a wheelchair. Alone, refusing to see guests, his fingernails overgrown, his breath a putrid stench, the air around him suffocating and musty.”

Now that he too is growing old, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is also beginning to experience what Hefner had experienced — the fate of evil, formerly powerful men in their dotage and decline.

Writing for The Cut, Rebecca Traister has an interesting explanation for why women are now speaking up about having been sexually assaulted/raped by  Weinstein, who had also physically assaulted men. Traister writes (Language Warning!):

“I was sent, on Election Eve 2000, to cover a book party he was hosting, along with my colleague Andrew Goldman. Weinstein didn’t like my question about O [a Miramax movie project], there was an altercation; though the recording has alas been lost to time, I recall that he called me a cunt and declared that he was glad he was the ‘fucking sheriff of this fucking lawless piece-of-shit town.’ When my colleague Andrew (who was also then my boyfriend) intervened, first calming him down and then trying to extract an apology, Weinstein went nuclear, pushing Andrew down a set of steps inside the Tribeca Grand — knocking him over with such force that his tape recorder hit a woman, who suffered long-term injury — and dragging Andrew, in a headlock, onto Sixth Avenue . . . .

I saw Harvey Weinstein earlier this year, at a Planned Parenthood celebration. I was struck by . . . his physical diminishment; he seemed small and frail, and, when I caught sight of him in May, he appeared to be walking with a cane. He has also lost power in the movie industry, is no longer the titan of independent film, the indie mogul who could make or break an actor’s Oscar chances.”

Even “the smallest worm will turn being trodden on” –William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 3.


24 responses to “Playboy Hugh Hefner’s miserable last years and squalid last days

  1. Howard Hughes did pretty well by comparison. There is the possibility of unauthorized biographies, probably more than the number of people who would want to read them.

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  2. heffner and harvey: glory hogs of satan…
    it’s amazing how people will put forth their “abuse” testimonies when demons are weak or weakened, but are mute when these b*stards are ‘on top of the world’. most actors and actresses say nothing because silence benefits them.
    I do believe TPTB felt weinstein to be an appropriate sacrifice to distract from current and future events.

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    • MomOfIV . . . I certainly do agree with you regarding . . . “people will put forth their ‘abuse’ testimonies when demons are weak or weakened, but are mute when these b*stards are ‘on top of the world” . . . . . Rather puzzling that now all these people who had previously enabled both Hefner, and Weinstein are coming out to confirm his vile nature. Those who do not adhere to the standards of Our God, but do succumb to every enticing whisper of the father of lies . . . are doomed to an ignominious demise. You would think that people would notice this and respond appropriately. Frankly, I am glad that Hefner’s end of life was so squalid, when you think of the tens of thousands of people who were seduced by his “do what you will” promotion.” It is only right that evil not triumph in this instance.

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  3. What goes around comes around, the ALMIGHTY has a way to punish the evil. Fidel Castro , Hitler, Noriega, they ended powerless. I raise my cup and drink and celebrate their death and all that have imparted punishment and prey upon the innocent. celebrate the way the all die.

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    All Playboy Girls were/are WHORES! Never forget that!
    Yes! Hefner had his faults, but it’s a bit rich for these whores, who dropped their knickers at the snap of fingers, to condemn the man who made them famous!
    All men need to purchase this book:
    THE MANIPULATED MAN by Esther Vilnar
    Gender Studies.
    US $15:95


    The exploitation of the American male by the American female would be a purely American affair were it not a model for women all over the world. Unfortunately, the economic hegemony of the U.S.A. influences not just the politics, science, research, and culture of all other capitalist countries but, to a great extent, the social behavior of their populations.

    Through the mass media, which have been relentlessly perfected, this influence spreads to all areas of life more and more rapidly. The old maxim about American consciousness becoming the consciousness of the world after a five year lag no longer holds true. Modern techniques of communication have flooded over the boundaries separating place and time.

    As soon as the American female compares her situation with that of American blacks, women in England, France, and Scandinavia scream, “We are the Niggers of the Nation.”

    There is no country in which men are worse off than they are in the United States. They are worse off by comparison with their female partners – and this is what we are discussing here: the differing living conditions of man and woman within one and the same social class of a given country, within one and the same family.

    America’s high standard of living, combined with its permanent threat of unemployment, is enough to make any man’s life miserable. In no country with a comparable standard of living are jobs so tenuous; in no other country with a comparable rate of unemployment are the demands made by the standard of living as high. The difference between a “success” and a “failure” is nowhere so clearly defined as in the U.S.A. Added to these external difficulties is the fact that no other man is so thoroughly manipulated as the American male. The adult American male is manipulated so expertly that there appears to be nothing he would not willingly endure.

    And, indeed, he is exploited without scruple. In no other country do mothers so pitilessly train the male infant to perform. No other society exists where the male sexual drive is exploited for money so unscrupulously. Nobody except the American woman so shamelessly professes a creed of profit under the guise of love.

