‘Deliver Us’ documentary on Italian exorcists

Premiering on October 26 in the UK and Europe, Deliver Us is a documentary  on exorcists in Italy trying to keep up with an increasing global demand for church-sanctioned exorcism.

The Telegraph‘s movie reviewer Rachel Ray gave Deliver Us 4 out of 5 stars. She writes:

While the Catholic Church keeps no central database for the number of people asking for exorcism or the number of times it is performed, Italians are reported to seek the Rite on a more regular basis than dental appointments….

In Rome and Milan, the number of church appointed priest-exorcists has grown from six to 12, and the Church has set up an emergency call centre. In the US, over the past decade, the number of priest-exorcists has more than quadrupled from 12 to 50. As noted American exorcist, Father Vincent Lampert of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis points out, it is not the Church that is increasing the demand for exorcists, it is people.

Father Lampert would be supported in that opinion by this film, which shows people travelling from across Sicily to [80-year-old Franciscan] Father Cataldo [Migliazzo]’s mass of liberation in Palermo every Tuesday, and for private sessions with the exorcist.  But Father Cataldo will only admit so many people into the church on a given day and many are turned away.

During the service, people scream, moan, and cry. A young man writhes on the floor spitting. An elderly woman who is led out of the church seems to be speaking in tongues. Another woman screams: “I’ll take her to Hell!”

The dilemma that any exorcist faces is deciding whether a person’s condition is the result of psychological problems or demonic activity. This is discernment, the first step in the Rite of Exorcism and in the US at least might involve examination reports from a team of psychologists or psychiatrists. This grey area of mental versus spiritual is clearly what interests the film’s director, Federica Di Giacomo. She observes: “My first aim was to find stories for a film about obsessions, a sort of a journey through mental addictions.”  Perhaps unbeknown to Miss Di Giacomo when she began the project was that obsession can be a form of demonic affliction.

The demonic-weary Father Cataldo conducts discernment in his own way. To the parents of a boy who spits at his teachers and makes fun of his father, the priest says he’s a good boy, calm, take him back to the psychologist. But for a woman who becomes increasingly agitated by the recitation of prayer, Father Cataldo tries to deliver her from Satan as she is held to the floor growling and screaming.

Another woman seems to be suffering from depression. And the priest listens patiently to a young man who believes his life-threatening bike accident may have been the result of his lapsed spiritual state. Regardless of what the exorcist thinks though, all of these sufferers seem to believe that church intervention can cure what ails them.

So many people want Father Cataldo’s services that he even conducts deliverance via mobile phone. But the documentary is not shallow.  Miss Di Giacomo gives us a more in-depth look into cases that may be possession, attachment, vexation, or oppression – all varying degrees of demonic influence. A number of the film’s subjects have been having exorcisms on a routine basis over a period of years for their conditions.

A young woman, Giulia, dabbles in the occult and consults mediums. She has great difficulty being in a church without screaming and acting out. As Father Cataldo prays with her, her eyes roll back, exposing the whites. She writhes on the church floor and screams at the priest “you’ll burn in hell with me”. But even after the exorcism seems to change her looks and demeanor, by the end of the film she still cannot give up the mediums and resists returning for more sessions in the church where she is visibly uncomfortable.

Two sisters relate a history of molestation and abuse from their mother’s boyfriend. Now, in middle age, one of the sisters cannot function normally and her marriage is failing. She growls and crawls under tables in the church as the exorcism proceeds. Like Giulia, her case is unresolved. An attractive middle-aged woman loses control of her limbs, falling down, when she enters a church. She can find no psychological or physical explanation from physicians after years of trying. And countless MRIs and other tests.

And perhaps one of the saddest cases is a young man in Palermo, addicted to cocaine, who is shunned by his family, and fears he will be committed to an institution without Father Cataldo’s help. Filmed in the nightspots of Palermo, he laments: “Society doesn’t let you get better or run away from certain things.”

One cannot help but be in sturdy, hard-working Father Cataldo’s corner in this spiritual fight. “Being an exorcist is an exhausting job,” he notes with resignation. Exorcist-priests are appointed by their Bishops often with little choice in whether to take on the job. And for viewers who have no spiritual beliefs, the question might be asked why these sufferers, in increasing numbers, are seeking relief from the Church.

