Ruh roh: Accuser files new suit against former homosexual mayor Ed Murray, adds Seattle as defendant

Ed Murray with husband Michael Shiosaki

We’ve told you about the homosexual mayor of Seattle (now former mayor), Ed Murray, and the sexual abuse allegations against him. See the following:

Looks like Murray, and now the city of Seattle, are going to be busy meeting with their lawyers.

As reported by Lewis Kamb from the Seattle Times: A Kent man who earlier this year withdrew a lawsuit that helped expose a wider alleged child-sex-abuse scandal that drove Ed Murray out of public office has refiled a legal case against Seattle’s former mayor.

Delvonn Heckard’s new lawsuit not only accuses Murray of repeatedly raping and molesting him as a teenager, but also blames the city of Seattle for enabling Murray to use his political office to slander Heckard and other alleged victims for months during the former mayor’s public denials.

“Acting within the scope of employment and utilizing his position of power as bestowed upon him by the citizens of the City of Seattle, Mr. Murray spread false and harmful information about Delvonn, and his attorneys, in an effort to win re-election and extinguish these claims,” the lawsuit contends.

The suit, filed Monday in King County Superior Court, accuses Murray of making “false assertions” that included calling Heckard a liar motivated by an anti-gay political agenda. It names only Murray and the city as defendants, but also contends that Murray’s personal spokesman, his lead attorney, his husband and his campaign team “acted in concert to perpetuate this fraud.”

Heckard’s 13-page complaint also blames “many members of Seattle’s political elite” — specifically naming Seattle City Councilmembers Bruce Harrell and Sally Bagshaw — for empowering Murray’s attacks on victims by refusing to seek the mayor’s removal from office.

“The failure to act was a form of negligence that permitted Mr. Murray to continue to use his power to defame the assorted victims,” the suit states. “These actions, enabling, and watching future leaders of the community accept Mr. Murray’s endorsement, caused added emotional distress and humiliation to Delvonn, and childhood sex abuse victims everywhere.”

Murray, through his personal spokesman, declined to comment.

A spokeswoman for City Attorney Pete Holmes said early Monday his office had not yet received a copy of Heckard’s lawsuit and doesn’t typically comment on pending litigation against the city.

Murray, 62, a former state legislator in his first term as Seattle mayor, resigned on Sept. 12 about two hours after The Seattle Times reported his cousin, Joseph Dyer, had become the fifth man to publicly accuse him of child sexual abuse decades ago.

Aside from Heckard and Dyer, Murray’s accusers include Jeff Simpson, Murray’s live-in foster son in the early 1980s; Lloyd Anderson, who lived in a Portland children’s group home where Murray worked as a counselor in the late 1970s; and Maurice Lavon Jones, who claims Murray paid him for sex when Jones was a teenage prostitute in Seattle in the late 1980s.

Heckard is the only accuser to sue Murray. His latest legal complaint partly echoes details included in the initial lawsuit, filed in April. Both suits allege Murray began paying small amounts of cash to Heckard for sex in 1986, when Heckard was a homeless 15-year-old drug addict roaming the streets of Capitol Hill. Murray’s pay-for-sex relationship with Heckard allegedly continued over the next four years, the suit contends.

Read the rest of the story here.


13 responses to “Ruh roh: Accuser files new suit against former homosexual mayor Ed Murray, adds Seattle as defendant

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Dang!!…Is ‘anti-gay a pejorative….A character flaw…. or symptom of insensitivity one should endeavor to overcome. “I Don’t Think So”.

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  2. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to get the attention of those who are in power is to drag them into court. Yes, I know this puts an unfair burden on the taxpayers . . . but why did Seattle have people on its city council that were backing up obfuscating the criminal acts committed by their vile mayor? I think that the two council persons who are at fault should be sued personally, let them pay to defend themselves with their OWN MONEY. This whole thing is a travesty, the fact that this predator has moved from one job to another which put him in positions where he was able to act on his vilest inclinations. I hope he gets to spend the rest of his life in jail, being somebodies’ “Suzie.”

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    • “…let them pay to defend themselves with their OWN MONEY.”
      AMEN. Defendant is not wrong to sue; what’s wrong is that the taxpayers should be forced to pay for the costs of such a suit and its outcome.

      But that’s generally what happens in our insane society. The city itself usually assumes immunity, but when it was one of their own who got busted, they often pick up the tab, which means the taxpayers pay for it. Grrrr….

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      • cogitoergosumantra . . . Perhaps government officials need to carry some kind of personal insurance to indemnify US THE TAXPAYER from their stupidity, or duplicitous ways!

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        • Yeah, he can get the “Queer IV drug user partner rate”. That should be cheap. There was a time when a pervert like him would be ashamed to show his face. Now they complain that we aren’t worshipping them.

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  3. I thought this SOB’s ass was in jail already with four boyfriends, two lovers, and a lawyer, while husband Michael Shiosaki been diagnosed with an incurable disease. I can only wish.

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  4. And the sex crimes registry is only the ones we know about. How many more? After all, this POS scanted for, it appeears, decades.

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  5. Very disturbing, yet not surprising, details here about the homosexual former mayor Ed Murray (what is surprising is that the Seattle Times allowed comments, which they typically don’t on highly-charged topics):
    “Texts and emails reveal behind-the-scenes battles as Ed Murray tried to save his career”

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  6. Devlonn Heckard, who settled his case against this city earlier this year for $150,000, has died:

    “Ed Murray accuser Delvonn Heckard has died. Heckard, 46, may have overdosed at a motel in Auburn, sources say, which was also the scene of a fire Friday morning. The motel’s manager says a man’s body was removed from one of their rooms, but would not confirm the person’s identity.”

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