    This does not mean that American women are cruel. Women are never cruel to their men; men are usually not important enough to be tortured. Only in movies do women ruin their men intentionally. This simply means that American women, more than other women, fail to consider men as fellow human beings. Perhaps the many dangers of pioneering days caused American men to be evaluated by their usefulness to women. After all, that period in history is not that far gone.

    And American men prefer to see themselves in this role: a man’s salary is the yardstick of his worth. America is the only place where a badly paid professor is a bad professor, and an unsuccessful writer a bad writer. For the Latin American male, masculinity is still associated with sexual potency.

    For the American male, however, the association is directly with money. American literature, from Edward Albee to Jacqueline Susann, revolves around this question: whether or not a male is a man if he cannot provide appropriately for the woman in his life. Of course he is not.

    The American man knows: happiness comes only through women, and women are expensive. He is ready to pay that price.

    As a young adult he pays in advance, as a grownup he pays in installments, and as a corpse he is cashed in for a fortune.


    • Sadly, I tend to think you’re right. I sympathize with the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement, though I think it’s a short term fix AND hurts men more than the women they seek to punish–like “cutting off your nose to spite your face”. But it’s a reasonable and rational reaction.

      Women are indoctrinated to be independent when we should instead learn how to be healthily dependent. Sadly, too, I am one of the few women I know who thinks that, generally speaking, women belong at home, caring for their husband-led family. I think modern women are over-educated, focused on the wrong priorities, and have been used as pawns by Elites who have us working against our own best interests.

      Femininity can clearly be learned: M2F transsexuals manage quite well (even if it often comes across as a parody of quintessential femininity). Girls used to learn how to be women through the modeling by older women. Soon, it will be lost for good at the rate we’re going.

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    • We inhabit a world where temptation is everywhere. Regardless the form, we have free will unless we have voluntarily given up our souls. It is better to lose one’s life and gain the Kingdom of Heaven, than to succumb to manipulation and temptation.

      Just as I and many others here have said, we all have a fundamental choice to make, like it or not. That is the way God made the Universe. Those who wish to pretend that none of that applies to them do not get a pass.

      It is better never to have known The Lord than to have know Him and turned your back. Life is full of mitigating circumstances. Those may require genuine sorrow, a will to repent and penance to regain full control of your free will. None of your fellows are in a position to “grant” relief.

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    • Buddy, you wrote: “This does not mean that American women are cruel. Women are never cruel to their men; men are usually not important enough to be tortured. Only in movies do women ruin their men intentionally. This simply means that American women, more than other women, fail to consider men as fellow human beings. Perhaps the many dangers of pioneering days caused American men to be evaluated by their usefulness to women. After all, that period in history is not that far gone.”

      I think women can be cruel. Do you know when? When they realize that they’ve been sold a bill of goods (just as have the men) that they can be everything and do everything, and damn it, no one is going to stop them because all the feminazi characters they’ve been indoctrinated by told them so. When they discover that marriage and family may not permit them to do everything and be everything and they discover that their man cannot or will not provide for them and their family, that’s when the cruelty begins, or at the very least, the disappointment begins and the applications for divorce take place. Men have been told that since women don’t need them (a LIE) they can do without women (a LIE) and they don’t need to be providers anymore. In fact, they’re told they can find the perfect female (even if they themselves are less than perfect) because if they’re not with the perfect female right now (the fantasy version), then the next female they find, may meet their fantasy requirements. The grass is always greener….until you’ve run around on the grass so long all you’ve got is dirt beneath your feet.

      What you’re railing against is the “socialization” and separation of males and females via mass media and ‘education’. Cross the divide. It isn’t so wide as you might think.

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    • Thanks for having the courage to post such an accurate/truthful comment.
      I bought the book in 73 or 74. Have hardly ever heard anyone reference it despite its relevance to the times.
      The author Esther Vilar is Jewish if anyone would know this info to be true it would be a Jewish women. I don’t think she was part of the Jewish feminists of the 60’s that lead the movement.
      A companion book by the Jewish author which is equally good is “Hazards of being Male” surviving the myth of masculine privilege. Dr. Herb Goldberg Ph.D. 1976 it’s still on Amazon used for a low price. Excellent stats that refute the whole notion male privilege white or otherwise.
      The passage in Esther’s book that made a lasting impression on me is on
      the bottom of page 169 after chronicling all the costs men pay for female company she says ” One might assume that a prerequisite for the high profit achieved by American woman’s femininity would be top performance in other areas. But for the connoisseur, she is neither a good cook nor an experienced lover. Despite her good salary, the demands on her are minimal.
      Her husband trained by Hollywood to appreciate the coarsest of sex symbols
      (large breasts and big behinds), can no longer make fine distinctions. All she needs are s few good curves and the nerve to say no long enough. And she is a true master of that art”.
      If you’re interested in the most up to date of this topic online Paul Elam at an and youtube tells the unvarnished truth in blunt but substantive way and is into helping men and young boys get up to speed with whats going on in the culture wars particularly between men and women.Don’t know anyone more honest to date.


