#WarOnWomen: Director James Toback accused of sexual misconduct by 38 women

james toback and alec baldwin

James Toback and his friend Alec Baldwin

Gee, I wonder how many in Hollyweird “had no idea” about this? Oh wait, they did (read below). Cowards and enablers.

From Yahoo: In a new Los Angeles Times report, 38 women accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment.

The allegations against Toback somewhat resemble those against producer Harvey Weinstein, who was fired from his own company earlier this month after scores of women said the career-making mogul assaulted, harassed or intimidated them. Toback, 72, stands accused of harassing women he employed and women he approached on the street.

It’s long been said that Toback was a sexual predator. In 1989, Spy Magazine reported that he would approach women, brag about being a Hollywood director, ask whether they’d like to consider a role in one of his forthcoming films and then ask them to meet him at late hours. Gawker echoed these claims in 2008, 2010 and 2012. Now, days after the #MeToo hashtag encouraged survivors of sexual assault to speak out on social media, more than three dozen women told the Los Angeles Times that Toback ejaculated in front of them, probed their masturbation habits, demanded they disrobe and/or rubbed his groin against their bodies. These incidents allegedly occurred in hotel rooms, on movie sets and in offices.

Toback was a notorious name in Hollywood circles, even though he never achieved widespread household fame. In 1991, he received an Oscar nomination for writing the Warren Beatty gangster movie “Bugsy.” Many of his films, including “Fingers,” “The Pick-Up Artist,” “Two Girls and a Guy” and “Harvard Man,” revolve around womanizers, the mafia or both. “The idea is not to have a separation between my life and my movies,” Toback said in a 2002 Salon interview.

HuffPost contacted Toback’s agent, Jeff Berg, for comment on Sunday. “Best to speak directly to him,” Berg said in an email, providing Toback’s “mobile” number. When reached, Toback said he is “writing something” in response and declined to comment further.

Toback’s accusers include Louise Post, the guitarist and vocalist for the rock band Veruca Salt. “He told me he’d love nothing more than to masturbate while looking into my eyes,” she said.

Actress Chantal Cousineau said, while rehearsing a monologue for “Harvard Man” in 2001, she heard Toback masturbating. Another woman, whom the Times called a “well-known actress,” said Toback ignored her protestations and would not let her leave his hotel room until she pinched his nipples and stared into his eyes as he ejaculated in his pants.

Mere days before the Times’ report, onetime aspiring actress Sari Kamin recounted the harassment she suffered at the hands of Toback. “With sauce on his face and pieces of pasta dangling from his goatee, Toback told me he needed to masturbate seven times a day to feel steady in the world,” Kamin wrote in a blog post on Medium. The director allegedly accompanied her to a hotel room, where he asked her to remove her clothes to prove she could handle filming a nude scene.

Toback denied the allegations in a statement provided to Variety: “All I can tell you is I’ve never heard of this woman, and it’s totally defamatory on her part to invent them. This is totally distressing to me. I’m 72 years old, but I’m not even close to having Alzheimer’s, and I don’t have trouble remembering things in great detail.”

Actress Melissa Sagemiller, who told HuffPost that Weinstein made innuendoes or harassed her on three separate occasions, said, when asked whether she’d interacted with other predatory men in the business, “Well, my first movie was a James Toback movie, and he was blackballed out of Hollywood for indecent activity, so that’s no surprise.”

Toback wasn’t fully blackballed, despite the years of reports about his behavior. In 2008, he directed a sympathetic documentary about boxer Mike Tyson. In 2013, Toback and friend Alec Baldwin made “Seduced and Abandoned,” a documentary about trying to secure financing for an updated version of the classic erotic film “Last Tango in Paris.” (A representative for Baldwin declined to comment to HuffPost.)

Toback’s most recent project, “The Private Life of a Modern Woman,” starring Sienna Miller and Baldwin, premiered at this year’s Venice Film Festival.


