Hilarious! Illegals climb over border fence as MSNBC reporter asks whether Trump wall is necessary

Construction of US-Mexico border-wall prototypes had begun nearly a month ago on Sept. 26 just east of the Otay Mesa border crossing in San Diego.

Yesterday, New York Daily News posted a photo gallery of the finished prototypes.

Brett T. reports for Twitchy that four of the wall prototypes are made from concrete, while others used “alternative” materials. Some prototypes incorporate a “see-through” feature. President Trump himself reportedly will pick the winner.

Yesterday, MSNBC did a live report from the site of the prototypes.

As reporter Jacob Soboroff questions whether a more secure border wall is even necessary, his question was answered when, as if on cue, a group of illegals whom Soboroff calls “asylum seekers,” climbed over the low border fence and instantly were accosted by U.S. border-patrol agents on horseback (1:12 mark). You can’t make this stuff up!

This is the waist-high spot along the border fence where the illegals easily climbed over into the U.S.  

What a travesty of a border fence. Why was the useless fence even built in the first place?

See also “Trump’s Wall is a go! House approves $1.6B down payment for border wall”.


12 responses to “Hilarious! Illegals climb over border fence as MSNBC reporter asks whether Trump wall is necessary

  1. Electric fence anyone? Anything less is just the same kind of child’s play that we see above.

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  2. Maybe that’s the reason for the design with the “Grid” along the bottom. They’d have to find something to keep the dirt from falling through,THEN work fast enough to get it done before the Border Patrol came by and saw the wall’s “transparency” obstructed there. I can see now where it won’t be easy keeping the wall intact. It’ll either take electric fence or weaponry to maintain its integrity. (I STILL think get the various State and Local Militia’s to cover the high traffic areas and just shoot anybody who crosses the line. Box up the remains a couple of times per week and Air-Drop ’em at the Mexico Capital Building. It’s obvious nothing short of that will stop ’em.

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    There are lots of AMERICAN factories just inside the MEXICAN border and that is why Trump wants to stop Mexicans coming over the border!

    You should do some research on the hourly rate of pay in these AMERICAN/MEXICAN factories, compared to the hourly rate of pay in AMERICAN factories!


  4. I think I saw this on 60 minutes too. There was a Mexican guy right after the end of this spot who asked why Trump was so bent on keeping Mexicans out of the U.S. Well, he’s not per se; he’s intent on keeping y’all coming in LEGALLY. Use the gate. And shut it behind you. ;~)

    What I was thinking about designs while I watched this was, how about that Jurassic Park movie, the one where they had the huge electrified fence that literally ejected the kid off the fence when it was turned on as he climbed it. Wouldn’t that work? Like a big mosquito lantern of sorts. Zot! Rejected. No fumar!

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    • Um, make that NightLine, not 60 minutes. Or maybe it was on CBN via Facebook, who knows? And of course I was being facetious about the Jurassic Park fence. It wouldn’t need to be so massive. It really needn’t be tall at all; just use (electrified) cattle guard crossings. They’re all over Texas.

      They wouldn’t have to shock, just send notification that someone was crossing there. Maybe emit a high-pitched siren, or vibrate or whatever. Or make them roll so that you couldn’t actually walk over them without falling and getting shocked… put up barriers to keep out vehicles. Anyway.

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  5. I would just like to ask all the America haters, once again, if our country is so bad, why do people go to such great lengths to get here? All the Hollywood lowlifes who constantly say that, unless they get their way they are leaving this wretched country, please just shut up and make good on your promise to leave!

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  6. Just dig under it


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