      • Thanks for the video. I’d never heard of this man before. I listened to this video and found that what he said, I had intuited years ago. I have a social worker in my family. It is absolutely impossible to get through to her. Her mind is a closed box where no light enters.
        BTW, Freud said he was bringing a PLAGUE to America.


  5. WOW..!!! = Somebody Brave enough, with insight enough to tell it like it is..


    • Buddy Silver: PLEASE…AND SORRY. I dont agree if you are trying to say that Harvey Weinstein, Hugh Hefner and the likes were “exploited, preyed upon, and manipulated males”. Far from it. Hugh Hefners “whores” were no better than him and are equally culpable for all their choices of debauchery and sin. Weinstein may have had real victims, who were silenced by threats. Until you have been threatened by the powerful who are your “police force, lawyers, and judges, i.e. the justice system” and “your livlihood”, you really have no place to talk about who was the willing partners, and who sold their soul to The anti-christ Weinstein for fame. The percentage of psychopaths, as defined by Robert Hare, are male. And its only true textbook psychopaths who act like Hugh Hefner, Weinstein and the other pedophiles on this planet. “The American man knows that happiness comes only through women”? Really, what a load of crap. Nobody loves a real man, and has respect for a real man, more than me as the male role models in my life were WWII marines and vietnam vets who risked their lives for family and country. Tough men who knew the value of family. But this book you are quoting from “The Manipulated Man” in my opinion is nothing but a sniveling excuse by a gender studies libtard for MEN to have an excuse to NOT be a real man. An oxymoron of a book, perpetuating somebodies narrative for weak men to BLAME their weakness on women. Pffff….. Next…

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      • Teri . . . Excellent observation. Those of us who were lucky enough to have real men around us while growing up, such as those who served in WWII, and Viet Nam, were very lucky for this influence in our lives. Thank you for reminding us of such.

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      • Your dishonesty, particularly with yourself/yourselves, is stunning particularly in light of the overwhelming evidence against you and so many of your gender. The term ” real man” is cheap manipulation, maybe men after so many decades of being played by females especially the guardians of every type growing up simply want to finally be real human beings who happen to be males. Females were not intended to be the center of society particularly when you are seldom if ever held accountable/responsible for the effects you have or your choices and free will somewhere along the line. Your women’s police force is the so-called real men/winners that you consciously pit (like in violence of all kinds) against any males who choose to think for themselves and state the truth. Obviously, not all women but the number of truly honest/responsible women are so rare as to be hardly worth mentioning (and even they become a target for attack and subversion) well you and all your kind’s racket is rapidly coming to an end and when it does the only opinion that will matter is God and He deals in unadulterated Truth and that truth is an indictment against us all.
        The only question that will matter in eternity is how close were we willing to come to admitting that truth about ourselves, not anyone else.
        Grow up, anyone with any halfassed integrity is not scapegoating women just trying to get you to own up to your full part.
        And Aunt LuLu below save the cheap manipulation of veteran’s (I am one)
        If you women gave a damn about veteran’s you would know the vast majority of these wars are falsely contrived/manipulated B.S. for the profit of MIC and the advancement of the evil American Empire. I just found this out 50 years after wasting six and half years in the Marine Corps and eighteen months in Viet Nam. Had I known this at the time I would have gone Canada or Australia like Hutton Gibson and his family.
        I realize all too late as well both marriage and divorce is equally a profit-making racket.
        And in case your wondering what a real human being means it means being honest with yourself and others something you women seem to have a real hard time doing even when you know the truth says everything.

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        • Women were/are meant to be the heart and the health, (mental and physical) of the home. Men were/are meant to provide for and to protect that home. It’s really very simple. It only appears complicated because an industry of indoctrination and promulgation was purposefully funded to delegitimize the family and marriage and child bearing.
          Oh, and I know I’m going to be skewered for saying so, but I think giving the vote to women was a mistake. Almost every woman I know, is often unable to think critically or logically. Sure, there are always exceptions, even numerous exceptions. On the whole, however, I think most women are not suited for what the political arena involves and who inhabits it.


  6. “So the glory of the world” is empty and meaningless without the love of the Lord. Hefner never stopped poisoning the minds of men and women. I am sad for him, but relieved he is gone.

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  7. I’m surprised Hefner lived so long. He never looked healthy to me.

    (just add a bathrobe… note the resemblance?)

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  8. Some men’s perdition goes before them.

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  9. Not much more to add except I hope that he is in hell to welcome Obama, Harvey, Hillary and Bill and GHWB.

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  10. As is typical, all chutzpah, NO substance.


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