24 responses to “#WarOnWomen: Director James Toback accused of sexual misconduct by 38 women

  1. I do believe DCG that Steve Bannon was somehow involved in the Weinstein story. Whoever was behind it, knows how psychopaths operate and how they all eventually hang themselves, without knowing it. All these “truths” are an example of the “left outing/eating themselves”, so to speak (no gabrielle union pun intended). Bannon made it clear he was going after McConnell. Read numerous articles this weekend of Mitch McConnell “praising Trump”. No coincidences in this life. No reason for McConnell to :change his tune so drastically about Trump, unless he is scared of something or someone.

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  2. William Brandon Shanley

    What’s with these sex pigs? As little children, where they raped by rabbis in mitzvahs while memorizing and chanting the Talmud? Is anyone seeing the same connection I am? And no, I’m not being anti-Jewish, both of my brothers married wonderful Jewish women, I have three half-Jewish nieces and 9 quarter-Jewish grand nieces and nephews who are beautiful, well-mannered and educated. Please notice I do not use the smear anti-Semetic, which some Jews have appropriated while ignoring the fact that the Palestinians and other Arabs are Semites, too, as well as their cousins, all descendants of Abraham.

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    • Read “Times of Isreal – Pope defrocks pedophile priest who claims abuse was old jewish ritual-By Ella Ide, June 28, 2017”. Obviously, its a “religious thing” from the Old Testament that only priests and pedophiles know about. /emphasis on Sarc

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  3. In Central America everytime a pedophile is discovered the villagers Stone them to death. I would let them live but for a few minutes, take them in the bushes so the real animals can finished them while alive.

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    • Alma . . . I’d vote for that! I would just bet that these two recently outed sexual predators are not the only ones we would find if the curtains of secrecy were pulled back. It will be interesting what further “revelations” will come to light in the next week or so.

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  4. Gosh, they’re just shocked, saddened and didn’t know… sure.

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  5. NOW NOW! NOW!
    If you were a little male Jewish baby and a mohel cut off your foreskin and then gave you a “blow-job”, you would be traumatized for the rest of your life!

    The Jewish Babylonian Talmud unambiguously states that circumcision presents a medical risk!

    In the tractate Gittin, 57, Amud B, it is said:

    “‘It is for Your sake that we are killed all day long’ (Psalms 44), R’ Yehoshua the son of Levi says: this is circumcision which is done on the eighth day.”

    That is, Rabbi Yehoshua the son of Levi says that this verse in Psalms, which speaks of daily death, relates to the danger of circumcision. The great Talmudic commentators explain thus:

    Rashi says, “since they sometimes die,” that is, sometime people die because of circumcision. And Maharsha writes, “since the child is young and there is a risk of death,” that is, the risk of death is increased because it is performed on young infants.

    As an additional proof we will bring what is said in Tractate Pesachim 69:

    “all are sick because of circumcision,”

    That is, all who undergo circumcision are considered ill.

    And more: according to halachic law, an adult who was not circumcised when young for any reason must be circumcised. After he heals from the wound of circumcision he must bless “Hagomel” as thanks for being saved from danger. Only one who was at risk of death must bless “Hagomel.” That is, circumcision is halachically defined as a risk of death.

    From all said above it is clear that halachic Judaism is aware of the fact that circumcision is a commandment which bears a medical risk, even one of death. Despite this the halacha determines that one must perform circumcision since it is G-d’s commandment.

    It is interesting to see what, according to the rabbis, are some of the argument relating to circumcision.

    In the story of the rape of Dina, the daughter of Jacob (Genesis chapter 34), Chazal said that Dina, who had been taken by the uncircumcised Shechem, the son of Hamor, enjoyed having sexual relations with an uncircumcised man so much that her brothers Simeon and Levi had to take her away by force… Bereshit Rabbah (Vilna edition), parasha 80, note 11, “And they took Dina: Rabbu Udan said, ‘they dragged her away.’ Rabbi Huna said,

    ‘One who has had sexual relations with an uncircumcised man finds it difficult to stop’.”