Here’s a clip from the documentary. Pay special attention at the 0:42 mark.

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12 responses to “‘Deliver Us’ documentary on Italian exorcists

  1. Dr. E., I watched the clip several times and I’m not seeing what you mean at the 0:42 mark.

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  2. Maybe this documentary will finally wake up many in our secular society who scoff at the existence of the devil. We need to renounce all forms of evil ie occultic activities, grave sin, etc and return to God. God bless these brave exorcists, we need more of them.

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  3. All it takes for evil to step into a life is for the individual to create an opening for them… whether via the occult, or drugs that block inhibitions, or through the influence of others. Separation from God and Righteous Morality He set up for us to follow is the basis for that great slippery slope into Hell.

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  4. I have been delivered of many demons over the years. I am still being delivered of demons/curses being broken.

    It is amazing to me that there are Christians who think that Christians can’t have demons in them. A Christian can be demon-oppressed, not demon-possessed. You could also say that a part of someone’s personality/soul is demonized.

    New Testament Circumcision

    A Deeper Deliverance

    War in the Heavenlies

    Revelation 2: 24: “But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden.”


  5. If you wish to know about demons, read Shakuntala Modi’s ‘Remarkable Healings’. I’ve used the technique described therein to convert demons back to the Light. I told a healer about this a few years ago. After reading the book, she incorporated that into her healing sessions. I got some good feedback from her. It’s nothing to do with religion – you do not need to invoke Jesus, Mary, archangels, Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna whoever. It’s a very simple method and it works in quite a lot of cases. But obviously, you can’t do this if you fear them. You give them a bit of the old blarney and when you catch them off guard, you tell them to look inside themselves for that teensy weensy spark of light that’s in there. Once they do that, Bob’s your uncle.


    • You must think demons to be fools to be so easily captured with just “a very simple method”.
      You’re playing with fire.

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      • Yes, I am playing with fire but this is the job I came to do here. They stopped sending me the easy cases long ago. I now get the worst of the worst who would never return to the Light. It has not been easy but when you do God’s work, God takes care of what you can’t handle.

        These dark entities were not created that way. They came from the Light but have lost their way. My job is to show them the way home. Now, we have reached the stage where they will be uncreated if they will not accept the healing which is offered. Soul energy cannot be destroyed but can be recycled. Dr Modi does not spell this out in her books though she has hinted that termination is a possibility.

        This is really a bum job but someone has to take the garbage out. However, there is great job satisfaction when someone is persuaded to take the healing package. BTW, that is actually not an easy choice for them to make. God is very big on forgiveness but He stipulates that the entity must work most earnestly to fix the problems it has caused. That is why some choose to be returned to the pool of neutral consciousness rather than accept the healing package (which includes clemency and forgiveness).

        I am very fair with them IMO. Some of my co-workers go straight to termination.


        • The miscreants basically fall into 2 categories – those who know better and the young souls who have been led astray.

          A few years ago, I saw the trials in a symbolic dream. The hard core unrepentant corrupted souls were taken to be recycled while the young souls were forgiven, shown a great deal of love and were taken away to be healed and rehabilitated. God is very fair.


  6. I have witnesses demonic activity on a number of occasions in life, as I have shared in the past; I am convinced it is real. We have to remember that all that is real is not necessarily replicable or subject to the scientific method.
    One thing almost any adult can look for is any sign of the surrealistic: When one feels an uncanny feeling of unreality despite appearances to the contrary, that is a good time to ask if he is witnessing something merely rational.
    One must not look for demonic possession per she in a person; One can ask, given a person’s actions, if the Devil is real. When I heard and saw Lee Harvey Oswald state, on live television, “I’m just a patsy,” I did not conclude he was possessed, but I knew a demonic intelligence was behind the crime: Mere good coordination of the conspirators’ machinations became indicative, over time.
    Well, we’re not alone in this game, and as mere people, we have every good reason to believe Revelation.
    Demonic activity: It’s more common than many people think.


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