Based Gen. Kelly prefers U.S. admit 0 to 1 refugee a year

Based (definition): Gutsy; ballsy; the opposite of being cucked.

The New York Times reports (via The Hill) that yesterday, while the Trump administration debated lowering the cap on the number of refugees allowed into the country, White House chief of staff (retired U.S. Marine Corps) General John Kelly said if it were up to him, the number of refugees admitted into the U.S. would be between zero and one.

Juliette Kayyem, a former Obama administration assistant secretary of homeland affairs, sourly told the Times: “Kelly has been an enabler of Trump’s mission. Judge him that way.”

A week before, General Kelly had defended President Trump against Congresswoman Frederica “rhinestone cowboy hat” Wilson. See Gold Star Army widow releases video of President Trump’s condolence phone call”.

President Trump eventually decided to lower the refugee cap to 45,000, the lowest levels since the Reagan administration when the Refugee Act was passed. Officials said at the time that this number represents the maximum number of refugees possible under the administration’s new vetting standards.

On October 24, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order that, among other things, strengthens and enhances the vetting process for refugees “to ensure that individuals seeking admission as refugees do not pose a threat to the security and welfare of the United States.”


24 responses to “Based Gen. Kelly prefers U.S. admit 0 to 1 refugee a year

  1. General, with due respect, between zero to oNE…….I disagree with You,Sir!

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  2. President Kennedy sought to bring other nations up to our level; promoters of the New World Order seek to bring us and every other nation down to the lowest possible level. That is an elitist’s method of putting an end to mankind’s living by “the law of the jungle.”

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  3. After Killing 60,000,000 of our own Pre-born Americans since 1964 – with Democrat’s sponsored, promoted, & enacted legislation, – and now the Democrats want to replace this lost pre-born American population – by allowing a known Enemy invasion force to have un-restricted entry to America.. That is WAR for Conquest by other means.. In my Book, that makes Democrats – Enemy Agents of a Foreign Enemy Government..

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    • Eddie BG . . . You are right on the money! Unfortunately, there are far too many Rinos & Demorats who think nothing of acting as “Enemy Agents of a Foreign Enemy Government.”

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    • The Republicans have been backsliding on abortion for decades. Don’t be fooled. They all took a page out of Cuomo’s playbook (I mean the elder Cuomo, former NY governor, who is now deceased), when he came up with the baloney line, “I’m personally against abortion but I can’t vote against it because it would “hurt” women.”


  4. I have to agree with Gen Kelly on this. We have no business allowing anyone in until all Americans are working and we have no unemployed and no homeless. To allow people in that have admitted they are coming to kill us and take our country does not seem very intelligent. We have mosques being erected all over the country. And anyone that thinks they are peaceful and nothing will happen do not understand infiltration.

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    • Glenn47 . . . Nor do those who are in favor of this infiltration know a blessed thing about the Quran teaching these people to kill, mutilate, dismember, throw acid on, etc. etc. etc. anyone who is not willing to adhere to Islamic teachings .I can only hope that with the passage of time, the children, grandchildren of these US governmental maniacs will suffer having the wrath of Islam come down on their descendants! That would be much better sooner rather than later.

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      • Exactly Auntie, but how do we get their heads out of the sand? They seem to think they will be okay, thus putting us all in danger.

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        • Glenn47 . . . . Unfortunately, people who are “liberal thinkers” are only able to follow one tract, they do not seem to be able to apply critical thinking to any idea that challenges their one tract mind. Perhaps the only remedy to this is that their children/grandchildren, or themselves suffer at the hands of Muslim invaders now, rather than later. Nothing teaches better than personal experience. As you have said, far too many of them truly believe that they will never have to personally experience the “bad side” of our rampant immigration. They truly believe that the benefits of having an ever growing voting base outstrips the downside of having immigrants who have no intention of obeying the laws of this land.

          As an aside, I ready local news just a few minutes ago; some idiot has been throwing seaman on various women in and around the Portland area. Multnomah county which includes the city of Portland tried him, found that he had a document from the country of Mexico. There were four counts of this “sexual abuse” in this county. (Washington and Clackamas Counties also have active crimes which were reported for him doing the very same thing–throwing seaman on unsuspecting women.) To make a long story short . . . Multnomah County has put him on “PROBATION, AND HE HAS TO REGISTER AS A SEX OFFENDER.” Since Portland and I guess the rest of Oregon is now a “Sanctuary for immigrant felons,” he was allowed to go home to his wife and children. How can this even be? It shows this goofy liberal mindset, that no matter what if they are a potential Democratic voter, they get off. I have little doubt that either of the other two counties that he pulled this same stuff in will come up with anything other than “Probation.” What a pity that those females who are close up and personal to those in government were not the chosen victims of this deranged thug, or perhaps someone’s husband or boyfriend should look him up and beat the living bejabbers out of him (who knows, he could be an AIDS carrier, or something else potentially dangerous.)