    About this the greatest Jewish religious arbiter of all time, Maimonides, wrote in Moreh Nevuchim section three, chapter 49:

    “And this commandment [circumcision] was not given to complete something lacking in Creation, only to complete something missing in human behavior, and the physical damage to that organ is the aim…that desire beyond what is necessary should be removed, and since circumcision reduces the erectile ability of the organ and reduces the pleasure obtained from sexual relations, there is no doubt that when blood is spilled from that organ and its hood is removed will be weaker. Chazal clearly state that one who has sexual relations with an uncircumcised man finds it difficult to leave him; this seems to me to be the most compelling reason for circumcision.”

    According to the greatest of Jewish religious arbiters, one of the reasons for circumcision is the desire to reduce sexual ability and enjoyment for Jewish men, and to reduce Jewish women’s temptation to have sex with an uncircumcised man.

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  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    It is cryin’ time for Toback. It was okay for Toback when it was happening and everyone was afraid to open their mouths; but, now, is his memory failing him?


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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Isn’t the ‘hollywood producer’ line a favored ploy of predators? Just like the old ‘casting couch’ stories, and routines common to old hollywood, how can any one believe the feigned shock of any insider.

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  8. Taking bets on who is going to be next???

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    • Don’t you love the embrace between “Hunter” and Johnny Depp, so joyful, they make a happy twosome fellows.

      Parents should not leave their children at the care of no one to enhance the children’s careers. Sending them away is giving their children up for abuse.

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      • There will be no end to pedophilia, it has existed from the very beginnings, “Nero had Sporus castrated, and during their marriage, Nero had Sporus appear in public as his wife wearing the regalia that was customary for Roman empresses”. WHAT A SICK WORLD.

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  9. What is it with these perverts? Were they losers in high school no one wanted to date? Now a little power makes them fall off the deep end.
    Everyone one of them just looks icky.

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    • Glenn47 . . . I am in agreement with your statement . . . “Everyone of them just looks icky.” First we saw Weinstein, and I thought, “Wow! He’s creepy looking — I imagine that no one would willingly want to be intimate with him.” Now we see this Toback, and we see that very same creepiness. Perhaps it is that their countenance is altered to show the influence that Satan has in their lives. Wouldn’t you just know that that creep, Alec Baldwin would be buddies with Toback. He is also a very creepy character.

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  10. Having to masturbate 7 times a day, it’s a wonder James Toback managed to do anything at all in life. Directing movies must not be all it’s cracked up to be.

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  11. The very thing that is so distressing is that all these numberless women have kept quiet about the abuse that they have suffered through. I guess making money and achieving fame is better than being a person of integrity.

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  12. All those women who dropped their draws and gave and did what ever he dude wanted just because he is a Hollywood Movie Director are now licking their lips to see if they can make some money lying. We all know they did nasty things just to star in a movie. The movie flopped they think if sucked harder if their twat was tighter maybe they could have been in a better movie…..
    So now straight men can’t get pussy without people calling foul. I wonder when the gay ones will start to cry


  13. And while these types are still being caught (for whatever reason, I imagine greater malevolence is meant by those who have exposed their own underlings, but that’s a subject for another post.) This happened: https://needtoknow.news/2017/10/corey-feldman-arrested-announcing-working-plan-reveal-hollywood-pedophiles/
    Some scuzzbags got Feldman on “unspecified” drug charges (from some “anonymous” tip I’d guess, probably from spielberg or some other high-profile creep), and I’m a bit concerned that once Feldman goes in, he isn’t going to be coming out again, if you get my drift.

    Thought this would be the most appropriate place to put this, as I’m still having some issues getting to mail.


  14. Well,THIS (all the bigshot pedophiles/sex addicts being thrown onto the stage,beneath the BRIGHT LIGHTS) should provide plenty of fodder for the future movies of the late Hollywood.

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  15. Update… Director/screenwriter James Toback accused of sexual misconduct by over 200 women


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