    • “To allow people in that have admitted they are coming to kill us and take our country does not seem very intelligent.”

      Unless that’s their goal… to drive Christians (and God) out of the country in order for the progressive left anarchists to turn the U.S.A. into neo-Europfrica


  5. Ok so the number of refugees is now limited to 45,000. Me thinks this number does NOT include, immigrants, green cards, student visas, military trainees, and any number of other categories that our government has come up with to dupe “We The People.” I agree zero to all of the above would be just fine.

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    • MA in MO . . . You have come up with an extremely astute observation! I agree 100%. I certainly think that a Z-E-R-O influx of immigrants should be our countries aim until all of our own people are fully employed, we have taken care to see to it that our Veterans are feed and houses, in other words we need to be busy sweeping our own front porch, long before we try to clean up the messes of other nation’ front porches.

      Julliette Kayem, whose picture is shown above who is an anti-Trump POS . . . I am dying to know what her ethnic background is. She possibly appears to perhaps have some Arab blood, judging from her huge nose, and swarthy skin coloring. There is little doubt that during the last Presidency, there were many anti-American’s who infiltrated various positions of power in our government.

      Then we have delusional Frederika Wilson, who could well pose as a rodeo clown. Since when do people representing the State of Florida adopt the wearing of cowboys hats 24/7? I could see it if she represented Montana, Wyoming, Colorado . . . but Florida! She needs to be replaced by the voters of Florida, kick her to the curb. She insinuated herself to be in the car with that Gold Star widow, so that she could “poison the well.” Unfortunately, since the widow was a black woman, she no doubt took her “cue” from dingbat Wilson. The fact that we have seen our President Trump in any number of other occasions where he visited the sick, the injured, those who had endured loosing everything to a flood . . . and we SAW NOTHING THAT WOULD LEAD US TO CONCLUDE THAT TRUMP was anything other than a compassionate, feeling person (despite the fact that he comes from the highest socio-economic group of people in our country. Just as we saw in the news about the NFL game where the black players withheld their attempts to block for the one white player who stood with hand over heart for our national anthem . . . I see a correlation in dingbat Wilson’s attitude, and the fact that she overshadowed the act of Trump calling this grieving widow who also happens to be black. I do wonder, if the Gold Star widow had been a white woman, would Wilson have also insinuated herself so prominently in the woman’s life? I personally would NOT HAVE WANTED any Representative of the US Congress to impose themselves so thoroughly in such a personal and private event in my life. Perhaps some people feel it is an honor to have this kind of fame. I would feel that a personal call from the sitting President was a very special event . . . not to be shared with anyone outside the immediate circle of family and friends.

      As far as General Kelly . . . I wish we had bazillions of men just like him. He is a real man, not the bowing and scrapping imitation we had in Obummer.

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  6. The Ignorant & the Stupid can easily be taken advatage of by the Cunning & the Deceitful.. = But the Wise will have the final say.. = If they have the “courage” to speak up against the coniving evils of the Cunning & the Deceitful.. = What have they to loose..?? What do they have to hide..?? = Maybe that’s the problem, = Each of them who could speak out, = have serious detriments to keep hidden.. ie = If you don’t tell on Me, = I won’t tell on You.. BTW, Senator,=How was your Hotel stay last night..?? Did you answer the soft& tender knock-knock at your door – 10:30 last night..??


  7. Moratorium on immigration is needed until all illegals are deported or incarcerated. All anchor babies born after 1963 should have their citizenship revoked unless they were a child of a legal immigrant.
    Who is Wilson’s haberdasher?

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  8. Overall: Kelly, 1; Wilson, 0

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    • Anonymous . . . I cannot even begin to tell you how much I like your addition to this article. James Woods really got that one correct. It really is an attempt to get everyone’s mind off of “UraniumOne.”


    • Well, look who’s taking about clowns dressed as saloon hookers! As if she doesn’t look the part of a saloon hooker in cowgirl costume, yeehaw, wheel that hooker clown out of the saloon -whip that whipper wacky Wilson!!! Yeepeeee!!


  9. I love Kelly’s sense of mathematical progression if you apply it through ensuing years. Wouldn’t take more than a decade to make a HUGE difference in our entitlement programs, our drowning school budgets and overall educational systems…right up through college……and much much more.

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    • CalGirl . . . Amen to that! Kelly is the real deal. I wish we could clone him and have those clones distributed throughout the governments of all states and localities. We would certainly have a much better society.


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